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15+ Best Medical Billing Companies In 2023

Best Medical Billing Companies

Do you have an interest in the medical billing industry?

Are you interested in learning about medical billing and what these businesses do?

Are you a medical specialist seeking a medical billing business to help you?

Do you want to get the help of a reputable medical billing company?

Hold down; You are at the right place. In this article, we will give you a complete overview in this regard. Well, Medical billing is something that every healthcare business must include for medical services.

However, in-house billing is difficult for many practices. Smaller practices frequently think about outsourcing this important role. They seek revenue cycle management (RCM) or medical billing services to meet this demand. The financial security of every medical practice depends on efficient billing. Medical billing services streamline the process by which healthcare providers submit insurance claims.

The top medical billing services help insurance companies get accurate and timely claims. It increases your chances of receiving quick and complete payments if you adhere to the specific policies of each insurance provider. By doing this, you can be confident that your business will have enough cash flow to operate.

In addition to handling insurance billing, medical billing firms also manage patient billing to properly collect the patient’s share of the bill—without placing an undue strain on your office staff. The highest precision and care are used in handling everything. Therefore, you won’t have to be concerned about errors brought on by bad recordkeeping that could result in income loss.

What is Medical billing?

The process of creating medical claims to submit to insurance companies for reimbursement for medical services provided by providers and provider groups is known as medical billing. The medical biller converts a healthcare service into a billing claim and then tracks the claim to make sure the organization is paid for the work the provider did. A skilled medical biller can generate revenue for the doctor’s office or healthcare facility.

Even though the medical billing cycle entails several steps that can take a few days to many months, the top priorities are accurate billing and prompt follow-up. Most states mandate that insurance companies settle claims in 30 or 45 days. Payers, on the other hand, establish claim filing deadlines that, if missed, render coverage void. Without the chance to appeal, the late claim is rejected, and the organization is not entitled to compensation.

Errors can be costly in terms of lost revenue and administrative effort at any point in the billing cycle, emphasizing how important it is for medical billers to control their part in the billing process. The efficiency of front-end and back-end processes determines the financial health of physician practices and provider organizations, such as hospitals, health systems, and surgery centers.

What do Medical Billing Companies offer?

Medical billing businesses are responsible for evaluating and uploading EOB (Explanation of Benefits) documents from insurance companies. Medical billing experts are frequently the most qualified parties who can respond to patients’ inquiries.

The process of converting medical treatments into standardized codes is known as medical billing. Professionals in medical billing create medical claims using medical codes and guarantee payment. Simply put, medical billing ensures that the physician or other healthcare provider is compensated for their services.

It is a difficult process because it entails difficult payment collecting methods. Due to the partial involvement of patients and insurance companies, payment collection typically entails a very intricate series of actions. Therefore, medical billing specialists must deal with intricately involved procedures to significantly impact your private practice. ​

Medical billing businesses offer crucial services for the financial management of the healthcare industry. They progress by sticking to standards set by the healthcare sector.

Best Medical billing Companies

The list of the Best Medical Billing Companies in 2022 and 2023 is following:

  1. 247virtualsolution
  2. 5 Star Billing Services, Inc.
  3. CareCloud
  4. 24/7 Medical Billing Services
  5. Absolute Solutions
  6. Advanced MD
  7. Cerner
  8. P3 Health Care Solutions
  9. Kareo
  10. Fusion BPO Services
  11. Distant Bottleneck Assistants
  12. Auxis
  13. Purview Healthcare
  14. Trupp Global
  15. Boss HealthCare

1. 247virtualsolution

247 Virtual Solution is a well-known provider of medical billing services. It is situated in USA and UK.  Medical professionals might benefit from the service offered by 247 Virtual Solution. They care for all the hospital, doctor, and other healthcare provider billing requirements. They establish close ties with insurance companies and are fully aware of the proper procedures for filing insurance claim papers.

Most insurance companies have a tonne of paperwork to deal with, but RankingGrow will be able to navigate it because they are an excellent medical billing company. They can handle billing patients for unpaid accounts and billing insurance companies. They may charge flat fees or a percentage of their total revenue.

They work hard to serve as an effective conduit between their clients and customers to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. As a result, they put forth a lot of effort to build and maintain a friendly and long-lasting relationship with their esteemed clients.

