ASL Preservation Solutions Review – Is It The Best BPO In 2021?

ASLPreservationsolutions Review:

You might be looking for a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to handle your essential business tasks. Nowadays, people or organizations tend to contract a specific work process to external service providers instead of doing it themselves for the sake of wasting the opportunity or time. In this scenario, BPO or Business Process Outsourcing comes into consideration. The only problem that now remains is choosing the right BPO. There are various service providers in the market, but in our own experience, only a few of them tend to give you the promised results. Here, we will review a BPO that provides outstanding services to the clients, comes with full customer satisfaction, and listens to your needs while building a long-term relationship.

Yes, we are talking about the ASLpreservationsolutions or ASL BPO, which provides you with exceptional services under a hood like Property Preservation, SEO Services, Virtual Assistance, Data entry Services, Real-Estate Outsource, and so on. In this Review, we will discuss the ASL BPO, discuss their services along with features, pricing and finish the article with some conclusive sentences.

What is ASLpreservationsolutions?

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ASLpersavationsolutions is a BPO specializing in various services like SEO, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Bookkeeping, Voice Services, Advertising, and much more. The company was founded in 2014 with various aims to provide businesses with Outsourcing solutions and Back-end services in a much cost-efficient way. This will, in return, reduce the overhead costs, save time and increase the efficiency of the business.

Back Story:

The headquarters of ASL BPO are present in Bangladesh, and the popularity of this BPO exceeds the other firms in the country, giving competition to the top BPO firms. In Bangladesh, ASL BPO works in other countries like China, the USA, Canada, and Europe, satisfied customers. At first, the ASL BPO was founded by Ayesha Siddika and Zayed Uddin Ahmed while being called Ayesha Services.

At the startup, only 4 employees were working there in a small office with fever services. In 2015 the proper services were provided in a separate office, where it was rebranded as ASL BPO. With more advancement and popularity, it was shifted to a large platform with a large office, where many employees worked in 2018.


There are various services provided by the ASL BPO or ASLpersavationsolutions like Digital Marketing, Customer Care, Read-Estate Outsourcing, and much more.

1- Customer Care Support:

A professional Support team that listens to clients’ needs and then focuses on their demands as well. Scale-up and down the dramatic shifts for better in-house customer support.

As a Businessman, the customers will judge your brand through initial experience, which is, in most cases, the customer care service. Having good customer care support can improve the image of the brand and can get you more positive and long working customers. The agents in ASL BRO are professional, understanding, and friendly. First, they will listen to what the customers are saying, then look for the problem and solve it.


  • Customer satisfaction with more than 95% CSAT
  • 24/7 Support in the whole year
  • Firm communication shill with fluent English communication
  • Better Brand Loyalty that helps to increase your brand reputation
  • Flexible and Scalable dramatic demand changes
  • Omni Channel Support works for email, social media, mobile app, and live chat as well.


For Customer Care, you have to contact the BPO and get a quote according to requirements.

2- Virtual Assistance:

Virtual Assistants are usually expensive to hire, but in ASL BPO, you get affordable prices, and they will also save your time. You might wonder why should we even hire ASL BPO Virtual Assistance? ASL BPO Virtual Assistance is the highest rated in Clutch. Co, having a mix of skills and understanding capabilities at a lower price. It is part of ASL BPO’s VA to ensure the customers are satisfied and give you many highly-trained candidates to best match your services.


  • Manage the Social Media Business Accounts
  • VA will handle the daily tasks and also the duties of Admin
  • Phone, Chat Support, and Email support as well
  • Search the web for Business Opportunities
  • Can do accounting and manage your Book Keeping
  • Day Executives Personal Assistant
  • Work of Writing, Formatting, and Editing for you
  • Can do Sales and Marketing, will do email outreach, outbound calls, and lead generation.


