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15+ Best SEO Affiliate Programs in 2023

Have you been looking for an SEO affiliate program?

This platform is a great place to find the best SEO affiliate programs for 2022 to generate good passive income. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the heart of all digital marketing strategies. 70% of marketers find SEO to be more effective at generating organic visitors/traffic and revenue than pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. The high demand for high-quality SEO services has created hundreds, if not thousands, of SEO affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs for these SEO tools help companies prosper by ranking them high on search engine result pages. As an SEO affiliate marketer, your goal is to promote your program to potential customers. Receive commissions for all customers enrolled in the SEO program.

There are many SEO professionals with strong SEO skills in this affiliate niche. Having an affiliate platform/website is what everyone wants. One of the best useful and effective ways to monetize your website is SEO affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs/networks are in great demand by all companies that sell their products online and sell their brands online and are always looking for bloggers and webins to grow and promote their business. Marketers can use the SEO Affiliate Program to increase their revenue streams. Affiliates are given commissions for each referral. The main reason for this article is to research and discuss some of the best SEO affiliate networks/programs that can aid you in quickly earning a great amount of money.

How Do SEO Affiliate Programs Work?

The affiliate SEO (search engine optimization) program provides affiliate links to your website. When a visitor purchases something from the company’s website using your link, the company charges all customers who refer to this company to receive commission after they purchase something through your link.

Bloggers can also recommend products to family, friends, viewers, and their followers on social media and plan their campaigns, discounts, and activities to attract more visitors and people to their products. You will receive commissions regardless of how you refer new customers to your partner’s website, whether or not he does well.

How Can You Make Money through SEO Affiliate Programs?

Many leading marketing companies believe that you can make good profits online with the best strategies and SEO affiliate marketing networks or programs. What is the most useful way to make money online that leads to more traffic and sales on your website?
Here, this section describes how to use affiliate networks and search engine optimization to direct high-quality traffic to your website. Here are given few amazing tips on how to increase your website audience and grow your business.

Create website:

Building your website is the first thing you require to do. WordPress makes it easy to build a website. You can use WordPress to create your website. Installing WordPress, adding attractive themes, and adding related content are the basic steps you need to follow. That’s all you need; five to six posts are enough to shape your blog. Be sure to include quality content in your website and related keywords that will help to attract new visitors.

Related Keywords:

Make sure your keywords match those frequently searched in the Google search bar. Therefore, users can easily access the website and see the ads. With Google Keyword Planner, you can find equivalent, less competitive terms and are more likely to drive high-quality traffic to your website. You can also create common keywords that describe your website or blog to make it easier for users to find your product within your budget. Usually, when you search for “beauty blog,” you will find “makeup blog,” “home remedy blog,” “fitness blog,” and so on.

Optimized Conversions:

If you can’t convert, you won’t make a profit. That’s why it’s important to optimize your pages to attract traffic. You can use common keyword ads to test your conversion impact. In addition to Google Webmaster gadgets our tools, you can take information from Google Analytics and use Webmaster Tools to optimize your website. In addition, SEO provides over 700 useful words to help you rank the pages you need. We always recommend that you use internal links rather than external links, as the top link to your page must contain key phrases that are essential to your website’s social engagement.

Obtaining social signals:

To get more sales, you need to be social. Lack of social media engagement can prevent you from getting more good deals. Creating a social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can help you connect with your viewers on social media. Social networks are popular these days, and your content is shared on your follower’s network so you can interact with them for social signals.
Listed below are the top SEO affiliate networks you can participate in for your residual income.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs 2023:

Below are the best SEO affiliate programs for affiliate marketers and bloggers participating in 2022 and 2023:

  • SEMRush (BeRush) – Affiliate Program
  • Nitropack – Affiliate Program
  • LinkoDy – Affiliate Program
  • SEO PowerSuite – Affiliate Program
  • NinjaOutReach – Affiliate Program
  • Authority Hacker – Affiliate Program
  • – Affiliate program
  • Serpstat – Affiliate Program
  • Rank Math – Affiliate Program
  • Money Robot – Affiliate Program
  • Surfer SEO – Affiliate Program
  • KWFinder By Mangools – Affiliate Program
  • GeneratePress – Affiliate Program
  • Accuranker – Affiliate Program
  • Cloudways – Affiliate Program

1. SEMRush (BeRush) – Affiliate Program:


SEMrush is one of the largest digital marketing brands in the world, with a database of around 20 billion keywords and 310 million ads, and information is provided through 17 billion URL crawls per day. The database supports over 40 SEO tools to help users, from backlink analysis to better Google Ads creation. With such an impressive range of features, it’s no wonder that SEMrush is used by over 7 million SEO agencies and in-house marketers worldwide, including well-known brands such as Apple, Nike, and Tesla.

