Digital Marketing Shaping the Future

How is Digital Marketing Shaping the Future of Business?

A decade ago, digital advertising was not so popular and comprised only banner ads. Similarly, only athletes and celebrities were the known influencers. With advancements in technology and internet use globally, digital marketing has transformed completely. The smartphone has become a vital need, and the widespread use of smartphones helped in the evolution of digital marketing. Simultaneously, digital influencers’ role in the online industry developed significantly, and their demand increased because of their high audiences’ engagement capability and confidence level among them. Many media tech companies are investing in both digital and influencer marketing.

Let’s look at how digital marketing trends will shape a business’s future.

With the advancement in various tools and technology, digital marketing has become an important pillar for business success. Some of these technological advancements are following:

1- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps marketers rapidly analyze large amounts of consumer data. This analysis allows marketers to obtain information about; behavior, how to find an enormous audience, how to communicate with them, and how to attract them. Various online streaming channels are taking advantage of this technology to suggest what to watch next once binge-watching.

AI also aids in predicting the specific products in which users would be interested. Interestingly, it automatically places these product-related ads on the websites where the audience frequently visits. All of this leads to a surge in website traffic and ultimately boosting sales and gain more customers.

Because of these AI developments, more brands and organizations are switching towards this customer service mode to attain high customer service levels. So we can say that presence of AI in digital marketing will increase over time.

2- Chatbots:

Chatbots are one of the latest digital marketing tools for improving customer care services. Social media has made it easy for consumers to reach out to brands and ask different quarries. Answering too many questions manually is a tough row to hoe. This problem is solved by chatbots that act as virtual assistants, reach their customers, and answer their quarries.

Various social media brands use these chatbots to promote their offers/products and solve customer issues. You don’t need to be an expert in using chatbots; only basic knowledge will be enough. You can easily build a chatbot with the drag and drop chatbot builder’s assistance.

Visual search allows the customers to search for any product by uploading an image. A lens introduced by Google enables consumers to picture the product and search for details about that product.

4- Social Commerce through Online Media

Social Commerce uses social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, to interact with audiences and promote the products. It allows customers to buy products via social media advertisements without leaving the network. The shoppable posts or advertisements show the products to customers and allow the direct sale of products.

5- Influencer or Micro-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a branch of the social media marketing that has grown so popular in recent years. Influencers with enormous fans and followers can promote the products from different brands. In return, they get paid by the brands for promoting their offers. On the other hand, brands need influencers to reach a wide range of consumers.

Social media influencers have millions of followers and can change brands’ businesses. Instead of hearing about brands, consumers like to hear from influencers because they generally trust them.

However, with the increasing popularity and extensive viewership, influencers demand more money for promoting products. Some small-sized companies can’t afford such expensive influencers; therefore, micro-influencers come to the rescue.

Although micro-influencers have fewer fan-following than big influencers, they still have enough viewership to be influential and promoting products. Moreover, they charge remarkably less for promoting content than other popular influencers. Plus, they have the advantage of dedicating more time and engagement to their audience.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is becoming more popular and is improving the outcome of business success. Various tools and trends like AI, Chatbots, and Visual search are changing its future.

Influencer marketing is also another marketing strategy that helps in promoting the brands. The vast majority of companies and brands rely on these marketing trends to achieve their goals.

These trends help reach a large audience, interact with them, and persuade them to buy products.

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