20+ Best Free Video Players in 2022

Best Free Video Players:

Videos are a great source of entertainment, and we all love to watch videos. Watching videos is a great source of having joy and gaining knowledge, but this can only be done through a video player. 

There is a huge variety of video players out there accessible for various devices, so it’s not an easy task to pick up the right one for your modality. This article will provide you a complete guide about the best and appropriate video players. To choose the best video player, these four significant elements must be taken into considerations.

Figure Of Supported Formats:

These days, not all media players are potent with the presence of AVI.MKV, MOV, MP4, and other innovative formats. Thus, the best video player should be the latest and proficient in running the advanced file types.

Extra Features:

 The best video player should not only offer playback capabilities. You can find apps that deliver synchronization of subtitles, Playback speed, audio filters and videos, and other bonus features in the following list.

Manageable Interface:

Choosing the right media player is about the features it offers and the user practice it creates. So, for media players, instinctive and user-friendly designs really matter.

Most of the video players mentioned below are free, but some with extra features are chargeable. Hence, the best video player should deliver the utmost performance.

Best Free Video Players 2022:

Here is the list of 20+ best Free video players that you can use in 2021 and 2022

  1. VLC Player:
  2. Media Player Classic:
  3. Pot Player:
  4. MX Player:
  5. X Player:
  6. QuickTime Player:
  7. 5K Player:
  8. Cisdem Video Player:
  9. KM Player:
  10. 8Player:
  11. PlayerXtreme:
  12. FX Player:
  13. Plex:
  14. GOM Player:
  15. Media Monkey:

1- VLC Player:

VLC Player

Established by VideoLAN, VLC is a famous cross-platform video player. It has been at the top of video player rankings and approximately more than 30 million downloads. It is a  tremendously famous YouTube video player. It is easy to use but a great substitute for Windows default programs.

VLC can run with nearly all multimedia files, including FLV and MPEG. Its simple interface can be customized fast according to your preferences. Moreover, this software is accessible probably on all platforms. In short, it plays everything, no codec packs are needed for this player.  It’s totally free comes without any ads and spy trackers.


  • Accessible on all platforms.
  • It can convert video or audio files to any format.
  • Streaming  
  • Record audio or video on PC.
  • Set watermark on video.
  • Sets wallpaper of video.

2- Media Player Classic:

Media Player Classic

A cleft, called Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC), adds advanced features, fixes germs, and brings up to date libraries. This is a standard video player. This video player is free and can be used even on your old computer without any trouble. Media Player Classic is mainly based on the DirectShow design so that DirectShow decoding filters can be installed automatically by users. 

The direct show can also use QuickTime, RealPlayer, and SHOUT cast codecs and filters. You might not have heard so much about MPC, but it is the leading threat to VLC with its open-source design and unique features. Moreover, it can also double up as a free DVD player.


  • DVD playback and support VCD.
  • Customization over skins and toolbars.
  • Give a good audio performance.
  • Portable version.
  • Codec support.
  • Direct show

3- Pot Player:

Pot Player

Generated by Kakao, a South Korean company.  Pot Player is one of the most famous substitutions for Windows Media Player. This app stands out due to its new innovative feature set and instinctive interface. It’s very lightweight, and it does not affect the computer’s memory. It can be installed easily. You will find it so scalable.

 It is open for all Windows users. Pot Player has gained a steadfast following as it can play practically all files, comprising 3D formats. Also, it provides a vast range of choices, such as subtitles download for record screens and video files.


  • Integral keyboard shortcuts.
  • Outstanding audio performance.
  • Provide loads of customization options.
  • All OS versions are supported.
  • Provide a veer of 3D-centric structures.
  • Battery life is long-standing.

4- MX Player:

MX Player

Produced by J2 Interactive and Times Internet is its owner. MX Player is a mobile video player and over-the-top media streaming service in India. MX Player has a subscriber base of over 350 million in India, and internationally it has 500 million users.

MX Player is the initial Android video player with all the good features. It is downloaded by hundreds of users every day. It supports probably all audio and video file formats. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.


