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Digital Marketing Agency For All Businesses:

Is your website not getting enough visitors or quality traffic? Are you having a tough time achieving quality leads or sales for your business? If the answer is yes, EZ Rankings can help take your internet marketing to new heights.

With their core expertise in digital marketing services, you will get quality traffic, thus, boosting your ROI. The company provides cutting-edge white hat SEO techniques for clients from around the globe and has been doing so for over a decade.

With services such as SEO, content marketing, PPC, Social Media, Video Marketing, you can brand your business the right way in front of your target audience.

Brief History About The Company (1)

A Brief History About The Company:

EZ Rankings started in 2010 with the vision to provide quality digital marketing services to businesses of various types and sizes. Today, with experience across wide domains, the company has 150 employees with over 8000+ accounts handled in 28+ countries.

The company has a thorough process to help clients reach their desired marketing goals. EZ Rankings understand each client’s requirements as they understand that every business is unique and has different goals. Not only this, the professionals at EZ Rankings are thoroughly trained and are well up to date with the dynamic changes of the webspace.

The company has provided quality internet marketing services to thousands of clients for over a decade with such thought and character. Today, EZ Rankings provides exceptional, targeted marketing to clients in various verticals, including travel, fashion, E-commerce, Technology, etc. Having such experience and a diverse range, you are bound to achieve higher rankings for your business with EZ Rankings.

Why they’re currently the Best in the Market?

The company makes sure to follow and abide by the rules of Google, and concerning that, they decide your customized digital marketing strategy. Many businesses are not experts at handling their marketing or don’t have a strategy. Certain businesses don’t specialize in everything.

However, with the expertise of EZ Rankings, you can be confident that your business’s internet marketing is indeed in safe hands.

Not only do you get the ranks and the traffic, but the company also builds a holistic plan which boosts your ROI. Effective communication delivers the best-in-market digital marketing services, which is why clients have trusted them. With a 98% client retention rate, the company provides holistic internet marketing services such as SEO, web design and development, content marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and more. Add to that, the company also provides mobile app development and marketing and SEO reseller services.

You get complete marketing solutions that help your business attract new customers every day under one roof.

Company Services:

Company Services

1. Search Engine Optimization

The SEO services provided by EZ Rankings have aided clients from around the world in achieving higher rankings on the SERP, thus boosting their organic website traffic. EZ Rankings consist of learned professionals who are well aware of the trends in the market and adapt quickly to any changes in Google’s algorithm. This is what keeps their clients happy and satisfied, all because of their dynamic yet fluid workflow.

The company has a wide variety of SEO packages that consists of a group of SEO services specially customized for a business of any type and size. Their SEO packages consist of content creation and marketing services, Local SEO, On-page and Off-Page SEO, competitor analysis, mobile SEO optimization, schema, structured data, etc.

In short, after getting SEO services from them, you achieve:

  • Higher rankings with better leads.
  • More organic traffic builds trust and credibility.
  • A chance for becoming an authority in your niche.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing involves a holistic plan to create and distribute content to a target audience. EZ Rankings has pioneered this service by providing consistent, relevant, user-intent content for over a decade for all their clients.

The content is distributed not just with blogs or articles when you work with EZ Rankings. Carrying on the trend of podcasts videos, the company makes sure to create consistent, brand-based content for your business so that you connect better with your audience online.

The creation and EZ Rankings make sure to distribute your content through the right channels so that your target audience can easily find it. Be it promotional or educative content, EZ Rankings understands your business and then creates and distributes relevant content with your target audience.

Social media content, guest blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, infographics, various types of content are produced regularly for their clients. The benefits that you get with EZ Rankings content services are:

  • Variety of content for your diverse audience.
  • Content creation that attracts and engages with your audience.
  • Optimizes your SEO strategy.

3. PPC Marketing

Want to rank faster on a broad match, phrase match, and exact match keywords? Well, if that’s the case, EZ Rankings can be your go-to company. Be its keyword research, strong quality ad score, setting ads budget, or complete ad development; the company has out-and-out resources to get your ad campaigns at the top.

EZ Rankings is a renowned name for Search Engine Marketing(SEM) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click), as they’ve run multiple PPC campaigns for their clients, helping them acquire effective leads and sales. Targeted ads specialize in putting out the right message in front of the right audience at the right time, helping you get more clicks and traffic.

Not only this, but they can help you create precisely unique and customized ads with their remarketing and retargeting services. With such dynamic services, you are bound to achieve more leads, traffic, and sales in relatively less time. With PPC services from EZ Rankings, you acquire:

  • Innovative ad campaigns that increase your CTR.
  • More targeted and specific marketing.
  • Higher traffic and quick rankings in a short time.

