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15+ Best VPN Affiliate Programs in 2022

Are you the one who is looking for the best VPN affiliate programs to promote VPN services and get recurring commissions each month? You have jumped into the right platform by researching high-paying VPN affiliate programs to generate passive income. There are a lot of VPN affiliate programs that you can join and advertise your services and earn good money. They pay their partners very high commission rates. And with recurring sales, commissions keep increasing.

Hence, VPN affiliate marketing generates higher revenue for your partners. There are many better affiliate programs, and selecting the best one is confusing. We have got experience and been through several such affiliate programs and then formulated this guide to select the best program. With the help of this VPN affiliate program article, you can differentiate and compare the specifications, features, and commissions of the different major affiliate programs. And eventually, you can choose a VPN affiliate program that meets all of your needs. 

What is a VPN Program? 

VPN stands for “virtual private network, “which gives you protected and secured accessibility to an open Internet connection. A VPN network mainly protects you against your private information/data theft and keeps your online identity a secret. When you connect to a safe and secure VPN server, your internet traffic passes via an encrypted funnel that no one can see, including hackers, thief’s, governments, and your ISP. 

Consumers use VPNs to keep their online activities private and secure to ensure that their Internet experience is free from theft or outside interference. 

Companies also use VPNs to connect far-living workers/employees. They all use the same local area network at a headquarters but with fewer individual benefits than a personal VPN. 

Benefits and Pros of VPN: 

If privacy and security are very important to you, you should use a VPN each time you connect. A VPN application works in the background of your device, so it won’t get in the way no matter what you’re doing online: browsing, chatting, gaming, and downloading. And you can have a relaxed mind knowing your privacy is always protected. 

Changes location:

You can change and mask your IP address by using a VPN, the unique number which identifies you, and your current location in the whole world. This new IP address makes it appear that you are in the location you choose when you connect with a VPN, e.g., in the UK, Canada, Japan, China, or pretty much any country if that VPN service has servers located there. 

Protects privacy:

Changing your IP number with a VPN enables protecting your original identity from the websites, applications, and services you want to track. Good VPNs also help to prevent your ISP, cellular operator, and anyone else who might be listening from observing your activity, thanks to a strong layer of encryption. 

Increases security:

Using a VPN protects you from security breaches in several ways, including packet tracking, rogue WiFi networks, and many man-in-the-middle attacks. Travelers, remote workers, and all types of people use a VPN when on an untrusted network, like a free public Wi-Fi network. 

High Paying Best VPN Affiliate Programs 2022: 

Here is the list of high-paying best VPN Affiliate Programs in 2022 & 2023:

  • FastestVPN Affiliate Program
  • ExpressVPN Affiliate Program
  • NortonVPN Affiliate Program
  • Private Internet Access Affiliate Program
  • Avast Affiliate Program
  • NordVPN Affiliate Program
  • Panda Security Affiliate Program
  • F-Secure Affiliate Program
  • TunnelBear VPN Affiliate Program
  • AVG Technologies Affiliate Program
  • PureVPN Affiliate Program
  • TorGuard Affiliate Program
  • VirtualShield Affiliate Program
  • Tiger Direct Affiliate Program
  • SurfEasy Affiliate Program
  • Rapid VPN Affiliate Program
  • SpiderVPN Affiliate Program
  • SpyOff VPN Affiliate Program
  • IPVanish Affiliate Program
  • HideMyAss Affiliate Program

As always, we have saved you the uncountable hours it takes to look for the best VPN affiliate programs or networks to promote. Here at this platform are the 15 best and great VPN affiliate programs to promote internet safety and freedom, which give generous and handsome commissions.

In this article, we shared the top 20 VPN partner programs/networks for vloggers, bloggers, and affiliate promoters to join in 2021 and 2022. 

1. FastestVPN – Affiliate Program:

Fastest VPN affiliate program

FastestVPN may not be a VPN service that you are immediately familiar with, but they have made their mark on the market. This program is quite new, and that is why they like to sell VPN services for only 0.83 cents/month, but users have to pay 5 years in prior/advance to get this discount. Plus, you’re paying $ 10 a month for getting a regular virtual private program/network package, which is the norm these days. 

However, this company offers much more than most VPN solutions. For example, it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple, and Android devices. It can also connect 10 devices simultaneously to its 150 servers in 35 countries without logged activities, a built-in ad blocker, and anti-malware functions.

So overall, they seem to offer great value for money. This program includes offering huge generous commissions for their product range, and promoters receive a 60% share of each negotiated sale, along with a 90-day cookie and a special landing page for traffic. 

