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15+ Best CPI Networks For Affiliates in 2022

One of the most important things in any type of business is the marketing. Even if you have the best products in the market, with poor marketing, you won’t see any growth. It is necessary that your brand or app reaches to the masses. When you take a look at Google Play Store and App Store, you will know that the competition is very tough nowadays.

It is necessary to standout from the rest of the market. This is where CPI networks come in. You can easily target a specific demographic for your website/mobile app so that you can increase your user base. So, today we are going to take a look at some of the best CPI networks of 2022.

What is CPI Network?

CPI is abbreviated as Cost Per Install. It is a marketing tool that allow you to get high quality traffic to promote a website or a product. If you are looking for way to earn more money and grow your business then this is one of the best ways to do it. With the help of a CPI network, you can create ad campaigns targeted towards your desired audience. This type of network is best if you want to increase your monthly active users.

Mobile App marketers use CPI the most. The best thing about a CPI network is that it guides you in the right direction and provides you with high quality traffic. Therefore, if you are using a CPI network, you will be able to measure your actual ROI.

Why Use a CPI Network?

The benefits of a using a CPI network are twofold:

For Advertisers

As an advertiser, you can use a CPI network in order to make ad campaigns that are unique and can help in driving more traffic to your applications as well as websites. A CPI network ensures high quality of the content so that more people can be attracted and develop more interest in them so that they buy the product or use the application.

So, if you are looking to produce more revenue then a CPI network can help you do that by providing you with more active users. Another advantage of using a CPI network is that it helps with your app store ranking as more people start to download your applications.

For Publishers

As a publisher, you can earn a lot of money with a CPI network due to impressions. This is because of the integration of CPI networks with CPC and CPM. If there are higher number of impressions then you will also make more money as a result. Another option is to charge money for clicks. So, in this case, you will get the maximum income if there are more clicks. If you want to get more traffic to your products then one of the best things is to use Social Media platforms for marketing. You will definitely get a lot more users from different social media platforms.

Best CPI Networks of 2022:

Here is the list of the best CPI Networks of 2022 & 2023:

  1. Top Offers – Best CPI Offers
  2. Lemonads – Great Offers for Affiliates
  3. NativeX – Genuine User Growth
  4. Adsterra – Cost Effective Campaigns
  5. – Dedicated Manager
  6. MyLead – Best Monetization Methods
  7. TapJoy – Best for Mobile App Advertisers
  8. AppNext – Great Platform Integration
  9. Digital Turbine – High Performing Solutions
  10. MobVista – Best Mobile Ad Services
  11. Appbrain – Great Analysis Algorithm
  12. PropellerAds – Best Ad Performance
  13. LeadBolt – High Quality Traffic
  14. Fiksu – Best for Mobile Apps Advertising
  15. AppLift –

1. Top Offers – Best CPI Offers:


If you are looking for the best CPI offers then Top Offers is without a doubt one of the best in the market. They offer more than 2000 offers. They also provide traffic that is from all over the world. Some of the most popular verticals provided by Top Offers are gaming, dating, gambling and betting, etc. If you are a new affiliate working with Top Offers then once you reach $10,000 revenue, you will get a $1000 bonus as well. But this bonus is only limited to dating vertical.

Top Offers have their own in-house solutions and one of them shows the best converting offers of the current week. Due to collaborations with the world’s biggest brands, Top Offers provides the best quality CPI offers to clients. If you are looking for International offers then this is the best network for that specific reason.

They have a really good traffic system optimized for every platform. So, if you are in the market and looking for a CPI network to help you grow your business then Top Offers is one of the best.


Min. Payment: $500 & $3000 (Wire)

Frequency: Weekly/Net-30

2. Lemonads – Great Offers for Affiliates:


This is another great choice for a CPI network with the best offers. If high quality traffic is what you are looking for then Lemonads is going to suit you well. Lemonads operates around the world and they also deal with merchants as well as international clients. There are more than 200 countries included in their working span. They make sure to provide the best quality traffic without using any bots.

They have an amazing interface which is simple and intuitive. The sign-up process is also simple which is good to see. If you are looking for a CPI network with high payouts then Lemonads is the one for you with its international offers. They use their own platform and there is no third party involved. If you want to track your progress then you get really good solutions from Lemonads. Another great thing about Lemonads is their customer support which is just mind blowing. Overall, it is an amazing network with really good CPI offers.

3. NativeX – Genuine User Growth:

NativeX was founded in 2000 and is a part of MobVista which is one of the best CPI networks. It provides different monetization format to its clients for their apps or websites. It is done through reward as well as non-reward ad formats. NativeX also provides in-house promotion as well. You also get playable videos in a single SDK.

