How to Make Money With URL Shorteners

How to Make Money With URL Shorteners in 2021

Make Money With URL Shortener:

URL Shorteners are the best and easiest way to make money online. This is more than easy to similar websites like PTC or ad clicking sites because, in this method, you don’t have to work hard and make money. All you have to do is simply a short link that you want to share with your friends. Short link and then share with peoples whenever someone clicks on your link then you will be paid.

The good thing is that you can share those links to social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and many others and make a good amount. Twitter and Facebook are the best ways to promote your Shortener links and make money.

How to Make Money With URL Shorteners in 2021

If you are looking for ways to Make Money online, this is an easy and simple method to make money online. Today we are going to share with you how to Make Money with URL Shortener. But we share how to make money online first; you need to know what Shortener is and how do they work and how you make money with them.

What is URL Shortener:

URL Shortener is the web-based tool that converts your long URL to a short URL and redirects a long URL  with a short URL. For Example, I will short one link for myself then tell you how it’s Look Like and how it works.

Short URL:

That’s how it works. If you click on the Short URL, you will find how you will make money from the short URL. Click Here to get the idea of how URL Shorteners works. If you click on the short URL which I shared above, then the Advertisement page will open, and you have to wait for 5 to 10 seconds. Then, you can skip the ad and go to the required page.

Types of URL Shorteners:

There are two types of URL Shorteners:

  • Non-Advertising URL
  • Advertising URL

1- Non-Advertising URL:

Non-advertising URL is just for users to track and count your visitors. They will not pay you if someone clicks on that link (Example:, URL Shorteners are the best way to track your visitors. Many Companies used URL Shorteners for not making money. They used URL Shorteners for just tracking purposes. If we shared posts on Facebook, but we don’t know how many people’s clicked on my post, but if I used any URL Shorteners tool, I have all the statistics like how many people’s clicked on my post so that I can calculate my visitors.

2- Advertising URL: 

Advertising URL is the best way to track your visitors and also make money online with them. Advertising URL pays you when someone clicks on their shorter link. That means you have both services like you can track your visitors and also you can make money from them.

How URL Shortener Works:

Advertising URL will pay you to display their ads on the links. For Example, if you short a link to Youtube Video and then shared it on Facebook. Whenever someone clicks on your video link than before they reach the video, they have to wait for 5 seconds to watch the ad. Once 5 Seconds completes that visitors can continue to the youtube video using the skip ad button. That’s how it works.

URL Shortener Payout Rates:

URL Shorteners pay in terms of eCPM, i.e., rate per thousand impressions or clicks. The rates totally depend on the companies because many different URL shortens companies offer different rates. Companies are paying an average of between $1 to $15  per 1000 views. 

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