15+ Best Paywall Services in 2022

Why not make money from the excellent information you have on your website?

By doing so, you can attract more visitors and make money from your website. You could sell advertising, sell content subscriptions, or sell access to your content via a paid product. Great material may be used to generate income in a variety of ways.

A paywall is a method of limiting access to online information through a paid membership. To boost their income, which had been dwindling as a result of a fall in the premium print audience and advertisement profitability, newspapers began imposing paywalls on their sites in the middle of the decade.

The number of providers of paywalls is expanding as more businesses start employing them. Importantly, the installation procedure is becoming easier, and you typically don’t need to engage a trained professional to install them because you can do it personally with relative ease.

Choose a paywall strategy that meets your demands if you decide that a paywall is the best option.

Types of Paywalls:

paywalls differ greatly from one another. The “freemium” model allows users to view a limited amount of items until they must pay, whereas some websites demand a monthly fee to browse any information. Depending on your subscription service and overarching content monetization plan, you must pick the right Paywall.

Here are three types of Paywalls:

  • Hard Paywall
  • Soft Paywall
  • Dynamic Paywall

Hard Paywall:

A Hard Paywall prohibits visitors from accessing any material without a membership. The Hard Paywall could be the most challenging and dangerous to get around. Companies who already have market dominance, who are aiming for a specific audience, or who provide their information with added value frequently make use of the few durable hard paywalls.

Soft Paywall:

Based on criteria established by the digital publisher, a soft paywall. Users can gain unlimited access to some digital content through a soft paywall. Visitors can use this method to gauge the quality of the information before having to subscribe.

Dynamic Paywall:

Soft and dynamic paywalls are identical, but there are several key distinctions. It provides different subscription options, such as requiring users to register to access a set number of free publications or requesting them to pay for an account to view material immediately.

Additionally, these paywalls might change based on where viewers are. For instance, Slate adopted worldwide paywalls in 2015 with various policies based on the region the visitor was browsing the website from.

Best Paywall Services:

Let’s take a deeper look at the Best Paywall Services available.

  1. Zlick
  2. Pelcro
  3. Later Pay Versatile Paywall Model
  4. Multipub
  5. Piano Media
  6. Leaky Paywall
  7. Payread
  8. Zuora
  9. Recurly
  10. MemberGate
  11. Pigeon paywall
  12. Varnish software
  13. Chargebee
  14. Mediapas
  15. MPP Global

1. Zlick:


Both subscription revenue and the cost of a single post have increased consistently under Zlick. Simple things like making paid material accessible when readers’ interest is peaking can make a big difference in a publication’s performance. Analytics dashboard that comes with conversion metrics and suggestions to optimize sales potential. It consists of a built-in feature that allows the users to look at the post’s quick description before asking them to subscribe. Because of its straightforward integration kit, you may profit from it without making an effort.


  • There are no monthly costs, just a 5 percent transaction charge from payments.

2. Pelcro:


Pelcro is a platform that provides all of the tools and expertise needed to run your membership and subscription business. It is one of the most advanced dynamic paywalls that respond to users’ behavior, location, and device. It helps organizations manage their subscriptions and expand their market in minutes.

You may introduce the most cutting-edge Paywall or premium paywall metering and target audience categories with various models. Additionally, it is both inexpensive and simple to incorporate.


The entry-level Pelcro plan costs $99 per month for up to 500 users. You need to communicate to Pelcro about a Corporate package if you have 5000 customers. Additionally, a risk-free trial is offered.

Integration option:

  • WordPress plugin

Reasons To Use:

  • Flexible,
  • Isolated and liberating setting.
  • Very upbeat outlook and wonderful environment

Reasons To Avoid:

  • There are currently no drawbacks.

3. Later Pay Versatile Paywall Model:


Business producers may easily monetize online content on a large scale and produce extra sales with increases and subscriptions thanks to the Later Pay Powerful and flexible Paywall Model. The firm promises to enhance income by providing a pay later option, which they refer to as a dynamic paywall, and that it works well with the current traditional paywall capabilities to extend your client base and best meets your organizational needs. It allows users to access free content until their payable amount reaches five dollars or above. Later pay claims to multiply its revenue by 2.5x


  • LaterPay takes 15 percent of the income produced.