Try Fastest Affiliate Program

  • Commission:  60% 
  • EPC:  $17.47 
  • Cookie duration:  90 days 

2. ExpressVPN – Affiliate Program:

Express VPN affiliate program

ExpressVPN offers software-based VPN solutions for Windows, Mac, Apple, Android, and Linux devices, but they also go one step advance with their browsing extensions. But what sets them different from the remaining/rest of the particular field is that they also promote VPN routers that are pre-configured for use with their program’s services.

A hardware-based VPN is the most efficient way to overcome the increasing number of geoblocks. In terms of how their service is working, you get 160 servers in 94 countries worldwide, each with unlimited bandwidth. 

This VPN affiliate network is in-house, so you need to apply direct, but you will generally receive a response from your affiliate team within 2-3 days. But it’s worth the extra effort, as you can earn up to $ 36 per sale. Payments are made monthly via PayPal with a minimum withdrawal of $100, but bank transfer is also offered if you earn more than $1,000/month in profit or commissions. 

Try Express Affiliate Program

  • Commission: Up to $36 per sale 
  • EPC: TBC 
  • Cookie duration:  90 days 

3. Private Internet Access – Affiliate Program:

Private Internet Access Affiliate Program

Private Internet Access Affiliate Program is really easy to set and start-up and just as easy to use even for inexperienced beginners. Promoters get access to servers in 29 different countries, with new servers and locations being added at all times. They keep the VPN software updated regularly, so you may never have to contact the customer support team.

They offer connections for 10 devices, malware protection, ad blocking, and no traffic log. And that costs you the “industry standard” amount of $10 per month. It could be well suited to each partner’s current online privacy needs. In this VPN affiliate program, you can earn a 33% commission for new sales and continuous customer renewals. 

So every customer could be worth $3 a month to you, but 500 returning customers would translate into $1,500 monthly passive income. Affiliates are offered with recurring commissions are often much more rewarding than “high paying” unique offers. 

  • Commission:  33% 
  • EPC:  TBC 
  • Cookie duration: TBC 

4. Avast – Affiliate Program:

Avast Affiliate Program

Avast Affiliate Program is a very popular and reasonably powerful freemium antivirus suite for computers used at homes. Almost every new system/computer sold today comes with one of two these antivirus packages that start with the letter “A.” Because of this, Avast has around 435 million users worldwide. Avast offers its virtual private network as a unique service priced at $80/year. 

In this program, there is no monthly option available. For this price, up to 5 devices can use a secure, unlimited VPN with their servers in 34 different locations around the globe for a full year. They also give a 7-day free trial of ‘SecureLine,’ which is worth putting in your affiliate content website. Promoting this VPN network offer means a 35% payment for every purchase you can make. In the case of an annual price plan for Avast VPN, everyone who signs up gets a commission of $7 in their wallet. 

  • Commission:  35% 
  • EPC:  $11.36 
  • Cookie duration:  60 days 

5. NordVPN – Affiliate Program:

NordVPN Affiliate Program

NordVPN program is a pocket-friendly solution that keeps the Internet reachable and anonymous. This VPN solution-providing service has been present since 2012 and now serves and supports 12 million customers worldwide. Indeed, NordVPN has become a household brand in technology and online privacy-providing circles. 

They offer their users around $10 each month to install NordVPN on their Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, plus up to 6 of them at once. However, you can also synchronize your router to use Nord VPN, providing a tough layer of protection between your private data and prying eyes.

The program has an impressive EPC along with a high network earnings score on Commission/profit Junction. As a Nord VPN partner, you get a 40% revenue share for every sale you refer, and a 30-day cookie is also available. 

  • Commission:  40% 
  • EPC:  $190.27 
  • Cookie duration:  30 days 

6. Panda Security – Affiliate Program:

Panda Security Affiliate Program

Panda Security Affiliate Program is a Spanish IT solution and IT Security Company that has existed since 1998. That means it has more than 30 years of experience protecting home and commercial IT systems from outside and online viruses or threats.

Panda Security now has its VPN offering, but they are also combining it with their “Panda Dome Premium” product. So your customers can get VPN as a unique service for $ 10.99 per month or $ 77.35 if they pay the cost in advance for a year. 

And its profit structure also means that this virtual private network product is best sold. The Panda Affiliate Program pays you up to 35% commission on each annual billing you make. But it is a flat fee for monthly services. Selling a VPN package will earn you a flat commission of $ 8, while your monthly antivirus plans will only pay you a commission of $5. The duration of the Panda Security Affiliate Program cookies is 30 days. 

