20+ Best FREE Slideshow Maker in 2022

Make Your Precious Memories More Attractive With Slideshow Maker:

Everyone has some special moment in their lives which they want to keep them save as a memory. Apart from making physical albums, pupils now switch towards soft albums with background music, making those memories more beautiful. Therefore, slideshow videos maker are diverting pupils more towards themselves as it gives an amazing experience to save and share your memories quickly and easily with no cost.

Moreover, they are widely used in making presentations, videos with different effects, shapes, text, and templates, and music; hence, they make the memories look pleasant to eyes and ears. Slideshow maker is compatible with various file output formats like AVI, MOV, WEBM, and MP4. Moreover, most slideshow makers can directly share your video on your social media accounts like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram to share your precious moments with family, friends, and followers.

Best Free Slideshow Maker 2022:

Following are some top handpicks of Best Free Slideshow Maker that you can use in 2022 and 2023.

  1. Wondershare Filmora:
  2. Adobe Spark:
  3. Canva:
  4. Windows Movie Maker:
  5. Icecream Slideshow Maker:
  6. DVD Slideshow Builder:
  7. PhotoStage Slideshow:
  8. Slidely:
  9. Freemake Video Converter:
  10. Photosnack:
  11. Movavi Slideshow Maker:
  12. Kizoa:
  13. Renderforest:
  14. PhotoStory:
  15. FlexClip:
  16. PIXGRAM:
  17. Google Slides:
  18. FilmoraGO:
  19. SlideLab:
  20. Bannersnack:

1. Wondershare Filmora – The #1 Slideshow Maker in 2022:

Wondershare Filmora

Starting our guide with the best slideshow maker for desktop named Wondershare Filmora. In addition to Slideshare making of photos and video, it can also easily edit videos with great customization tools. You can add background music to tell about the story, different transitions, effects, and overlays to make the Slideshow video more attractive and beautiful and ready to share within few minutes.

Filmora is a featured-rich software as it offers more than 300 effects, over 20 copyright music, and much more with zero money. Its compatibility with all the major file formats makes it more versatile to use.

Highlights of Wondershare Filmora Slideshow Maker:

  • Featured packed Slideshare Maker
  • Very easy to use tools
  • Supports up to 300+ effects and 20+ kinds of music
  • Support all major file formats
  • The simple and fast social media sharing process

2. Windows Movie Maker:

Windows Movie Maker

Another free desktop and Mac slideshow maker is Window Movie Maker. This software permits the user to add customized music, videos, and pictures to the slides. Even you can record the footage and easily be combined into slides. Moreover, with Window Movie Maker, you can easily apply your favorite effects, transitions, animations to selected parts of the slides, which significantly adds more feelings to specific scenes. Unlike Wondershare Filmora has limited editing tools and also does not support all the popular file formats.

Highlights of Window Movie Maker:

  • Easy to use slideshow maker
  • It contains many transitions and visual effects.
  • Permits the user to direct social media sharing

3. Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark

Next on the list is the best overall slideshow maker, which gives an incredible array of graphics, layouts, themes, and much more that make the viewer astonished. Moreover, Adobe Spark permits the editor to add images, text, emojis, and music between the specific portions of the video clips gives the feeling that the professional photographers capture video and images. You will get all the features free of cost.

Highlights of Adobe Spark Slideshow Maker:

  • Easy to use
  • Contains predefined graphics
  • Add background music to some part of the clip.
  • Supports social media sharing
  • It offers plentiful customization options.

4. Icecream Slideshow Maker:

Icecream Slideshow Maker

Another best slideshow maker is the “Icecream” slideshow maker, which allows you to convert your videos and images into high professional-grade quality. In addition to slide making, it also makes the presentations add text, effects, transactions, and duration for every picture in the slide. Icecream slideshow maker supports all the audio file formats, including MP3, MP4, and WAV. Moreover, with this editing software, you can save your slides in different formats like AVI, MOV, WEBM, and MP4 format. If you want to share your slides on social media directly, you can do this with an Icecream slideshow maker.

Highlights of Icecream Slideshow Maker:

  • Support all audio files
  • Offers different edition tools
  • Quick reviewing of the slide
  • Direct social media sharing
  • Supports various file formats to save slides

5. DVD Slideshow Builder:

DVD Slideshow Builder

If you are looking for a professional-grade slideshow maker, we will recommend Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder as it offers different tools to create featured-packed slides. With a DVD slideshow maker, you can easily merge other video clips, pictures with 2D and 3D transition effects. Moreover, this software’s slides can directly share on social media sites, iPods, and TV, and it also offers a huge array of images, videos, and audio formats. But this slideshow maker does not allow the user to share slides through emails or into the CDs.

