15+ Best Portable Chargers in 2022

Suppose you’re in the market for a new portable charger but aren’t sure which one to choose due to the numerous alternatives available. In this post, I compare the pricing of the finest portable chargers on the market this year to their performance.

Portable chargers are usually a lifesaver for phones that run out of battery while you’re out and about or when you’re not near a power outlet, so whether you have an older iPhone model or the most recent iPhone 13, or any Android smartphone, you’ll need one in an emergency.

Hundreds more similar-priced portable chargers are now available on the marketplace. All claim to be the perfect product for you, but choosing the night portable charger is not so simple.

The battery covers might also be a wonderful way to extend the life of your phone. In contrast, they are rather heavy to transport. Portable chargers are a more lightweight and portable option.

So, to assist you in making an educated selection, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 best smartphone portable chargers.

Best Portable Chargers:

Here is a list of the Best Portable Chargers in 2022 and 2023.

  1. Auskang Portable Charger
  2. Charmast Power Bank 10400mAh (Best Portable Charger)
  3. Nimble Power Bank 10,000mAh (Fast Portable Charger)
  4. Baseus Power Bank 30000 mAh
  5. Anker PowerCore Slim 10000( Best For The Money)
  6. Fochew Wireless Portable Charger 30800 mAh BEST WIRELESS)
  7. Anker PowerCore Essential 20000MAH
  8. Halo Bolt 58830 (MOST VERSATILE)
  9. Aukey Wireless 2000MAH (Best Wireless Charger)
  10. Flash( The most Powerful 150W USB-C Powerbank Powered)
  11. Alsterplus (World’s Most Powerful USB-C Battery Pack + HUB)
  12. Apollo Traveler( Fastest Recharging and Ultra-Slim Power Bank)
  13. PWR Supply Portable Charger
  14. Maxoak Laptop Power Bank
  15. Pxwaxpy Charger Power Bank

1. Auskang Portable Charger:

Auskang Portable Charger amazonn

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  • Color: For iPhone
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Cellular Phone,iPhone
  • Brand: Mustang
  • Connector Type: USB Type C, Micro USB

Since traditional power banks often come in a bulkier design, what if you carry something that blends with your smartphone. Before you imagine, check out the Auskang portable power bank, which has the thinnest and lightest footprint to carry easily in pockets while you are on the move.

At first glance, you would be amazed at how thin this power bank is. It looks almost like a credit card that measures six millimeters in thickness and weighs just around 115 grams. It is designed specifically for iPhones. This power bank has a built-in lightning cable to directly charge your phone without needing to carry any extra charging cables equipped with a 5000 million hour battery capacity.

You can easily charge your phone one additional time to keep your phone alive throughout your day. This power bank has small ic chips for which it promises to provide suitable and stable current to your phone without causing any short circuit or overcharge.

In short, if you want to carry a bulky power bank, then offer the “Auskang,” which will help you in days of emergency.


  • Fast charging technology.
  • Wonderful design.
  • High-performance battery.
  • Technical security.
  • Slimmer than Ever.


  • Does not support QC fast charging.

2. Nimble Power Bank 10,000mAh (Fast Portable Charger):

Nimble Power Bank 10,000mAh (Fast Portable Charger) amazon

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  • Battery Capacity 10,000mAh
  • USB-C Port 18W PD
  • USB-A Port 2
  • Weight 225g

This premium fast charging contains a portable charger. It has a fast iPhone USB-c- lightning cable, ten thousand milliamp-hour capacity, a type c PD port, and two USB-a ports to charge three devices simultaneously. It is a portable charging kit weighing around 225 grams, making it incredibly lightweight to carry in your backpack while traveling; to conclude, the elegant premium fast charger kit is what you should get if you want a reliable solution to charge an iPhone when traveling.


  • Ultra-compact
  • 18W PD & QC 4.0
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and more
  • Up to 80% charge in 30 min
  • Charges two devices simultaneously


  • Doesn’t last long.

3. Baseus Power Bank 30000 mAh:

Baseus Power Bank 30000 mAh amazon

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  • Recommended Uses For Product: Laptop,Iphone
  • Brand: Baseus
  • Connector Type: USB Type C
  • Other display features: Wireless
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Baseus

It has 30000 milliamps with a large capacity power bank. You can have your phone fully charged for upto 10 days and your other devices. Also, built-in smart identifying chips can identify the device plugged in and supply power accordingly.

You will be able to charge your devices two and a half times faster than any standard chargers or power banks and plug in three devices simultaneously.

