Twitter Marketing Tips for Beginners in 2021

Twitter Marketing Tips for Beginners: 

Do you know Twitter is an excellent platform for promoting your business?

If you are tired of advertising your brand and still get no boost in your sales, then Twitter is worth trying. The platform is more than just a medium for posting personal thoughts and tweets.

You can use this platform for making your business top-notch via various marketing strategies. For beginners, understanding Twitter might be a little bit complicated.

But how can you use Twitter for marketing purposes?

Luckily, I have compiled a list of Twitter marketing tips for beginners to help you promote your business, gather more audience, and achieve the goal of increased sales.

Before going into detail, let’s explain what Twitter marketing is?

What is Twitter Marketing?

In the past few years, Twitter has grown to be one of the biggest social media platforms to expand the business and reach more audiences. As compared to other social media platforms, marketers can generate a more organic audience on Twitter.

With more than 330 million active users, over 400 million daily tweets, 10K tweets per second, Twitter offers an excellent ecosystem for promoting your brand to many visitors worldwide.

The platform also provides Twitter ads, with the help of which you can effectively promote your Business on Twitter.

Whether you are a beginner or have an established Twitter account with many followers, learning new tactics and tips for business success is not a bad idea. There are certain techniques to highlight your tweet among thousands of other tweets.

Without making you wait for more, let’s move forward towards some strong Twitter marketing tips that will help the beginners for sure. If you want to grow Twitter followers with safe organic Interaction then you can use RankingGrow Twitter Organic Growth Service to increase your followers.

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Twitter Marketing Tips for Beginners

Here is the list of powerful Twitter Marketing Tips for Beginners in 2021 and 2022 that can be used to grow business. 

  • Tip #1: Create a Great Profile.
  • Tip #2: Select a Unique Twitter Handle.
  • Tip #3: Identify your Targeted Audience.
  • Tip # 4: Make a Concise and Effective Tweet.
  • Tip #5: Avoid Over-Tweeting.
  • Tip #6: Come up with Interactive Twitter Hashtags.
  • Tip #7: Add Twitter Videos.

Tip #1: Create a Great Profile

Making an attractive and enchanting profile is the first and most important step for marketing on Twitter. Your profile picture should be an accompaniment to your profile or logo so that you can get more recognition from users.

The best way to create a good profile is to fill in information about your brand in bio, which will help visitors understand your brand easily. But for bio, only 160 characters are allowed by Twitter, and squeezing all the details of your products and services in just 160 words is a strenuous job.

So it would be best if you think creatively for making a short and enticing bio. Instead of filling about yourself, focus on writing about what you do and what benefits your users can get by adding you.

Making an attractive, sensible, and authentic bio will help you to get more followers and build trust among your audience.

Tip #2: Select a Unique Twitter Handle

Choosing the wrong Twitter handle is one of the common mistakes made by many beginners. You should always pick an easily recognizable and easy to remember Twitter handle, which will aid to get more mentions from your followers.

Alongside the handle, your brand name should also be succinct so that users can reach out to you easily. Your name should be persistent on all other platforms to avoid any misunderstanding among users.

In addition to the concise Twitter handle, your profile photo should also complement the brand name and Twitter handle.

Moreover, adding geographical location can also make your profile trustworthy.

Tip #3: Identify your Targeted Audience

Once you have set up an attractive profile, it’s time to identify the audience interested in buying your products. This will help you gain more recognition, and you will be sure that the information you are sharing is being shown to the appropriate audience.

Twitter has an enormous pool of active visitors, so finding the right users with whom you can share your content is a vital need. Using accurate keywords will help display your content to users interested in certain keywords.

Tip # 4: Make a Concise and Effective Tweet

You are allowed to use only 280 words per tweet on Twitter. Always make a short tweet with effective and engaging content. People usually don’t read lengthy and boring tweets.

Make sure to post easy to read and understand content for your followers.

Adding images alongside tweets is another way to boost users’ engagement and impressions of your tweets because visitors are drawn more towards tweets with images and tend to click more on such tweets.

Let’s say if you are tweeting about your products or services, posting a tweet with the image of that product would be best.

Tip #5: Avoid Over-Tweeting

Try to avoid over-tweeting because seeing only your tweets will give your users a headache and make them un-follow you. So the best strategy is to tweet during peak hours, when most of the users are active, which will lead to more engagement and impressions.

You should identify the specific time when most of your users are active and tweet at that certain time to attain maximum audience engagement.

The best way to find the peak hour is to tweet different times in a day and find out which tweet got more engagement and clicks.

Tip #6: Come up with Interactive Twitter Hashtags

Another way to increase your Twitter presence, generate more engagement and impressions is the use of interactive hashtags. By adding the # symbol before your content, you can make your tweet searchable to anyone interested in that hashtag.

With the help of hashtags, you can generate your own campaign for the brand and get more attention from users. But avoid using too many hashtags on a single tweet because it can decrease the engagement rates.

Tip #7: Add Twitter Videos

Posting images with tweets is a good marketing strategy, but if you want to gather more audience, you might consider adding marketing videos with your tweets.

People are attracted more towards the video, and these tweets are retweeted more than images and Gifs.

You can use videos to share information about your upcoming product to create suspense among users about the new product. They will revisit your profile to know more about that product.


Twitter has become an excellent platform for promoting business and boosting sales. But it requires a lot of patience and constant efforts to gain increased audience attention and engagement. I hope that the above-mentioned marketing tips will help you succeed as a beginner. Making an influential brand takes some time, but you can make your brand popular by following these tips.

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