Highlights of DVD Slideshow Builder:

  • Very straight-forward process
  • It offers a large number of feature-rich editing tools.
  • Ideal for professional presentation making

6. PhotoStage Slideshow:

PhotoStage Slideshow

Burn to DVDs and use PhtoStage slideshow Maker, which helps you merge your photos, video clips, music, and narration in a multimedia slideshow without spending a single penny. With this slideshow maker, you will explore unlimited editing tools, which include: diverse transitions, panning, and zoom effects, fade transitions, set time duration, animated graphic overlays that collectively add much to the slides and presentations.

Highlights of PhotoStageSlideshow Maker :

  • Compatible with 4K and full HD videos
  • Unlimited editing tools
  • Support direct social media sharing
  • Add music to the slides.

7. Slidely:


If you are hunting for the best professional slideshow maker that offers plenty of features, then Slidely best fits the list with no exception. This software permits you to add pictures and background music to your slides. Moreover, you can edit videos with customized templates, mix everything, and make an amazing slideshow and share them with your social circle. It also offers a drag and drop interface that enables you to add up multimedia content.

Highlights of Slidey Slideshow Maker :

  • It allows 2500+ video templates.
  • Great merging option for pictures and videos
  • Add your favorite track as a background of the slide.
  • Support social media sharing

8. Canva:


Canva is the most popular editing software, as it allows for editing pictures, videos, and slideshows within seconds very quickly. Canva offers slideshow templates for all types of occasions, a lot of free-of-cost stock videos, pictures, and music tracks. Moreover, there is no limit for slideshow making it means that you this software again and again with no limitation. Download the canvas app for smartphones and continue making slides.

Highlights of Canva Slideshow Maker:

  • Quick slideshow maker
  • Thousands of templates, pictures, and music tracks are available.
  • Support smartphones via canvas app
  • Slideshow templates for all occasions

9. Freemake Video Converter:

Freemake Video Converter

If you seek the slideshow maker for your Windows PC, then  Freemake Video Converter count among the best slideshow maker for the quick arranging of your videos and photos most attractive way. With this software, you can save multiple slides and presentations all at once, and it also permits you to get video clips, TV shows, movies. Make a slideshow and add your favorite music to make it more impressive. But within Freemake, you will not find any ready-made templates, and you can insert any text on the videos or pictures.

Highlights of Freemake Video Converter :

  • Requires no signup
  • Support almost all major file formats
  • You can upload slideshows directly on Youtube.
  • Support DVD transfer

10. Photosnack:


Introducing the slideshow maker with completely free slides and presentation making named Photosnack. To use this software, you no need to download it on your PC or smartphone device. Instead, you can make impressive slides directly online. It will save you a lot of time. It’s straightforward to use, add pictures and videos, and music if required, and after completion of the slideshow, it can directly be uploaded to your social media accounts. But, Photsnack slideshow maker only offers limited templates, not to find any diverse variety here.

Highlights of Photosnack Slideshow Maker:

  • Easy to make a slideshow
  • Easy social media sharing
  • It can be operated online.

11. Movavi Slideshow Maker:

Movavi Slideshow Maker

If you want to use a slideshow maker with an incredible array of editing tools, we recommend Movavi slideshow maker. This unique software allows the user to edit their pictures, videos, or slideshows with over 150 filters, more than 100 transactions, 40 plus title styles very effortlessly. Moreover, Movavi allows you to directly upload the slideshows to different social media platforms, including Vimeo, Google Drive, Instagram, and more.

Highlights of Movavi Slideshow Maker :

  • Easy slideshow making process
  • Offers a diverse range of effects, transactions, and title styles.
  • Add music to your slideshows.
  • The preview option is available.

12. Kizoa:


Next are the most popular video editor and slideshow maker, Kizoa. It facilitates the user with impressive specifications without any registration requirement. Within Kizoa, you will get the latest editor animations, transitions, different effects, hundreds of music to make amazing videos for personal and professional use. Make and edit your video clips and pictures, set duration, size, a position completely according to the user’s choice without any extra effort.

Highlights of Kizoa Slideshow Maker :

  • It offers an incredible array of editing features.
  • Great customization options are available.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Efficiently converts the photo slideshows into video clips.
  • Supports Youtube sharing
  • It offers many free features.

13. Renderforest:


Renderforest slideshow maker to create videos for different purposes from simple to professional use. As with Photosnack, it also functions online, frees you from the lengthy downloading process. This edition tool permits the creation of different websites, graphics, logos. Renderforest is also a great platform for videographers to use its customizable templates to create files in several formats and sizes.