  • Commission:  Up to 35% 
  • EPC:  $11.87 
  • Cookie duration:  30 days 

7. F-Secure – Affiliate Program:

F-Secure Affiliate Program

F-Secure Affiliate Program started as a computer and Pc security training company in 1988 but became an antivirus software program developer only two years later, in 1990. It is one of the best antivirus products out there. F-Secure program is widely used due to its small size and smart heuristics. 

It is available for all Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices and is slightly cheaper than other virtual private networks. With some services, you can connect 5 to 10 devices at the same time. However, if you only need to use 2 or 3 devices, sign up for the FreeDome VPN service. It costs $34.99/year and covers 3 devices, so your promoters get all the usual features except for a discounted price. 

This program provides 15% on antivirus products like “F-Secure Total” but gives 25% on its VPN solutions. For instance, an annual license for “F-Secure Total” costs $89.99, so you get a payment of $13. But an annual license for “FreeDome” costs $39.99, so you get a payment of $9. 

  • Commission:  Up to 25% 
  • EPC:  $14.24 
  • Cookie duration:  60 days 

8. TunnelBear VPN – Affiliate Program:

TunnelBear VPN Affiliate Program

TunnelBear VPN Affiliate Program seems to be a VPN service provider that offers strong protection in this program. You can access their servers with unlimited bandwidth in about 20 different countries and make connecting to your VPN as really easy as possible. TunnelBear’s GhostBear feature enables you to bypass the locks and controls imposed by some countries.  

In terms of price, they offer a “free” package with 500MB of data browsing and their unlimited VPN services (5 devices), which costs just $4.99 /month. As a TunnelBear VPN partner, you will receive a 50% commission for each new customer who signs up with you. The duration of the TunnelBear Affiliate program cookies is 45 days. 

  • Commission:  50% 
  • EPC:  $11.92 
  • Cookie duration:  45 days 

9. AVG Technologies – Affiliate Program:

AVG Technologies Affiliate Program

Around 200 million computers and smartphone users worldwide rely on AVG (Antivirus Guard) to protect their data and systems. It was among the first-ever companies to provide the freemium model for antivirus softwares at that time. Although most people associate AVG with their new IT security products, they also give a VPN product for all Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

AVG Technologies gives typical functionality, including the servers in 50 different locations, supporting 5 devices simultaneously, and more. But they also provide a free trial that is much more attractive to potential users than “Buy me now, and I hope you enjoy me.” 

AVG Technologies Affiliate Program has taken the smart step of keeping its commission structure as simple as possible. Therefore, affiliates receive a 25% commission on each thing they sell, regardless of what it is. This is the kind of transparency we like to see in networks/programs, and affiliates see it the same way because there are fewer “estimates or guesswork.” And you also get a huge and generous 60-day cookie to work with, so your visitors can try the free trial. 

  • Commission:  25% 
  • EPC:  $14.32 
  • Cookie duration:  60 days

10. PureVPN – Affiliate Program:

PureVPN Affiliate Program

PureVPN Affiliate Program offers custom virtual private network (VPN) software services for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. They offer their customers total privacy on the Internet. Its features include strong data protection, a zero-logging policy, 5 at once logins, live chat support, a 7-day money-back guarantee, and more. It operates in Hong Kong, a privacy-respecting region with more than 750 servers and more than 141 countries. 

 Affiliates can access their expanded Affiliate Dashboard, where they can do everything from selecting graphics, web landing pages, and banners to tracking sales. PureVPN Affiliate Program will keep you updated on sales and campaigns with regular updates.

They give multiple withdrawal methods so you can select the method that is best suits your needs. PureVPN Affiliate Program rewards its partners with great earnings and commission structure. They also run major affiliate raffles for prizes like new iPhones to present them for their hard work. 

  • Commission: 50% 
  • EPC:  $4.82 
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days 

11. TorGuard – Affiliate Program:

TorGuard Affiliate Program

TorGuard Affiliate Program is a trusted brand in the VPN industry that gives easy-to-use services to protect the identity of its online customers. They give their customers unlimited anonymous VPN services with no logs, high speeds, and a 24/7 support system. 

The available features include strong VPN encryption, secure DNS server, dedicated IP addresses, over 80 payment options, and much more. Promoters can share their referral links with their friends, clients, and visitors on their site, blogs, and social media page. TorGuard Program uses its in-house affiliate management software.  

