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15+ Best Pay Per Call Networks in 2022

Best Pay Per Call Networks:

Do you want to increase your passive income with pay-per-call networks?

Do you want to find some best working pay-per-call networks?

You may be heard something about pay-per-call networks. That’s why you are here, or you may find it interesting. You may or may not know exactly about this type of marketing, but no need to be worried I am here to help you in this regard. In this underlined article, I will tell you about pay-per-call marketing? How can you get benefit from it?

Furthermore, you will find a list of some best-performing pay-per-call networks, along with their brief descriptions. So this article is absolutely for you to keep reading to find out what you want to know about pay-per-call marketing.

What is pay-per-call marketing?

It is a comparatively new type of marketing and catching hype quickly. In this type of marketing, you will have to contact customers, convince them to buy the advertisers’ products, and once they are agreed, you will have to place their order from your affiliated phone number. In this way, you will get commissions from each sale made possible due to your affiliate number.

What are the benefits of using Pay per Call marketing?

There are several benefits associated with this type of marketing; both advertisers and marketers can benefit. As a marketer, once you are engaged with the customers on the phone call, you will understand their requirements and preferences and can easily sell products of that nature.

It is also equally important and revenue-generating for advertisers as they can get more specific and desired customers through phone calls instead of websites.

Best Pay Per Call Networks in 2022:

Here is the list of the best pay per call Affiliate networks in 2022 and 2023.

  1. Aragon Advertising
  2. Astoria Company
  4. Visiqua
  5. LucraTel
  6. MaxBounty
  7. GlobalWide Media
  8. Palo
  9. Ring Partner
  10. ClickDealer
  11. Commission Junction
  12. Hyper Target Marketing
  13. Goojibear
  14. Digital Market Media
  15. ReviMedia

1. Aragon Advertising:

Aragon Advertising

Aragon Advertising has a lot of merits, such as already bagged various honors for their perfect and awesome services based on performance in the marketing industry. Their name can be taken as a well-trusted and well-known name based on businesses communities from all over the globe. It is very supportive in offering various competitive leads, reaching the right clients at the right time, and augmented conversion prices.

They can also run various PPC campaigns that generate hundreds and thousands of calls per month across multiple verticals. Aragon Advertising is helping businesses to achieve their goals. A customer can access its direct and gain offers across various verticals.

A customer can also promote his offers for his networks of thousands and numbers of affiliate marketers. Mainly, Aragon Advertising will offer easy and simple, cost-effective ways for generating quality work trending through its internal properties and various extensive networks of different partners.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Frequency: Net-15
  • Payment Method: Paypal

2. Astoria Company:

Astoria Company

As far as ad networking in Astoria Company is concerned, there are many reasons for taking it seriously and considering a strong network as a pay-per-call network. For the sake of beginners in this regard, we can take them as they are one of the fast and furious developing private companies in North America according to Inc 500.

In the accolades, they are enough in the bases of usage of what are they to their clients as an affiliate? In this regard, a customer can get ready to go off doing offers to work with, including auto insurance, payday loans, domain parking, online college degrees, mortgages, lawyers, and so on.

In this situation, a person might be able to feel probably wondering about how much affiliates can create in doing with this pay per call network. This depends entirely on the products as well as services. A client can do hare various campaigns can offer in a week payout.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Frequency: Net-30


Marketcall might be taken as a Pay Per Call affiliate network that can build on an in-house call tracking system or technology based on different verticals such as Insurance, Finance, Home Services, Travel, etc. Mainly it was founded in 2015 and able to work with different offers from the USA and Europe.

They can also get affiliates and various publishers with the support of inbound or live transfer calls. Here we can take a lot of advantages for affiliates, such as a wide range of top-class trending offers, Weekly payments, Unique, leading, and high converting landing pages, etc. We can also get the opportunity of different Webinars with the help of case studies to promote different offers.

Here a client can use free toll-free numbers with the support of a dedicated and responsible personal manager. Their Pay Per Call verticals include health, Medicare, Auto, Life, Home, etc. We can also consider finance in this sense, which includes Debt, Tax Debt, Credit Repair, and so on. Different home services, home improvement systems, and travel might be considered in the sense of insurance.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Method: Wire transfer, Paypal, ACH, Check, and Payoneer

4. Visiqua:


Visiqua can take as another performance marketing network or platform which can accelerate its client’s acquisition. We can take the recognition of Visiqua as it stands for visibility and amazing quality with desired results. This company mainly consists of various professionals from different fields of digital marketing, ad agencies, influencer marketing agencies, and many more.

The specification of Visiqua is in data, CPA as well as calls. Conclusion: there are various amazing ways to encourage the customers’ potential to make a call and capture their attention. In this regard, an important way is to use voice-activated performance marketing.

