This AI Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android Will Enhance Your Photos

There are various photo editing apps on Apple Store and Google Play to improve the look of your images by speeding up the editing process. But how can you decide which AI picture editor is ideal for you when there are so many? After my research and study, I will recommend one to save time and effort on enhancing your photos. 

This photo app is called Vividit, which may sound new to you, but its developer has been engaged in AI photo editing software development for years. Their mobile app was only launched immediately after their successful desktop app was up and running for two years. It’s a highly rated app now on product hunt. 

photo enhancer app

This AI photo enhancer app, clears grainy, low-quality, or damaged photographs and improves their quality in seconds. With AI photo editing technologies that revive your photographs, Vividit makes your regular photos stand out and suitable for immediate social media posts. 

Vividit provides fantastic AI technology that can automatically improve photo quality for you, with features like a photo sharpener, color correction, cartoon selfie, portrait animer, black and white photo colorizer, background blur, and more. Download and experience the ease of cutting-edge AI technology in everyday life!

Amazing features it has: 

  • Photo Sharpener
  • Light Fixer
  • Photo Cartoonizer
  • Photo Animer
  • Photo Colorizer
  • Background Blurer

1- Photo Sharpener:

Photo SharpenerSuppose you have some blurry photos and want to make them clearer, crisper, and cleaner. Vividit’s Photo Sharpener allows you to fix the blurry photo. If your portrait is pixelated, blurry, noisy, or low-quality, these features will prepare your photo for printing, social media, marketing campaigns, presentations, etc. You will have your portrait on Instagram ready quickly.

2- Light Fixer:

Light Fixer

Sometimes, the weather is bloomy, and you can only settle for a dark image effect with low photo exposure. You are outdoors without access to any lighting equipment in the studios. Guess what? You don’t need to have any! To achieve great color repair and balance the colors in the image. You can fix the poorly exposed image with a simple click. This light fixer is life-changing, and you should try it. 

3- Cartoonizer:


When you are struggling with creating your social media profile pic, you can harness the power of artificial intelligence to transform your image into a cartoon selfie. This is a perfect way to customize your unique avatar. Upload a photo of yourself now to cartoonize yourself with a single swipe. You also have different cartoon styles to choose from. 

4- Animer:

Portrait Animer animates pictures such as portraits, figures, drawings, paintings, cartoons, and sculptures. Transform a photograph into a moving film to bring a picture to life. Click the video below to get an idea of how this feature animates photos.

5- Photo Colorizer:
Photo Colorizer

You may use AI Photo Colorizer to colorize ancient photographs of families, historical people, ancestors, vintage movie scenes, etc. Color photographs of relatives and historical characters to reimagine the past. Colorize antique photos to bring them back to life.

6- Background Blurer:

Background Blurer

Background blur usually is used to highlight the main subject. This feature produces a gorgeous blur effect in a photograph’s backdrop, giving the image a significant aesthetic impact. This AI smart focus includes an area selection software that automatically detects the focus area to maintain the primary subject clear, crisp, and focused on improving your photography.


Vividit is a versatile app to help you enhance your photo. It comes with a free version by watching ads or a flexible paid plan from weekly to yearly choices. Or you can search their desktop app called to get an idea of what they do. They have other tools such as Image Background Remover, ID Photo Maker, Photo Retouch, etc.

They soon will add more features to their mobile app so you can enhance your photos anywhere and anytime you want. 

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