You may charge the power bank using the type c port lightning port or the micro USB connector. So, if you’re seeking a durable and dependable recharging option for your smartphone, this power bank is a must-have.


  • Ideal for Daily Life.
  • Fast Charging.
  • Highly Compatible with Mainstream Devices.
  • Large Emergency Power.


  • Little bulky

4. Anker PowerCore Slim 10000( Best For The Money):

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000( Best For The Money) amazon

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  • Compatible Phone Models: iPhone
  • Color: Black
  • Recommended Uses For Product: iPhone
  • Brand: Anker
  • Connector Type: USB

The Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 gives you all the essentials for a power bank. It offers a large battery capacity of ten thousand milliamps. So you can recharge more than once without issue.

It recharges pretty quickly. For its big capacity, this power bank is remarkably tiny and light. It can provide:

  • 2.6 full charges for an iPhone xs.
  • 1.8 full changes for a galaxy s10.
  • 1.3 full charges for an iPad mini 5.

It weighs just half a pound. It is only slightly heavier than a baseball and is designed to fit comfortably in a bag or pocket no matter which smartphone you have. Its battery won’t last the entire day, especially if you make many calls, but with a decent power bank handy, you could top up your phone whenever needed.

It does not stop at smartphones either; you can use it to charge any of your mobile gadgets with a USB port. It also uses Anker’s patented multi-product system that combines surge and short circuit protection to ensure the safety of your devices. The power button is on the side, while the input and output charging connectors are on the bottom edge of the device.

Four LED indicators on the face of the power bank tell you how much charge remains, and as far charging speeds go, the power core slim 10000’s high output charging speed ensures that your device charges up at the same speed as it would if it were plugged into an outlet so you won’t have to wait long for a full charge.


  • Lightweight and portable design.
  • Good battery capacity.
  • Inexpensive.


  • The charging port is loose.
  • Limited additional features.

5. Fochew Wireless Portable Charger 30800 mAh (BEST WIRELESS):

Fochew Wireless Portable Charger 30800 mAh amazon

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  • Color: Black
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Iphone
  • Brand: FOCHEW
  • Connector Type: USB Type C, Micro USB
  • Voltage: 5 Volts

It lets you charge three devices via USB and wirelessly charge an additional Qi-certified device. There is also built-in protection against overcharging short circuits, overheating, etc. This 30,800 milliamps portable battery charger offers two USB-A ports, one USB-C, and a micro USB port.

Despite its small size, it can recharge an iPhone 12 eight times, an iPhone 12 pro max six times, and even handle several devices simultaneously. The wireless charging pad supports wireless fast charging of your Qi-certified devices from 5 to 15 watts without a cable. Like the Anker Powercore Slim 10,000, the Fo-Chew keeps track of how much power you’ve saved. Still, it also boasts a full-featured numerical LED display that shows you the actual % of remaining energy, eliminating any guessing.

In addition to the wireless charging pad, this charger has two USB ports that can deliver up to 22 and a half watts of fast charging. If your device does not support fast charging, the Fo-Chew will detect it and step down to accommodate the device.

The bi-directional 25-watt USB-C port can fast charge your iPhone 13 pro max, galaxy s21, and any other compatible USB-C devices up to five times faster than regular charging. In addition to its ability to quickly charge your devices, the Fo-Chew can also withstand a high number of charge cycles.

This is the process of the battery going from empty to 100 and back again, which tends to lower the battery’s capacity over time. This is one of the rare portable chargers with wireless charging support at a similar point to non-wireless portable chargers while having similar performance on all other metrics. If you are interested in a wireless portable charger, the Fo-Chew wireless portable charger will likely be yours.

This high-capacity charger also supports fast charging for compatible devices and has a handy numerical display to show you how much power you have to work with.


  • Power Bank with High Capacity and Safety.
  • Fast Charging.


  • It’s difficult to keep the USB-C cables connected.
  • Not suitable for recharging Bluetooth headphones wirelessly.

6. Anker PowerCore Essential 20000MAH:

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000MAH amazon

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  • Color: Black
  • Recommended Uses For Product: iPhone
  • Brand: Anker
  • Connector Type: USB, USB Type C, Lightning

The Anker PowerCore Essential 20000MAH delivers high-capacity power storage. Keeping your phone, tablets, and other mobile devices powered up when a power outlet is not available is essential. Altogether, this is the ideal combination of high-end performance and affordability.

It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular portable chargers. One of the most common concerns regarding high-capacity chargers is large and hefty. With the powercore essential 20000, Anker promises to have removed this problem by making it 30 percent smaller and 27 percent lightweight than similar competitors.

