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17+ Best Crypto Ad Networks in 2022

Do you want to increase your revenue in the form of Cryptocurrency?

Are you looking for highly efficient crypto ad networks?

Do you know little about this platform and want to increase your knowledge regarding this field?

If these or related questions are your concerns, you need not search anymore. Here is a solution for your curies. In this article, we will tell you about the crypto ad networks and their importance, and you will also find a list of the best crypto ad networks here, along with a brief description of them.

What are Crypto Ad Networks? And how are they important?

Crypto ad networks are also ad networks, just like Google AdSense and other networks. The only difference is that this ad network type supports crypto-related projects. The networks approve only those businesses and websites that are blockchain-oriented.

If you have one, try crypto advertising industries. You can run highly efficient ad campaigns by using native ads and banner ads through this type of network.

If you want to attract your desired traffic in masses towards your crypto projects, you should monetize such content with crypto ad networks and use advertising strategies accordingly. In this way, you can achieve maximum benefits.

Best CPC Ad Networks in 2022:

Here is the list of the best ad networks that you can try in 2022 & 2023.

  2. Coin.Network
  3. Push.House
  4. Ad Dragon
  5. Ad Ex Network
  6. Coinverti
  7. Cointraffic
  8. CoinAd
  9. Adshares
  10. A-ADS
  11. CoinZilla
  12. Token Ad
  13. CryptoAdsManager
  14. Propeller Ads
  15. Token Ad
  16. Bitraffic
  17. Varanida


Bitmedia.ioBitMediawas, an Ad Networking company, was established in 2015 and has been popular ever since founded. It was famous because of all the benefits and features it provided to its advertisers and publishers. It came as no wonder that that crypto ad network was racking more than 1 billion impressions each month with more than 20 million unique visitors and advertisers.

This website was currently running more than 20 thousand ad campaigns providing the all-in-one solution to its users. It had an amazing feature of an advanced algorithm used to show the ads to the related users. It supported both CPC and CPM campaigns and gave us quality traffic by connecting us with real people. It was currently dealing with more than 5000 Crypto related websites capable of bringing more than 1 Billion Impressions.

Bitmedia was an AI-based Ad networking company launched in 2015; Bitmedia attracted a whopping 1 billion impressions each month and over 20 million unique visitors. Recently, 5,000 crypto-based websites were running over 20,000 campaigns on Bitmedia.  Bitmedia provided several targeting options to advertisers, such as geo, device, timing, and frequency.

As for advertisement models, they provided both CPM and CPC. As for quality, Bitmedia had strict verification checks to provide only legit impressions to advertisers. First, they verify each seller manually. Next, they had check-ins like third-party traffic control, manual clicks and impression moderation, runtime verification. Thanks to that, all paid traffic, bots, and fraud impressions were removed, and advertisers only pay for quality impressions.

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Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: 0.001 BTC
  • Payment Method: Bitcoin

2. Coin.Network:

Coin.Network is the next ad platform on our list and comes packed with credentials. The network sold its first crypto ad in 2013 and it was the first platform to enable Bitcoin ad payments for Reddit a year later. Coin.Network has an edge over other platforms on our list as it’s owned by BuySellAds, a popular privacy- and context-focused advertising platform that’s been in the ad tech business since 2008.

Coin.Network is unique as it’s a fit for advertisers and publishers alike. Advertisers can run ad crypto ad campaigns and choose which audiences would be exposed to their ads based on geotargeting, industry, and interests. Publishers have control over how crypto ads are placed on their websites. They can choose between Display and Native ads and be assured of the best placements that do not disrupt the UX.

Another selling point is the platform’s extensive network, with over 10 million monthly active users in the native network and 50 million in its display network. It works with over 20 curated crypto partner websites to ensure relevant ad placements and campaign ROI for crypto advertisers.

Brands that publish ads using Coin.Network have their offerings displayed on some of the top crypto platforms, including CoinSpot, Bitcasino, Bitpanda, Upland, OkCoin, and BlockFi. There are some T&Cs, though. Advertisers need a minimum $5k budget to start a self-serve ad campaign, and publishers need to make the cut with a minimum average number of monthly pageviews of 50K pageviews/mo.

Payment Details:

  • Payment Frequency: Net-30 with multiple payout options.
  • Payment Method: USD ($), BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), and LTC (Litecoin). Other cryptos are also accepted upon request.

3. Push.House:

Push House

Are you looking for the best CPC Ad Network? Then we have Push.House for you that will solve all of your problems. It is a Ukrainian-based ad network that will help you monetize the traffic on your website. There are more than 500 million subscribers on this network from 180 different countries of the world. They have a massive network with more than 30 million daily clicks. So, if you join this network, you will definitely see a huge boost in your sales.