TorGuard Affiliate Program provides affiliates with marketing guarantees, tracking tools, and fast payments with a minimum of $ 50 via PayPal or Bitcoin. Affiliates also receive world-class support around the clock. This VPN network has made a trusted name by providing lifetime recurring commissions and 24/7 support. TorGuard provides lifelong recurring profit rates for each registration you refer to provide its partners with a constant source of passive income as long as the customer continues to use their services. 

  • Commission: 30% lifetime recurring 
  • EPC:  TBC 
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days 

12. VirtualShield – Affiliate Program:

VirtualShield Affiliate Program

VirtualShield is the simplest VPN service in the world. They give services to protect and secure your privacy and data online because they believe you have the right to have privacy. Did you know that your internet providers can track you and sell your browser data? Their VPN services protect you from tracking by routing your Internet via their encrypted servers across the world.  

VirtualShield is also a profitable program for the affiliates. They have developed a partnership with Referson to manage their affiliate programs and offer affiliates creatives, reporting tools, and commission payments. They have a dedicated number of managers to provide help with any of your concerns or questions.

VirtualShield is also considered one of the best VPN services out there and offers high commissions. Affiliates can get up to $ 72 per referral on VirtualShield’s easy-to-use VPN services. 

  • Commission: $13-72 
  • EPC:  $13 
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days 

13. SurfEasy – Affiliate Program:

SurfEasy Affiliate Program

SurfEasy is an ultra-fast No-log VPN for any device. They offer easy-to-use solutions to secure and protect your privacy online and provide security on any device, including tablets, smartphones, and computers. This way, your customers can access public WiFi networks without fearing hacking with its bank-grade encryption technology. They hide the identities and IP addresses of their customers from the websites they are browsing.  

They provide their partners with a very generous commission rate of 50% on their plans. SurfEasy uses ShareASale to manage its affiliate networks/program. Affiliates generally have access to great tools to aid you set up and running your campaigns, including banners, text links, sale trackings, and their special offer alerts. 

When you promote SurfEasy, you get lightning-fast No-log VPN, bank-grade encryption technology, and plenty of marketing tools. Affiliates receive a wealth of marketing materials and tracking tools, as well as special offer notifications, to aid them in converting leads and getting higher commissions. 

  • Commission:  50% 
  • EPC:  $3 
  • Cookie duration:  90 days 

14. NortonVPN – Affiliate Program:



NortonVPN is an old-school computer security software company, which released its first Symantec-branded antivirus product for DOS PCs as early as 1989. Norton VPN Affiliate Program is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices and is part of the Norton 360 package.

At $39.99/year, you get a complete security package for 5 virtual private program/network devices and servers in 28 countries, so you can use your laptops or smartphones on public WiFi networks without being worried about your privacy online. 

NortonVPN offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. It is the most powerful program, period. About 4,444 affiliates get a 20% revenue share from all sales, and the Affiliate network has a great EPC. The duration of the NortonVPN affiliate program cookies is 60 days. 

  • Commission:  20% 
  • EPC:  $240.20 
  • Cookie duration:  60 days 

15. Tiger Direct – Affiliate Program:

Tiger Direct

The Tiger Direct brand will be known to anyone who has built, upgraded, or repaired a PC. Everyone out there is one of the leading online providers of computer hardware and softwares in the United States. Most people use software VPNs, but you could use the hardware route instead.  

Tiger Direct VPN software works great but adds extra load and slows down your computer. A hardware VPN doesn’t have this problem as your processor does all the work, making your connection work much faster. But the speed is gained at a price, as hardware VPNs cost you hundreds of dollars and aren’t suitable for beginners. Tiger Direct partners receive a 2% commission on all purchases and the cookie lifetime for this affiliate program is 30 days. 

  • Commission:  3% 
  • EPC:  $12.16 
  • Cookie duration: 30 days 

Final Thoughts:

I know some visitors reading this would be wondering why you would want to use a paid / premium VPN when so many free VPN services are available online. Let me answer your questions: would you use a free security system to protect your home, family or would you choose a well-monitored system that costs you money? Exactly, you can guess the answer. 

The undoubtable truth is that 77% of VPN applications are best described as being highly unsafe.  If briefly said, there is no such thing as a good free-of-cost VPN solution – they all contain flaws, usually the serious ones. So it’s up to you.  And there comes the end of our collection of the best VPN affiliate programs/networks we could find and experiment with for you.

Certain VPN services have not been included because their affiliate metrics are a dump. They can brag what they want about their “great commission rates,” but they won’t show up if they have an EPC of $1.08. Still, the affiliate programs we found are strong and offer several very profitable opportunities for you. And the other good thing is that there are thousands of fewer competition keywords waiting for someone like you to publish content about them. 


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