15+ Best VPNs for iPhones In 2023

VPN stands for virtual private network and gives it’s users a service of making their network connection secure when they’re using public networks, VPN is mostly used by people who are not sure if the network they’re using is secure or safe to use.

VPNs work by encrypting your data disguising your presence, on the internet, which makes it difficult for other users to steal your data through the network

The encryption takes place in real-time which means that a VPN is encrypting your data, live.

How does a VPN work:

A VPN starts by hiding the IP address of your device, it hides the address by converting the connection to a separate server which is run by the VPN company that provide you this service. This means that when you use a VPN to use internet, the VPN company then becomes the source of your data by providing a secure connection to a remote server of their own. This also further disguises the usage of internet from your internet service provider, even the service provider cannot see what type of data you have been sharing online.

A VPN basically turns your data into encryptions which doesn’t make any sense, so even if someone were to get their hands on your data then the data will be nonsense for them and they wouldn’t be able to tell anything about it.

Your internet providers usually setup a track for your device through your IP address and they track your data through it, the reason they can do this is that your network connection is set up through their servers which we use to access the internet.

Some of the internet providers share their user’s data with advertisers to help them target the audience the want to, or they share data with the government or even if they don’t, there is always a chance of your service provider to get attacked by cyber criminals and once they are successful in their attack, which is not that difficult for them, they can steal all their user’s data.

Getting compromised of your data is especially a problem when you’re using public wifi networks, who knows if you’re being targeted or not and if you are who knows what they are stealing from you.

A good VPN functions by securing your connection by:

  • Encryption of your IP address.
  • Two factor authentication.
  • Kill switch etc.

Types of VPNs:

1. SSL VPNs:

Not all companies have the option of giving their employs their own computers to work from home, which means that employees have to resort to this type of VPN for securing their connection and reducing the chance of compromising data which is achieved through a network that uses HTML 5 capable browser, and almost all browsers support HTML 5. The data is essentially given access to through an id and password.

2. Site to site VPN:

Site to site, as the name suggests this type of VPN consists of a private network which is used to disguise private data and then it let’s users of these sources to access each other’s data.

A side to side is normally used by companies that have many differently located branches and each branch is connected to each other through a wide area network and before wide area network comes into play, they use local area networks to connect their own computers with each other.

Site to site VPNs are complex to set up and they are normally used by large companies that require a lot of networking, they are also not that flexible.

3. Client to server VPN:

A VPN serves the purpose of securing your data through a connection between your PC and the company’s server. Which means employees can access their company’s networking while sitting at home. This makes the user to connect to the internet using their company’s internet server.

This is the type of VPN which is more commonly used, and is resorted to when using a public network of sort.

Best VPNs for iPhones:

Here is the List of Best VPNs for iPhones of 2022 and 2023:

  1. Nord VPN
  2. Ultra VPN
  3. Cyberghost VPN
  4. Proton VPN
  5. Strong VPN
  6. Pure VPN
  7. IP vanish VPN
  8. Surf shark
  9. Zenmate
  10. Atlas VPN
  11. Express VPN
  12. Vyper VPN
  13. Hotspot shield
  14. Private internet access
  15. Norton secure VPN

1. Nord VPN:


Nord VPN supports a lot of countries and they claim then to be 60+, Nord VPN is one of the most known names for both, android and Iphone and is also said to be the best VPN service for iPhone.

It is compatible with the models of iphone that are running iOS 11 or later. This VPN for iphone also includes multi factor authentication which exceeds the famous two factor authentication and secures your data in an effective way. You can always rely on Nord VPN for safety measures of your iphone. It also gives the fastest speed available in a VPN as it has servers in 60 plus countries.

2. Ultra VPN:

Ultra VPN

Ultra VPN is normally used for gaming purposes, the reason is that it is considered to be one of the most stable Vpns out there. It is a highly secure VPN that offers you access to all platforms that you might consider visiting once in a while.

Ultra VPN is the most gamer friendly VPN because of the reason that it can hold a stable internet connection even when multiple devices are connected to it and it holds it while they are streaming as well.

One of the advantages of using this VPN is that you don’t have to sit through buffering while you want to watch content and it also provides an easy to access interface for its iphone users.

3.Cyberghost VPN:

Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost is considered to be the best VPN service to date.The reason for that is simple, it has a fast connection to it’s server, moreover, it has over 7000 different servers worldwide which helps their users access their VPN from any part of the world that supports internet.