4. Social Media Marketing

No one can deny the impact of social media in today’s world. Businesses think of it as an essential branding tool. To get such innovative business branding content and marketing for your business, you should certainly get in touch with EZ Rankings.

The company has extensive experience in handling its clients’ social profiles. They help businesses market themselves on various social channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. EZ Rankings is the perfect company for your business to create a better online social media community.

With quality content, graphics, descriptions, and social posts revolving around your business and niche, you get a dynamic and engaging social profile that keeps your audience engaged and, along the way, helps you acquire more buzz in your niche. Not just the organic reach but even with paid social media campaigns, EZ Rankings stands to deliver top-notch services for its clients. With these services, you get:

  • Brand loyalty and overall better branding.
  • Engagement and personal connection with your audience to effectively create an online community.
  • Trust, loyalty, and reach with more likes and followers.

5. Web Design And Development

A website is your face on the internet, and a lagging or slow website can kill your conversions in no time. Forget all this with EZ Rankings, as they provide premium web development and design UI/UX development services. Whatever your business size or domain may be, the developers at EZ Rankings can customize and give your website a look that it requires.

EZ Rankings offer full-stack web development services that include your website’s front end, back end, and database for a potent impact on your website visitors. With complete web development solutions, you get an effective website that your visitors can easily navigate and interact with on any device. EZ Rankings web solutions offer:

  • A robust website ready to deliver on any platform.
  • With the correct color schemes, design, and graphics, a beautiful website with advanced UI/UX implementations.
  • The right message with your products or services at the core.

6. Mobile Development And Marketing

If your business is having difficulty acquiring more leads or customers from mobile devices, fret not, as EZ Rankings has streamlined the whole process. The marketing and EZ Rankings can also help you develop a business app.

On any app store, your business can dominate with EZ Rankings. They help your app excel by helping you build and market your app on all the prominent app stores. With services such as app development, app description, app snapshots, app titles, alert and push notifications, you get 360 mobile solutions in one place. EZ Rankings mobile development and marketing services assist your business by:

  • Developing an app that can run and function on any device.
  • Mobile Marketing and app development for all app stores.
  • Better overall mobile reach with your target audience.

7. SEO Reseller

If you’re a digital marketing agency and want to get white label SEO services, then EZ Rankings can also help you achieve those services. You can take work from your clients and pass on your SEO work to EZ Rankings’ company professionals.

With thorough and vast experience, they’ll deliver the best for your clients while you take all the credit. This SEO reseller program is especially beneficial for agencies that don’t have the complete setup for SEO services in-house and would like to pass on their client’s SEO services to a professional SEO agency. EZ Rankings can come into play and take over your client’s SEO requirements in no time. With the EZ Rankings SEO reseller program, you achieve:

  • More time to focus on your core competencies.
  • A big save up on your resources and time as an agency.
  • Professional and holistic SEO services for your clients from an experienced SEO agency.

Pricing Packages:


Ez Rankings Pricing

Company Achievements:

EZ Rankings has found a featured spot on Hubspot, SEMrush, Clutch, Hindustan Times, Daily Herald, and many more for their work and dedication. The company is also a Google Partner, and Bing ads accredited professional company. Their client base includes Honeywell, Casio, Yatra, among other huge enterprises.

With over 90+ agencies served and 230+ reviews, the company has sustained and delivered the best for its clients for more than a decade. For all this hard work and vision, MansiRana, the managing director of EZ Rankings, also recently achieved the Digital Marketing Leader Of The Year at the Women Leadership Awards 2020.

Even with all these achievements, the company is still passionate and humble about achieving the best for its clients. As a professional digital marketing agency, they are doing everything right, and their work speaks for itself.

Final Verdict:

EZ Rankings is a qualified and experienced digital marketing agency that delivers the best for its clients. They have the tools and the resources to set up a customized marketing plan for their clients.

With up-to-date services and constant communication and support services for their clients throughout the project, the company is the best digital marketing agency one could ask for. You also get access to monthly reports to help you understand how all your campaigns are headed.

Yes, they are slightly on the expensive side, but they truly bring the best to the table with cutting-edge digital marketing services and their expertise and customized approach. It’s a company that cares about your business and helps you escalate it. Your marketing is intact when you work with EZ Rankings.

Contact Details:

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with them, please contact them through these sources:

Phone: +91-9560133711


Skype: ezrankingsitservices

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