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15+ Best AdNetworks For Publishers in 2022 and 2023

Whenever you hear about Ad Networks, the first name that pops up in your mind will probably be that of Google AdSense. Well, it’s pretty true that for a longer period, Google AdSense ruled over Ad Networks as a monopoly. Still, nowadays, even this king has to face some serious competition from leveled competitors.

We still cannot deny the importance of Google AdSense, but as the market is progressing, you must know the current trends and beneficial options there. For the very true reason, we are here with this article.

Best AdNetworks for publishers:

Here is the list of Best Ad Networks for Publishers in 2022 and 2023.

  1. Bitmedia
  2. Push.House
  3. Amazon Publisher Services
  4. TrafficForce
  5. Adsterra
  6. PopAds
  7. Adcash
  8. SmartyAds 
  10. Exponential (Formerly called Tribal Fusion)
  11. AdMaven
  12. EMX (Formerly called bRealTime)
  13. HillTopAds
  14. Publift
  15. Adbuffs
  16. UberCMP
  17. ClickAdu

1. Bitmedia:

Bitmedia Home

If you are a small publisher and looking for the best ad network, then Bitmedia is one that you should look out for. Bitmedia offers a lot of different benefits to publishers. As a publisher, if you are looking for high traffic revenue then Bitmedia is the one for you. It provides the highest commissions, so you can instantly increase your revenue. Another great thing about Bitmedia is that they also offer quick payments as well.

When you want to withdraw the payment, you just have to use a bitcoin address and withdraw the amount. Bitmedia doesn’t have a limitation when it comes to withdrawal and provides instant payments. Another major advantage of going with Bitmedia is that they have really good banner integration. This allows you to monetize your websites within a few minutes.

The customer support is really good and answers every query in time. You also get different publishing tools like floor CPM, etc. So, if you are looking for a platform that provides organic traffic with high commissions and solid features then Bitmedia is the best. 

Join Bitmedia Now

2. Push.House:

Push HouseAre you looking for the best ad network for publishers? If yes, then Push.House is all you need. It is really good for publishers. They have a really simple policy with publishers. You can easily join their network without facing any problems. If you have an active website with traffic then you can easily monetize all of the traffic by using push notifications. It will provide your audience with links and products with which they are more likely to interact.

One of the most unique things about Push.House is that as a publisher it allows you to make extra money. Using Partners.House, publishers can make extra money. If you don’t have a big audience then it will help you in getting more audience to your website. Basically, whether you are a small or big publisher, Push.House will help you get a lot more traffic than before.

The best benefits for publishers for joining this network are on-time payments, traffic from 180 countries, a live tracking system, etc. Their dashboard is really simple and intuitive and provides you with all of the information in real-time. They also offer the highest payout rate in the market. Overall, if you are a publisher then Push.House is all you need.

Join Push.House Now

3. Amazon Publisher Services:

Amazon Publisher Services

 Amazon Publishers Services is an amazing suite of things; we can also take cloud services for the sake of the web and the app publishers to build, produce or create monetize in the sense of their digital businesses. We can also take it as cloud-based marketplaces that can bring all the possible findings created only under the single suite Amazon for publishers.

Also, We can consider Amazon Publisher Services in the sense of the Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM), the Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM), and Shopping Insights also included in this case. These qualities can allow its publishers to renovate or revenue with no impacts in the sense of latency with the support of only one trial to Amazon’s cloud-based marketplace.

This revenue can be increased due to a large and competent bidding field; publishers can take this step as superior transparency. As a result of this amazing service, publishers can easily understand the current demanding marketing strategies based on superior results.

If we discuss the qualities of both the Transparent Ad Marketplace and the Unified Marketplace, they can rely on header bidding services. In general view, header bidding can be taken as a technology-based tool that can allow a publisher to offer its inventory of available ad spots to find out various ad exchanges simultaneously; they can also use the option to bid on spots.

4. TrafficForce:

Traffic Force

TrafficForce can be taken as an ad network that can support publishers. This is an amazing tool even advertisers to maximize their return from different forms of online and offline advertising. We can consider this group as pride in amazing technology used and currently powers out various estimated 15-billion impressions in just the duration of once a month.

As far as its ad format is concerned, it can include various display banners, pop-unders, and instant messenger functions for desktops. Several of them are also available as mobile options. Clients and users can get in touch with the group through email, Skype, and instant messages.

These can also deliver to a specific team member, while payments are available via different global platforms like PayPal and Paxum and a wire transfer. 

5. Adsterra:


We can take Adsterra as a global ad network founded in 2013 by a team, of affiliate marketers and web admins, with amazing quality of over 20 years of experience in the industry. Estimate, it can serve near about 1 billion impressions for a day.

There are many beneficial things about the ad network, and one of the amazing things or tools that can make it more impressive is the view of affiliates, which is the emphasis on CPA marketing campaigns. When it can turn in profit with various VPNs, Utilities, Subscriptions, Sweepstakes, Dating, and various amazing verticals,  a user can also find them tough to beat, not impossible.

