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15+ Best CPL Networks For Affiliates in 2022

In any online business, marketing is the only way where you can easily reach out to all over the world. This is where an affiliate network plays its role. If the world doesn’t know about your brand and the products that you’re offering then you won’t be able to make a lot of revenue. It is necessary to reach the masses through marketing. One of the best ways to reach a broad spectrum of audiences without spending little money is through an affiliate network.

If we talk more specifically, then you can use a CPL network in order to effectively reach your desired audience. There are a lot of CPL networks in the market that can help your business in growing. So, today we are going to present you with some of the best CPL Networks of 2022.

What is a CPL Network?

CPL is abbreviated as Cost Per Lead. This is a type of affiliate marketing in which affiliates can make money through their customers filling a form. The common thing used in CPL marketing is filling out a signup form. Through the sign-ups more leads can be generated which result in more money. There are a lot of CPL networks present in the market but if you choose the top-rated ones, you can easily make a lot of money with minimum effort.

Online business is on the rise and there a lot of new businesses just starting out. So, if you have a new business and want your brand all over the world then you can easily do that by choosing the right CPL network.

Best CPL Networks 2022:

Here is the list of the best CPL networks in 2022 & 2023:

  1. ClickDealer – Offers in Multiple Verticals.
  2. CJ Affiliate – Best for Beginners.
  3. MaxBounty – Worldwide Reach.
  4. TradeDoubler – Best Global Service.
  5. AdCombo – Best Exclusive Offers.
  6. Admitad – Best Site Traffic Monetization.
  7. – Very Competitive Rates.
  8. MyLead – The Best CPL Network.
  9. TopOffers – Best CPL Offers.
  10. Lemonads – Great International Offers.
  11. Adsterra – Cost-Effective Campaigns.
  12. Perform[cb] – Low Payment Threshold.
  13. CrakRevenue – Best Value Services.
  14. Affilight – Best Traffic Monetization.
  15. Leadbit – Highest CPL Rates.

1. ClickDealer – The #1 CPL Affiliate Network:


ClickDealer is an affiliate network that has been pleasing its clients since 2012. They provide some of the best CPL services in the market. The best thing about ClickDealer is that they haven’t limited themselves to only one thing but offer a lot of different verticals like mobile, gaming, dating, etc. This provides a really good opportunity for businesses as they can use ClickDealer for multiple things.

The services provided by ClickDealer also extend to social media platforms, sweepstakes, etc as well. ClickDealer is most famous for providing the best partying offers. So, this is a very versatile network that you can use for increasing your reach on multiple platforms at once.

One thing to keep in mind is that ClickDealer only provides monthly payments after the $100 threshold ahs been reached. You can also get weekly payments but that is only after showing tremendous progress. Overall, it is a good network that can be easily recommended.


Threshold: $100

Frequency: Monthly/Weekly

2. CJ Affiliate – Best CPL Network for Beginners:

CJ Affiliate

If you are looking for a network with a lot of experience and worldwide reach then CJ Affiliate is the one for you. This CPL network has its offices in 14 different locations in the world. CJ Affiliate provides some of the best and most advanced solutions. Their strategies are what set them apart from other networks. Everyone wants to earn the most revenue which is exactly what CJ Affiliate wants for its clients.

The best thing about CJ Affiliate is that they have worldwide reach and partnerships with some of the biggest brands. They provide the latest tracking and analytic tools which you don’t get with other networks. Using these tools, you can easily monitor your performance at all times and ensure the best results.

CJ Affiliate always pays on time and the payment can be transferred through PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, etc. Overall, it is a great affiliate network for beginners.

3. MaxBounty – Worldwide Best CPL Network: 

Maxbounty Home

When it comes to CPL networks then MaxBounty is without a doubt one of the oldest and best in the market. This is an affiliate network that has gotten high praise from advertiser all over the world. The best thing about MaxBounty is that they offer about 2000 campaigns. They have a worldwide reach so they can easily provide you with audience from a specific region.

MaxBounty has a network of worldwide advertisers which allows them to have reach all over the globe. They also provide performance bonuses alongside weekly payments. If you also want a manager dedicated to you then it is also possible with MaxBounty. They have a dashboard that provides all of the info and is very intuitive.

If you want to keep a lookout on your performance and how your competitors are doing then it can be easily done through the dashboard. So, MaxBounty is also a great affiliate network with good features and superb dashboard.


Min. Payment: $100

Frequency: Weekly

4. TradeDoubler – Top CPL Affiliate Network:


If you are looking for an affiliate network with by far the most experience then TradeDoubler is the best choice. They have been working since 1999 and thus offer a lot of experience. They have collaborations with some of the biggest brands. There are almost 180,000 publishers who are using TradeDoubler to generate their revenue.

