HostNamaste Review 2023 – Is It Best Web Hosting Company?

HostNamaste Review 2023:

Are you searching for a trusted platform for getting the best web hosting services?

Do you want a hosting service that can provide you multiple facilities in one setup?

If you are looking forward to a web hosting company that can provide you web hosting service, variable VPS systems, and multiple domains within your budget, then you must read this article.


HostNamaste is a renowned web hosting service that provides many small-sized businesses and medium-sized businesses a reliable platform to get the best web hosting for starting their business website. It provides hosting services and many tools and domains that help in the best startup of any business website. It provides many services under one platform like powerful hardware, superior

connectivity, instant account setup, and many more at very reasonable prices.


What is HostNamaste?

HostNamaste is an India-based web hosting service providing website startups to many businesses throughout the world.

The company was started in 2015, and by now, they have served thousands of websites and have a chain of satisfied customers. The main focus of Hostnamaste is to provide standard web hosting services and other related services at economical rates.

The experienced team of Hostnamaste has made possible the provision of the best services within the provided budget to many business clients and build strong relationships with customers. Their excellent customer care services are also one reason for their popularity within a concise period.

What services do they provide:

The list of services provided by Hostnamaste is as follows:

Web Hosting:

HostNamaste provides excellent web hosting services in four categories: Linux shared, Linux reseller, Windows shared, and Windows reseller.

Linux and Linux shared hosting are offered under the CloudLinuxOS platform that supports MySQL databases. For providing exemplary services, it also offers PMP and HTML scripting.

Windows shared hosting is used to increase the system’s performance, while in windows reseller hosting, the buyer owns the branding and then resells it to others at an increased price.

The shared website hosting provides many advantages to the clients in white labeling, hosting packages, cPanel access, SSD hosting, scalability, and the availability of the Litespeed server.

Virtual Private Server:

The most significant feature of HostNamaste is that it has been offering an up-to-date VPN that provides 50+ operating systems. HostNamaste provides many updated VPN software; some include OpenVZ VPS, KVM VPS, KVM Storage VPS,  Cheap Linux VPS, Cheap Windows VPS, and VPS Resource Pool. All these software are updated, and each has its practical significance and is used when needed.

Dedicated Servers:

HostNamaste offers exceptionally high servers. According to his budget and the project’s requirement, these servers are variable and can be chosen by the client. Many options are available for servers such as dedicated servers, Hybrid smart servers, Dedicated servers, AMD dedicated servers, Intel Xeon Dedicated servers, Intel Core dedicated servers, etc. These servers help in the strong connectivity of the website with its hosting service and provide them constant support and high operating speed of their websites.


HostNamaste offers two different types of domains for the favor of its clients. One is the registered domain, and the other is the transfer domain. Both domains have their working criteria and are selected according to the user’s needs at very affordable rates.

Why choose it:

There are many reasons which support that you should get a hosting service for your websites through HostNamaste. Some of them are listed as follows:

Powerful Hardware:

HostNamaste provides high-quality services to its clients and uses powerful Intel Xeon hardware processors to execute all services provided to the customers. This powerful hardware has all the necessary specifications that support the clients’ websites and provide high-quality continuous services without any break and withstand the high traffic on the website with the same speed and efficiency.

Best Services Agreement:

HostNamaste always provides the best services and has different packages with different pricing. They always mention the list of services provided to the client before subscribing to each package and ensure the delivery of the best services in their services agreement after a client purchases any package. They promise to deliver the best services in the agreement, fulfill their promise during execution, and facilitate the client as much as possible.

Strong Network Connectivity:

One of the qualities of good web hosting is that there is no lacuna in the connectivity and always keep the website connected with the server for the deliverance of excellent services throughout their subscription. HostNamaste also fulfills this criterion and makes a continuous connection between the website and its hosting server without any gap.

Server Uptime:

One of the outstanding features of HostNamaste is that it offers 99.9% server uptime which means that the server is available all the time for the client website, and not only is the server secured but also maintains the security of the connection through raid protected drives.

VPS Control Panel:

Hostnamaste offers the best VPS control panel in which all the operations related to the virtual server, such as start, stop, and reboot can easily be done with just one click. They also offer you an offer to monitor your CPU, Ram, Bandwidth, and hard drive usage in real-time. They also have full-time VPN support

Multiple Operating Systems:

This service provider can work on any operating system. Some common examples of working systems that work efficiently include CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Opensuse, Devuan, and Slackware.

Data Security:

Data security is their primary responsibility, and they fulfill this responsibility by using cutting-edge data centers and maintaining the privacy of data of their every client.

Instant Account Setup:

After you get connected to them, you need to pay their charges in advance, whichever package you choose for your website, and they provide an instant account set up to you and keep your website connected to the server.

Payment return policy

The unique feature behind which we recommend Hostnamaste is its payment return policy. If you pay for any package and are not satisfied with them, you can get back all the amount you paid within 7 days. This policy is their unique feature which no one offers.

Excellent Customer Services:

The leading feature of Hostnamaste is the provision of top-of-the-line customer support services. They make strong connections with their clients and try to facilitate them as much as they can.

Pricing Variations:

The pricing offered by HostNamste are as follows:

  • The pricing model for Linux shared hosting and window shared hosting starts from $1.95 per month for foundation, $3.95 for growth, $5.95 for momentum, and $7.95 for business with various SSD storage bandwidth unlimited domains and subdomains.
  • The pricing range of Linux Reseller and Window Reseller hosting is$7.95 for startups, $13.95 for the establishment, $19.95 for expansion, and $24.95 for the company. It provides a wide variety of SSD storage, bandwidth, and Plesk accounts.
  • VPS pricing range starts from $2.99 and extends up to $29.99 based on a version of VPS used
  • Similarly, the pricing of Dedicated Web hosting services starts from $29.99 per month up to $99.99 monthly.
  • There is also a wide change in the pricing range for domain registration and is different for different domains being attached. The pricing also changes for new members, transfers, and renewal.

How trenewalstarted:

You need to subscribe to any package and fill the form in which you have to mention the details about your website for getting satisfactory services. They will guide you about everything related to your subscribed service.


  1. They offer multiple packages according to your budget
  2. They offer a full money-back guarantee through their payment return policy.
  3. It is among those website hosting companies that provide many web-related services on a single platform.
  4. It offers countless VPS types and servers which can be chosen according to the requirements.
  5. It offers 99.9% server time which is proof of the quality of services.


There are no such cons to mention.

Contact Details:

Hostnamaste has provided services in 7 different locations throughout the world in 5 counties, including India, America, Russia, France, and Canada.

You can contact them through multiple options like email, phone, live support, and tickets on their website.

Other contact details include:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Linkedin:
  • Instagram:

Payment details:

For the convenience of clients, they offer multiple payment options in the form of PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, Amex, Paytm, etc.

Should you choose it as your Web service provider:

If you want to get the best quality web hosting services, you should choose HostNamaste because they provide multiple services related to website development such as web hosting, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated servers, and registered domains under one platform and provide countless packages for all these services among which you easily select the one which suits your requirements as well as budget.

Final Words: Do we recommend it:

HostNamaste is ranked among the top 50 Virtual desktop infrastructure software still provides excellent services at affordable prices and can execute website hosting for many business companies with the same quality and reliability.

For the provision of the best customer care services, they use customer satisfaction algorithms.

They are leading web services providers and have provided quality services to many small businesses, medium enterprises, and large-scale businesses worldwide.

So, we recommend it as one of the best service providers for your website.

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