Zappix Digital Patient Engagement Review – Best Modern Digital Patient Engagement Tools in 2022

Zappix Digital Patient Engagement Review 2022

Are you on the lookout for the greatest healthcare coverage? Zappix Healthcare offers various services for patients, including health development and digital self-services, but their Digital Patient Engagement service is the most popular and widely used solution they offer. They empower healthcare providers with innovative digital self-service solutions focused on modern patient expectations.

Zappix improves patient outcomes and enhances medical care. Develop more tailored and responsive communication, connect directly with patients via whatever digital devices they utilize. Zappix patient engagement solutions provide engaging digital patient encounters for all types of patients while relieving employees of tedious paperwork.


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Zappix Digital Patient Engagement is a patient support software and digital portal accessible through smart phones, tablets, or computers, that transforms the patient experience and helps healthcare providers and health systems usher in the “Consumerization of Healthcare.” Zappix improves patient satisfaction and loyalty by transforming the patient journey with easy-to-use, modern digital patient interaction technologies. Zappix improves the quality of treatment and increases patient outcomes with digital patient education tools and easily accessible patient communication.

Workflow automation is possible with cloud-based technologies. Rapid installations, easy connectivity with EMRs and backend systems, and a full analytics suite are all available. Zappix’s Digital Patient Engagement services divert more calls away from staffand remove bureaucratic burden to increase staff efficiency.


Year Founded: 2011

Official Website:

Customer Rating: 5*

Origin: Burlington

Their Services

Zappix Digital Patient Engagement

1- On-Demand Apps

Patients use Zappix to access On-Demand Apps whenever they need them, using any digital channel they want. Zappix On-Demand Apps offer all of the benefits of native apps without the cost of development or maintenance.

End-to-end automation for frequent patient queries such as patient education material, appointment confirmation and rescheduling, staff information, and more is provided through cloud-based, intuitive web apps. Through rich app-like experiences don’t require any download and provide digital self-service to patients across any digital channel to quickly answer inquiries, convey crucial information, and prevent a call to staff.


2- Scheduling & Appointment Confirmation

Patients may miss visits, but not with Zappix Scheduling and Confirmation tools. Patients can be enrolled in timely confirmation messages through their channel of choice (text, email, robocall, or any combination of the three). These engaging messages allow patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments and automatically update your backend system..

Do you have many locations? Managers may view reports and handle communications from a single interface with a single login for numerous locations using Zappix. Zappix offers limitless text, email, and robocall reminders that link to your backend systems in real-time to keep calendars up to date, ensure patients don’t miss appointments and help you book as efficiently as possible. Text message reminders link to a sophisticated, app-like experience to automatically confirm, cancel, or amend schedules.

  • The Zappix Scheduling and Appointment Confirmation solution goes beyond simple appointment reminders by allowing patients to confirm, cancel, plan, or reschedule appointments through automated visual interactions.
  • Zappix automatically syncs appointment confirmations, cancellations, and reschedules into your management system in real-time to keep you up to date.
  • Personalized details depending on location, doctor, appointment type, or if patients have several appointments for premier care are included in engaging Zappix communications.
  • Backend connectivity and one-touch synchronization to their smartphone calendars automatically contact patients and book their next appointment.


3- Digital Reminders & Guides

Appointment no-shows or patients coming unprepared can create scheduling havoc and ruin operational efficiency. With Zappix Digital Reminders & Guides, patients can be enrolled in cascading informational reminders through their preferred communication channel (text, email, or robo call). Periodically before scheduled appointments these patients will receive reminders to prepare properly (especially useful for appointments like Colonoscopies), confirmation messages that allow patients to automatically reschedule if necessary, and directions to their appointment with integrated geolocation capabilities.. Zappix Digital Reminders generate a personalized cadence of messages for each patient case, sent digitally, so there are no misplaced handouts or chances of forgetting. Patients receive the proper pre-procedural information at the right time including preparation instructions, procedure information, and appointment checklists.

  • Keep patients on track for success with automatic, timely visual reminders that include embedded video, pictures, and all of the information they require, sent when they require it.
  • Make paper handouts a thing of the past with digital material accessible 24/7 that won’t be misplaced or forgotten.
  • Integrate with native smartphone geolocation and map applications to bring patients to the appropriate place, provide patient guides with visuals to assist them in traversing complicated facilities, and streamline the patient experience.