  • Per-Time Assistant; it costs around 575 dollars per month. There are four hours each day for six days a week.
  • Full-Time Assistant; it starts at around 6 dollars per hour. It is nine hours each day for six hours each day but can extend further.
  • Full-Time Assistant custom; is a custom plan meaning you can ask for a quote according to your own needs.

3- Data Entry and Outsourcing Solutions:

When it comes to Outsourcing Data Entry Services, ASL BPO is the top provider in Bangladesh. You might have trouble organizing receipts and bills, entering records, and cataloging products as a business owner. The ASL BPO is an offshore experienced data entry company with 99 percent accuracy on its work and trained employees. This will reduce the cost of Business by 30 to 40 percent.

Sometimes the data is confidential and requires safe handling. For these tasks, the ASL BPO follows the Security Law passed by the Government that is based on the international standards of ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002/. Furthermore, the workstations provided by ASL BPO have disabled CD-ROMS and USB Ports for the sake of data security. Lastly, CC-Cameras and environment monitoring equipment have been installed for further safety measures.


  • Strict Quality Control and management to the utmost accuracy
  • Cost reduction guarantee of between 30 to 40 percent and even more
  • Data entry employees are skilled personnel and highly trained
  • 24/7 working environment, always available when you need data entry.
  • Process large volumes of data in timely manners
  • Follows the Data Security Laws provided by the GoBISM manual.


  • The Hourly rate is starting at around 4 dollars/ hour. You can pay this amount at a fixed monthly full-time equivalent. It can further increase depending on the needs of the client.
  • Full-time Equivalent Rate starts as low as 959 dollars/ month. The part-time is around 500 per month for the virtual assistant.
  • Rates per entry are different for projects. Excel data entry starts at 0.20 dollars per row, but the full price depends on the need. Image, document upload, and download costs around 0.10 dollars per document. Image data entry which is edited in photoshop, costs around 0.50 dollars per image. Finally, Data Inputting on forms is around 0.50 dollars perform. These prices are depending on the work, and the average or base is given as an example.

4- Real Estate Outsourcing:

The real estate firms and agents have to go through a lot of work to manage their data or enter it appropriately. In their data, there is a listing of property, valuation details. Market analysis reports, legal files, and much more. In this work, you have many back-end operations, such as calling the interested customers, creating CMA’s and BPO’s for property evaluations, and maintaining the databases.

ASL BPO gives the clients incredible Real Estate Outsourcing services to the clients. The whole package includes Virtual Assistants to help with underwriting, phone support, buyers and potential customers, and much more.


  • Social Media and Online Marketing include posting property listings on Facebook, social media and posting details on the website.
  • Organize and maintain the relationship of customer management through the tool.
  • A large database of properties, prospects, and clients is managed through Virtual Assistance.
  • Outbound communication and active outreach provided by ASL BPO can generate clients.
  • VA coordination with lender and title company at the time of contract signing.
  • Schedule showing with buyers and VA can work as a coordinator for clients while managing the calendar schedules.
  • Scheduling Contractors when property needs repairing, cleaning, and professional photos for marketing.
  • At the time of property review, the VA provides database management and data entry work.
  • Photo editing services to the real estate business include retouching, blending, color correction, and enhancing real estate photos.
  • BPO/CMA full support to the Real-state companies in case of corporate market analysis on prospective properties.


For the price of Real Estate Outsourcing, you have to contact ASL BPO and get a Quote.

5- SEO:

Either a small or large company, ASL BPO provides exceptional SEO Services to them. These services are transparent, with professional reports and analysis. The SEO Process mainly focuses on the ranking based on Long Tailed Keywords. These keywords have a higher rate of conversions and can build better backlinks through good referrals and blogging.


  • Keyword Research in which professionals work on the potential keywords that have higher conversion and less competition. That is effortless to rank.
  • Back Link Research searches on the competitor’s backlinks and places through which the site can get backlinks.
  • On-Site SEO in which the site works on the site optimization that it requires.
  • Internal Linking to enhance the SEO further.
  • Content SEO in which the written content is based on high conversion rate keywords.
  • Link Building Campaign in which your work gets kinks from well-reputed websites.


