10+ Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission in 2023

Many individuals want to know what their close friends and family members are doing in their life. And the majority of individuals desire to track other people without their permission for a variety of reasons. Someone’s data is sometimes necessary as well. Furthermore, there are situations when you require someone else’s data or information for an inquiry or another reason.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the greatest phone tracker without permission, then you have to appear in the correct spot because, in this article, I will show you the phone tracker app that you can use in 2022.

Phone tracking apps are used basically to find stolen or misplaced cell phones. These apps can work will all cellphone services operators. Whenever a member of your relatives or friends moves from one place to the other, you will immediately be notified.

Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission 2023:

Here is the Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission list that you can use in 2023.

1. Hoverwatch:


Regarding phone tracking apps, Hoverwatch is one of the best-known names in the business. Millions of people have installed the application. And featured in major publications like PC world and Life hacker. But what is Hoverwatch, and how does it work?

Howveratch is a reliable phone tracker that can monitor the activities of your employees, children, or spouse. The best tracking application lets you track someone’s phone activity.


Once installed on the target device, it will track all:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Text messages
  • Whatsapp chats
  • Facebook messages
  • Viber conversations and more.
  • It can also take screenshots and record voice memos.
  • It tracks the device’s location.

All this information is then transmitted to your Hoverwatch account, where you can view it anytime. So why would you want to use Hoverwatch? There are several reasons. Perhaps you are a parent who wants to keep an eye on your child’s phone usage, or maybe you are an employee who wants to keep tabs on your employee’s communications.

Whatever the reasons, Hoverwatch is an essential tool for anyone who needs to monitor someone’s phone activity, so if you are looking for powerful and reliable phone tracking, Hoverwatch is worth checking out.

2. Cocospy:Cocospy

Cocospy is a powerful spy app that uses cutting-edge technology to track all activity on an iPhone or Android phone. It can track calls, messages, social media activity, and even GPS location.

Cocospy is one of the most famous spy software available, and for a good reason. It is easy to use, reliable and provides a wealth of features. Suppose you are looking for a spy app to track someone’s activity. It is a great option.

It is one of the best mobile spying applications available today. Its features make it a top choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive spying solution.


  • GPS monitoring
  • Tracker for messages (read all messages)
  • Keep up with all the social media conversations.
  • View the call records.
  • Having the use of the contact list
  • access to a calendar
  • monitoring of images & videos
  • see the history of your browser
  • Sim card details.
  • Every keystroke performed on the target device is recorded.

Its keylogger features allow you to track all the keyboard activity on the target device, making it convenient to use what someone is typing. With the ability to observe all incoming and outgoing calls and messages on the target device, Cocospy’s call and text tracker gives you a complete image of what’s happening.

Another great thing about Cocospy is that it is completely undetectable, so the peso you are saying n will never know they are being monitored. Overall, this app is excellent for anyone looking for a powerful and reliable mobile spy solution.

3. eyeZy:eyeZy

A well-liked monitoring application called eyeZy has just surfaced online. It is a complete solution for monitoring someone’s movements and behaviors. eyeZy is ideal for employers who wish to watch over their employees and homeowners who want to watch over their kids, partners, and partners.


  • All Documents, Messages, Calls, & Contacts Availability.
  • Pinpoint.
  • The Magic Notifications.
  • Keylogger.
  • The screen recorder.
  • Social Highlights.
  • Internet magnifier.
  • The blocker of connections.

It is very user-friendly and convenient to use. After downloading or installing the app, you create an account and add the person you want to track. It will track their location and display it on a map.

You can also view their recent activity, including calls, text messages, social media posts, and more. It also lets you listen in on live conversations and hear everything said.

It is the perfect app for spying on someone’s activities and whereabouts. If you have issues regarding your child’s safety, spouse’s fidelity, or employees’ productivity, then eyeZy is the perfect tool.

It allows you to learn about their everyday lives and activities to make informed decisions about your relationships. It also helps perfect against theft by tracking your valuables, ensuring they are always safe.

It has a huge database of over ten million people worldwide, so you are sure to find the person you are looking for.

4. mSpy:MSPY

mSpy is a mobile spying app installed on your target device to help you observe its activities remotely. This app provides information, such as phone calls, instant messages, social media activities, location, tracking, etc.

Notably, this program operates completely anonymously in the process to avoid being monitored by the target phone. Since its release in 2010, mSpy has grown significantly to become one of the most widely used mobile espionage applications globally.

It is reliable, simple, and eligible for Android and iOS mobile devices. Besides, this app gives us a deep analysis of the target cell phone activities.

The mSpy application runs in the background once downloaded on the device. This makes the software easier to conceal on the intended phone.