4. Multipub:


Multipub Paywall was designed with maximum scalability in mind. It is tailored in some way to better match customers, newspaper publishers, and any business that sells products on a subscription basis. Paywalls can be monitored and put in place to gather information for your upcoming audit. With Multipub, you can analyze your viewership and subscription percentages and manage multiple all in one place. You can view data at the personal level giving you a 360 degrees view of each customer.

Having access to this data boosts efficiency, enables you to assess commitment levels, and enables you efficiently manage your sales and marketing initiatives.


  • The usual monthly cost is $125

5. Piano Media:


The Piano Media assists you in implementing and managing a variety of value exchanges with your visitors in exchange for their access to exclusive content and experiences. This can be used to easily manage access privileges and business law clients across numerous mediums. Additionally, it provides strong reporting options for user analysis and control. Publishers may create individualized digital engagements and professional connections with customers with the aid of Piano.

It helps develop subscription plans and helps them increase their conversion by personalizing their objectives.


  • Personalized price based on the features you require and the size of your audience.

6. Leaky Paywall:

leaky paywall

The Leaky Paywall seems to be the most adaptable metered Paywall for WordPress that was created to increase your website visitors, email lists, premium subscriptions, and contributions. Publishers can customize their advertising to match the information of customers, thanks to a leaked paywall. Access to multiple sites, campaigns, administration, and reporting tools are also included in the add-on features.

It is one of the few choices that integrate a paywall strategy with opportunities to monetize content on mobile apps and interfacing with other CRMs and email services. A leaky Paywall could be a less invasive solution to explore if you currently have a tech infrastructure in place but don’t intend to tamper with it by installing a paywall.


  • Plans start at $149/month, and much more expensive levels come with functionality for ios and Mobile devices.

7. Payread:

A subscription model for websites and mobile apps is called Payread by Fortumo. Consumers have to pay the firm for their data connection. According to Fortumo, card transactions cause friction since customers must go through several steps to complete a transaction, but other card payments are quick, simple, easy, and practical.

Over 350 phone carriers across the world have incorporated Payread to offer smooth services.


  • The solution provides individualized pricing.

Plugin Alternative:

  • Not accessible

8. Zuora:


Zuora is the industry leader in revenue-based subscription strategies and has been responsible for the idea of a subscription economy for years. It also helps them initiate and maintain the subscription campaign and manages the whole customer life cycle of the business.

With Zuora, producers may get payments from all around the world that consumers can grade to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Integration choice:

  • not accessible


  • Individualized pricing

9. Recurly:


Recurly is enterprise-class subscription management software that makes subscription administration less complicated. to automate and maximize revenue development. It connects fast to various back-office systems by utilizing an open-platform strategy. Scalability and easily adjustable, lightweight connections are also made possible.

With business software like salesforce, Recurly also offers strong out-of-the-box connectors. Depending on hundreds of millions of lucrative engagements in their revenue management engine, they use machine learning to improve billing consistency. The company states that its monthly income has grown by an average of 12 percent due to this original invention.


  • Personalized pricing.

10. MemberGate:

member gate

The MemberGate is the top-of-the-line membership side solution. It’s filled with all the resources you need to succeed, including automatic publishing member management powerhouses and subscription management.

The application hosts and maintains information while monetizing it through paywalls and subscription offerings. Content producers may create forums, blogs, and picture galleries on the platform. They can then utilize built-in features to attract visitors to their sites, such as webpages, social networking plugins, and automated membership sign-ups.


  • The first cost is $4,995, but you may also pay in increments.

11. Pigeon Paywall:

Pigeon Paywall

If you’re looking for a secure way to access top-quality content, you must give it a chance. Pigeon paywall plugin makes subscriber management easy. The administration interface provides a complete list of all subscribers, which can be filtered by various criteria such as delivery method, account status, or payment method.

Subscribers can be searched by name, and results are displayed instantly by clicking a subscriber’s name to open up their profiles. The profile type includes basic information about the subscriber and a quick overview of their account status and location details. The subscription tab reveals more details about the subscription type, status, and payment methods. The subscription type can easily be changed or canceled altogether. Payment details are easy to update.

The transaction tab displays a thorough history of all subscriber transactions. Issuing partial or full refunds is very easy.

