Instagram Marketing Tips For Beginners in 2023

Instagram Marketing Tips for Beginners In 2023:

Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing social media platform, was launched in 2010. Since its beginning, Instagram has grown so popular that many businesses are using this platform to reach a wide range of audiences and promote their offers.

Instagram takes pride in more than 1 Billion active users, over 70 million photos shared daily, and almost 2 Billon daily “likes” on posts. The platform is also home to many influencers with an enormous pool of followers.

Leaping to the top of influential brands is difficult, but you can also make your brand popular with the right marketing strategies.

But how can beginners start marketing their brand on Instagram?

Luckily, you have come to the right place. Reading this article will learn some strong Instagram marketing tips for beginners.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Beginners:

Here are the Instagram Marketing Tips for Beginners in 2022 and 2023. 

  • Tip #1: Build a Superb Profile
  • Tip #2: Be Creative with Images and Videos
  • Tip #3: Use Instagram Hashtags
  • Tip #4: Come up with Effective Instagram Stories
  • Tip #5: Try to Interact with Your Audience
  • Tip #6: Take Advantage of Free Tools on Instagram
  • Tip #7: Collaborate with Popular Influencers for Reaching Untapped Audience/Influencer Marketing
  • Tip #8: Avoid Over-Posting

Tip #1: Build a Superb Profile:

First, switch to a business profile with some advantages for your business promotion. For example, customers can directly contact you by clicking the contact button, plus you can use the Insights analytics tool that provides statistical reports on post impressions and reach.

After switching to the business profile, create an excellent profile because the first thing many visitors see after visiting your profile is the little piece of information you provide. You must convey details in only 150 words, so you must be careful, creative, and innovative while filling in the information.

Compressing the details of all of your offers and products can be quite hard. But you can solve this problem by highlighting your best UPB (Unique Perceived Benefits) and attracting the audience to find more about your services. You can also add a clickable link to lead users to your website.

Also, you need to fill out your contact information and upload an easily identifiable profile picture or logo.

Tip #2: Be Creative with Images and Videos:

Avoid posting old and boring product images because it’s the last thing users want to see on your profile. Emphasize sharing the benefits of your products and services.

This way, users are more likely to visit your website to find more about products.

Users want to see diversity in posts, so sharing the same posts for too long will annoy users. You can share more information by posting videos, but try to make short and creative videos to increase user engagement.

There are various techniques to get the user’s attention via images and videos, such as using different camera effects, lighter images instead of darker ones, white space, the single dominant color in images, and contrasting textures.

Tip #3: Use Instagram Hashtags:

If you want to gather a more engaging audience, interactive hashtags are worth trying. You can convert any word or sentence into a clickable topic by adding just the (#) symbol before the words. Users are led to all the posts tagged with that hashtag by clicking it.

Hashtags allow posts related to your brand to get in front of many users on Instagram. You can create your hashtag but first, make sure you know it. Various hashtags include brand, contest, general appeal, timely, niche-specific, and entertaining Hashtags.

Creating a hashtag for your brand is a kind of free advertising. Whenever customers post a product photo with your brand’s tag, they help promote your brand to their followers.

Moreover, you can use different online tools to generate appropriate hashtags for your brand.

Tip #4: Come up with Effective Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are an exciting and transitory way of sharing information with your followers. You can use Instagram stories in the following ways:

·         Share your user-generated content

·         You can share pictures of the latest purchases done by customers

·         Stories can be used to promote events, and brand awareness

·         You can share behind-the-scenes content

·         It lets you go live and engage with your followers in real-time.

Tip #5: Try to Interact with Your Audience:

Another way to gain your audience’s trust is to actively interact with them so that they know you are also taking an interest in them. For example, if someone commented on your post, take a snippet of time to reply.

It will take only a few seconds of yours but will make users feel special, and they will come back to your posts and see what new products you have added.

Another great way to engage and involve the audience is to ask different questions. You could ask them to tag their friend in your posts. In this way, you can encourage sharing and gather more audience.

Tip #6: Take Advantage of Free Tools on Instagram:

With the help of the analytics tool “Insights,” you can find views, impressions, engagements, etc. The tool also provides your audience’s demographics, such as gender, age, location, and most engaging hours.

These tools help you know how your users are engaging with your posts. The more you know about user interaction, the more you will post relevant content to increase their engagement.

Tip#7: Collaborate with Popular Influencers for Reaching Untapped Audience/Influencer Marketing:

The fastest way to reach potential consumers on Instagram is through popular influencers with a huge audience and fan-following.

People tend to buy more products after seeing their influencer feeds because they trust them.

By partnering with the right influencer, you can easily promote your products to a wider audience. Before partnering with an influencer, research the influencer’s audience relevant to your service and products.

Tip #8: Avoid Over-Posting:

Over-posting on Instagram will make your audience un-follow you. Try to post with consistency to appear in your user’s feed regularly.

Another important factor is time; the best time for posting is the peak hours and days when most of your followers are online.

With the help of Insights by Instagram, you can check the peak hours and post accordingly.


Instagram is a social media giant that has become an advertising platform for top companies and brands. With little patience and constant effort, you can generate a large audience, increase engagement, and build their interest in buying your products. I hope that the Instagram mentioned above marketing tips will help you gather more audience and achieve the goal of brand promotion. So if you are a beginner and looking for your

brand’s marketing on Instagram, make a business account and follow the tips.

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