2. 5 Star Billing Services, Inc

5 Star Billing Services is a company in the US that offers professional medical billing, collection, and administrative services to healthcare facilities. The company’s skilled team can impress you with top-notch medical billing and collection services, whether you need full-service medical billing or temporary staffing. Due to 5 Star Billing Services’ experience working with both commercial and government payers, the business can stay updated with the most recent changes to policies and rules.

 It regularly deals with everyday problems, including Medicare ADRs and regional logistics. The hassle, high operational costs, increased cash flow, and considerably lower number of denied claims may all be avoided by allowing the 5-Star Billing Services team to handle all of your medical billing concerns.

 Moreover, the business can help with: Processing claims both electronically and on paper aggressive, RA follow-up, patient statements, patient and insurance collections, payment posts, medical coding; temporary personnel, Data entry, including patient and charge input, physician credentialing, practice analysis, medical billing consulting, etc.

3. CareCloud

CareCloud is a supplier of healthcare IT solutions that gives doctor’s offices a wide range of products, including WebEHR, revenue cycle, and practice management systems that are fully integrated. It operates from US, Srilanka, and Pakistan. CareCloud also provides other relevant business services, including transcription and data management.

To assist healthcare professionals in enhancing their financial performance and ultimately transforming their medical practice into a prosperous business company, our whole product line works with native mobile applications to establish a seamless, single-database platform.

Their clientele, which ranges from single physicians to independent physician associations and medium-sized practices, is spread out across the healthcare continuum, which is a testament to the functionality and flexibility of their core solutions. They serve an expanding range of diverse healthcare entities. To expand its reach to more than 40 states, they have worked with several healthcare organizations.

Their technological solutions and associated business services can help medical practices manage regulatory obstacles successfully and affordably while thriving in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

 4. 24/7 Medical Billing Services

24/7 Medical Billing Services, a top medical billing service provider in the United States, offers round-the-clock services throughout the year to resolve coding and billing issues and ensure their clients receive their reimbursements on time. The company’s name speaks for itself. Its effective end-to-end medical billing solutions help hospitals, private physicians, group practices, and neighborhood medical facilities. These solutions provide a chance to considerably boost revenue, decrease operating costs, and simplify billing procedures.

The business concentrates on delivering an accurate, high-quality product to eliminate mistakes and anomalies. The team of true experts finds flaws, streamlines procedures, and fills in the gaps. The business also provides auditing services, such as reviewing coding paperwork, charge schedules, payer reimbursement analyses, pinpointing the fundamental causes of issues, and employee training.

24/7 Medical Billing Services stays with emerging technologies and market trends to maintain its market dominance. Your ideal billing partner could be 24/7 Medical Billing Services because of its worthy services, i.e., 24/7 accessibility, prompt and accurate claim submission, minimum days for accounts payable, etc.

 5. Absolute Solutions

Medical billing and consulting firm Absolute Solutions has more than 30 years of experience. Absolute Solutions’ main objective is to maximize every dollar spent while facilitating the smooth, easy, and effective operation of the commercial side of medical practices. The business has the necessary expertise, resources, and great talent.

The team at Absolute Solutions evaluates the situation as it is, sets realistic goals, and creates a successful strategy to increase productivity, streamline operations, and boost profitability. Absolute Solutions provides a variety of EHR/billing systems, electronic billing and remittance averaging payments in 15-18 days, 98% first-pass claim acceptance, customized reporting capabilities, and transparent workflow and process monitoring.

Additionally, they offer patient statements, Payment posting, Reporting and Analytics, Cycle and appeal management, Electronic claim processing, Implementation management, and Electronic claim processing.

6. Advanced MD

AdvancedMD, situated in South Jordan, Utah, is a healthcare technology firm with 700 employees. The business provides independent medical practices with cloud-based medical office software. The company provides a full range of solutions, including practice administration, electronic health records, telemedicine, patient relationship management, business analytics reporting, and physician performance benchmarking, to support independent physicians and their staff. For practices wishing to engage a third-party billing business, AdvancedMD provides a versatile outsourced billing solution.

Customers benefit from the most recent tools and technologies that combine practice and patient workflow for a completely new kind of patient experience. Medical practices may manage larger patient volumes with AdvancedMD and experience greater productivity and financial results. Patients can interact and connect with their healthcare providers and experience online.

