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Best Tweet Deleter Tools in 2021 (Delete All Tweets)

Delete all Tweets:

If you are using twitter account for an extended period, and your tweets a lot then you probably want to delete many tweets. And you want a fresh start on Twitter without making a new account. You can have your twitter account like a clean slate with the same followers. Like Born again on Tweeter.

Users can delete the tweets even old once.  You can delete all them at once rather than removing them one by one. So this service is straightforward and prevents you from time-consuming.

Tools to delete the Tweets:

Tools like delete service started in 2011.  And more tools like Delete all tweets, Tweeter-Wipe and Tweet delete can delete your tweets permanently freed cost.  You can also withdraw the access of service once you are done with deleting the tweets.

How to delete all Tweets:

  1. Choose a service tool and open its website.
  2. Approve the chosen tool so it can access the tweets.
  3. Choose a target sum of tweets that you want to delete.
  4. Indorse your selection of tweets. Now, this can’t be undone.
  5. Here, your all tweets have been erased.

Best Tweet Deleter Tools 2021:

Here is a list of best Tweet deleter tools that you can use in 2021

  1. Circleboom
  2. TweetDeleter
  3. TweetDelete
  4. TwitWipe
  5. TweetEraser

1- – Best Tweet Deleter

It has interface is perhaps slickest user. Woman deleting her tweets charmingly will welcome you. It is effortless to use.

Key features:

  • Auto-delete: if you set up auto-delete then it will delete your tweets daily but slowly.
  • Tweet archive: if you want, you can archive your tweets as well.
  • Full delete: you can quickly delete your tweets permanently.

Tweet Deleter also offers different filters to minimize search results.

  • Rude word: There is a filter to find tweets having harsh or bad language; this filter called a rude word filter.
  • Tweet type: Another filter tweet-type to discover retweets replies, and likes.
  • Media filter: to locate gifs, pictures, and videos.

Disadvantages: There are some drawbacks of Tweet Deleter, one is you can delete only five tweets per day with free of cost. All other features, like tweet archive, auto-delete, and full delete, are kept for paid users.

Paid versions: If you can pay for Tweet Deleter, there are two options.

The Premium one that permits you up to 3,000 deleted tweets per day, and the unlimited one that allows for countless deleted tweets in a day.


  • Premium – Cost $5.99 per month annually, $9.99/month-to-month
  • Unlimited –Cost  $7.50 per month annually, $14.99/month-to-month

2- TweetDelete – Free Tweet Deleter:

A primary way to erase tweets up to 3200. It has no slick interface and auto-delete feature. But if you want to delete more than five tweets per day, then it will be beneficial for you.

It can also post to your feeds and let notifying your followers that you have deleted tweets. It also asks you to follow its tweet delete if you don’t want you can uncheck these options before activating to delete

Disadvantages: Tweet Delete operate very quickly, still, deleting a large volume of tweets in a single click could take a while and cause some massive bugs on your Twitter timeline. If this happens, Only Twitter support can fix this.

Paid versions: Unlike to Tweet Deleter, you can use this tool 100% free of cost.

TweetEraser – Best Tweet Deleter Tool in 2020

This tool is a combination of Tweet delete and Tweet deleter. It has dashboard options like tweet deleter. When you access the website, it will notify you first about their free and paid versions. Now you have signed up; you can get Tweeter eraser dashboard:

Key features:

  • Search filters: you can have a custom filter after finding particular tweets by typing in keywords.
  • Multiple Twitter accounts: If you have personal and business both tweeter account, you can sync them.
  • Keep deleted tweets: it won’t be public-facing when you remove the tweets. Through this feature, you can access them easily.

Disadvantages: it has a better option unlike tweet delete like you can delete up to 3200 tweets per usage, but there are advertisements on pages. Moreover. Search filters are not unlimited for the free tire.  Only paid users can use features like saving previous tweets and syncing different twitter accounts.

Paid versions: If you can afford paid version of Tweet Eraser, so there are two following tiers.

The Standard eraser permits you for countless deleted tweets in a day, but you do not want to save old tweets, and search filters are not unlimited.

Here is the Premium eraser which has almost no barrier on features and provides you with unlimited search filters.

  • Standard: Cost $6.99 per month
  • Premium – Cost 9.99 per month

Final Words:

That’s it. Your chosen tweets have been erased now, but it would be better to signing back into a Twitter account to make sure that the procedure has gone efficiently without any trouble in the system.

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