If you are looking to optimize your ads in the best possibly way then NativeX is one of the best. They have a predictive learning in place as well machine learning which provide the best ad placement so that you can get more users. You can easily get real users with NativeX and thus boost the performance of your applications. In the online world, it is necessary to only use genuine users for growth and that is exactly what NativeX provides.

Another advantage of using NativeX is that they also promote your campaigns as well which in turn helps you increase your ROI. If you are looking to produce the best results then you should use NativeX.

4. Adsterra – Cost Effective Campaigns:


If you are looking for ad network that provides growth using real users then Adsterra is one of the better choices in the market. There are a lot of ad networks that use bots to improve the traffic but most of them are just fake. This isn’t the case with Adsterra as all of their traffic is real and genuine. You get the best growth using Adsterra’s network.

They also have a system in place that checks for any fraudulent/unwanted traffic. Adsterra removes any possibility for fake traffic so you don’t need to be worried. One big benefit of Adsterra is that their campaigns are also very cost effective when you compare them with other ad networks. Their ad campaigns are suitable for both desktop as well as mobile. Adsterra makes it really easy to get a lot of impressions.

Adsterra provides high quality and genuine traffic to its clients. Their ads are high converting and cost effective as well. So, if you are looking for a great CPI network, then Adsterra is an amazing choice.

5. – Dedicated Manager:

If you are looking for competitive rates then offers some of the best in the market. It is a leading CPI network that strives to bring the best services to their clients. The best thing about which sets them apart from others is that you can set individual conditions based on your needs. Their payout system is also really impressive as you get daily payouts. is equally great for advertisers as well. You get a lot of benefits when working with this CPI network. Another huge benefit of using’s network is that they are transparent in their dealings. One of the best things is that you get a personal manager as well which is available for consultation at every time.

They also offer a CRM system completely free of cost. If you struggle in finding the right landing pages then also helps you in that regard. If you are looking for a network that brings high quality traffic without any bots then is a good choice.


Min. Payment: $50

Frequency: Daily

6. MyLead – Best Monetization Methods:


If you want a CPI network that pays good commission then MyLead is one of the best. It is a leading affiliate network that has been working since 2014. MyLead has helped a lot of publishers as well as affiliates to earn a lot of money right through their homes. It is a really versatile platform as they help along the way. It is also suitable for both professionals as well as beginners.

The best thing about MyLead is that it provides a learning experience to all of its clients which you don’t see with other CPI networks. There are more than 1000 programs offered by MyLead. You also get all of the different monetization methods like CPA, CPL, PPI, SMS, etc.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an advertiser or a publisher as MyLead will make sure to help you in every step of the way. If you are looking for the best affiliate programs then you can definitely go with MyLead.

7. TapJoy – Best for Mobile App Advertisers:


If you are looking for a company with a broad reach then TapJoy should be your best bet. This company was launched back in 2007 which makes it one of the oldest and most experienced CPI networks. They have a lot of branches spread across different countries. TapJoy is really great for getting more engagements through mobile apps.

Their services aren’t just limited to engagement but also offer monetization services to web developers. The best thing about TapJoy is that they have more than 15000 mobile apps with an active user base of more than 520 million. This is a pretty large network; thus, you can easily get a lot of engagements. This can be a dream for you if you are a advertiser or a mobile app developer.

TapJoy has worked with about 500 of the biggest brands in the world and also professional web developers. If you are a mobile app advertiser then TapJoy is the best thing for you.

8. AppNext – Great Platform Integration:


AppNext is a London based company founded in 2010. If you are looking for a network for mobile app video advertising, then AppNext is the one of the best networks for you. The best thing about AppNext is that it offers full integration with developers, OEMs, mobile operators and publishers. With the help of these integrations, they help generate the best results for newly launched applications.

Over the years, AppNext has successfully garnered a huge following with more than 60,000 developers and 650 million users. If you are looking for a marketplace that can directly link you with publishers and advertisers then AppNext is the best. They help you in every step so that only the best performance can be achieved.

The thing that we’ve noticed about AppNext is that they value the efforts that you make. So, if you are looking for a network that utilizes your effort in the best possible way, AppNext is the one.

9. Digital Turbine – High Performing Solutions:

Digital Turbine

If you are looking for a lot of different solutions, products and services for mobile app developers then you will like Digital Turbine. This company started in 2011 and provides the best services related to mobile apps. All of their solutions are very high performing and they work with publishers, mobile operators, advertisers in order to create the best ecosystem possible.

The OEMs and mobile operators help in promoting the products in the right marketplaces and through white-label billing. The best thing about Digital Turbine is that their focus in more on providing results. As of now, they have successfully worked with a lot of popular advertisers and delivered more than 150 million app installs.