This VPN is also considered to be the best VPN for streaming, and the reason for that is that this service provides a fast internet connection through it’s servers that are spread throughout the globe.Another advantage of this VPN is that it optimizes the best suitable connection through the nearest server.

4. Proton VPN:

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is known for its offerings that come with the free version of this app. Moreover, this VPN provides you the standard safety measures that a person would use a VPN for, It provides you security, and privacy which are the basic requirements for a good VPN now.

Proton VPN uses it’s accelerator to maintain the speed of the network connection. Using this feature can boost the network speed upto 400%, or that’s at least what they claim.

5. Strong VPN:


Strong VPN is considered to be one of the best iPhone VPNs that provide premium level networking speed, it has the feature of letting you connect to up to 12 devices simultaneously, which is why it’s considered to be one of the best options if you want to use many devices while networking.

The prices that they offer are also said to be reasonable because of their competition with other services.

6. Pure VPN:


Pure VPN provides you a great option if you require security and speed at the same time for your iPhone. It has a great reputation of keeping it’s users secure while using it’s high speed servers to connect them to the internet. They also have a great number of servers that are spread across the globe, they have about 7500 plus servers in over 78 countries while covering the major regions.

7. IP vanish VPN:

IP vanish VPN

IP vanish is a very fast and secure VPN service that offers its users powerful internet privacy and it offers their users data protection that is simple and effective at the same time. Another big reason of using this service is that it does not limit the number of devices that can use their service simultaneously. So if you buy it once you can use it on many devices at once as well.

It also provides it’s users with the kill switch feature that basically acts as a killswitch and provides more safety and security.

8. Surf shark:


It has been maintaining a generous feature of unlimited connected devices from the beginning, a unique thing about their service is that their servers consist of RAM only which means random access memory and is not capable of saving any information or data within itself, which makes them even more secure as they get rid of data on the go. Many iPhone users use surfshark for a number of reasons including their user friendly interface.

9. Zenmate:


Zenmate VPN service is known for its affordable prices moreover, another advantage of using zenmate is that you can connect as many devices to it as you want, there is no limit to it, zenmate has approached a lot of regions as they have over 4,300 servers which are distributed all over the world, these servers consist of more than 80 countries which is a big feat.

10. Atlas VPN:

atlas vpn

Atlas VPN focuses more towards mobile phones which is why atlas is designed to be more intuitive and easy to use when it comes to iOS devices. Atlas also comes with a reasonable price but if you don’t have a budget to spend on VPN services then you can take advantage of their free version which also comes with many free features. You can also use this VPN with unlimited devices as they have not set a limit over the number of devices connected.

11. Express VPN:


Express VPN is known for the quality of its service, express VPN has reached a large number of users and is still growing it’s numbers, this VPN provides you the option to connect upto 5 devices when you’re using this VPN, another advantage of using this VPN is that you don’t have to manually connect to the server closest to you, you can use the one click button so that this VPN automatically searches the optimized server for you and you get connected to it in a matter of seconds.

12. Vyper VPN:

vyper VPN

Vyper VPN has been offering it’s service for a long time now and it is a VPN that focuses more towards the security aspect of a VPN and it uses the most advanced technology for its security feature, moreover this VPN keeps its user’s privacy and respects it.

Vyper VPN has optimized servers over 78 different countries which means it can give a good connection to every region that their user might come from. Vyper VPN also offers multi platform support and you can also connect different devices at once.

13. Hotspot shield:

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield is used more by people who possess lots of important data that they wouldn’t want other people to get their hands on, it is used by these people because hotspot shield offers military grade online security features and it also supports other services such as gaming and streaming etc.

Hotspot shield comes with different price plans for different customers.But there is also a free version that provides you with many paid version features.

14. Private internet access:

Private Internet Access

Private internet access is a great VPN service provider that is known best for its reliability and fast network speed. They also use latest technologies to camouflage your engagement in the internet and conceal them when you access the internet from the device connected to their servers.

15. Norton secure VPN:

Norton secure VPN

Norton is a classic company that also provides it’s famous virus protection services, now the same company has created their own VPN service, which makes them reliable to use. Norton has a reputation to hold so they also have given their users a 60 day money back guarantee which is double the time than what Norton’s competitors give their users.


We have discussed in detail about VPNs, what service they provide and what are the best service providing companies that you can use on iPhone, we have done our job by giving you the detail about these services and now it’s your turn to choose the best suitable company for yourself. We wish you the best of luck

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