We can consider them one of the few ad networks that can usually release case studies that show the presence of top affiliates who can produce banks with the platform. A user can easily find these as a blueprint for various amazing offers. A user can spend less time testing the waters independently with many positive results.

This can usually stress out on affiliate marketing and an amazing transparent approach for new or new or already running businesses. It can show us quickly resulted in Adsterra being hailed as one of the most amazing platforms of its type in the whole industry.

6. PopAds:


We can consider PopAds as one of the amazing ad networks that can provide its users with astonishing payouts, which they cannot find out from anywhere else. It is usually able to specialize in the sense of pounders’.

We can also consider it a leading pop-under ad network around the globe. Here we can find out the payouts, which are higher than any other network. This step is also making it possible to achieve amazing ROI. In the case of joining this network, a user must be able to get top-quality traffic to the customer’s website as an advertiser.

When you are a publisher, you can also monetize your website’s traffic to its super quality ads appearing in the sense of pop-under. PopAds is not complicated but simple to understand whether the highest benefits.

7. Adcash:


Adcash is another ad network suitable for both publishers and advertisers. It provides a chance for online advertisement. More than 10,000 campaigns are already running in support of Adcash throughout the world it showing its popularity among people around the globe.

 Suppose you want to partner with this ad network as a publisher or advertiser. In that case, you will have a chance to benefit from almost all the best-performing ad formats for web monetization and mobile-based monetization. These formats include native ads, banners, interstitials, push notifications, etc.

Furthermore, Adcash also uses special technology that can bypass various ad blockers most commonly used, even some advanced ones. Adcash has various features and tools that support publishers and advertisers to benefit from it and draw their traffic more efficiently towards their target. Adcash team also supports their clients to bring their monetization to the next level by providing experienced and professional advice whenever and wherever required.

When you are associated with this ad network, you can expect various payment methods that will be flexible, real-time stats, and continuous support. It is also suitable for beginners due to plenty of reasons. On top of them is no applied limit for monthly visitors. 

8. SmartyAds:


Many publishers want to get intelligent revenue through various means. One of them is media-selling, and SmartyAds is one of the best ad networks that support this type of ad. So if you are also that sort of publisher or advertiser, you can benefit from it. 

They have some highly beneficial tools that most of their competitors do not have, like the private marketplace. This plus point makes it easy to expand their clients’ number. The current stats tell us that they already serve more than 2 billion impressions daily and generate the highest eCMPs and CRTs. 

SmartyAds also offers various ad formats for web and mobile networks, like native ads, banners, interstitials, and even videos like many other good ad networks. They have partnerships with top demand parties in global monetizing geographies; these partnerships provide maximum benefits to the publishers that attach themselves with SmartyAds, making it one of the best digital advertising networks available worldwide.

It is also available for beginners with equal ease and beneficial impacts as it does not demand any specific visitor limits every month.  

9. is a contextual ad network it includes various national and local publishers and advertisers and is one of the world’s leading ad networks. It serves ads from Yahoo! And is the world’s second-largest ad network through Yahoo! Bing ad networks.

Some publishers from also include CNN, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Elle, Reuters, MSM, and Kiplinger. As it is one of the largest ads networks, it also has offices in various major cities worldwide. Bangalore, Mumbai, New York, Zurich, Dubai, Los Angeles, and Mumbai list. To partner with this ad network, you have to maintain the standard IAB size of your ad. It also has access to many high-quality ads from almost all major DSPs.

Along with many other features, it also supports ad display over various mediums like desktop interstitial, mobile ads, in-content native, and contextual ads. Unlike some other ad networks, it does not pose some hard and fast rules like there is no minimum number of visitors is applicable for using it, but it does not mean that you don’t have to pay any attention to your content; you need to revise it on daily bases.

Moreover, you must have original content not copied from any other source; the use of any other possessive data is never permissible and acceptable.

10. Exponential (Formerly called Tribal Fusion):


Exponential, formerly called Tribal Fusion, is one of the top ad networks you can find on the internet that are ranked high if it offers a variety of ad types from its platform. If you choose this ad network as an advertiser or publisher, you will be able to get customized monetization plans. Its CPM rates are elevated, and you can get a huge opportunity in the form of highly targeted ads, to earn revenue for your business. 

It offers high-impact ads that make them more beneficial, including rising star ads and pre-roll ads. The publisher or advertiser will get fifty-five percent of the profit; this percentage is significant with a high profit earned. There is a limitation with this ad network that makes it almost impossible for beginners to use that is it requires 500,000 unique visitors per month.

If you want to be partnered with Exponential, you have to maintain your website according to their requirement as they pay very keen attention to the layout/design of your website and its content. They recommend publishers maintain a professional outlook of the website, and its content should be highly targeted, up-to-date, and relevant. 

11. AdMaven:


It is another one of the best ads networks for publishers. It is mostly called as best pop-under ad network. Although it is popular in this manner, it also supports various other types like banners, lightboxes, slider ads, and interstitials.

