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A DSP and programmatic advertising can help you reach the right customers and develop your business. Certis Media is a DSP and DMP for mobile and desktop programmatic advertising traffic, with over 100 billion ad requests per day, global reach, and all the targeting tools you need.


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Find out everything you need to know about them and their partners! Who they are, what they’ve done before, and who they’ve partnered with. Whether you’re a self-serve or managed customer, their tech team is continuously working to improve the output of their tools and solutions, and their operations staff will make sure to take care of all your questions and needs. Every day, more than 100 billion requests are made. There are 195 countries, 300,000+ publishers, and 40+ programmatic partners. There are more than 30 targeting choices available.

Why are they best?

⦁ Targeting

Precision is critical for your efforts, and targeting options are all you need to achieve it. You name it: location, connection, allow listing, etc. Certis Media provides you with wonderful tools to help you be as accurate as possible with your campaigns and target the best quality audiences with the greatest potential and, as a result, the greatest ROI. Please take a look at their full list of targeting possibilities.

⦁ Partners

Certis Media connects you with the industry’s best supply, data, tracking, and development partners. The more inventory a Demand Side Platform has, the better your chances of running a profitable programmatic campaign. Certis Media, in collaboration with several excellent data and tracking partners, will take your campaign delivery to new heights. Could you take a look at their list of partners?

Supported creative formats

⦁ Banner
⦁ Native
⦁ Javascript tag
⦁ Rich media
⦁ Video
⦁ Audio

Technology they provide

They can’t leave everything to their human intellect, no matter how proud they are of their abilities. As a result, some aspects of your campaigns will be left to their unique AI algorithms, which will analyze the best solutions for your campaign goals in real-time. What is the difference between CPM, CPC, and CPI? Their algorithm will take care of the majority of the work for you.

⦁ Geolocation

Thanks to GPS information and IP accuracy, they can precisely target individuals within the desired location range. What if the user hasn’t turned on GPS on their device or hasn’t permitted them to share that information with them? It is entirely up to you to make that decision. You can either deliver exclusively to GPS-enabled users or use IP location precision automatically. Flexibility is essential.

⦁ Footfall

When you or a customer owns a physical store, you want to be able to see how your campaign is affecting store visits in real-time and, as a result, analyses ROI. This is when the term “footfall” or “footfall tactics” comes into play. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you’d like to learn more.

⦁ Viewability

MOAT and IAS give them the greatest measurable metrics for this solution because they partner with viewability’s most powerful pre-bid and post-bid solutions. Their partners will give you the most exact data on the market, whether you want to set a viewability threshold as a pre-bid solution or analyses and blacklist publishers as a post-bid solution.

⦁ Artificial intelligence

No matter how smart or agile their minds are, they will never achieve what artificial intelligence algorithms provide them in certain mathematical elements. They have created the most versatile and price model-oriented algorithms to help you reach your campaign, brand, and client objectives.

⦁ Fraud detection

It’s awful, but fraud exists in many businesses and markets, including ours. They safeguard you from serving your campaigns in fraudulent traffic by working with partners, suppliers, and particularly specialized algorithms to detect ad fraud.

⦁ Logistic regression

Not only do their algorithms assist you in meeting your campaign objectives, but they also learn from their serving and research the highest ROI, efficient, and quality publishers to serve on, all at the lowest possible CPM. By allowing their algorithms to handle all of the work for you, logistic regression helps you take your approach to the next level.

Solutions they provide

Certis Media offers the most comprehensive range of services. They have established the best collection of instruments to fulfill your needs and send your advertisement as far and precisely as possible thanks to their platform and considerable expertise with their clients and the digital marketing sector. Can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Let them know, and they’ll see what they can do!

⦁ Demand-side platform

A Demand Side Platform is linked to the market’s largest and best SSPs, with a plethora of targeting choices and campaign generating settings to be as flexible as possible while meeting all of your requirements. Do you have a lot of reporting tools?

⦁ Global reach

They have traffic on all five continents, so they have it wherever you need to advertise. It’s entirely up to you and your requirements. Up to 7 billion ad requests each day are available for you to serve with your creatives!

⦁ Branding campaigns

With a large audience, you have a lot of possibilities to help your clients with their branding needs. You’ll be able to access the highest quality audiences for your branding efforts, thanks to their platform’s capabilities! To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.

⦁ For brands and agencies

Whether you’re a brand trying to extend your audience and build your business or an agency looking to boost campaign performance and ROI, they have a space for you. Please get in touch with them to see how they can assist you.

⦁ Managed and self-serve

Do you know everything there is to know about the DSP’s capabilities? You can create your campaigns by applying for a self-serve account. Do you have questions about how to use their options? With a managed service, they’ve got you covered.

⦁ White and blacklisting

Few people are capable of polishing their serving skills. Not only do they have whitelists and blacklists established and tested, but you can also upload and construct your own! To ensure the optimum audiences for your advertisements, you must filter your reach.

⦁ Campaign design

Don’t know how to make the most of their resources? Ask them, and they’ll tell you what the best solutions are for you based on your goals and their experience!

⦁ Forecasting

They can carefully check and verify your campaign’s prospects out there, thanks to their forecasting tool! You name it: location, price floor, ad size, inventory, and so on. Let them know your campaign objectives, and they’ll double-check everything. Accomplish you want to do it on your own? Please feel free to apply for a self-serve account.

⦁ Brand safety

Protecting your brand from being offered in venues with objectionable content (alcohol, pornographic content, and violence, to name a few) is necessary. You may rest assured that this will not be an issue for you, thanks to their partners and extensively created blacklists. Want to create a denylist for your campaigns from the ground up? Let them know, and they’ll take care of it!

⦁ Creative generation

Certainly, not everyone is gifted with artistic ability. And there’s no need! If you wish, they can create the greatest content for your campaigns. You’ll have their talent and experience to produce the greatest outcomes for your projects, thanks to their in-house creative team.

⦁ Performance campaigns

The highest ROI for you and your clients will come from cutting-edge algorithms that automatically optimize your campaigns based on your objective parameters, combined with human expertise. Please get in touch with them if you’d like to learn more.

⦁ Reporting

Act, learn, correct, and repeat. With rich reporting features such as unique location data per effect, multidimensional report creation, and analysis algorithms, you will be able to create an incredible reporting experience not just for show but also for internal learning and use.

⦁ Data management platform

Serving campaigns entails more than simply displaying your advertisements on someone’s phone. It also entails gathering a large amount of data, like a rough diamond that needs to be polished. You can utilize this data to develop, evaluate, and apply it internally to enhance the capabilities of future campaigns, resulting in the generation and growth of an exponentially powerful audience.

⦁ Price analysis

Pricing is the ultimate parameter for everyone to achieve the lowest possible value. It all boils down to your campaign’s options and requirements in the end. Nonetheless, their algorithms and continual checks for supply that satisfies their quality criteria and is available at the greatest price are never-ending.


⦁ Reporting is the most powerful tool for understanding what went wrong with your campaign delivery and repairing or improving what is already functioning well.
⦁ Protecting your brand from being offered in venues with objectionable content (alcohol, pornographic content, and violence, to name a few) is necessary.
⦁ Artificial intelligence and CPA goals are the major role players in performance.
⦁ Their algorithms and continual checks for supply that satisfies their quality criteria and is available at the greatest price are never-ending.

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Final words

Inventory and creatives aren’t everything. Before, during, and after the campaign, conduct a thorough analysis of your target audience. It’s critical to retarget viewers based on how they interacted with your campaign.

Get in touch with them to learn more!

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