TradeDoubler is quite a large network and has more than 260 employees. They are spread out in more than 80 countries all over the globe. If high quality traffic is what you need then TradeDoubler is going to be a suitable option for you. They also provide other marketing solutions as well.

You can sign up for TradeDoubler for free. Overall, TradeDoubler is best for growing new businesses and make a lot of revenue.

5. Admitad – CPL Affiliate Network: 


Admitad is a really big CPL network that is providing more than 1300 affiliate programs. Some of the notable brands that Admitad works with are Lenovo, Samsung, etc. They are working with more than 1700 advertiser brands at the moment. They also have more than 500,000 publishers. If you are a publisher and looking to monetize your website then Admitad is one of the best choices.

As a publisher, it is really easy to monetize your site traffic with Admitad. If you a beginner then you will get full support from Admitad that will help you in generating money. They also offer different tools to help you on the journey. There are graphical reports present that help you in analyzing your performance.

The sign-up process is easy and simple. They have a min. payment threshold of $20 which is really good. They also provide weekly payments as well. Overall, Admitad is a great network for the people looking to monetize their site traffic.


Threshold: $20

Frequency: Weekly.

6. AdCombo – Best CPL Offers: 


If you are on the search for offers that are very exclusive and aren’t available anywhere then AdCombo is the best affiliate network for you. They offer campaigns that are only available on their network and are also offered in 12 different verticals. AdCombo’s website is also great and has a very attractive design.

One of the best things about AdCombo is that it can be used by people from all over the world. They support a total of 40 languages. Their network doesn’t use any other network as they have their own network set up. This allows them to maintain high speeds without any issues. If you are looking for offers in betting, antivirus, forex and gaming then AdCombo has also got you covered.

They have a transparent system with a no-delay payment system. Their sign-up process is also really simple. They also provide a dedicated manager to help you in your needs. Overall, it is really good network with high appeal and amazing features.


Threshold: $50

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

7. – Very Competitive Rates:

It is really hard to find competitive rates nowadays as most of the brands focus on earning more money. Well, this isn’t the case with as they provide some of the best market rates right now. is a leading CPL network that provides really good services to their customers. One unique thing about is that it allows you to set individual conditions which you don’t see anywhere else.

Another great thing about this network is their payout system. You get daily payouts with which is also great to see. If you are an advertiser then you should definitely use All of the dealings by are done in a transparent way which helps in building more trust. They also offer a free-of-cost CRM system as well. also provides you with a personal manager who assists you in everything. This network is also good for finding different landing pages. All in all, is a great choice when it comes to a CPL network.


Min. Payment: $50

Frequency: Daily

8. TopOffers – Best CPL Offers:


TopOffers is one of the best CPL networks in the market. The thing that makes them stand out from the rest of their competitors in the number of offers that they provide. You can choose from more than 2000 different offers. They cover all of the popular verticals like gambling, betting, dating and gaming, etc. The traffic provided by TopOffers is also worldwide which is great.

Another great thing about TopOffers for beginners is that you get a $1000 bonus upon reaching $10,000 sales. This bonus is for the people who choose dating offers. They use their own solutions which is great and you can easily check all of the best converting offers. TopOffers has worked with the top brands of the world so they also have a lot of experience backing them up.

If you are looking for International offers then TopOffers is one of the best. Their traffic system is quite optimized for mobile as well as desktop platforms. Overall, TopOffers provides some of the best CPL offers.


Min. Payment: $500 and $3000 for Wire Transfer

Frequency: Weekly or Net-30

9. Lemonads – Great International Offers:


Getting high quality traffic is not as easy as it might seem at first. This is because there are a lot of networks that use bots to provide fake traffic. So, if you are in search of a network that can provide you with the best quality traffic then Lemonads is definitely one of them. Their network is International so they regularly deal with international clients as well as local merchants.

The best thing about their network is that they can provide you with traffic from all over the world. They have a pretty simple sign-up process with an interface which is intuitive and easy to understand. Another good thing about Lemonads is that they provide their clients with really good payouts. Their international offers are also quite amazing.

They don’t use another company for any service and only use their own platform to provide their clients with the best services. Lemonads also offers really good tracking solutions as well. All in all, it is one of the best marketing networks for international offers.

10. Adsterra – Cost-Effective Campaigns:


If you have a new business/brand and want instant growth then it can be done with the help of organic growth. Adsterra is an ad network that provides amazing services to its clients. They take advantage of real users and thus the growth that they provide is totally genuine. It is really hard to grow with fake followers as they will not provide you with engagements.