With more than 26,000 practitioners spread throughout 8,600 offices and 600 medical billing businesses, AdvancedMD offers comprehensive nationwide service. The AdvancedMD billing software processes close to 3.5M insurance claims each month.

7. Cerner

Cerner is an excellent billing service for dealing with complex billing requirements. Hospitals and larger businesses will value a system that is resilient enough to adapt to their demands, even though it is far more than a small office needs. Administrators and staff members will both require extensive backend training.

Once you get the hang of it, Cerner is wonderful for managing the full billing procedure from beginning to end, including resubmitting denied claims and patient account collections. You will have total visibility into the whole revenue cycle. Find areas where you can improve the patient experience, identify bottlenecks and breakdowns, and ease administrative burdens daily.

I recommend Cerner for businesses that have outgrown more straightforward medical billing systems due to its intricacy and the breadth of its services. It offers you a variety of sophisticated features for big practices, takes care of all the billing, and will manage patient account collections for you. Once you learn how to utilize it effectively, this service is outstanding.

 8. P3 Health Care Solutions

In the US, P3 Healthcare Solutions provides medical billing services and value-based quality initiatives like MIPS/AAPMs to simplify and convert requirements into workable solutions. They promise a simple, straightforward procedure that frees doctors’ offices to concentrate only on their patients. Other services include Medicaid meaningful use, comprehensive Certified EHR Technology help, HIPAA security risk analysis, medical billing audits, medical coding, and credentialing & enrollment.

 One of their strengths is their medical billing service, which makes it possible to receive payments more quickly and accurately. In 2016, 2017, and 2018, they had the privilege of becoming a MIPS Qualified Registry. They provide exceptional revenue cycle management services that stand out from the competition.

The entire P3Care system eliminates all the boring activities surrounding doctors and mid-level employees. Every stage of the process is made simple by their committed crew, who all have strong analytical skills and an infinite capacity for invention. So that you can save lives, they help you save time.

9. Kareo

Kareo is the only fully-featured medical technology platform that is cloud-based and designed specifically to suit the demands of independent practices. They support over 65,000 healthcare professionals throughout all 50 states in operating their businesses more profitably and successfully while providing excellent patient care. 

Kareo unveiled the first technological platform in 2016 that enables independent practices to acquire more patients, manage their treatment with a fully accredited and user-friendly EHR, and receive payment swiftly – all in one comprehensive and integrated package.

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Inc. 5000, and Black Book’s #1 Integrated EHR, Practice Management, Telehealth, and Medical Billing Vendor are just a few awards Kareo has won in the industry. With locations across the nation, their goal is to support independent medical practices thriving in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry.

Kareo offers you flexibility in how you use its billing services because it may take care of the whole billing process from beginning to end, or it can take care of any specific part of the billing service. Additionally, it manages revisions as necessary. With Kareo, there is a startup fee and a monthly minimum, although these costs are modest compared to others.

10. Fusion BPO Services

Fusion BPO Services Group offers top-notch call center, outsourcing, and customer care services from 10 global centers and 22 locations in the United States, Canada, El Salvador, the Philippines, Jamaica, Albania, the United Kingdom, India, Morocco, and Colombia. The company has 14 years of experience serving 250+ clients across all industries. Fusion offers a wide range of customer support services, from answering services to inbound and outbound call support, as part of its business process outsourcing offerings.

 Additionally, Fusion offers lead-generating services, such as call answering, scheduling, and inbound and outbound sales call assistance, for various industry verticals. Fusion provides social media customer support, chat, and email support services for all social media support needs. Businesses can offer services at an affordable cost thanks to flexible packages and scalable models. 

Over 14,000 skilled agents from various backgrounds make up Fusion’s crew. Fusion is the ideal business process outsourcing partner for companies wishing to grow their customer service staff due to its distinctive culture and depth of knowledge.

11. Distant Bottleneck Assistants

Bottleneck Distant Assistants provides opportunities for professional advancement for ambitious leaders by developing a productive and organized method for selecting, hiring, and developing team members who concentrate on particular roles and responsibilities.

 They have been finding remote helpers since 2007 and know how difficult it may be for businesses to keep up with daily responsibilities. Moreover, they aim to halt the bottleneck and guarantee scalability with their skilled placement method. It is not necessary for owning a business to be a burden and negatively affect your personal life.

You may free up time, increase productivity on your higher priorities, and take advantage of your leisure time with the help of a dependable distant assistant (DA). They are aware that there is no one recipe for success. But irrespective of the sector to which you belong, you can contact them for assistance locating the right DA.

