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Meet Ammad Ali – CEO & Founder RankingGrow LLC

Ammad Ali – Young Entrepreneur from Pakistan

Self-employment and Entrepreneurship are making rounds over the past decade. In this age of the internet and technology, people are now more confident in establishing their own business and passionate enough to share their ideas and hit the road to success. Young entrepreneurs face various challenges that sometimes push them beyond their potential to bear. Today, I would like you to introduce with one such passionate and young entrepreneur Ammad Ali from Haripur, Pakistan.

Ammad Ali is a Google Certified Digital Marketing Expert from Haripur and CEO of RankingGrow LLC. RankingGrow is the #1 Digital Marketing Agency in Haripur. He is also the CEO and Founder of iGency – A leading Real estate marketing agency in Pakistan. Belonging from this small yet beautiful city of Pakistan, he managed to be one of the top-rated Freelancers.

A dropout by choice, but never did he stop his learning curve. While studying in school, as a 14-year-old-kid, Ammad Ali was creative and overall confident about his interests. Looking for innovative solutions and thinking outside the box was not novel at his house, so at the age of 20, Ammad started to struggle for his career. He remembered that Alec Baldwin once said, “Success beget Success,” and started a job in a call center in Rawalpindi, where he learned to administer incoming products, services support, and information inquiries from consumers.

Despite his job in a call center, he never relied on this completely because he knew that if he wanted to be an entrepreneur venturing through a new idea and wanted to make it big, it is important to keep those who’ve been on a similar journey before him as a reminder. He believed and made himself aware that no one before him made it big, and he has to go through a rough patch right now if he wants to be a successful person.

Shortly, he left the job and came back to Haripur. He established a small office in the heart of Haripur named RankingGrow, a leading digital marketing organization from PR and communications to demand generation to e-commerce, social media, mobile experience, and a suite of digital concierge properties. From this, he learned how to integrate digital marketing with more traditional marketing all over the globe – efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

Today, Ammad Ali is an entrepreneur, a Google Certified Digital Marketing expert, a Top Rated freelancer, a blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and SEO expert. He has the privilege of leading all his digital efforts across the globe with an emphasis on brand reach, perception, and engagement. He is diving into the brave new world of global content marketing innovation and a host of other exciting things. He has 10 years of client Digital Marketing experience and has helped different national and international corporations to use the web to drive online visibility and generate leads. He had even started, developed, and sold a social network before social networking was a general term.

Ammad Ali developed his business to its full extent as he aimed to be the industry’s premier service provider and focused on delivering the maximum to their clients. His vision includes deep expertise and a profound understanding of client’s business domain areas and requirements to create a tailored-fit solution for their individual business needs.

It helps clients create meaningful relationships with their audience and build better brands through connected digital experiences. He is also known for his disciplined approach toward providing the highest value of satisfaction to every customer he works with.

Ammad Ali

Finally, Ammad Ali describes himself as a chief evangelist and focuses his talents on creating value for customers through content development, customer success programs, social strategy, thought leadership, and more. If you want to be like Ammad, you have to believe in yourself and be persistent in your passion!

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