The best thing about Push.House is that they are offering the highest  CPC in the market. You can also use the different ad formats present in order to get more revenue  and grow your business. The starting process is really simple and as you only need to sign up and then create an account. There is a simple yet intuitive dashboard present that allows you to manage everything easily.

There is also an affiliate program present as well that you can use to further get a boost in your revenue. This is really great as it encourages more people to get on board and grow their respective businesses. All in all, Push.House is without a doubt one of the best CPC ad networks in the market.

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4. Ad Dragon:

Ad DragonAd Dragon was the relatively new crypto advertising network launched in 2019. It was based on the Ethereum platform and aimed to provide advertisements solutions to businesses focusing entirely on crypto. Ad Dragon has been growing rapidly since its launch, mainly due to its forward-thinking solutions for both advertisers and publishers; as a decentralized platform, Ad Dragon had an array of helpful tools to launch ad campaigns, to track their performance, geotarget, pay, and withdraw their profits.

Its main features are Providing high-quality traffic, and Advertisers can earn 95% of advertising money that is fully decentralized. Advertisers will personalize their Ads. Ad Dragon was launched recently in 2019. So it was a brand new Crypto ad network. It did not deal with the ad exchange but supported online ad marketing. It was completely different from other Crypto Ad networks.

It was the world’s first DeFi advertising platform that had grown to be the world’s top online marketplace for advertising services in a short period.

Payment Details:

  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payment Frequency: Net-30
  • Payment Method: Ethereum

5. Ad Ex Network:

Ad Ex NetworkAd Ex was the amazing digital chain-based advertising network that focused mainly on the problems affecting advertising campaigns’ performance. It helped the publishers solve those problems with the help of significant tools, thus straightening its way of progress. It deals with advertisements, frauds, privacy, consent to receive sponsored texts, etc. It was a larger network, including highly professional publishers.

It has no commission and no fees as it allows 100% monetization of traffic. It was based on Entherum. Gave correct and exact reports. Established in 2017, Ad Ex Network is one of the first decentralized ad networks to introduce transparency to the crypto ad network. They had provided publishers with real-time reporting, thereby ensuring maximum transparency.

Moreover, Ad Ex had over 300 handpicked sellers on its platform. They had filtered out scummy, low-quality, and pay2surf sites. The platform provided the CPM advertisement model and supported DAI stable coin for payments. The efficient part was Ad Ex had no limits on withdrawals and no minimum deposits. To top it off, Ad Ex frequently ran cash-back programs.

6. Coinverti:

CoinvertiLike many advertising networks, Coinverti operated through two popular ad formats: CPM and CPC. The Belgium-based company targeted all types of crypto platforms to advertise or make money through display ads. Coinverti was an affordable network that lets us advertise on crypto sites with a budget starting at 0.001BTC.

We could withdraw our money through Bitcoin or Ethereum at our convenience for publishers. Its main features are it accepts Sites Ranked below 200,000 on Alexa, targeted Sites Hosted on Paid Platforms, Average CTR range between 0.20% and 0.25%, Detailed Reports, Customized Advertisements.

Established in 2017, Coinverti was a Belgium-based crypto ad network. Coinverti provided quality crypto advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers, and its offers include banner ads, native ads, in-feed ads, and pop-under crypto advertising. As for quality, Coinverti had implemented an anti-fraud mechanism to identify bot and spam traffic.

Further, it only accepted self-hosted crypto and blockchain-related websites. Moreover, Coinverti provided real-time performances metric to seek a close eye on our ad reach. Plus, we could also request personal account managers and ad assistance.

7. Cointraffic:

CointrafficCointraffic can play an important role in cases of both cryptos and fiat, which can suit everyone’s requirements based on the accounting front. Here the advertisers are usually able to pay€500minimumdepositwith a minimum per day budget of €20, which also expresses that in the case of any website owning a person can be sure that all the ads are rolling in as well as the advertisers are also serious about their products.

Cointraffic has almost a weak geo-restriction in place. Unfortunately, we can also take in the sense of Bitcoin advertisements that can usually show up on your website and cannot be co-related without readers. This might lead in the sense of any negative experience for the sake of readers, but in the sense in which they can offer a CPM plan, a client will still get paid. The webmaster’s payout can be taken as strictly dependent on the availability or presence of a CPM floor.