A customer can also ask a virtual assistant to find out something, and he can connect with the most reliable and relevant company. Here a user is also able to use a real-time call validation. All clients can go through so-called filters to ensure an advertiser gets in a target audience.

Payment Details:

Payment Frequency: Monthly

5. LucraTel:


LucraTel has also considered a better Ad network. It is related to where our calls can belong from. We can take them as the only Pay Per Call agency that can support you in building various creative landing pages. We can also convert different campaigns better here. Some of the verticals focus on Credit Repair, Debt, Home Security, Insurance, including Auto, Life & Health, Real Estate, Solar, Tax, and several other niches and topics.

Here, the availability of payment terms is included with Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Net 15, Net 30, Prepays, and so on. This can also depend entirely on a client’s call quality, volume, and so on. Nowadays, Lucra Tel is going to focus on USA markets. Here we can also consider Over 500+ Publishers’ work and creation with them already; this number keeps growing rapidly. It is highly recommended network route your calls to LucraTel as they also give quality to breed winners.

6. MaxBounty:


We can consider MaxBounty as another amazing and awesome affiliate network that is particularly famous and popular based on its CPA offers. It also has a large growing list of pay-per-call offers different reputable and top-class advertisers’ brands. Like C.J., we can also consider some important advantages of working with MaxBounty. Here, a client can consider the opportunity of always certain to your leads, which will be able to track properly as well as carefully and in this case, a client will be able to get paid for his referrals.

However, their registration, as well as the overall affiliate approval process, might be complicated and tough, and mainly sometimes, it will be troublesome for the sake of beginners. However, it is a very reliable and amazing Ad network for regular users. Once a person can go through it at once, there is neither any problem nor any complication but running all the process smoothly.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum payment: $100
  • Payment methods: Check, PayPal, ACH (Direct Deposit), Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly

7. Global Wide Media:

GlobalWide Media

Global Wide Media might be considered a leader or a top-class worker in the sense of data-driven marketing for 10 years already. They can also connect different advertisers with various affiliates in the display, view, search, social media, email, video marketing industries, etc. It can also run different ad campaigns in over 100 countries worldwide.

Global Wide can also generate over five million monthly conversions and net wealth of almost $3 billion in annual or per year sales. It can also get 60 billion ad requests based on a day from over 240,000 websites and 70,000 apps; their scale is huge with top trending or leading conditions. They can also serve in automotive, dining, education, e-commerce, health care, retail, travel, and many more. Among many of their customers, there are giants such as AliExpress, to name just a few.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly
  • Payment Method: Paypal

8. Palo:


Palo is another amazing and awesome Ad network. We can also understand their performance based on marketing from different angles and every funnel stage. Even their customers can trust and believe in knowing what metrics can move their business towards rapid growth, fast, and furious. So if you want to get a good income or make your brand more popular among the online population, you should give this ad network a try.

Their publisher and affiliate partners also keep how now about making maximum revenue and ROAS and a complete and main focus on the growth of our partnerships. It might be one of the few PPC affiliate networks that can understand how publishers can work and operate. Even they cannot wait based on months to get paid. We can also consider that working with clued-in account managers can work best for everyone. Timely tech help means a lot, even if it is invaluable when things inevitably go wrong.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $20
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly

9. Ring Partner:

Ring Partner

Ring Partner can mainly consider or build an innovative or real-time bidding platform to drive their pay per call to top-class or lead exchange. We can also consider it the kind of technology or information in the form of investment that demonstrates both the simple and smart leadership and the industry vision of a better network. We can also consider Ring Partner as another method and step of a very recent pay-per-call marketing network; their opening process for business was almost started in the year 2013.

A customer can select from hostels and travel, legal services, pest control, home services, medical services, business financing, etc. These all users can also be responsible for patents based on pay per call industry, as a whole, under the Google Patent Starter Program. In this regard, we cannot take it as a few fly-by-night operations, but it has a large and high reputation.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly

10. ClickDealer:


ClickDealer is another well-known and world’s leading Pay Per Call Network. ClickDealer is one of the effective CPA networks, and they have also offered Pay Per Call with plenty of Pay Per Call offers. So, if we look for efficient Pay per Call Networks, then ClickDealer has provided us with the opportunity to partner with the effective in business.

The only road to succeed in online marketing was to partner with the effective and ClickDealer we would get every opportunity to maximize our returns on our pay-per campaign. They had much to offer for publishers, advertisers, and agencies.

Publishers have gotten the maximum exposure on their campaigns with large, quality, and targeted audiences to fuel their ROIs. They have offered publishers lucrative verticals, best offers, competitive payouts, and much more to help take their business to another better level. They have helped connect the world’s leading advertisers with the industry’s top publishers.

