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Best Time to Post Reels on Instagram In 2023

Every time you publish on a social networking site, the first and foremost thing you need to consider is the timing of posting your content. Are you confused about your posting time on Instagram in 2022? 

This article will cover the best time to post Instagram reels to get more views and followers because I have seen the time that you post to be the difference between thousands of views, tens of thousands of news, and even millions of views.  

So, I am going to be showing you the best time to be posting Instagram reels. So you can acquire more reach and more followers on Instagram in 2022. I will take a huge guess, but most of you are posting completely randomly on Instagram. You don’t know when the best time to post is, and you don’t know when your competitors are posting and when your audience is online on Instagram.

Above all of these are huge mistakes. So when is the ideal time to publish on Instagram reels? To find this, I will provide you with the best tips you need to follow in 2022.

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Best Time to Post on Instagram Reels

If you are looking for the best time to post Instagram reels in 2023#, I will give tips and tricks to find the best times to post on Instagram Reels. 

Tip 1: Where is the Audience is Located 

So, tip number one is where your audience is located. For example, if you are from London in the United Kingdom and the majority of your audience is from New York in the United States. Then, you must post at the precise moment when your New York audience will be online.

Tip 2: Post Before Peak Times

The second tip is published before busy hours. It is a huge strategy you need to use to get many views on your posts. You need to post in the slot before your peak. Therefore, around one to four hours before peak audience goes online on Instagram.

And basically, the reason you’re doing that is so that when you publish, your followers will start to connect with you a little. That’s how the algorithm works. It pushes out a very small number of your followers first.

Just see if the content is good to see if Instagram and your followers like the content you are posting. Then, once it is past that first wave. It is going to push it out to the masses. So this is why it is super important to post before your peak. 

So you can authorize or give a tick mark from Instagram saying that the content is good. Let’s push it out to the explore page, and let’s push it out to all of your followers. Now how exactly do you find peak times to be posting on Instagram?

  • Well, the first thing is you want to go ahead and open up your Instagram account.
  •  and then you will select insights
  • After that, select total followers and then scroll down. 
  • There you will view the most active times.
  • You will have two options. 
  • You will have hours and days.
  • If you select days, you can see when your audience is most active on which days. 
  • Now we need to click on the hour’s section. 
  • So, tap on that. 
  • You will get a little demographic of how active the audience is throughout the day. 
  • So, you will see which times people will be active.
  • So, we need to post for that peak hour or before that peat.

Tip 3: Look for Generic Times

If you want a more generic time to post, it will influence, so marketing hubs have analyzed over a hundred thousand Instagram posts. So, look for Eastern Standard Time, the best generic times you should be posting every day. 

Tip 4: Post on Average Standard Eastern Time (EST)

If you bothered to follow the graph, here is an average peak time you should post on Instagram. The best time you should be posting every single day is 9 to 11 AM eastern standard time. 

Remember that this is a rough guideline because they have analyzed a hundred thousand posts, but that is the data they got from those posts. So remember 9 to 11 eastern time if you can’t be bothered to check when the best time to post is. But my advice is to check your analytics to see if you have the data to use what Instagram is giving you.

Ideal Times to post Instagram Reels In 2023:

Monday’s prime time for Instagram posting

Monday at midnight is the ideal time to publish on Instagram. Most Instagram users appear to like getting their working weekend off to a great start. By midday, they are seeking a halt on Instagram.

Tuesday’s prime time for Instagram posting

Tuesday at 9:00 AM is the ideal time to post on Instagram. Interaction is also high between 8 and 10 in the morning, although it tops at 9:00.

Wednesday’s prime time for Instagram posting

Wednesday at 11:00 AM is the ideal time to post on Instagram. Additionally, profiles appear to receive the total interaction on Wednesday.

Thursday’s prime time for Instagram posting

Thursday at midnight is the ideal time to upload to Instagram. The period from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM is ideal for maximum interaction on any workday.

Friday’s prime time for Instagram posting

The ideal time to publish on Instagram on Friday is at 2:00 PM. From 7 AM to 2:00 PM on Friday, there is continuous interaction during the morning and lunchtime hours.