8. CoinAd:

CoinAdCoinAd might be taken as an amazing and well-known advertising network for bloggers; we can take its usage straightforward. Publishers are also able to welcome based on an invite. This is also able to support an attractive and amazing quality; high-paying publishers might be able to lead in the sense of leading and the most reliable ROI for publishers.

According to ranking site Alexa, CoinAd can generate more than 100,000 per day impressions. If we figure out the exact ratio, this traffic can also come from under 200 websites. We can say that CoinAd is all about connecting trending crypto websites with the sense of established advertisers. CoinAd has many benefits and key features such as 100,000+ daily Impressions, multiple Ad formats, Self-service for the sake of advertisers.

They might be able to give affordable Ad campaigns; it is also suitable for Elite Publishers and Advertisers. Here, a client also has the authority to control the targeting audience by configuring different filters based on GEO, time, and various display devices.

9. Adshares:

AdsharesAdshares is an important and well-known ads network, only starts with a very simple and small scale but has a lot of experience and specialized in the bases of block chain’s experiment or solution. The Adshares can also base on the blockchain in the sense of an advertising network; this network can allow some direct deals to publishers and advertisers.

It can also give an awesome platform for the sake of different publishers, and it has clear instructions that advertisers have directly linked out with the clients without interruption of any third party. Adshares might have some clear offers like low-cost and censorship-free advertising for the sake of users. Adshares can also safe various ADS blockchain, which also has the capability in the sense of processing over 1 million transfers per second, which also have the quality to make it possible for the sake of serving the international advertising market. An important or amazing thing about Adshares Ads is that it only might work in the sense of any user activation of Ad-blocker.

10. CoinZilla:

CoinZillaWith over 1 billion impressions per month, over 650 crypto websites, the CoinZilla advertising network managed to offer worldwide exposure for emerging and consolidated cryptocurrency projects. From classic display ads to native ads and sponsored articles, Coinzilla offered access to various advertising options that boosted the crypto market’s growth.

Its main features are over 1B impressions per month, 1.8M Clicks per month, Over 650 partner crypto websites, Efficient account managers that help us set up our campaigns, Banner design supported on-demand, and a lot of custom deal advertising options that we would find anywhere else.

CoinZilla has been around since 2016. Hands down, it was one of the most famous Bitcoin ad networks. CoinZilla offered native, CPC, CPM, pop-ups, and other crypto advertising methods. The platform only supported quality sellers. To get registered with CoinZilla, the seller’s website may be at least 3 months old, have fast loading speeds, and be user-friendly.

Decent for payments, CoinZilla supported Bitcoin, Ethereum, bank transfer, credit card, and Webmoney. The minimum payout was 0.001 BTC, and the transaction fee was 0.0001 BTC. The best part was withdrawals were processed daily and incurred minimum fees. Considering deposits, we will deposit as low as 100 EUR, and If we manage to get our friends to sign up with CoinZilla and they deposit at least 500 EUR, we would get 50 EUR as a referral reward.

Payment Details:

  • Payment Method: Credit card, BTC, ETH, and Web money

11. A-ADS:

A-ADSA-ADS is known as one of the first crypto advertising networks in the market. It was mainly started in 2011 and can maintain an awesome business reputation. In the present time, these ads, which are known as, are extremely famous. A customer might be able to look in some open and clear statistics that they can gain around 80 million impressions daily if we view their core and central proficiency, which can take as crypto traffic and advertising of crypto-type projects.

If a client can be involved in the sense of crypto-gambling, exchange, and ICO of any sort, then a customer can probably select A-ADS.  We can also take this network most reliable and convenient for advertisers. Here in this platform, campaign creation is quite easy and simple, as well as the overall approval process is fast and furious. There are many options to adjust campaigns for the sake of desired performance. A client might be able to use geotargeting.

12. Token Ad:

Ad TokenWe can also take Token Ad as one of the perfect and amazing Crypto Ad networks for the sake of Publishers sponsored or powered by the RTB advertising industry, which can focus on completely promoting Crypto Network Ads and products. It is also able to help the publishers and advertisers in the sense of monetizing their marketing platforms, content, websites, blogs, crypto currency exchanges, ICO rankings, and so on.

It can also support different ad formats, banner ads, and standard and native banners, which are usually designed to promote your website. It is very simple and easy in its usage and only allows Crypto ad content to display or show how on the website.

Token Ads have a unique quality to only deal directly with advertisers and publishers from all over the globe, and these can tend to boost up certain GEOs in a sense from time to time. Their maximum traffic can come from Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, Mexico, and many more, etc.