12. Auxis

Auxis is a management consulting and outsourcing company that specializes in assisting senior executives to reach Peak Performance in their back office to increase their scalability, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. They concentrate on RPA, help desk & desktop support, cloud computing, shared services, nearshore outsourcing, finance & accounting, and cloud computing.

Through a combination of tailored solutions, including Nearshore Outsourcing from Latin America (F&A, Customer Service, IT), Shared Services, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and BI, Auxis can deliver these results. Rapid paybacks, cost reductions of 30% or more, stronger controls, increased operational visibility, and a higher organizational emphasis on value-creating activities are all characteristics of Auxis solutions.

Auxis has a 22+ year track record and has been named four years in a row as one of the Top 100 Global Outsourcing Providers by IAOP (2016-2019). Due to Auxis’ unique position as an advisor and an outsourcing operator, every engagement provides customers with “real-world” viewpoints and a sizable return on investment.

13. Purview Healthcare

One of the greatest revenue cycle management companies, Purview Healthcare, offers specialized services in medical billing for dentists, optometrists, and a range of ambulatory care and home health agencies. Their extensive US healthcare RCM market expertise encompasses end-to-end revenue cycle management gained over a decade of experience.

With the help of their highly qualified team of professionals and their comprehensive understanding of their client’s business needs and issues, they can offer the best and most useful solutions for denial management in the healthcare industry.

They take pride in providing their clients with prompt, excellent, systematic, and analytical solutions that help them easily achieve their company goals. They work to create a client-centric, quality-anchored, performance-driven, cutting-edge work environment where the focus is on delivering the greatest outcomes to their clients’ ultimate satisfaction.

Their goal is to improve and enrich their client’s experience by offering solutions that are zealous in their execution and rapid in their compliance with security and regulations.

14. Trupp Global

Trupp Global is a next-generation outsourcing services company that helps high-growth start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) create value and expand their brands. With its headquarters in Bangalore, India, Trupp Global offers start-ups and SMEs worldwide innovative, customer-focused, and performance-driven Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

 As a one-stop shop, they consistently concentrate on developing top-tier skills and services that allow businesses to improve their relationships with their clients. They work to provide unique solutions to their clients throughout the world by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and best industry practices, all the while taking a holistic approach and gaining deep insights. Their superiority rests in offering clients strategic outsourcing solutions that help them grow their operations and maximize earnings.

 They can deliver a customer approach while offering various services specifically targeted to their client’s business needs, thanks to their expert team’s appropriate knowledge and domain-specific skills. You may rely on their knowledge to ensure smooth operations and higher revenue.

15. Boss HealthCare

BOSS, an Indian company in Chennai, pioneered and specialized in BPO services in addition to offering other services like network consulting, support for IT infrastructure, software design and development, and BPO services. With its unrivaled cost-cutting strategies, dependable talent and skill resources, and the benefit of being based in India, BOSS has become a godsend to many businesses worldwide. BOSS collaborates with doctors and their employees to lower practices expenses and hasten practices growth.

They collaborate with you to handle the practice procedures, speeding up turnaround and streamlining the insurance application process. In the majority of states, they work on all specializations for medical clinics with doctors. The daily bill and transcribe to satisfy your needs using various medical billing strategies.

They handle all aspects of insurance follow-up. Additionally, they have coders on staff that can assist you with any coding requirements. Moreover, they have a reliable customer support system that enables their customers to resolve any of their issues.


Hence If you finally feel ready to outsource your medical billing, keep in mind that the finest option might not be right in your neighborhood. You can use a business across the country and be as secure as if you were delivering your paperwork to the person across the hall, thanks to the security of Internet transmissions. Using a medical billing service for your office can result in significant financial savings.

The improper medical billing company selection can make you pay the cost for it. You have gone through the best medical billing companies in this article; now, you can make the best decision. The use of a medical billing organization has many advantages. One of the most important is that committed personnel regularly work on your client’s medical bills. Self-compiled claims have an average inaccuracy rate of about 30%.

When you choose an established company to handle your medical billing outsourcing, that percentage will fall to less than 1%. Utilizing a medical billing business also saves the labor hours required to maintain a profitable practice. Because fewer people are required in the workplace, wage costs, vacation pay, and sick days are reduced.



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