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10+ Best Cybersecurity Affiliate Programs in 2022


“Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility and it boils down to this: In cybersecurity, the more systems we secure, the more secure we are all.” (Jeh Jhonson).

Cybersecurity is all about the protection of technology like a smartphone, CCTV cameras, computers, and every latest technology from unknown access or a user. In this era of technology, the internet is the main source for business from which people can buy new things as well as sell so, there is a lot of traffic going on the internet. There are some people who use the internet in the wrong way they use it to spread viruses, hack bank account and damage the internet society.

To overcome this problem Cybersecurity plays an important role in the protection against such types of people who are in such illegal things. As from my point of view, we should have a little bit of knowledge about cybersecurity from this we can be aware of hackers and report them.

Types of Cybersecurity:

There are mainly two types of cybersecurity.

  1. Information security
  2. Network security
  3. Application security

Information security:

Information security’s main work is to give protection to the user’s important data from a hacker. It ensures the security of information and equipment that handles, stores, and transmits that information.

  • User Authentication.
  • Cryptography.

Network security:

Network security works for the safety of networks and data or information shared over the networks. When a network is protected and secured, upcoming threats and viruses get blocked from entering the network.

  • Antivirus
  • VPN (a virtual private network)

Application security:

Application security protects the software applications from being get hacked which mostly occurs at the time of upgrades or at the time of installation.

Importance of Cybersecurity:

There is so much importance of cybersecurity nowadays. With the passage of time hackers are becoming cleverer they always hide their identity if they attack someone. So, catching them is a little bit tricky and a little bit impossible. There comes the need for cybersecurity whole world depends upon technology. People used to save all their data on their computers and laptops. They used to transfer money, data, and a lot of other important things from the internet.

Information leakage can be dangerous for any business. It can unwind an organization’s notoriety through the loss of accomplice trust. The loss of basic information, for example, source documents or protected innovation, can cost an organization its upper hand. Due to this importance of cybersecurity increasing day by day because hackers are trying to attack more and more data just by finding a vulnerability, information, and collecting data.

Purpose of Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity measures ought to consistently be actualized to ensure the information of little and enormous associations and people. Even though noteworthy security breaks are the ones that regularly get plugged, little associations still need to look at their security pose, as they may frequently be under attacks of infections and phishing.

Common Types of Cyber Threats;

There are a lot of cyber threats some of them are;

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing attacks
  • Social engineering

Evolving of Cybersecurity:

Worldwide associations are going to human-driven cybersecurity, another methodology that spots center around changes in client conduct rather than an exponential number of developing dangers. Established on conduct investigation, human-driven cybersecurity gives an understanding into how an end client associates with information and broadens security controls into every one of the frameworks where information lives, regardless of whether not only constrained by the association. At last, this methodology is intended to distinguish social abnormalities to surface and organize the most genuine dangers, lessening examination and risk identification times.

Cybersecurity and its affiliate programs:

What is an affiliated program?

An affiliate program” is a relationship where a dealer pays you for joins from your site to his site. For the most part, the associate is paid just when a genuine deal is made by the vendor because of your connection.

It’s like that if someone buys anything from the link that you provided to the buyer whenever he buys anything the company will pay you 10% or 20% from that deal.

Cybersecurity and affiliated programs;

There are a lot of cybersecurity companies that offer affiliate programs some pay a lot of money if someone joins that company by your referral then that company will a good amount of money to you.

Best Cybersecurity Affiliate Programs in 2022:

Here is the list of 10+ best Cybersecurity Affiliate Programs in 2022 & 2023:

  1. Brick House Security
  2. Perimeter81
  3. Avangate
  4. Heimdall
  5. Trend Micro
  6. Astra Web Security
  7. Panda
  8. IT Governance
  9. ESET
  10. Avast

1- Brick House Security:

Brick House Security


Brick House Security was established by Todd Morris in 2005, as the need of people and market need, he saw for a developed organization selling home security and observation items, including PC security items, GPS beacons, and shrouded cameras. Brick House Security was propelled as an online affiliate with only two things available to be purchased.

Later in 2015 Brickhouse security gets GPS manufacturer Securus which is very well known for old ones and children and as well as for pets. Names of this software are eZoom, Ecare, and SportsLine GPS tracking devices. Brickhouse Security is a security company that sells all kinds of tracking devices, hidden cameras as well as video cameras.