MX Player comprises many admirable features, for instance.

  • Up to date hardware acceleration, 
  • Scrolling 
  • Subtitles download
  • Zooming in and out.
  • Change the font size.
  • Control of gestures.

5- X Player:

X Player

X player is one of the highest-rated online video players for different phones and tablets. All video formats, including 4K, hyper video files having application support. It can save your videos safely in a reserved folder. Furthermore, this software offers adjustments, subtitle downloads. MPlayer can play a diverse variety of media formats and can also keep all streamed content safe in a private folder

A program, called MEncoder, can take an input stream or a sequence of photo files and decode it into different output formats. It can control brightness, Video volume, and playback easily. Three options can be used to sort the video, i.e., by name, size, and date.


  • Download and adjust the subtitles 
  • Play any video in the background, split-screen, or pop-up window.
  • Provide bonus features like fast Mute, Playback Speed. And Night mode.
  • Effortlessly share and manage the videos.
  • Offer a private folder to keep videos.

6- QuickTime Player:

QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is shoved on every Mac by default as a system video player. QuickTime is a free and powerful video player application. Without third-party tools or adding any plugin, it supports many famous movie file formats and videos. It also provides many options for editing the videos, including cut, split, split, deletes, rotates videos, copies, and paste. 

It is accessible free of cost for both macOS and Windows operating systems. Its design is very simple and easy to use; moreover, it offers advanced compression technology for videos. 


  • Easy-to-use controls and simple designs. 
  • Deal with the popular formats.
  • Convertible files to different formats.
  • Provide up-to-date compression technology of videos.
  • Shares, edits, and records video and audio files.

7- 5K Player:

5K Player

5KPlayer is not only a primary video player. It is more than it. . It Provides video & radio streaming, YouTube downloading, local layback, and more. It is the perfect combination of Media Streamer, Free Airplay, HD video player, and Music Player. 

It can play videos with 1080 resolution as well as 4K, 5K.

It also can connect interactive radio and DVD in a highly advanced design. With it, you can get amazing videos from daily motion, YouTube and Vimeo, etc. You will adore FLAC, MP3, AAC, APE music files and get amazing videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, etc.


  • Wirelessly stream video through DLNA and Airplay without any quality loss.
  • Download online videos from Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube, etc.
  • 5k Player supports almost all video formats.

8- Cisdem Video Player:

Cisdem Video Player

It is known for being able to play almost any media file. It is an open-source media player. You don’t need any conversion software to play FLV, WMV, MKV, and AVCHD files with this video player. Cisdem supports 1080P and 5K videos to increase more viewing experience. It also offers subtitles support, which means that your subtitles will be automatically synchronized. The video player covers a range of useful buttons to aid you in managing your videos.


  • Totally free, without spyware, no user tracking, and no ads.
  • Video/audio files can be played in more than 50 formats.
  • Download subtitles and easily add subtitles files.
  • Without buffering and crashing while playing.
  • With optional in-app purchases, it converts videos for devices.

9- KM Player:

KM Player

If you search for a free player for iPhone, then KM Player is absolutely your best choice. Providing its exceptional features and well-made interface. For the iPhone, KM Player is one of the great 4K video players. This app is obtainable in more than 225 countries and is available in 36 languages.

 It provides multiple audio and video formats. You can also play videos from web services and cloud storage. This video player supports UHD, 4K, HD, and 8K playback. Thus you can get the best quality videos and movies on a large screen TV. This player also lets you select the mirror effect.


  • Fast video playback and volume control via gesture functions.
  • Provide network services, e.g., Dropbox and Google services.
  • Offers 4K, 3D, and UHD playback videos.
  • Provide playback with slow motion.
  • Control and customize subtitles.
  • Multiple videos seamlessly and play split videos.