Adsterra is very different from other networks and focuses solely on providing the best services. All of the traffic that Adsterra provides is organic and will take your brand to new heights instantly. Another amazing thing about Adsterra is that it also detects for any unwanted traffic as well. This detection system removes all of the bots.

But the best thing about Adsterra is definitely its cost-effective campaigns. The campaigns work great on mobile as well as desktop devices. You can easily get a lot of impressions using Adsterra services. Overall, it is a good CPL network that provides cost-effective campaigns and organic following.

11. MyLead – The Best CPL Network:


If you are looking for the overall best CPL network then MyLead is definitely it. This affiliate network is around since 2014 and has been providing amazing services. There are a lot of money who want to earn money at their homes. If you are one of those people, then MyLead is for you. They have a platform that is versatile as it is good for both beginners as well as professionals.

There are a lot of other CPL networks present in the market as well but what does separates MyLead from the rest of them? Well, it is the learning experience that you get with MyLead. You learn how to make money just by sitting at your home. They also have a great collection of offers and various monetization methods as well.

MyLead is a platform that is equally good for advertisers as well as publishers. So, if you are in the search of a CPL network that can help you make a lot of money then MyLead is definitely the one for you.

12. Perform[cb] – Low Payment Threshold:


If you are looking for a network that brings a good pricing and also provides offers for different verticals, then Perform[cb] is a great choice. This network can be considered as an allrounder as it as everything that an advertiser/publisher needs in an affiliate network. Perform[cb] has thousands of offers in verticals like health, dating, entertainment, finance, etc.

The best thing about Perform[cb] is that they have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. Some of those brands include McAfee, HBO, etc. Another great thing about Perform[cb] is that they don’t have a high payment threshold as some of their competitors. So, with a low threshold, they can attract more people to use their network.

All of the offers provided by Perform[cb] are really great if you want to bring your brand to the world. This is a really old affiliate network so has a lot of experience which it uses to provides the best services. Overall, Perform[cb] is an amazing affiliate network that that will help you immensely in growing your business.


Payment Threshold: $50

Frequency: Monthly

13. CrakRevenue – Best Value Services:


One of the best ways to make money online is with the use of adult offers. This is not everyone’s cup of tea but certainly provides the most money. If you are into this type of marketing then CrakRevenue is the one for you. They have the best adult offers which you can use to earn a heck lot of cash. There offers are limited in anyway and you get a wide variety of them.

CrakRevenue provides more than 1000 offers at the moment. The payouts provided by CrakRevenue are also great as well. With good payouts, CrakRevenue makes itself more appealing to advertisers and publishers. One great thing about CrakRevenue is that it provides you with 5% commission if your sub-affiliate makes any sales.

You won’t find yourself in trouble when working with CrakRevenue as they provide you with a manager as well. The manager is dedicated to you and will help you in every way he can. CrakRevenue also offers exclusive deals as well which makes it one of the best value CPL networks.


Payment: $100 for Wire Transfer

Frequency: Bi-Monthly or Weekly

14. Affilight – Best Traffic Monetization:


Affilight is a site traffic monetization platform that provides its services in more than 190 countries. You can easily monetize the traffic through in-app advertising or through the mobile application. If you refer someone to their network then you also get a 5% bonus as well. This is a really good way to make a lot of money.

The best thing about Affilight is that it makes the whole environment safe with the use of a fraud detection tool. Due to this tool, you will always remain safe from any kind of fraud. Affilight is totally focused on providing affiliates with the best revenue possible by using best marketing strategies. They also offer on-time payments as well.

Affilight is a really good platform for the people who want to monetize the traffic on their websites and earn more money. The referral bonus is also a huge plus for Affilight. Overall, it is a really good network that provides smart features.

15. Leadbit – Highest CPL Rates:


If you are looking for a multi-vertical affiliate network then Leadbit should be your top priority. It is a very popular CPL network that has 50 offices all over the world. The best thing about Leadbit is that it offers the highest rates in some of the verticals. They have thousands of team members that help you in making the most revenue.

Leadbit provides offers in verticals like dating, gambling, finance, adult, etc. More than 500 offers are present at Leadbit. They also provide you with different tools that you can use to measure and increase your performance. With the help of real-time analytic reports, you are always aware of your performance.

Their customer support is also highly regarded as well. Overall, Leadbit is providing some of the best rates in the market with a lot of additional features that makes them easy to recommend.


So, with the right CPL network, you can easily make a lot of money. All of the CPL networks that we have mentioned above are some of the best in the market. You can use any of the above networks in order to make a lot of money. These networks are really popular and offer the best CPL rates. If you are a beginner then you will also find it very easy to get along with these networks.

We have also mentioned the best thing about each network so you can easily identify the one that suits your needs. In the end, it is important that you only choose the CPL network that meets your requirements.


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