With their advancing technology and dedicated online marketing experts, we will surely look at a gifting time partnering with them as a Pay per Call Network. Due to its special features, the platform has the best alternative to Google AdSense or CoinZilla.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $500
  • Payment Frequency: Net-7, Net-15
  • Payment Method: Wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum

11. Commission Junction:

Commission Junction

Commission Junction has been rated as one of the top Pay per Call Networks globally. It forms Pay per Call Marketing easy and completely gifting for us. Publishers, Advertisers, and Agencies will look forward to forming them their preferred partner in monetizing their online marketing efforts by selectively utilizing Pay per Call Campaigns.

The network is a peer-to-peer advertising marketplace just like Amazon or eBay. The difference was that selling physical products displays advertisements from independent media, content creators, and influencers who will join the platform as advertisers and publishers.

Their results have oriented Pay per Call Solutions, enabling publishers to easily promote advertiser goods and services through various distribution channels via unique, trackable, toll-free numbers. C.J. was known as the best cost per sale network; C.J. has employed advanced technology and a comprehensive database to deliver the highest quantity of targeted traffic that will help to increase conversion rates on Pay per Call Marketing Campaigns. It will provide us with the chance to generate incremental commissions for our affiliated business.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Frequency: NET-20
  • Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Check

12. Hyper Target Marketing:

Hyper Target Marketing

Hyper Target Marketing had a range of pay-per-call marketing services to its credit, such as call center and P.R., SEO & mobile optimization. They had proved themselves in most processes and special traffic. Hyper Target Marketing had made up a high focus on quality inbound calls for the clients. They have offered superb support and payments to advertisers.

It had made a name in pay-per-call marketing as it provided a successful situation for every customer. They have offered large conversion rates to advertisers. So, their customers were always satisfied with them. Another plus point is that the costs involved were very affordable and effective.

The advertising content was delivered to interest-based segments, ensuring that people who would become potential conversion would see these ads. Thereby our money was never wasted. Moreover, with Hyper Target Marketing, we would spend less and get better results. We will get valuable inbound calls directly from highly interested people in our product or services. They have driven calls through paid search, local listings, SEO and blogging, display and banners, email campaigns, social media, and T.V. & Web Video.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Method: Credit card

13. Goojibear:


Now, we will come to the affiliate network with the most admirable name in the roundup that is Goojibear. They have a Tel Aviv-based company but with a global reach. Most essentially, they have specialized in pay-per-call marketing, as they have not a generalist network tried to run a side hustle in pay-per-call.

As of right now, they will only have offers for the U.S. and Canadian markets, but more Geos will be coming online soon. And that offers include juicy advertisers like finance, home services, and insurance services. But also more day-to-day stuff like legal services, diet, education, and astrology.

If we talk about money, the first question that arises in our minds is how much we can earn by this? Their payouts were on the low side of things, maxing out at around $25 for a lead. Its URL is Goojibear signup. Its commission is up to 25 dollars. The platform has aimed to change the online industry completely and achieved its goal; they had introduced a new marketing model, peer-to-peer advertising via the online market places. Moreover, they have used cutting-edge blockchain technology to simplify things for customers.

14. Digital Market Media:

Digital Market Media

Which of these did you think was worth more to the average user? Someone has completed an inquiry form on their site, or a potential user calling them. If we were still not sure, it has the second one, users who went to pick up the phone wanted to complete their purchase decision.

This was something the team in the digital market area realized a long time ago. Since then, they have worked hard to become a leader in the pay-per-call industry. And that will show in the types of offers they will work with so, some of them pay up to $400 for each lead generating.

But even their entry-level have offered pay at least $11.50 on the sale, so there was money to be made here. If we talk about Digital Market Media URL, it’s Digital Market Media signup, and its commission is Up to $400. Digital Market Media is one of the most usable networks in the effective world.

15. ReviMedia:


It was an old but well-experienced Pay per Call affiliate network for publishers and advertisers. It was reliable and had won the heart of more than 2000 affiliates because of its famous name in digital marketing. ReviMedia has worked with the advertisers of the U.S by managing their Click successfully to calls and transfer campaigns and has also been skilled in premium pay-per-call offers worldwide, including debt relief, insurance, house repairing, and much more.

It has offered quick and flexible payment terms by using the advertiser’s preferred methodology. Their team members were available 24/7 in the Call Centers, and anyone will also contact them via email and Skype to book their order. ReviMedia has quite an old yet famous Pay per Call network for publishers.

It has been in the business of pay-per-call marketing for the last ten years. So, ReviMedia came with the best experience behind making it a completely reliable Pay per Call Network. Their global reach and experience had made them the number one choice of over 2000 affiliates.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Frequency: NET-7, NET-30
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Wire


In this underlined article, we have listed some best-performing pay per call ad networks. If you are looking for some, this will be helpful for you. Before reaching a final decision, you may need to search a lot and go through a significantly large number of networks.

While keeping this fact in account, we come forward with this article to reach your desired network with ease. We are hopeful that our effort will be helpful for you.


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