10 Best Branding Trends You Must Need to Know in 2022

A business is defined by its branding, which differentiates it from competitors. However, in this age of digital diversions, an appealing name and a good logo are no longer adequate to kindle modern consumers’ interest. To stay apposite in your audience’s eye in 2022, it’s best to include the top brand design trends of 2022. So, how will you build an effective identity for your brand that will gain the attention targeted audience?

Well, for beginners, it’s better to have a good knowledge of the latest/modern branding trends.

To make it easy for you, we have compiled the data on the dominant branding trends for 2022 from summarized all the information regarding logo designs, social media hashtags, branding technologies, and customer-driven strategies to attract more audiences and keep up with your industry competitors.

Here are the Best Branding Trends for 2022 and 2023:

  1. Logo Adaptability
  2. Official Hashtags
  3. Text Videos
  4. Authenticity of Brand
  5. Geometric Patterns/Shapes
  6. Minimalism
  7. Overlapping Designs

1. Logo Adaptability:

Promoting your physical store online or via advertisements is no longer enough. If you want to flourish in this digital era, a website is what you need, and also you should be present on various social media platforms.

Because of this trend, many organizations are now picking designs like shape-shifting logos. This means your logos change in color, size, or complexity based on what you use them for. For instance, you can use a master logo for your website, while for your Instagram account, you can create a simpler icon. Moreover, you can consider making a one-tone logo to use as watermarks on photos.

These variations will ensure uniformity no matter what platform your logo is viewed on. In addition, it enables the customers to recognize your branding in various ways, thus expanding the chance of brand recall.

2. Official Hashtags:

Official hashtags have become another essential branding trend in the past few years. Hashtags can increase the engagement of costumer by 50% plus reinforce awareness of the brand.

You can expand your reach to other audiences by requesting your customers use a hashtag while posting about what they have purchased from your company. You can also share screenshots of these posts on your social media platform, thus persuading leads to purchase.

3. Text Videos:

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the way we use to work and generate content. Remote work is becoming normal and will continue to be so in the future, thus making it harder to work with team members and make new video content.

But videos on social media still get almost four billion views per day, so it’s not the thing to be ignored by brands.

You don’t need to worry because text videos are one of the branding design trends that have grown during the pandemic.

Creating these videos is very simple and easy; you can combine various branding elements like your color, fonts, and logo. Moreover, you can share more content because there is no need to create shoot footage or graphics for these videos, and the time for turnaround is fast. You can attract more audiences and get more views with these text videos.

3. Authenticity of Brand:

During the past few years trust of customers has hit an all-time low. According to a report by Edelman Trust Barometer, only 34 percent of consumers trust the brands they buy from. This is why generating an authentic brand image will be an important branding trend for 2022.

Stock photographs and all other materials from brands are needed to be looking more natural. You should put your most authentic content forward through user-generated feedback in your marketing visuals.

Similarly, sharing the source of your materials, plus the process of inspecting for quality, will help customers know more about your brand. Moreover, it will build their trust in your brand.

4. Geometric Patterns/Shapes:

One of the most interesting branding trends of 2022 is the use of patterns as your brand extension, such as using large blocks of repeating graphics to generate mesmerizing wallpaper look.

Creating them is easy, and these geometric shapes also create consistency across the brand’s visual content.

You can use your minimalist logo as the pattern source for geometric shapes.

5. Minimalism:

This is without a doubt the most frequently cited branding trend for 2022. Clean thin lines, blank space, flat icons or illustrations, and classic and simple fonts are included in the minimalism trend

Minimalism can be seen across social posts, landing pages, newsletters, logos, and advertising hoardings.

Right now, the website of Dell is the perfect example of this trend. It is highly organized, and plenty of white spaces assure that users can see it. For ease of viewing, the textual and visual components are also grouped.

6. Overlapping Designs:

Overlapping designs enable the designers to gather elements while still improving readability through managing white spaces on the image. Moreover, these designs, through layering the elements on top of each other, add a great depth to an image.

In addition, they also aid in creating the association of elements.

A well-implemented overlapping design can be attractive to audiences and improve their engagement; that’s why they are becoming very popular.


2020 has spread a lot of negativity into the branding world, but brands can bring back hope to their customers.

Organizations/companies can achieve it by embracing basic design principles that increase positivity, appease the customer, and are artistically pleasing.

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