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15+ Best Gaming Ad Networks in 2022

Do you feel your customer acquisition investment is wasted on unsuitable people all the time? Do you want to know where to find devoted, active, and monetizable players for your mobile game?

You must know the ideal ad networks for your user acquisition efforts to locate these users in the appropriate locations.

However, in-app purchases are a difficult sell for the vast bulk of the mobile video games industry. Mobile advertising is a more straightforward way of monetizing ever-popular free-to-play mobile games.

An advertising company can assist in selecting the best advertising space for mobile advertising campaigns, which might be interest- or location-based. Additionally, these networks enable advertisers to run more precise ad campaigns and application developers to monetize their services.

Mobile publishers are looking for the top gaming ad networks now that they realize how popular mobile apps have become for selling advertising property.

The topic of mobile game advertising and the significant function that game ad networks serve will be covered in this article.

What Does In-Game Marketing Mean?

Have you ever played a game and ended up on an ad after clicking on a captivating picture or puzzle?

They are excellent examples of in-game advertising and act as demos for real mobile games. Gamers are the primary target population for mobile game advertising, bringing in money for app publishers and advertisers. Ad impressions from in-game advertising typically occur during pauses, between stages, and when acquiring new lives.

To hold the audience’s interest during the duration of the advertisement, many ad styles are shown. Ad networks serve as middlemen, streamlining mobile advertising by connecting companies and apps.

How Do Mobile Game Ad Networks Work?

Ad space within mobile games is offered for sale by ad networks. They concentrate on demographic, market, and genre-driven research to attract more consumers for themselves and the game creators. This study tries to link advertisers with apps looking to buy advertising space. The needs of game producers in terms of revenue are met by mobile game advertising.

Features of Game Ad Network:

  • The elements that allow advertisers to select a gaming ad network should be clarified. The following are some key characteristics:
  • What the ad network’s goals are; are they familiar with the brand and genre? Do they know the best strategy(ies) to use to advertise the gaming app?
  • Ad networks’ availability of sufficient ad inventory and how well the content is displayed are both important factors.
  • Rate of interaction with the publisher’s website or app
  • methods for selecting the ideal gamers/users.

Best Gaming Ad Networks in 2023:

These are the top ad networks to be on now if you want to attract recurrent Android gamers in 2022 and 2023.

  1. Media.Net
  2. Unity Ads
  3. AdColony
  4. Chartboost
  5. Vungle
  6. Applovin
  7. StartApp
  8. Mintegral
  9. Mistplay
  10. InMobi
  11. Adscompass
  12. Moloco
  13. Digital Turbine
  14. AdAction
  15. ironSource

1. Media.Net: is one of the fast-developing contextual advertising networks that helps publishers sell ad spaces on their blogs or websites by displaying relevant keyword tags. They strive to run effective advertising campaigns by promoting authorized products and premium display ads. The ad network partners with several well-known publishers and ad tech businesses.

With the use of upcoming keywords and based on search activity, Media.Net has created a display-to-search (D2S) ad type. This procedure shows well before advertisements on many platforms, including mobile game platforms.

By choosing Media.Net as their ad network, customers can modify ad units and change the ad format to suit their needs. Even when a user’s game screen is moving, Media.Net can show advertisements in gaming apps.

2. Unity Ads:

Unity As

Native advertisements can be displayed by mobile game creators using this advertising platform for Unity-based games. In addition to using machine learning to assist developers in user acquisition, Unity Ads also looks for players who are most likely to offer better future value. The attention of gamers and mobile advertising are connected through Unity Ads.

Unity Ads has continued to dominate all these Gaming Triopolies related to keeping Android users (Unity Ads, AppLovin, ironSource). It is hardly surprising that the Unity Ads network performs so highly in keeping gamers because it focuses on mobile game advertising. This network’s ability to target people interested in a certain game genre is one of its primary characteristics. The success of Unity Ads is also attributed to its emphasis on native video advertising. Of course, it also supports more ad formats, such as interstitial or banner advertisements.

You may achieve your revenue and growth objectives with the help of Unity Ads’ analytics and solutions. To assist your monetization and user acquisition (UA) strategy, Unity Ads provides the knowledge and experience you require, whether you’re a game publisher, advertiser, or both.

In short, you should not pass up this ad network if you plan to monetize your game using video advertising.

3. AdColony:

digital turbins

The need to engage with ad networks that have solidified relationships within the gaming sector is high. Top businesses like ABC News and Walmart partner with the mobile advertising network AdColony. A platform called AdColony manages high-definition video ad campaigns for financial gain. App producers can personalize the advertisements by adjusting the fonts and color scheme.

Digital advertising purchasing is available at AdColony. It has little ad spending, Aurora HD spatial design, and Instant-Play video technology. This network is a shining example of enhanced mobile ad practices and supports CPI and CPC payment mechanisms.