10- 8Player:


With over 600,000 users and an attractive and even interface, 8Player is not just a video player app. It is a worldwide multimedia application. You can use it for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. It offers you to play media files from SMB, FTP, DLNA, local videos, music, and photos, as well as Dropbox services and Google Drive. For that reason, this video player can provide you, no matter what kind of video or music you want to watch or listen to.


  • Multiple file formats.
  • DLNA servers can be retrieved remotely via a 3G or 4G network.
  • Deal with multiple personalized designs.
  • Playback Control of media files on Chromecast devices.
  • Offer to edit music playlists.

11- PlayerXtreme:


PlayerXtreme can be played in more than 30 video formats. It also can be played in HD audio quality. With this app, you can watch and stream almost any type of video, whether it’s in your cloud or it’s on your hard drive. This video player also provides Apple, Good cast, and Airplay. Thus you can easily watch anything from your phone or on your TV. Furthermore, it features simple navigation and outstanding structural skills with folders so you can easily avail of movies.


  • Play videos from a diverse range of network modalities without converting them to NAS devices, Wi-Fi hard drive, Mac, PC, DLNA, or UPnP.
  • Provide casting via Google Chromecast and Airplay.
  • Support adjusting volume via gesture controls.
  • Load subtitles in actual time.

12- FX Player:

FX Player

FX Player is a famous video player that highlights more on user Practice than other standard media players. It has many attractive features like open for all video formats, load subtitles, navigating, screen mirroring, and zooming. It provides a captivating, continuous, and even interface so that you can enjoy full HD and 4k videos without any interruption.

Moreover, you can instantaneously use other apps while watching videos. While using it as the floating window permits you to resize the screen and control the playback.


  • Provide probably all video and audio formats.
  • Gesture control, fast forward and backward with a double-tap.
  • Speed control, volume, Brightness, playback, and screen can be resized.
  • Provide multi-playback functions like Shuffle, auto, and Repeat Background and Mirror Mode. 
  • All of your video files and the SD Card can automatically be scanned.

13- Plex:


Plex is far beyond then the leaps of a standard video player. Besides being a feature-ironic media player, it is meant to assist as a flawless data organizer. Despite its complex installation process, Plex won over with its innovative design and convenient media streaming options.


  • Easy to use 
  • Provide Media streaming
  • Offers Advanced functions
  • Deal as Perfect data organizer 

14- GOM Player:

GOM Player

It’s a feature-bursting free video player with tons of offers, having a friendly layout. The operating system would be for windows. It provides screencasting as well.GOM Player provides loads of radical functions for playing back videos. This software can deal with 8K videos and 360-degree and provide the opportunity to play YouTube videos on your desktop. The settings for tuning video playback aren’t relatively as general as what you’ll get in other software options, but they’re much approachable to use when you just started with the video player.

GOM Player comes with a diverse variety of codecs, but it also has a readily available codec library so you can play any clip. The player is friendly with subtitles download, and you can even move whole playlists by using a file type.GOM Player also offers a screencast, so you can connect your device to your TV or a projector and play on a big screen.

Just be aware that the download comes with many other extra programs pushed in the installer. You’ll need to be ready to terminate them if you choose only to want this video player.


  • Friendly layout
  • Functions for playing back videos
  • The diverse variety of codecs.
  • Offer screencast.

15- Media Monkey:

Media Monkey

Media Monkey is a digital media for Windows. Its media library application established by Ventis Media Inc., for forming and playing audio on Microsoft Windows operating systems. It can be extended to handle video and other media formats by using plugins. Freemium is a licensing model media monkey. 

 Freeware is available as a base program, but a premium gold license must unlock additional features. To manage its database, it uses SQLite.


  • Music library.
  • Supported format.
  • Sync devise.


Videos are watched every day by almost everyone. Still, it requires a proper medium to display the videos in front of our very eyes. Such a medium is none other than a video player. Therefore, to have a great experience of watching videos, the video player’s choice is the main thing that matters. 

This article discussed the most extraordinary and best video players with excellent video display features. We have tried to cover all their basic features and the things that can help you choose the appropriate video player for your devices. Try these video players and enjoy watching your favorite videos! 

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