They have a really good monetization process which is equally good for publishers and advertisers. You can easily get quality traffic on your app using Digital Turbine. Overall, it is one of the best networks for mobile apps.

10- MobVista:


If you are on the search for the best mobile ad services then MobVista is the best. This company launched in 2013. The best thing about MobVista is that it will help you in getting more audience on a real-time basis. With more audience, you will get a lot more engagements and eventually more app installs.

MobVista is a pretty big company and consists of about 1000 developers and advertisers. All of these developers and publishers are world class and excel in attracting more customers from all over the globe. They achieve this through ASO tools and performance-based ads. If you want native ad formatting, then MobVista contains really good technology.

As of now, MobVista has helped like 500 developers from around the world with their growth and ad revenue. If you are looking for a platform for mobile ad services then MobVista is one of the best to choose from.

11. AppBrain – Great Analysis Algorithm:


If you are looking for the best non-incentive ads and more installments to ad campaigns then AppBrain is the best for you. It is a world leading platform that was founded in 2009. The best thing about AppBrain is that it offers analysis algorithm that provides you with real-time progress as well as performance.

Appbrain provides you with all of the information that will help you along the way. You can easily check the audience number as well as the installments, reports and income. If you want to promote your business in the market then Appbrain is the best platform for that. You can use them to display non-incentive ads on your campaigns which will allow you to drive more installments.

A great thing of AppBrain is that it is really easy to use and promotes your business without much effort. Overall, AppBrain is a great platform for driving high quality traffic to your campaigns.

12. PropellerAds – Best Ad Performance:


PropellerAds is one of the largest ad networks which started working in 2011 and is based in Cyprus. It is a really good platform for advertisements as it already has a really big network of active users. They already have more than 1000 active users on both desktop and mobile platforms. PropellerAds also has a lot of publishing partners as well which help in getting more audience and maximizing the revenue.

They use the latest technology so that they can provide the best results to their clients. The advertising solutions provided by PropellerAds are amazing as they help to improve the performance of your ads in quicky and relatively easy way. They use very optimized methods for advertising that allows you to get the most revenue.

In short, if you are searching for ad platform that can provide you with the best revenue and results quickly then PropellerAds is definitely one of the best in the market.

13. LeadBolt – High Quality Traffic:


LeadBolt started in 2010 in Sydney. It is also a mobile advertising platform that is best for driving high quality traffic and monetization. If you are looking for maximum performance then LeadBolt is going to suit you well. It also contains an in-built analysis algorithm that helps in getting the best quality traffic. There are no bots involved so you won’t get any fake traffic with LeadBolt.

It has become quite hard to find a platform that brings high quality traffic with the increase in bots. There are a lot scam companies present which use bots to deliver fake traffic. But LeadBolt is safe from this and only provide the most converting traffic. With a high-quality traffic, you will see a massive increase in the ROI.

LeadBolt offer amazing solutions as well as offers to mobile app developers, advertisers. If you are looking for a platform that can help you in quick growth then LeadBolt is the best.

14. Fiksu – Best for Mobile Apps Advertising:


If you want access to high quality traffic on mobile then Fiksu is the platform that you should use. Fiksu only target those people who invest a lot of time in mobile applications. This allows them to instantly attract a lot of people to an application. The best thing about Fiksu is that it isn’t a new company and has more than a decade of experience.

Fiksu is very well regarded in the market due to their amazing solutions. They have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and have run more than 500 campaigns. Some of their collaborations are with companies like Disney, Amazon, etc.

So, if you are looking for a platform that can help you in driving real traffic to mobile applications then Fiksu is an easy recommendation from us.

15. AppLift:


AppLift is a Berlin based company that started in 2012. This platform allows mobile app advertisers to control each aspect of the marketing process. It is one of the best mobile ad companies in the market. The best thing about AppLift is their DataLift 360 technology. With this tech, they are able to launch and promote apps and attract more users.

If you have a new app and want to ensure the best launch with a lot of users then it is best to use AppLift. They don’t limit you in any way and you always have full access over the campaigns. There is a targeting feature present as well which allows you to target only a specific user-base.

So, with AppLift, you get amazing management capabilities and control over your campaigns. Overall, it is a really great choice for a mobile ad company.


So, with the right type of CPI network, you can massively increase your business and the ROI. The competition in the market is higher than ever as every platform is providing really competitive services. It can be quite hard to choose a single platform but we have also mentioned the best quality of every company so that you can easily know the best thing about them.

But you should know that these are some of the best CPI networks in the market and you will be absolutely fine with any of them. In the end, it depends upon your personal preference and the features that you want from a CPI network.


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