There is a list of features that mSpy comes with:

  • Remote monitoring of the targeted system and display its current GPS whereabouts on a comprehensive map.
  • Block undesired advertising and any incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Remote monitoring of the targeted system and display its current GPS whereabouts on a comprehensive map.
  • Block undesired advertising and any incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Monitoring text messages sent, received, from, and removed from a mobile phone.
  • Identifying safe and risky areas and receiving alerts anytime a child enters them.

mSpy was developed to assist companies in tracking employee productivity and assist parents in protecting their children. Therefore, it is legal to use the app. However, you should ensure that you intend to use mSpy as a parental control tool for tracking your underage kids.

5. Minspy:minspy

If you’re a parent wondering what your children’s kids are doing on their cellphones, do they have time-wasting applications installed? If you’re an employer concerned about dishonest staff, do they reveal confidential information to you? Do they fail to provide you with their precise location?

You can never be sure about what they are up to unless your monitoring it yourself. So in the best interest of your family and your business, you need to know the real information.

So for this purpose, use Minpy, the mobile application that allows you to get peace of mind by staying informed. This can easily monitor any device in real-time and track all kinds of data, including GPS.


  • Message Reader
  • Monitors Browser History
  • Track Pictures and videos
  • The Magic Notifications.
  • The screen recorder.
  • Social Highlights.

Minspy is one of the best phone tracking apps that allows you to supply and target Android phones from your web browser. It is easy to set up and get running. You need no special technical skills.

6. Mobistealth:

Mobile tracking applications such as Mobistealth are a great tool to rely on if you wish to seamlessly and effortlessly track the information stored or the activities on a particular cellular phone.


  • Logging for Gmail
  • Keep an eye on your contacts, apps, and photos.
  • Allows for the monitoring of any chat messenger.
  • Online accessibility to data.

It is a phone spy app that allows you to monitor or track another person’s activities. This is achieved by installing the app into any phone device you want to monitor. You will then be able to spy on text messages, emails, and calls made or received by phone that you intend to monitor the target phone.

This can be used to monitor your kids’ activities or to know where they are. Made possible through GPS technology or to closely monitor your employees.

The application is designed so that it does not need up when installed. So the phone’s owner does not get to see that it has been installed.

7. uMobix:

uMobix is the leading parental control app that helps parents discreetly monitor how children use smartphones or tablets on iOS and Android. Furthermore, this app provides location tracking, robust web filtering, and social media monitoring, including youtube watched by your kids.


There are several functions available in this software. This app lets you view the complete call history on a controlled phone, all sent, received, and deleted messages. It also includes:

  • Chat history.
  • Sender and receiver names.
  • Text messages.
  • The number of messages in each chat.
  • The contact list of the target device.
  • All private messages are sent and received from Facebook messenger or Instagram direct messages.
  • Whatsapp messages are sent, received, or deleted photos and videos stored on the target phone.
  • The history of websites visited customers.
  • The contact list of the target device

So, in simple words, this app is one of the best phone tracker apps that allow you to track mobile devices. It comes with a lot of different uses. It is also good to track your phone. So it has a situation where if you lose your phone, you can easily locate it by GPS and have alert notifications.

8. Spine:

You’ll like spying on your dear ones if you’re continuously concerned about their security. The spine is a safe and secure mobile phone tracking app that allows you to track mobile phone data discreetly.

The spine gives you complete access to a smartphone’s data without the phone user knowing. The spine is a simple and easy-to-use interface accessed via your web browser, allowing you to monitor the phone remotely.


  • Contacts and call logs access
  • Message Reader
  • Monitors Browser History
  • Track Pictures and videos
  • Geo-Fencing

Best of all, this app works in complete stealth mode. So the phone user will not even feel like ther are being watched or followed. This software allows families to maintain a close watch on their kids.

Partners can check that their loved ones are safe, and employers can monitor the productivity of their staff. Both iOS and Android smartphones are compatible with it. iOS devices don’t even require the installation of an app, and Android users need to install this app with a verified email ID.

Once installed, you can remove the app from being visible on the home screen, keeping your phone monitoring discreet. It works on any web browser, and once you have logged in, you will be using Spyine’s elegant and simple-to-use personalized dashboard, giving you access to Spyine’s powerful features.

Now with the help of this program, you use real-time location tracking, view browser history, access social media, view photos and videos, check calendars, read messages, and keep track of everything typed on the keyboard.

Final Verdict:

To sum up, the phone tracking app is made for several reasons, which include if parents are concerned for their children’s safety, or what they are doing on their mobile phones, if a cell phone is stolen or is-placed, or if someone is required some important information from other person’s mobile.

Hope so this information might be helpful for you in choosing the best app for you. I have tried to cover everything you need to know about these apps, along with their features, so that you may not have difficulty deciding which app is the best option for you.

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