Prices for this program start at $ 119.95 per month. This means you’ll earn many commissions via this affiliate program, with affiliates earning $ 200 for each new subscription purchase, $10 for each new lead, and $ 0.01 for each new sign-up. The earned commissions will be paid 27 days at the end of the month. The commission rate is $200, and the cookie duration is 120 days.

2. Nitropack – Affiliate Program:


Maintaining PageSpeed ​​is one of the most important SEO features. Search engines mostly hate slow websites (and users hate them too), so website owners prefer to invest time and money to speed them up. NitroPack helps with this. The PageSpeed ​​tool helped reduce load times for over 72,000 websites, with users/customers improving their average speed rating by 69% and their speed index by 383%.

The NitroPack SEO Affiliate network pays a healthy 20% regular commission in the start for the first 18 months after a customer clicks on an affiliate link to make a purchase. As an additional incentive, users who purchase a monthly or annual plan via an affiliate program will receive a 5% discount from their initial payment, worth up to $ 88. The commission rate is about 20%, and the cookie execution time is about 30 days.

3. LinkoDy – Affiliate Program:


Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, LinkoDy was first launched in 2011 and is one of the leading SEO affiliate networks/programs. LinkoDy is special to help users earn significant amounts of regular commissions by constantly finding, monitoring, and analyzing valuable links and introducing clients to the company with this amazing and efficient SEO affiliate program. Backline monitoring software.

Therefore, you can monitor your website 24/7 and see its performance. LinkoDy gives affiliates 30% regular commissions and 30 monthly net payments. Oberlo cookies are valid for 30 days, but the payment methods allowed by this program are PayPal and wire transfer. The minimum payment base for the LinkoDy Affiliate Program is approximately $100.

4. SEO PowerSuite – Affiliate Program:

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite program is an all-in-one search engine optimization forum that over 2 million customers use. It also includes Amazon, IBM, and Nestle. It has rank trackers, backlink analysis, website auditors, and more, making it a strong SEO and outreach gadget/tool. Many of the most important tasks can be fully automated with a simple two-minute setup. Good so far, but what about the SEO PowerSuite Partner Program? The average order value is $197, and I like it a lot because I can earn up to $230 commissions per sale.

The 33% commission rate is greater than most other SEO affiliate networks we have seen so far, and you will also earn commissions on renewals. This is always great. You also have access to high conversion rate promotional materials and the most dedicated affiliate program management to boost your affiliate sales. The SEO PowerSuite Partner Program has a commission rate of 33%, and cookies are valid for 120 days.

5. NinjaOutReach – Affiliate Program:


Promoters widely use NinjaOutreach to look for influencers or partners and build professional relationships. You can manage multiple influencer marketing campaigns, generate prospects, and grow your business easily. Ninja Outreach program is one of the best affiliate networks among SEO programs. With a 6 month cookie period, you can get the most out of this 20% commission rate for the rest of your life. SEO affiliate programs do not enable you to run PPC campaigns on your affiliate network website for competition reasons.

NinjaOutreach program is a well-established influencer marketing platform that helps businesses search millions of social influencers and business portfolios in every niche and location. The NinjaOutreach is at the top of the list of best outreaching tools for affiliates. There is a 20% lifetime commission. It pays monthly to all marketers when the sale is approved. All affiliate purchases are approved within 60 days of the actual sale. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

6. Authority Hacker – Affiliate Program:


Authority Hacker may not be an SEO tool, but there is a lot of precious information on using the Authority Hacker program to increase search engine traffic. With over 6,000 people helping build and grow their authoritative pages, we know how to do it if it comes to search engine optimization. There are a lot of things about the Authority Hacker Affiliate Program. Affiliates can earn up to $990 on a single sale by promoting a premium course, while many partners have seen EPC of about $10.