Saturday’s prime time for Instagram posting

The optimum time to publish on Instagram on Saturday is 9:00 AM. Before folks start thinking about their disconnected weekend activities, seize their eyes!

Sunday’s prime time for Instagram posting

On Sundays, 7:00 PM is the ideal time to post on Instagram. On Sundays, participation is rather constant across the afternoon and evening hours. It doesn’t change from 12:00 to 8:00.

When should I upload reels to Instagram?

Uploading Reels at any moment of the day is straightforward if you want to increase your Instagram following and interaction. According to our analytics, reels can receive up to 300% more interaction than typical Instagram videos.

For over 2 years, Hootsuite has been releasing Reels to its 170k-follower Instagram community. We’ve discovered that posting Reels is most effective between the hours of 9 AM and 12 PM, Monday through Thursday.

How Does Instagram Analytics Work?

When individuals launch the application, Instagram’s analytics go through all the information and apply particular criteria to determine:

What articles to display at the peak of viewers’ feeds and in what chronological order? Instagram Stories, Reels, and Streaming videos are displayed on their pages and feeds in the correct sequence:

Let’s look at the criteria that decide when to publish on Reels to recognize how various parts of the Instagram Reels algorithms affect your scheduling and entire Instagram advertising approach.

In this case, if your audience is active : 

Find out when your audience is engaged and upload intriguing videos during those times.

The profile of your target audience:

To learn about the demographics of your Instagram followers, use advanced algorithms on Instagram.

Location of your viewer:

Understanding exactly when and where your target market is situated enables you to post when interest is at its highest throughout those times.

How to tailor your message to your viewer’s routines: 

How closely does your material fit the interests of your audience at that moment in time? If your company offers breakfast smoothies, posting about a daily schedule that includes your item can be interesting to your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many reels should I post a day in 2023?

Answer: Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said that making two feed updates weekly and two stories daily is optimum for growing an audience on the platform throughout Instagram’s Founder Week in June 2021.

2. When should I post Insta reels?

Answer: Reels are often best posted in the morning, anywhere around noon. The best times to post vary on where your viewers are situated, so be sure to do so within their local time. The worst day to submit Reels is typically Wednesday. If you constantly and strategically upload Reels, Instagram will give your material priority.

3. How can I get more likes on Instagram in 2023?

Answer: Here are 16 smart methods for getting unpaid likes

  • Add the appropriate hashtags.
  • Customer tagging relevant audiences.
  • Create captivating captions.
  • Add a location tag.
  • Conduct a like-to-win competition.
  • Post quality images.
  • Post material that users have created.
  • Share behind-the-scenes material.

4. Should I Post 2 reels a day?

Answer: Treating reels as though they were a part of your feed is a solid general guideline. You don’t want to post many reels to your followers’ news constantly feeds in the expectation that one of them would capture their attention. Create and distribute thought-provoking reels, but try not to do so more than once daily.

5. Do hashtags work on Reels?

Answer: Hashtags function just as well in Reels’ captions and comments for feed articles. For the captain’s aesthetics, some individuals choose to involve comments in a remark. To ensure Instagram Statistics recognizes them so you can monitor their success, we advise including them in the description.

6. How do you make a reel go viral?

Answer: Here I am going to give you the method to make a reel that goes viral:

  • Reels may be shared on the Instagram Timeline.
  • Reels may be shared on Instagram Stories.
  • The companies should be mentioned in the video so people can share and watch them.
  • Develop new copies of your reels using the same subject, aesthetic, or background audio.
  • To get featured again, keep producing updated Reels frequently.

Final Verdict

To sum up, as you know, the secret to success is to value time. The same is the case of time with posting content on social media. It will be the wrong time to post if you publish your content when your audience is unavailable or online. Therefore, the timing of posting something is very important.

So, the subject of this article is mainly when is the best time to post Instagram reels. I have explained the best tips and strategies that by following, you will get the ideal times to post Instagram reels and get as many views and followers as you want.

Hopefully, you may find this article helpful or useful in the future, so if you have any questions related to this topic, drop your questions in the comments area.

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