13. CryptoAdsManager:

CryptoAdManagerAn efficient Crypto Ad network provided a new way for publishers and advertisers to advertise in their blockchains, Cryptocurrency, and FinTech projects. It is considered one of the top-class ad networks in the case of Cryptocurrency in the marketplace nowadays.

It had an ideal set of data that mainly focused on the important parts of FinTech and Crypto audience and the progressive way of websites. It had the powerful excess to bypass Facebook and googled bans and reached the wide traffic of the audience. CryptoAdsManager had got the name because of its specialized features that it possessed integrated targeted and remarkable mechanisms that proved very helpful for the publishers for monitoring the website.

You can get significant revenue while using this network as their main focus is customer progress and satisfaction. It has a most easier and efficient method of payment. It is easy to use; no high deposit is required for joining that network, and the method is via PayPal, bank deposit, or cheque. This is widely used due to its unique features.

14. Propeller Ads:

PropellerAdsPropellerads is one of the leading names in advertising networks, a significantly large number of advertisers and publishers trust this company. The company was founded in 2011 and has gained a big name in the advertising industry. It has specifically designed to resolve advertisers’ and publishers’ problems related to Crypto Ad sites.

It had a large network of publishers that provided real traffic from multiple sites and devices. It had the power of delivering more than 1 billion impressions in a day and thousands of campaigns monthly; the PropellerAds network supported various advertising formats such as Pop-under ads, native ads, push notifications ads, and Native Interstitial ads.

The main traffic resources were the following countries from where we could get the strongest GEOs were; USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, and the Philippines. Its payment methods are very clear and efficient. The minimum amount to deposit was $100, which was very little to start work with the magnificent network. Real-Time Bidding was available for both cell phones and computers. It had CPM, CPC, and Smart CPA available as payment models.

15. Token Ad:

Token Ad is one of the top class and highly efficient Crypto Ad networks for Publishers powered by the RTB advertising industry, which focused mainly on promoting Crypto Network Ads and products. As this network offers outcomes in Cryptocurrency, you should consider this one whenever you start looking for such an ad network.

The publishers and advertisers have supported it in monetizing their marketing platforms and websites, blogs, cryptocurrency exchange, and ICO rankings. It has also supported several ad formats, banner ads, standard and native banners designed to promote various websites. It was very easy to use and allowed only Crypto ad content to display on the website.

Token Ads deals directly with advertisers and publishers worldwide and often tends to boost up certain GEOs from time to time. Their majority traffic came from Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, and Mexico. The amount we pay for traffic depends on our targeted settings, specifically the GEOs we pick instantly. The minimum deposit to join the Token Ads network was $10,000 and Accepted payments in Cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. It supports 25 different languages to look for your preferred language.

16. BitraffiC:

BitrafficBitraffiC is, launched in November 2017, is one of the largest and leading Crypto Ad networks working with over 2700 websites as it is not an old network, so that you can expect advanced tools, features, techniques, and services. On the other hand, you can see it is also not just launched network but has a pretty good experience of advertising industry so that you can trust their experience in the field.

It has been very helpful in promoting trading, purchasing, ICO Tokens, DApps, Casino games, Investing Platforms, Mining Operations, Crypto Faucets, and many more. So if you are searching for help in any of the mentioned areas, you can give this network a try. We are hopeful that you will find it valuable. It has an anti-bot system and guarantees several impressions per day.

The payment method for this ad network is very simple and easy. As its payment model is Pay-Per-Click, supported multiple forms of payment; Payments will be made through BTC, LTC, ETH, and 27 other cryptocurrencies.

17. Varanida:

VaranidaFrance-based Varanida aimed at improving how advertising worked on the internet. It has replaced the current system with the highest value for all parties. So, by using blockchain technology, Varanida seeks to be the neutral, low-commission party that gives objective statistics about the integrity of clicks, views, and other metrics that define the efficiency of advertising campaigns. Varanida also pays users who voluntarily view ads. They might derive more reliable, trustworthy metrics and ensure users know how their actions were tracked and used.

While working with Varanida, you will catch maximum commissions because they keep even less than 1% commissions from the outcome. So this network acts as a neutral actor in advertising your products and services in the marketplace. As an advertiser or publisher, you can build verified ad protocol at the top of advertising networks. The anti-fraud system of this network is highly efficient. It operates via blockchain and enables transparent reporting in case of any inconvenience.


Cryptocurrency and marketing related to it are becoming increasingly popular these days; if you own a business, you should keep a keen eye on changing economic conditions worldwide. If you already know the importance of Cryptocurrency and want to earn more, you should try crypto ads networking. We have provided a list of such ads networks in this underlined article so that you can choose one or more according to your requirements.


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