Option for integration:

  • Adding a software plugin to a CMS (including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal)


  • 10% of sales plus $99 per month for customer support

Authors who use the Pigeon Paywall:

  • not accessible

12. Varnish Software:

varnish software

Varnish is a reverse proxy web accelerator written in C and designed to improve the HTTP performance by using server-side. But how does Varnish works?? Varnish focuses on reducing the number of requests served by your Web server.

In cloudways, Varnish tends to cache all types of dynamic pages except:

  • Admin pages
  • Woo-commerce/Carts
  • Easy Digital Download pages

Varnish cache reduces the time it takes for the material to be sent from your Cloud Hosting services to the User. Through faster page loads, this helps your marketing operations as well.

  • Varnish caching works on the key-value principle

How it works:

Varnish is installed in front of the Web server that is apache, and behind Nginx is being used as a Reverse proxy server.

With Varnish Caching, you get:

  • High-speed content delivery
  • Efficient server Management
  • Improved SEO

Option for integration:

  • Plugin added to CMS


  • not displayed on the website.

Publisher using Paywall:

  • BBC, Hindus

13. Chargebee:


Chargebee is a subscription charging and income methodology that streamlines your recurring charging process for today and aids in scaling for the future. It automates the entire invoicing workflow for your business intelligently and enables you to test and implement new pricing strategies and workflow faster.

Let’s talk about how you can set it up and use it for your business. Your Chargebee account has two sites, a test site, and a live site when you sign up for charge bee. You can test your product and billing configurations and explore the application.


  • Increasing -US$249/month (which includes US$600K/year) revenue

Plugin Alternative:

  • WordPress, indeed.

companies Using Chargebee:

  • LiveSession, Coorpacademy, and Chargebee Cosmos.

14. MediaPass:media pass

You’ve built a great site if you’re a big-time publisher, editor, writer, blogger, or even part blogger. People seem to like you get a steady stream of traffic, but your advertising revenue is not paying the bills. Because advertising is very easy to set up and everybody uses it.

Most advertisers only pay a few dollars for every thousand times someone uses your site. At that rate, you need billion visitors to generate significant revenue. So what else can you do well??

By using media pass, it is super easy; you can give a few lines of code that you can paste on the pages you want to charge for, and you are ready; if you have used Google Adsense or other online advertising, you already know how to use media pass.

Media pass is also easy for your subscribers because they can use the same login to use your mobile app, which works on any device. It is completely customizable. You can also set your price points.

Options for integration: a WordPress plugin

Costing: Revenue-sharing arrangement

CBS, Ogden Newspapers, and GateHouse Media are publishers who use MediaPass.

Options for integration:

  • a WordPress plugin


  • Revenue-sharing arrangement

Publishers using Mediapass:

  • CBS, Ogden Newspapers, and GateHouse

15. MPP Global:


MPP is the world’s smartest subscriber management and billing platform, supporting various organizations across the broadcast sports and publishing sectors. They concentrate on four major areas: acquisition, retention, billing, and data as an organization. They are experts in dealing with customers with complicated and varied technical requirements.

They are experts in data migration, like clients can take the pool of data from multiple sources, including legacy applications, and combine it into one powerful solution. E-suit empowers you to acquire, engage and retain more subscribers with the industry’s widest range of regional and alternative payment methods.

Pricing individual pricing:

  • Message me here.

Plugin Alternative:

  • Yes (Not found)

Companies utilizing:

  • MPP The Daily Mail, Mini web, Times Online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do paywall services offer?

A paywall is a monetization method in which parts of a website—or the entire thing—are hidden behind a wall. The visitors are urged to sign up for a premium membership to get around the wall. One may think of paywalls as the online equivalent of magazine subscriptions.

Is a paywall beneficial?

Any online information publisher who wants to protect their content from unauthorized access must carefully assess this option. If paywalls aren’t designed appropriately, they can offend consumers and negatively influence customer acquisition, even if they offer a welcome stream of cash apart from adverts.

What is a paywall model?

For content creators, paywalls are a strategy to monetize website content. They are a prevalent business strategy for digital publication. Paywalls are a competitive option to business models that rely heavily on advertising for many major publishers.

Final Thoughts:

The proportion of publishers using paywalls is increasing. However, it results in many viewers being excluded from high-quality information. You should consider how the paywall service’s business model will impact the number of visitors and their interaction with your website.

Any website can now demand payment from visitors to see its content thanks to paywalls!

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