  • Instant-Play technique for videos
  • Interactive HD videos in Aurora
  • Interactive technology
  • demographic focus
  • Syncing with iOS and Android

AdColony works with:

  • iOS and Android are mobile platforms.
  • CPM pricing model
  • Rich media and playable videos are two ad formats.
  • Demographic criteria for targeting

It’s not surprising that AdColony is still one of the top ad networks, given how video commercials drive the mobile gaming market.

4. Chartboost:


Chartboost has been a popular name on Appflyer’s Retention Index for years.

It functions as a cost-free straight marketplace. You have control over who can place an advertisement in your app because it gives publishers access to the ad space. One of the platform’s primary advantages is free cross-promotion for interstitial and video advertisements.

You can directly manage ad campaigns with Chartboost to monetize your mobile gaming app while giving users control over their ad space. This enables you to choose the kind of advertisement that will be updated in a certain ad unit.

One of the most dependable gaming ad networks is Chartboost, which has more than 900 million monthly active users and more than 200 billion monthly ad requests. To maximize the revenue from ad impressions, Chartboost automatically optimizes the inventory of ads used by advertisers.

The mobile game developer, Zynga’s Chartboost, provides many ad formats for gaming apps. It gives game producers an average revenue share of 90%. Chartboost supports a CPI form of payment.

5. Vungle:


One of the most dependable gaming ad networks for game makers is Vungle, which has data-optimized advertising on over 1 billion devices. For optimum worldwide exposure, involvement, and conversion, they collaborate with Vungle.

The mobile ad network Vungle has several unique characteristics. Only video advertising is served by it. Vungle is a platform specializing in in-app advertising and is accessible on several different operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon.

It also offers opportunities for customized targeting. It offers CPA, CPM, CPC, and CPI as bidding models. The sole purpose of Vungle is to monetize the apps of mobile game developers. The software respects privacy and provides accurate analytics for monitoring user acquisition campaigns.

Vungle offers the following support:

  • Mobile platforms include iOS and Android.
  • Format for video ads
  • Regarding its pricing model, CPC

This ad network maintained the top ten rankings from the previous Performance Index.

6. Applovin:


AppLovin is one of the handfuls of ad networks that only serves mobile adverts. From banner advertisements to video commercials, it encompasses all ad forms. This ad network depends on the fusion of many forms to build a large ad community and produce outstanding results.

AppLovin has slipped one rank from the last Retention Index. Even yet, it is still ranked second in the Gaming Triopoly. The primary goal of this network is to identify high-quality users via campaign analysis. This platform offers videos, banners, interstitials, and adverts for installing mobile apps.

Through full connection to the broadest range of in-app competitions, the AppLovin Exchange assists DSPs and agencies in reaching the best quality mobile customers and efficiently scaling their campaigns.

These formats can be combined until you discover the one that performs the best. AppLovin provides services for CPI and CPC-based advertising in terms of bidding tactics.

7. StartApp:

StartApp is a brand-new mobile app monetization and publishing marketplace specializing in free apps. Startapp collaborates with app developers to help monetize their free apps more effectively by bringing search advertising to mobile devices.

Despite offering app walls, native ads, video commercials, and 360 apps, StartApp focuses mostly on interstitial advertisements. StartApp links publishers of games with marketers who create interactive adverts with distinctive graphics.

StartApp combines marketers who offer interactive adverts with game creators. You can search through an indefinite number of viewers and segments worldwide.

SmartApp can:

  • Ad formats: app walls, native advertisements, interstitial ads, and video ads
  • CPM campaign type
  • To ensure that clients receive the most money possible, this ad network uses the eCPM concept.

8. Mintegral:


This ad network didn’t make the top 15 list in the previous Retention index. It is now directly behind three industry titans in mobile gaming advertising. Three mobile gaming genres—music, simulator, and mid-core—were where Mintegral excelled the most, taking first place in six different areas.

Why has this ad network had such a sharp increase?

Mintegral is an advertising platform that has a worldwide reach and Asian roots. It now collaborates with over 26,000 app partners and participates in over 20 foreign ad exchanges. Mintegral provides customer acquisition and monetization solutions to companies worldwide, enabled by AI technology. It offers marketing services on both supply and demand and DSP and SSP.

To increase user engagement and promote app downloads, Mintegral creates engaging and innovative video adverts. It functions as a supply and demand platform for advertising and mobile publishers. You don’t need to look much farther if you’re a mobile advertiser seeking a “smart” platform.

You should be aware that Mintegral is entirely programmable and engaging if there is one thing you should know about it.

9. Mistplay:


Mistplay is an application that allows users to play games to earn points that can then be redeemed for vouchers and coupons. Users can select a game from a list of available ones, look through deals in their neighborhood, talk with other users, and get prizes just for playing free games. Your earnings will increase as you play more.

This advertising network was included in the ranking for the first time in the last Retention Index. Now that it has returned to the ranks, it is certainly succeeding in sustaining its status. Mistplay is not your usual advertising network. The app originally began as a rewards system for mobile games. Later, it added social features to the app, including the ability to chat, follow, and other options.