AdMaven is already serving hundreds of millions of impressions worldwide in about 200 countries. The current publisher’s base of AdMaven consists of about 25,000 publishers using it to monetize their websites.

Its high bandwidth allows publishers to target heavy traffic and attract it to their ads from different parts of the globe. Their bidding system is well-structured and designed efficiently. It also supports drawing more traffic. It also has no minimum limit for monthly visitors.

12. EMX (Formerly called bRealTime):

EMX (Formerly called bRealTime)

EMX, formerly called bRealTime, is an ad network that is best suitable for publishers and advertisers and attracts both of these categories. There is a significant difference between EMX and other ad networks, which offer fixed CMP pricing units. 

The company offers monetization of a publisher’s inventory across all the geographies so that the publisher can get traffic from multiple regions worldwide. It is especially more beneficial for those publishers who want to approach maximum people around the globe, not only within their native regions.

If you are that type of publisher, you should consider EMX as your ad network. Most probably, it would be the one you are looking for. EMX technology has been designed to attract bidders around the globe so that publishers can get multiple types of advertisers. It is harder for beginners to cope with this ad network because it demands 30,000 unique visitors monthly. 

13. HillTopAds:


It is best suitable for publishers running medium to high-traffic websites as it is a cheap ads network to afford it easily. The most important feature of this ad network is its technology which can bypass the ad blockers effect, which can otherwise cause serious loss to the revenue publishers. It allows a single publisher to monetize more than one website. It also does not demand a minimum number of monthly visitors.

14. Publift:


If you are looking for the best programmatic advertising platform, you should consider Publift one of the best. This programmatic advertising technology provider is already partnered with more than 250 publishers and app developers around the globe. It means that it is already popular among various top bodies worldwide.

You can get up to fifty-five percent of the ad revenue as a Publift client, which is pretty good. They claim that they are obsessed with the growth and benefit of their client’s business. It is a Google-certified ad publishing network, so you as a publisher can use it confidently to monetize and grow your business and get maximum benefits.

15. Adbuffs:


Adbuffs is a CMP and CPC ad network connected to various most important and demanded ad exchanges. If you are looking for a good replacement for Google AdSense, Adbuffs is a considerable option. Its prices are comparable to or even lower than AdSense’s for various publishers.

You, as a publisher, can encourage a large number of advertisers to bid on inventory while using this ad network so you can generate revenue from here. It provides flexible payment methods, including PayPal, Payoneer, and Bank Wire. The approval for payment transfer requires about 24-48 business hours.

The payment transfer will be approved only for those publishers who will be giving their best performance. Adbuffs is an efficient network that provides real-time bidding as it is also a very creative network, especially for those who know how to generate maximum revenue. As a publisher or advertiser, if you want to work with Adbuffs, you will have to follow and obey stringent protocols. 

16. UberCMP:


UberCMP is a better choice if you are looking for an upcoming and fast-growing CMP ad network. It allows instant site permissions, and as a publisher, you can get up to eighty percent of the profit share. While you are using UberCMP different advertisers can bid on your domain, and you can ultimately get more profit as this ad network positions your inventory on different exchanges.

Multiple options are available for receiving payment if you are a publisher and want to use this ad network. Various payment options available are Pioneer, PayPal, and Wire transfer. There is no minimum traffic requirement for this ad network. You can start using it whenever and wherever you want to do so.

Along with this no minimum traffic requirement, its dashboard is also very easy to use and comprehensive. These and many other features make it user-friendly broadly for all publishers and significantly for beginners

. The customer service of UberCMP is available 24/7, so users will not be liable to wait for a specific time to get help in case of any issue aroused. It also claims to provide real-time statistics; the subscription fee is a $10 threshold and eighty percent profit straight for the publisher. 

17. ClickAdu:


ClickAdu is another best ads network that is best suitable for publishers. It serves more than 2 billion impressions daily, with 2000 publishers associated with it and 15,000 active campaigns worldwide.

They offer various forms of ads in up to 240 countries in the form of high CMPs while assuring 100% ad fill rates. The most common ads they offer are pop-up ads, pre-roll ads, and amazing videos. In addition to this, ClickAdu will soon offer display banner ads. This type of ad also generates a significant CMP-based model for the publishers. 

Like many other good advertising networks, ClickAdu is also suitable for beginners because its features are simple, easy to understand, comprehensive, and easily useable. It also does not demand any minimum number of unique visitors. 

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Final Words:

When it comes to the point for the best possible ad network, let us tell you that there is not a single ad network that we can label as the best for all. Different publishers have different requirements and expectations, so they have to look at the available ads networks that best suit them.

In this underlined article, we have provided you with a list of various good ad networks working efficiently and generating revenue. It would help if you went through them and carefully decided about your targeted ad network that can fulfill your requirements and best suits you.

You may need more than one network, and thus you can get pretty more benefits that, otherwise, no single advertising platform can generate. So it depends upon you as a publisher or advertiser to which network you will give a try. 

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