If someone has got an online website, then he will be able to be part of this affiliate program of brick house security. Whenever I refer my friends, family, or any other relative from this website then I can earn forty-five commissions and that’s mean a lot.

With many items to choose from, there’s one thing for everyone, just as certainly boundless commissions for you. We will in general handle all the important parts – from requesting to delivery to customer administration – therefore improving your monetary profit and your site doesn’t get any easier.

With an inventory of thousands of items, they’ve one thing for everyone. Their item is tried and tested by great technicians and their specialists and their main business is in GPS interest, shrouded cameras, and spy gear.

They’ve cooperated with the Commission Junction, consequently, it’s quick and easy to dispatch your subsidiary association. You’ll require access to everyday news to follow the achievement of your program. You’ll have the option to choose the Brick House Security item which will be associated with your page, exchange them to suit the substance of your site.

How this program works:

When you advertise something from on your website. Whenever a visitor visits your website and tap on that advertisement which you published on your webpage and he buys something from that link then this company will pay you four-dimensional of the sales value.

2- Perimeter81:



Perimeter81 was first launched in 2018 as the second company of cybersecurity. This all about two students named Amit Bereket and Sagi Gidali they joined some sort of forces to find a safer VPN which now becomes the leading VPN brand.

Perimeter is a kind of business. It is mainly designed to protect cloud storage and network from unauthorized persons.

How much you can earn from its affiliate program?

They have high rates for affiliates who published Perimeter81 more and more. This works like that whenever your customer purchases anything from perimeter81 you will get money around 400$ to 1000$ which I think is a lot of money for only one customer. Your earning is totally depending on your customers the more customers you have the more you will earn. So, I think it’s a good program to earn enough amount of money.

Sign-up and get started:

All you must do is just go for sign-up and once your profile gets accepted, you’ll be able to use their pages and other marketing stuff on your web page or in any BlogSpot from where the visitors come and open that link your website. If they buy anything you will get money on behalf of every customer. More customers mean more money. You’ll get your money/ payments on the 5th of every month which is quite an impressive thing.


Its most important benefit is that it’s a trusted site. It gives the best commission to affiliates which attracts more. Similarly, just by increasing profits all you must do is refer to other affiliates.

3- Avangate:



Avangate is all about digital and modern business. It was founded in 2006. It supplies all kinds of electronic software systems. It also comes with an affiliate program just like the other two companies which I mentioned above.

How does it work?

It’s just simple all you must do is sign up on their website. There’s no fee it’s all free to sign-up. When you sign up then you must wait until your application gets approved. When your application gets approved all you have to do is go to the panel of the website and choose which software product you want to promote so, by this they will send a request to software vendors in order to get activation and start your journey.

If you have a website or any kind of BlogSpot the main thing you must do is put the banners or advertisements of products on your website. All we must do is copy and paste nothing more than that. When a visitor comes on your website and if he/she clicks on that advertisement and buys something then from this you will get your commission.

How much you can earn?

The commission is all set by the product vendor, it can show in the panel of the website for every product. So, it means that different products have different commissions. It all depends upon the price of the product.

4- Heimdal:



Heimdal company was founded in 2011 in Denmark by Defcon CTF hacking champions. In Heimdal security, they protect the user’s important data from hackers/ cybercrimes. They are one of the highest and fastest-growing companies across the world. They provide free courses and educate users from their blogs.

They won the “Most Educational Security Blog” in 2016. They are fighting against hackers and cybercrime which makes them more prominent.

Signing up and registration

All you have to do is to sign-up for this program via ShareASale. Once you become approved different types of links and banners or links given you must put these on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp) or on the website. Whenever a custom person clicks on that link and he buys something at intervals of a hundred and eighty days you’ll get your commission from the price of the sale.

Requirements for This program;

  1. You have your own domain
  2. Your website must be protected and has no security issue
  3. Your website should be free of viruses and spam.

5- Trend Micro:

Trend Micro


It was founded on October 24, 1998, in the California United States. In June 2008 Trent Micro was the one who introduced a Smart protection network. It protects the clients of the cloud from online thieves such as viruses from spam emails (phishing) and other mobile threats. It saves all these types of threats.


This affiliate program provides

  • You can earn commission on sales made at Trend Micro
  • They will provide a huge number of discounts on a package of antivirus software package.