There are 4 plans in ASL BPO ranging from the Basic to Enterprise.

  • Basic; this plan is for two months, and it costs around 1,100 dollars per month
  • Standard; this plan starts at around 1800 dollars per month
  • Intensive; this plan starts at around 2500 dollars per month
  • Enterprise; this is the custom plan, and everything should be set according to your requirements. You have to ask for a quote!

6- Digital Marketing:

In Digital Marketing, ASL BPO does three things;

Search Engine Marketing:

In this marketing, the ASL BPO analyzes the target market to make a custom strategy from scratch based on the Bing Ad Campaigns and Google AdWords. Ads are optimized through A/B Testing and monitoring. Here, the ROI is the main focus of the campaign.


  • Custom Landing Pages
  • A/B Test Optimizations
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Cost per Acquisition Tracking

Social Media Marketing:

ASL takes time to analyze the audience and then take reports of the time spent online. Then through the content creating and campaigns, ASL builds an audience.


  • Email List Buildup
  • Analysis and Report of all the statistics
  • Testing to increase the engagement
  • Social Media Re-Targeting

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is done along with Social Media Marketing and SEO. The professional editors and writers will create truly unique content and promote it on social media. This will engage the visitors to the website and rank up on the search engines.


You have to contact ASL BPO and get a quote according to your own needs.

7- Property Preservation:

When you need to update the work order or process it, the ASL BPO solutions can help you.

Hire Dedicated Office Assistant:

  • Virtually you can hire a dedicated office assistant who can help you out with your work. The Virtual Assistants for your Property Preservation are at a budget-friendly cost and will manage your calls, emails, office work, and contractors.
  • Call Handling and Email Handing from the clients and also contractors. Assisting in the daily communication while keeping them happy.
  • Accounting and Finance assist you while helping you out in your revenue and expenditure tracking or management. It helps you out in increasing the profit of your business.
  • Contractor management through communication and providing a stable workflow while resolving the issues in the work field.

Building the Business Platform:

  • Online presence is another thing through which you can expand the property preservation business. ASL helps you start a company website and help you outgrow your business online.
  • PPW and Pruvan are one of the best software for Property Preservation companies. To set up an account on both of these and manage them while generating leads, the ASL BPO can help you out.


You have to contact the ASL BPO and show your requirements to get a custom quote.

8- Xactimate Cost Estimation:

If you are looking for a Xactimate writer for Remodeling and Insurance Damage Claims, the ASL BPO can provide you with an outstanding team to estimate. In the case of the insurance claims for damage, the writeup of the Xactimate estimate is the most important part in which they calculate the cost of repairs and restoration. There are two repair estimation tools known as Bluebook and Xactimate used by the property restoration companies, insurance adjusters, and contractors to provide insurance damage repairs.

It is important to find a professional before the write-up who is known about using the tool. To do this yourself takes a lot of time and money. For that reason, ASL BPO provides everything, ranging from the cost of repair estimation and types of insurances.


  • Fire Damage Handling
  • Mold Damage Handling
  • Water Damage Handling
  • HVAC Damage Handling
  • Freeze Damage Handling


For Xactimate pricing, you have to contact the BPO and get a quote according to the requirements.


  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Versatile Services
  • Professional Employees
  • Better Customer Care
  • Exceptional Virtual Assistants


  • None

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for someone to help you out in your business, like customer care, Virtual Assistant, or increasing it through specific means like SEO, then or ASL BPO is the best platform to contact. They have various services like Virtual Assistance in budget pricing with professional workers, SEO services to increase the leads, Property Outsourcing, Customer Care Support to make the customers happy, Xactimate Cost estimation professionals, and other services to help you in your business or projects.


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