And they have a lot of high-quality marketing materials to enable you to grow your sales. However, Authority Hacker is not affiliated with anyone, so read their affiliate requirements before applying. The Authority Hacker Affiliate Program has a recurring commission rate of $ 990 per sale and a cookie duration of approximately 60 days.

7. – Affiliate Program


Hunter is a simple and smart email marketing tool that helps customers locate professional email addresses in seconds. You can perform up to 25 email searches per month without paying a penny, but after that, you will need to get a subscription of € 34-279 per month. The Hunter Affiliate Program pays a 30% regular commission. Still, unlike some of the other affiliate networks/programs here, these payments unfortunately only last for 12 months, not the lifetime of your customer account.

Still, many well-known clients such as Adobe, Google, and Microsoft are featured in publications such as entrepreneurs, Forbes, and Guardian, so brand awareness is not lacking. In connection with the “freemium” model, hunters are relatively easy to sell. The commission or profit rate is about 30%, and regular commissions for 12 months are possible. The cookie duration time is 45 days.

8. Serpstat – Affiliate Program:


Serpstat is very important in SEO (search engine optimization). It’s one of the SEO tools that can do almost everything from SERP analysis to keyword researching to link-building insights. But it’s not just the feature sets that make Serpstat affiliate programs so attractive. The brand also has an impeccable reputation as G2’s most voted tool with over 400 reviews. The Serpstat affiliate network/program is also the best-selling product in the Appsumo category. The Serpstat Affiliate Program/network depends on the amount of new business you send, defined by the “first payments” you make.

Commissions start with a flat rate of 5% and increase to 10% for the 1st to 5th payments, 20% for the 5th to 20th payments, and 30% for the 22nd first payment. The Serpstat Affiliate Program commission rate is a regular lifetime commission of up to 30%, and the cookie duration is 30 days.

9. Rank Math – Affiliate Program:


When it comes to WordPress plugins, Rank Math calls itself the Swiss Army Knife among the SEO tools on the WordPress site. This gives users complete control over SEO on website pages and increases search traffic. With the help of recommendations from Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush, and an average rating of 4.9 / 5 from more than 3K reviews, Rank Math is much superior in its capabilities. It’s also fairly cheap, starting at just $59 a year, and is easier to sell than some of the much-expensive tools on the list.

The Rank Math Affiliate Network offers a 30% commission/profit and a fairly generous 60-day cookie window. In addition, you don’t need your website to create affiliate applications. If you’re interested in paid search, email marketing, or guest posting, you can join. The rank math affiliate network has a 30% commission rate and a cookie duration of 60 days.

10. Money Robot – Affiliate Program:


The Money Robot program is designed to deliver content to thousands of websites and get backlinks. Many people can benefit from this link-building tool, such as SEO professionals, small business owners, and web admins. Therefore, selling this tool is not difficult for you. Money Robot offers a $ 100 fee for each software license you purchase, as described on its website. In addition, if one of your followers or visitors signs up for a monthly subscription service, you’ll be offered a $20.

You can get valuable backlinks by using Money Robot to push content to thousands of websites. Another benefit of the Money Robot Affiliate Program is that you will receive a $100 fixed commission with a lifetime license with a $25 bonus when you sign up. We also give training on how to apply the tool.

11. Surfer SEO – Affiliate Program:


Surfer SEO is the tool of choice to generate more organic traffic or visitors in your content marketing efforts. It identifies your target keywords to create the content that Google users love. It works and is very easy to use. The Surfer SEO Affiliate Program has over 4,500 search engine optimization or SEO specialists and digital marketers. Surfers’ monthly fees start at just $29 and go up to $649.

So here’s something for all small business owners, big businesses, and everyone who comes in between. It gives you huge visitors or an audience to increase affiliate sales. The Surfer SEO Affiliate Program pays a 25% regular commission, but affiliates also have the chance to win monthly prizes. The Surfer SEO Affiliate Program offers about 25% regular commissions and a cookie duration of about 60 days.