6- Astra Web Security:

Astra Web Security


It was founded in 2013, created in India and France. Astra web security provides protection to websites like Web application firewall. It has a built-in virus scanner in it. It gains rapid popularity in cybersecurity. Astra newly launched its affiliated program so let’s see what it has.

Working of Affiliated program of Astra
  1. You’ll get a lifetime commission of 25% recurring.
  2. There will be a 5% auto-applied discount for your customers. Most probably those will get who clicked on your link
  3. The most important thing is the 60-day cookie policy. Customers will not be lost even if they didn’t buy anything.
  4. They provide a Marketing kit where you can get ready-made banners, links, and a lot of other stuff from which you can promote them.
  5. You can get your earning with the help of a PayPal account.
How you can join this program?

It’s so simple and easy you must go to the Astra affiliate program and just join the program. Now put up your account and your PayPal ID. Now use Assets to promote Astra. By this, you can earn money your whole life.

7- Panda:



Panda was first founded in 1990. It is a Spanish company mainly making antivirus, firewall protection, and spyware detection. This company making its business from antivirus and now providing management tools and developing cybersecurity software. It provides security products and services for home users as well as for businesses. Panda is well known due to its #1 antivirus.

Signing up:

You have to panda security website and signup at commission junction there you must apply to the panda security program. After that get a welcome message from the panda security and you can start the work.

Earnings and advantages:

You can start earning around 5 hundred on every sale. The sale should be up to €50 then you will get your commission.

8- IT Governance:

IT Governance


They are offering to join with their toolboxes, programming, and fundamental books and make them a key supplier for associations, which makes a phenomenal possibility for members to think of significant commissions. IT security governance controls IT security.

Affiliate program:

IT governance will also give you an affiliate program from which you can earn a good amount of money. They provide affiliates a good amount of commission that is 100% on each sale. On orders above £200, you can easily get your commission which is £20 per deal.

9- ESET :



ESET (Essential Security against) was established in 1992. ESET provides antivirus and firewall protection. It is a company from Slovak and this company is an internet security company. In 2008,2009 and 2010 this company was the most impressive and successful company all over Slovak. They provide antiviruses such as Node 32 which we can use in our computers, mobile phone, and laptops to get rid of malware and a lot of those things which are harming these technologies. If I talk about the role of this company so, this company plays an excellent role in cybersecurity.

ESET Affiliate Program

ESET company also provides anyone to be part of their affiliate program. Like other companies’ same mechanism also work for this company too.

How you can apply:

In this program, all you must do is to complete an associate in nursing and whenever you get accepted you will soon get an email where all the important stuff and the requirements listed there. Now, you can generate an affiliate link to earn some money.

Earning from this program;
  • You can earn two hundred commissions on each piece of merchandise.
  • You can advertise their ads on your blog and websites even promote them on social media.

10- Avast:



Avast was founded in April 1988, Prague, Czechia. As most of us know about Avast antivirus. Avast is the largest company of antivirus. They developed their software for Mac, Andreotti’s, and Windows. Avast is known best for its antivirus software.

It is the tool that you should install in your operating system and get rid of harmful materials and malware etc. They work for the security of operating systems. Avast gets a good overall review from all over the world so, it’s a big achievement for any company and they are doing more for cybersecurity.

There are millions of users of Avast. They are giving the best antivirus in the running time. They have a big name in cybersecurity which makes them more prominent. Around 186 counties in the world are using Avast and that’s a big achievement.

Affiliate program of Avast;

Avast also offers an affiliate program from which everyone can earn just by promoting Avast. You can join this affiliate program by simply clicking on sign-up and there you go. You can promote them by simply putting links on your website and on your social pages.


You can earn a good amount of commission from this affiliate program.

You must put links and banners of Avast on your websites so whenever a client clicks on that link and buys something from that link then you will get commission twenty-fifth of the sale.


Nowadays security is the biggest issue. A lot of unknown persons trying to get into someone’s else computer and get their important data and information. Whenever a person steals something from the internet that comes in cyber-crime and that person gets into jail too.

“There’s nothing safe here in this era of technology. It’s your duty to put a strong wall in order to get safe from an anonymous person.”

Cybersecurity companies promote protection as well as their business. They are providing affiliate programs to everyone who’s is interested in the promotion. They give a huge commission to each client. That’s all.

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