4- Digital Surveys

Transform each encounter into a measured patient experience and cultivate a patient-centered culture. Use Zappix analytics to establish the finest practices and processes for your patients. Listening to your patients’ voices is the first step in providing value-based, patient-centered care. Understanding patient requirements, aligning caregivers, and identifying opportunities to improve treatment quality will increase patient satisfaction.

Stay in touch with the voice of your patients and find areas for improvement fast. Recognize a patient’s needs and speak with patients and caregivers directly to learn how you might enhance their experience.

  • Post procedure and post appointment surveys help healthcare providers identify areas of improvement and real-time notifications help managers react to events quickly.
  • To ensure that their care meets their expectations, bridge the gap between patients and healthcare professionals and invite them to participate in the care improvement process.
  • Digital-first, real-time survey capabilities connect automatically to any backend system or management console, allowing your team to respond to any proposal or problem as quickly as feasible.


5- Referrals & Registration

To convert more referrals and reduce obstacles to entry, patients read, complete, and sign registration forms with pre-populated personalization obtained from your EMR, such as date of birth, address, phone number, or insurance information.

Connect with patients who have referrals but haven’t yet scheduled an appointment to explain the value of treatments, educate them with digital and visual information, and allow them to arrange appointments straight from their phones. Reduce patient leakage and enhance referral conversion rates to increase efficiency and revenue by converting more referrals. With full schedules, increase employee efficiency.

  • Convert more referrals to patients with automated messaging, patient education, and backend connections to appointment scheduling
  • Change the language of all forms instantly to accommodate a linguistically diverse patient population and improve the patient experience by proactively connecting patients with their needed resources.
  • Promote new services to patients that could benefit and improve the patient experience by proactively connecting patients with the resources they need. Support A/R cycles by standardizing patient intake and digitizing records.
  • Patients filling out digital forms on their own devices lower the risk of infection transmission.


6- Campaign Manager

Keep patients on track with post-procedure follow-ups or planned prep communications, and manage everything from a single, user-friendly web interface. It’s never been easier to manage patient communications and outreach. With schedule, channel, and content choices, send personalized emails and SMS messages to the correct patients at the right time.

With the most user-friendly campaign manager tool available, create and launch automated, targeted campaigns to engage patients via email or text. Put your patients at the center of your outreach with tools that help you precisely target who gets what message when and how patients interact with each campaign.


  • Builds for a fraction of the price and effort of native apps and removes the requirement for native apps.
  • Zappix can make adjustments in the blink of an eye and edit material rapidly and cheaply. Integration to backend systems with robotic process automation
  • Use the easy-to-use Campaign Manager to see and change your text or email campaigns, or rely on experienced Zappix assistance.
  • Automated communications that reach your patients at precisely the correct times add a personal touch without the personal work.
  • You can identify what’s working well and discover insights to help you do more of it now that you have all your data and insights in one place.
  • Increase the number of patient referrals and attract new patients by providing interesting material that they will enjoy and respond to.


  • None to be found.

Why Digital Patient Engagement?

You may add some or all of your patient population to certain cohorts for engaging, targeted, automated communication. The ZappixDigital Patient Engagement solution reduces patient leakage and improves referral conversion rates, increasing efficiency and revenue by automatically delivering the information patients require at the precise time they require it. You can get better outcomes with chronic patients thanks to their digital patient education processes and aggressively reduce patient leakage. Maintain contact with the voice of your patients and instantly find opportunities for improvement through the survey function.

Contact Them

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Phone:+1 (781) 739-2770


Final Words

The “Digital Patient Engagement” service from Zappix transforms patient interactions, helping healthcare providers provide a modern, digital, and visual patient experience that keeps them engaged while improving patient outcomes and reducing staff burden as part of the “Consumerization of Healthcare.” . Zappix Digital Patient Engagement engages referred patients through proactive messages and educates and encourages them to arrange appointments with hospitals and health systems that use Zappix. 6-7 months in advance, referral solutions are fully booked thanks to Zappix Scheduling and Referral tools.

Informing patients about the value of procedures with engaging movies, relevant visuals, and easy-to-navigate visual interfaces, and making the appointment process simple, encourages patients to make appointments they’ve been referred to.

Open lines of communication, contemporary, digital interfaces, and simple appointment processes make the healthcare process easier and more fun for patients, enhancing patient satisfaction, loyalty, and lowering patient leakage.

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