This portable charger’s rounded corners and sturdy plastic shell make it seem robust enough to carry in a backpack and take on the road. Its minimalistic black coating helps it blend in without attracting too much-undesired attention.

Anker also supplies a mesh carry case, which lets you keep both power bank and cable ready when you need them. With so many portable devices in our lives now, there is always a need for power. A portable charger like power core essential 20000 can step in to save the day when a power outlet is not available.

It will keep your kid’s tablets going during long road trips and charge your phone over a several-day camping trip.

Four LEDs are in place to help you keep tabs on how much power you have in reserve by pressing a button on the side. These LEDs will illuminate roughly 25 percent of the total capacity with each LED.

One of the power core essential 20000’s, two USB ports also supports Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, which can charge compatible devices like the HTC 10, Xiaomi mi 5, and LG G5 charges 4 times quicker than a typical phone charger. It’s backward compatible with quick charge protocols for recharging the power-core central 20000.

If you are looking for a high capacity portable charger that will top up your devices several times over and ensure you will be covered with just about anything you can throw at it. The Anker powercore essential 20000 milliamps is an excellent choice and is the best all-around portable charger you can buy.


  • Versatile charging.
  • Ultra-High Cell Capacity.
  • Advanced Charging Technology.


  • Expensive.

7. Halo Bolt 58830 (MOST VERSATILE):

Halo Bolt 58830 (MOST VERSATILE) amazon

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  • Brand: Halo
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Polymer
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Item Weight: 26.6 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: HALO

The Halo Bolt 58830 is not just another portable charger. It is one of the most versatile portable chargers on the market. With an investment of a hundred dollars, this portable charger can be a real lifesaver to have around. This power bank features a 2.4-volt charging output suitable for Apple and Samsung users. It also offers two USB ports allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

An element that sets it apart from other portable chargers is its 120 volt AC outlet on the right side of the device that works nicely to charge your MAC PC phone or tablet when traveling. You can use the bolt as a backup power source during a storm.

If you ever find yourself in a situation with a dead car battery or a flat, bolt 58830 comes with a led floodlight to help you change a tire on a dark road. It has an internal capacity of 58830 megawatt-hours, making it an effective all-in-one car emergency kit. The bolt can start your car, boat, motorcycle, or lawnmower with its included jumper cables.

Even if you never use the bolt 58830 to power up your devices, keeping it in your car for emergencies will give you peace of mind; it can hold a charge for around 12 months, and it even comes with a car charger, so it always is ready to go at a moment’s notice with plenty of power for all your devices options to charge two devices simultaneously. An integrated 120 volt AC outlet combined with the ability to serve as an emergency power system at home or on the road, the Halo bolt 58830 is undoubtedly one of the most adaptable portable chargers available


  • It is capable of jump-starting automobiles.
  • All required connections are included, including jumper cables, two charging adapters, etc.


  • Since it is 500 Amps, the AC connector is a little weak.

8. Aukey Wireless 2000MAH (Best Wireless Charger):

Aukey Wireless 2000MAH wireless charger Amazon

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  • Model: PB-WL03
  • Battery Capacity: 20000mAh
  • Wireless Output: 5W, 7.5W, 10W
  • Max Power Output: 18W

If you are in the market for a wireless portable charger, the 45$ Aukey 20,000 milliamp-hour portable charger features quick charge, USB-c, and Qi- compatibility. This charger shows that a high-capacity power bank can offer a higher capacity while remaining compact enough to take anywhere you want.

There are four ways to charge from the Aukey 20,000 milliamp-hour power bank. It has a USB-C port that can be used as an outlet, and two USB-C ports can supply either 10 watts or seven and a half-watt output, depending on whether you are refueling an android device or iPhone.

There is also a wireless charger stand. The massive twenty thousand milliamp-hour capacity power delivery 3.0 output and quick charge 3.0 output combine to deliver an optimized charge to your devices at upto 18 watts so that you can charge an iPhone 11 six times, an iPhone xs or Samsung galaxy s10 five times, and over two and half times for an iPad mini 5.

Its wireless charging stand lets you charge your Qi-compatible devices at 10 watts. It is also included in the overall design as an integrated kickstand for propping up your smartphone while watching a movie or other content. You will always know how much power you have on hand because the numeric LED shows the remaining percentage of battery level at a glance.

A dedicated wireless charging indicator ensures correct wireless charging and lets you know when wireless fast charging is active. As far as capacity and price, the Aukey 20000 milliamp-hour portable charger is now only a solid portable charger but has the additional ability to handle wireless charging and a kickstand to prop up your phone for easier viewing.