12 . KWFinder BY Mangools – Affiliate Program:


Like SEMrush, Mangools provides SEO tools to help customers perform SERP analysis and complete website audits. However, the most popular feature is arguably KWFinder. This makes it very easy for users to find less difficult long-tail keywords. Mangools program may not have the brand power of a major search engine optimization company, but it’s much cheaper, starting at $29.90 per month. Even better, it offers a 10-day free trial, which is a great tool for affiliates.

The important thing is that if someone clicks on your affiliate link to sign up for a trial and then upgrades to a paid account, you’ll still get commissions. The Mangools Affiliate Program pays the affiliate an average of $487 per month. And because it provides regular and recurring commissions, it’s a great way to build income for job shifts. The commission rate of this affiliate program is 30% lifetime or recurring commission and the cookie period is 30 days.

13. GeneratePress – Affiliate Program:


GeneratePress program is considered one of the best and leading WordPress plugins, making it fast and easy for users to create WordPress sites. Nearly around 3.5 million downloads, over 80,000 5-star ratings, and over 80,000 satisfied customers are proof of its popularity. The Affiliate Program pays up to 30% commission, so GeneratePress partners can also be considered happy. You do not have to be a user to participate in the GeneratePress affiliate program, but you can promote it more efficiently.

You can create an affiliate application by filling out a very simple form in the Affiliate section of GeneratePress. The GeneratePress design provides speed, firmness, and availability features. GeneratePress Premium accelerates your workflow. It features hundreds of customized controls, a designed beginner website, and a block-based theme building system. The advantage of GeneratePress is that you pay your affiliate partners on time, and you are free to join the affiliate program.

14. Accuranker – Affiliate Program:


AccuRanker calls itself the fastest keywords ranking checker in the world. Used by over 25,000 SEO agencies, consultants, and brands, including well-known companies such as Havas, iProspect, and WPP. Customer service is very important to Accurancker. It’s more than just a ranking tracking tool; it provides free one-on-one best practice sessions and a comprehensive self-help guide. Like some of the other affiliate networks on this list, AccuRanker pays regular commissions.

That said, as soon as someone clicks on your affiliate links to sign up, you’ll earn 20% of the monthly payments as long as they’re staying at AccuRanker. We also offer a generous 120-day cookie window and a 14-day free trial to aid you in closing the deal. The commission or profit rate of the Accuranker Affiliate Program is 20% of the lifetime commission, and the cookie period is 120 days.

15. Cloudways – Affiliate Program:


As all affiliate promoters know, web hosting forums are a great asset. Hosting isn’t directly related to SEO, but at least it’s continuous, so the Cloudways affiliate network is worth mentioning. Cloudways is targeted at individuals, small business owners, and agencies and has an amazing portfolio of over 250,000 successful managed sites with 94.7% customer satisfaction. As a cloud hosting forum, it provides customers with a choice of hosting infrastructure such as Google Cloud Engine & Amazon Web Services. For good things now.

The Cloudways affiliate program provides two different commission models. The bounty payment structure pays up to $125 for monthly sales of 46-80. The lifetime commission structure offers US $30 per sale plus a 7% upfront payment for your monthly subscription. , The customer is using Cloudways. Affiliates can earn up to $125 per sale, and cookies are valid for 90 days.

Final Words:

Even though there are hundreds of SEO affiliate programs that you can find online, I decided to list only those that offer excellent service. This article described the traffic you can use to increase your sales and the best SEO affiliate programs to generate your sales. Hopefully, you can find the right SEO program for your specific needs. The need and demand for SEO tools are so high that SEO affiliate programs cover all industries, making them very popular and profitable. A good affiliate network provides affiliates with high rates, long life value, and great support for affiliates.

I have listed top SEO affiliate programs that pay a fair monthly regular commission. Stick with WordPress, affiliate marketing, or SEO tips whenever you’re blogging for money. Promoting these programs is now a hot trend for new bloggers and website owners. Testing them first is a good idea before bringing your SEO products or services to your audience. That way, you’ll know the main strengths, weaknesses, and features of what you’re promoting. Promote only products of value. To get success in affiliate marketing, you need to build trust.

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