Highlights of Renderforest Slideshow Maker :

  • Offers customizable template
  • Support Youtube sharing
  • Quick video editing solutions
  • With Renderforest, make real mobile app videos and tutorials.

14. PhotoStory:


PhotoStory is a free editing tool that assists the user in creating a slideshow from digital photos. It also uses the Ken Burns effect on pictures to add text, narrations, transitions, and background music to make the most impressive Windows slideshow with pan and zoom effects. Moreover, it can efficiently automatically organizes photos by date, merges pictures according to number, and supports slideshows, images, and videos, and is compatible with different social media sites and emails.

Highlights of PhotoStory Slideshow Maker:

  • Organizes photos by date and number
  • Hide unnecessary pictures and clips
  • Support social media sharing

15. FlexClip:



Another online slideshow maker and editor tool is FlexClip. It is equipped with many unique features that permit the user to add transactions, different animations, a lot of templates, music to your slide. Its straightforward user design allows you to experience amazing videos and slide-making with FlexClip within few minutes. Moreover, it also has tools like watermarking, aspect ratio adjustment, the overall resolution setting, converts pictures to videos, and zooming. All the above detail compel us to place the crown for the best slideshow maker on FlexClip.

Highlights of FlexClip Slideshow Maker :

  • Offers unlimited editing tools
  • A photo to video converter is best.
  • Support all major file formats
  • Easy downloading and sharing options
  • Up to 60 transactions



As a beginner, if you want a more basic, simple, and convenient slideshow maker, then Pixgram will best suit you. Pixgram effortlessly merges all the pictures to create a slideshow with loads of effects and customizable specifications, allowing you to adjust everything according to your choice. Furthermore, you can share your slideshows easily over social media accounts, share your precious memories with your friends and family, and followers you get excited to know what’s going in your life.

Highlights of Pixgram Slideshow Maker :

  • Ideal for beginner editors
  • Support easy sharing with a social circle
  • Straightforward to use
  • Free of cost offers

17. Google Slides:

Google Slides

If you want to make a slideshow but don’t have an internet connection, no need to worry if you are familiar with Google Slides. It’s an online presentation app where you can efficiently work with your co-workers in the same place and make real-time changes in your production. It supports MS PowerPoint files to google slides, and you can access the slides from your smartphone, PC, or tablet. When making and editing a slideshow, there is no need to worry about saving as it has a feature to save presentations as you type automatically.

Highlights of Google Slides:

  • Support MS office documents
  • PowerPoint to Google Slides converter
  • Supports smartphones, PCs, and tablets
  • Automatic saving feature

18. FlimoraGO Slideshow Maker:

FlimoraGO Slideshow Maker

Do you want a mobile slideshow maker? If yes, then FilmoraGo is best for you. You will find FilmoraGO with great customizable and user-friendly software, as it has an easy user interface. This great mobile app quickly crops the video clips and applies your favorite effects and ready-to-use themes. FilmoraGO is familiar due to its professional-grade setup and advanced editing tools like reverse, slow, and fast motion settings. But be aware it often becomes slow with heavy files.

Highlights of FlimoraGO Slideshow Maker :

  • Offers ready-made themes
  • Support social media sharing
  • Equipped with great specifications

19. SlideLab:


You have an iPhone and searching for the best slideshow maker, then consider the SlideLab app. With this app, you can easily edit pictures, videos, collages, and make slideshows of any length, with background music, transactions, templates, and other customizable editing tools to make the slides more enjoyable and impressive. Furthermore, it permits the user to edit different files like Open Office, PowerPoint, KeyNote, etc. But you may feel a bit of hassle in organizing pictures in the slide.

Highlights of SlideLab Slideshow Maker :

  • Very basic upon usage
  • Easy to apply editing tools
  • It offers plenty of features
  • Support PPTX and PDF output files
  • Compatible with social media uploading.

20. Bannersnack:


Bind up our list for the Slideshow maker with the Banner snack, which is very simple to make presentations and slideshows by applying various editing features. It allows you to add videos, shapes, narrations, templates, and animations to feel more appropriate for the slideshow. It is straightforward to convert pictures to slideshows. Drag the images, and within few minutes, you will get the slideshow with desired features.

Highlights of Bannersnack Slideshow Maker :

  • Easy slideshow making process
  • Offers various editing tools

Wrap Up:

The above mention list of 20+ slideshow makers is worth trying according to your research. We try to enlist different slideshow makers that best work either with Windows PCs, smartphones, or online. According to our study, choose according to your need, Wondershare Filmora stood a stunning star among others. But in practice, you may find some other slideshow makers more functional. It is all about an individual’s experience. Good Luck!


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