  • Wireless Charging Stand.
  • Dual Fast Charging Output.
  • High Capacity charging.
  • Handy LED Indicators


  • After one and a half charges, the key’s battery is dead.

9. PWR Supply Portable Charger:

PWR Supply Portable Charger amazon

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With ten thousand milliamps charging capacity, the power supply slim power bank delivers high-speed charging for all smartphone devices ranging from the iPhone to the Samsung galaxy series, google pixel, and more. This power bank can charge most devices to full capacity within one hour.

Making it twice as fast as a regular wall charger. The power also supports wireless charging depending on which is required for your phone. This power bank comes with an enclosed micro USB and USB c port. This power bank is portable as it’s one of the best power banks for air travel, and it’s been tested safe for use while in the air.


  • Nice battery.
  • QC is effective.
  • There is a good selection of outlets.
  • It appears that they charge according to the advertised rate.
  • It’s nice to have the option of solar recharging.


  • Large and bulky.
  • Not waterproof.

10. Maxoak Laptop Power Bank:

Maxoak Laptop Power Bank amazon

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  • Compatible Phone Models: Samsung
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Laptop,Cellular Phone
  • Brand: MAXOAK
  • Connector Type: Usb
  • Voltage: 3.7 Volts

If you are looking for a reliable power bank to charge your laptop, Maxoak might be the best option with a stunning ultra-high charging capacity of 50000 milliamps. This power bank is designed to charge a variety of laptops.

For smartphones, this power bank has enough juice to power up typical smartphones 11 to 18 times without using it to charge laptops. The portable charger allows you to charge several devices simultaneously to save valuable time.

The max aok portable charger can be recharged to full capacity in 6 to 8 hours. Weighing about 2.77 pounds, which is on the high side, is quite understandable considering the amount of power this carries. The charger can still easily be carried in your backpack, briefcase, or bag.

However, because of its 185 watt-hours and 50 000 milliamp rating, this charger is not TSA approved and cannot be carried on a plane with your hand luggage.


  • Superior Quality Safety Guaranteed.
  • Long-lasting DC Power Bank for Laptops.
  • Ultra-High Capacity.
  •  Fast Charge Battery Pack.


  • The battery’s power management is weird.

11. Pxwaxpy Charger Power Bank:

Pxwaxpy Charger Power Bank amazon

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  • Compatible Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy, Iphone, Cellphone
  • Color: Black
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Iphone
  • Brand: Pxwaxpy
  • Connector Type: USB Type C, Micro USB

This intelligent power bank from PX WAXB boasts a massive 30800 milliamp lithium polymer battery making it the power bank with one of the largest charging capacities on the market.

With two QC 4.0 outputs and one 25-watt PD output, this power bank can charge three separate devices at a go, all at very high charging speeds.

With all three charging ports engaged, the power bank can charge an iPhone 11 and a Samsung galaxy 9 five times while also charging an iPad mini three times with just one full charge from the power bank.

An exclusive built-in intelligent chip automatically recognizes the device being charged once connected. A safety circuit design ensures that the power bank is protected from overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, and overheating.


  • Super-Fast Charging.
  • Universal Compatibility LCD.
  • Full 24 Month Warranty & Worry-Free Purchase.


  • Less life span of the battery.

12. Zerolemon 26800 mAh Wireless Juice Power Bank:

Zerolemon 26800 mAh Wireless Juice amazon

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  • Product Code: ZEROLEV
  • Product weight: 1.75 Pounds
  • Brand: ZeroLemon
  • Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory
  • Color: Type C + QC 2.0
  • Label: ZeroLemon LLC

The Zerolemon 26800 milliamp capacity power bank is an impressive combination of a rugged build and ample charging capacity whether you are looking for camping travel or emergencies. This power bank has got you covered all the way.

This power bank comes with a 26800 milliamp charging capacity, as evident in the name. Beyond that, it can charge an iPhone 11 times, Nintendo switches seven times, and a MacBook Pro once when the power bank is fully charged. When it comes to charging speed, this five-volt rated charger will power up a MacBook Pro to 90 percent in four hours, and a Nintendo switch will be fully charged in one hour.

With a fast-charging 60-watt USB-C power delivery input and output, this is one of the best portable chargers.

The chargers come with three different outlets allowing you to charge upto three different devices simultaneously. In addition to this zero lemon power bank supports wireless charging and is compatible with key-enabled wireless charging devices. You can also plugin with the middle only, which will be as effective and powerful plugging in a Chromebook or MacBook as plugging it into a wall.