Mistplay collaborates with game companies to develop entertainment and analyze user usage information to suggest new games to players. Users earn additional trust points as they continue to play the suggested game. In return for the units gathered, they give people actual gift cards. In essence, rewards are given to players for simply playing video games.

10. InMobi:


InMobi is a worldwide advertising network that promises to make mobile adverts less invasive and impersonal. The company, created in 2007 as an SMS-based search engine, later changed its focus to rely on information about a user’s location and app preferences to offer adverts that feel natural and are integrated into their mobile computing interaction.

Marketing campaigns are boosted by InMobi, which also advertises products that encourage consumer activity (ad impression).

To maximize ROI on the digital platform, InMobi focuses on displaying HD images to players of mobile games. Using an appographic focusing method, InMobi has established itself as a leading ad network for app developers. Appographic targeting is the precise targeting of a certain audience that utilizes an app. After that, it generates several pertinent HD mobile advertising.

11. Adscompass:


Adscompass is a marketing service that lets you monetize mobile and desktop visitors. The network employs a variety of advertisement platforms, including open RTB, XML Feeds, Directlink, and Popup Banner. Publishers find Adscompass very appealing because there are no traffic volume constraints.

The ad network dynamically directs publisher traffic to meet advertiser requests to achieve the greatest results. It can be specifically targeted by time zone IP, device kind, geo-targeting, the version in a browser, etc.

They support the most common ad kinds, including Push advertisements, Native ads, In-app ads, and Pop-up ads.

Advertisers may choose from the following options through AdsCompass:

  • A large number of publishers
  • precision in targeting
  • high-quality visitors
  • Ad inventory of high quality

12. Moloco:


Moloco is a Palo Alto, California-based ad tech startup that offers a mobile audience network for user acquisition, interaction, and monetization. The business manages massive advertisements for businesses looking to monetize their apps and boost their earnings.

In H1 2021, this advertising network’s position stayed constant after experiencing fast growth in 2020. With the help of this ad network, which enables programmatic bidding on ad exchanges, apps can receive billions of daily visits and engagements.

MOLOCO offers AI-driven mobile app advertising in addition to programmatic UA. Additionally, it has MOLOCO Cloud, a self-serve real-time bidding platform. Recently, this platform switched to Google Cloud to facilitate app bidding.

The ML-powered Moloco Retail Media Platform is a monetization tool for retailers. Through the usage of Moloco’s technology stack, Moloco RMP enables merchants to quickly build up their internal ad businesses and generate revenue from advertising. Moloco’s ML uses your data to enable sellers to run sponsored ads that are ROAS optimized, increasing seller retention and income.

13. Digital Turbine:

digital turbins

Digital Turbine, Inc. provides a mobile services platform that collaborates with cell carriers and third-party publishers that provide website maintenance, user experience, content production, and pricing technology that allows responsible mobile entertainment production.

Digital Turbine facilitates communication between game advertisers and mobile game producers to increase ad impressions. In February 2021, the business purchased AdColony, one of the world’s biggest mobile advertising networks.

A programmatic marketplace, HD video technologies, rich media formats, a worldwide performance advertising company, and a range of more than 2 million monthly active users are all features of ApColony.

14. AdAction:


AdAction is a top gaming ad network that provides high-quality content based on real-time information. AdAction is renowned for generating the most interaction and for optimizing conversion advertisements.

AdAction has focused on offering high traffic to publishers worldwide since 2013. AdGem, AdAction’s top Reward Monetization Marketplace, links marketers to engaged audiences worldwide with a user-centric approach. Their cutting-edge technology offers customers the finest native ad experience possible while driving quality at scale for marketers and developers.

AdAction helps with Interstitial advertisements and Offerwalls, CPI, CPC, CPE, and CPA pricing models, and mobile gaming ad networks and platforms for advertising.

15. ironSource:


ironSource is a premier business platform that enables mobile content creators to thrive in the app economy. Since the last Retention Index, this ad network has lost one position on Android, which is a slight setback. As a result, it is in last place in the Gaming Triopoly.

For automated bid optimization across several splits, IronSource includes a variety of services. Additionally, it enables you to insert several ad forms, such as offer walls, interstitial advertisements, and videos. Music, sports, adventure, arcade, and simulation games have all had worse retention rates than IronSource.

IronSource creates monetization, interaction, monitoring, and discovering technologies for app developers, equipment manufacturers, phone companies, and marketers.

For those that specialize in programming, ironSource is a tool for programmers. IronSource features can help developers make their software into a successful venture. The platform’s area of expertise is to make apps successful through monetization. To achieve this goal, the tool strives to entice high-quality users who will make the most of the app. The use of the app is encouraged via targeted advertisements that make contact with potential clients.


The mobile gaming industry is continuously expanding. Although there are numerous ways to monetize ad stock, choosing which in-game ad network is suitable for you is critical to getting the most out of your game. The world of smartphone game advertising will have changed dramatically by 2021. Some ad networks performed this adaptation better than others due to the need for change.

Choosing the ideal ad network for your game is one of the keys to successful user acquisition. It would help if you benefited from this list in this regard.


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