  • High capacity that can last for days.
  • Fast charging.


  • Big and heavy.

13. Flash( The most Powerful 150W USB-C Powerbank Powered):

Flash( The most Powerful 150W USB-C Powerbank Powered) amazon


  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Vulcan Graphene Power
  • Connector type: USB Type C
  • Battery capacity: 20000 Milliamp Hours
  • Battery cell composition: Lithium Polymer

Flash, the most powerful power bank, has not only a one-watt USB-c power delivery port but also two specially designed USB-a ports to support fast charge technology to all major brands, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and Vivo, which means the flash can power a large laptop like 15 inches or 16 inch MacBook pro, a mid-sized laptop like 12 inches or 13 inch MacBook, 13 inch MacBook, or even your iPad pro.

Pass-through charging is featured on both the USB-A ports and 10 watts wireless pads, so you can charge up to three devices while charging flash simultaneously, making it the most versatile power bank globally. Flash is perfect for all USB devices, including mini-cameras, Bluetooth, speakers, and headphones.

Flash is a high-capacity power bank so that it can charge 16000 milliamp hours in only 35 minutes or a full charge within one and 10 minutes. It can achieve the incredible feat of being the world’s fastest charging power bank by incorporating revolutionary graphene battery technology. It is also the world’s safest power bank through utilizing graphene technology. It allows for a fast charge at low temperatures compared to standard batteries, with a battery life cycle up to four times longer than standard batteries.

It is the world’s longest-lasting power bank, which means even after five years of daily use, the battery will still feel brand new, and there are backing asap flash with a two-year warranty which is double of all leading brands. With a battery capacity of 20 000 milliamp hours or 74 watts, hours flash is safe for airline travel. It is compact and light enough to bring wherever you need power, so if you are traveling on the go or just need some power charging, a flash with the world’s most versatile, fastest, safest, longest-lasting powerful power bank is the flash.


  • World’s fastest.
  • Airline safety.
  • Versatile.
  • Wireless charging.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • Expensive.

14. Alsterplus (World’s Most Powerful USB-C Battery Pack + HUB):

Alsterplus amazon


  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: AlsterPlus
  • connector-type: Usb c, USB a
  • Amperage: 3 Amps

Alsyerplus is the most powerful and versatile USB hub with the ability to charge and sync four devices simultaneously. Most power banks only charge one or two devices simultaneously, not even holding much power. The Alsterplus is different from other portable chargers. It has a bi-directional 100-watt USB-C port, two 18-watt quick-charge USB-A ports, and another 100-watt USB-C port that works as a USB hub.

The Alster plus will charge four devices: a Macbook Pro, an iPad, iPhone, and a tablet. It serves as a USB hub that lets you seamlessly sync and manage files while you free up your laptop ports.

Plug your laptop into the hub port and activate the hub mode, turning one USB-C port from your laptop into three high-speed outlets. Also, the Alster plus recharges completely in only one hour, and it supports pass-through charging in both 100-watt USB- C ports, so you can charge the Alster plus while it changes your devices.

It is surprisingly light and has a sleek design that easily fits your bag or pocket. With a powerful 27000 milliamp-hour or 100-hour maximum capacity, the Alster plus have power-sharing technology able to power up to two MacBook pros simultaneously while remaining within airline regulations. It is solidly built with high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum housing. It comes in silver space gray.


  • Fast charging technology.
  • Compatible with all QC devices.
  • Light in weight.
  • Sleek design.
  • Easily fits in pockets.


  • Gets very hot.
  • Not efficient.

15. Charmast Power Bank 10400mAh (Best Portable Charger):

Charmast Power Bank 10400mAh (Best Portable Charger) amazon


  • Battery: 10,400mAh
  • Thickness: 16mm
  • Safety Protection: Yes
  • Weight: 228g

To fast charge, your iPhone has the charms portable charger with a 5 volt 3m fast charge suitable for any iPhone and Android smartphone with its 10 milliamp battery capacity. You can fully charge your iPhone multiple times and even charge up to three devices simultaneously with its USB a and one USB-C output also you will get.

Two recharging options for your power bank with a regular micro USB input or type cone with 15-watt output and no more guessing of how much charge is left on the charger as it has a led power display screen that shows accurate power lest on your device. So keep your iPhone and others powered up and running with the charms portable charger.


  • At the same time, it’s light and strong.
  • The LED system is cutting-edge.
  • No need to carry cables with this excellent battery charger.
  • Charger with a small footprint.


  • Do not allow another device to charge.

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