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How To Clear Tiktok Cache in 2023

The immensely popular social networking app TikTok is not an exception to the rule that apps are infamous for hogging a lot of storage space on your phone. A simple search on Reddit reveals that many users are searching for fixes to the storage issues that TikTok causes on their Apple or Android devices. The issue could be the cache.

If you want TikTok to operate swiftly and free up extra space on your device, clearing the cache is essential. Despite not being particularly significant, the stored data is required for an enhanced user experience. TikTok, for instance, will keep track of information on user profiles and watch history. The more you watch, the bigger your cache gets. It’s usually a good idea to routinely erase your cache storage if you use a lot of apps.

Here’s how to clean your cache if you wish to

Tap on Profile after launching the TikTok app.

Choose Settings and Privacy by tapping the 3-line icon in the top right.

Under Cache & Cellular Data, select Free Up Space.

To remove the information from the cache, press Clear.

The watch history will be erased once you have cleared your cache. Additionally, you might notice that the initial login process takes a little bit longer.

You need not be concerned about losing everything.

On TikTok, clearing your cache won’t remove any of your uploaded movies or draughts. You won’t lose any crucial data either, but you might need to input your log-in information once more. Additionally, you won’t need to be concerned about it erasing any saved or loved videos. It won’t remove comments which people have made on your videos or comments that you have made on others’ videos (via GuidingTech).

Removing the cache is indeed a quick cure if TikTok is running slowly for you. There are more things you may do to remedy the issue if this doesn’t always work. Before attempting to remove the app’s data cache, you should first restart your phone and the affected app.

After trying this, if issues still exist, verify your internet connection. TikTok’s functionality may be impacted by weak Wi-Fi signals or spotty availability in some areas. If all else fails, you can always contact TikTok to request assistance.

When looking for ways to optimise the performance of your favourite app, such as TikTok, you might have run across the phrase “clear cache,” despite the fact that many users forget to do so or don’t even know what one is. This article wants to make things clear for you, whatever the cause may be.

Now see what a cache means, how this all impacts your iPhone and Android phone, how to remove the cache files for TikTok, and how it impacts app speed.

What exactly is a cache?

A cache, according to the dictionary, is a group of things kept secretly. It refers to an unique memory bank that makes it possible to access information fast in the realm of computers.

A cache is a piece of hardware included in virtually every electronic device that is used to store temporary data as well as free up memory in your phone’s internal memory.

The cache of an app is a distinct folder where temporary files are utilised to store data. Images and other items that an app requires to load when it launches are frequently included in cached data.

Keeping these files on your device can help you use less cellular data because many of the files required to run apps like TikTok are already on your device.

In general, cache data is beneficial, but occasionally you may need to remove cache files to restore smooth operation.

Cache will need to be refilled with the data you removed the next time you start the app, which will use additional data to load everything in correctly.

 What do the cache files for TikTok mean?

Some crucial data for user convenience is contained in the TikTok app cache. The TikTok cache contains information such as your personal preferences, login information, and viewing history for videos, among other things.

The cache is upgraded with any modifications you make starting when you download TikTok app and sent to a storage location the app can quickly access. To avoid disturbing you when you’re using the programme, this caching procedure is done in the background.

TikTok cache storage capacity will eventually fill up, frequently with trivial data, which can start to slow down your phone.

If this occurs, you should probably empty your TikTok cache to make room for new videos.

Which types of data does TikTok store?

Your TikTok profile information, app settings, information about videos you’ve seen or uploaded to the service, watching history, filter and effect preferences, and other information are all stored in the TikTok app. To be clear, TikTok is just saving specific information about the video and not the video itself.

Cache file clearing can boost an app’s performance, free up more storage, and fix common issues that come up frequently for users.

You don’t even notice the change as the caching process operates in the background. Unless you clear the TikTok cache as well as launch the application once more.

What takes place when your TikTok Cache is cleared?

You will start from scratch, which may require a new sign-in. Your login information and profile are deleted when you clear the cache. The application downloads a new copy of the cache when you login in to TikTok once more. After a little while, you should be able to see your profile once more.

Nevertheless, TikTok won’t remove the movies you’ve liked or uploaded. It won’t take away either your comments or the feedback left on the videos. Your whole data set, including profile information and history, is secure. The servers for TikTok host the data. The software uploads portions of the cloud-based data back to the smartphone in order to speed content delivery and enhance functionality.

Like the last time that you emptied it, the cache footprint will start off quite modest and gradually increase over time.

What precisely does that mean that now your cache has been cleaned out?

The temporary data kept with in cache will be removed after you click the clean cache button. Additionally, it could require you to try logging through the TikTok app and take a bit longer for load than usual.

But relax; this is common. You are only eliminating these files from your phone’s personal storage space when you delete them and clear the TikTok cache data.

Your favourite videos, liked videos, viewing history, along with any adjustments you have made in the settings menu, are all safely stored on TikTok’s servers for all users.

All that is occurring is that TikTok is resettling the cache to enable speedier future loading and searching. These files will gradually start to occupy more storage capacity, and you might need to delete the cache once again. Make sure your device has enough room for the required files.

As you can see, clearing your cache on TikTok is quite simple, and while you might need to use a little mobile data to retrieve some of the lost files, it might be worthwhile.

It can be useful to clear your TikTok cache to fix frequent issues users encounter, boost storage to make more room for TikTok videos, and simply to speed up the device.

Regardless of the cause, don’t be hesitant to clear the cache. It’s not as frightening as it would seem.

TikTok Cache Clearing Methods

There are two ways to clear the TikTok caches on your smartphone.

  1. The app itself.
  2. Considering settings

How to Delete Cache with in TikTok App (Android/iOS):

  1. On your smartphone, open the TikTok app, and then tap the Profile symbol in the lower right corner.
  2. On your profile page, click on Vertical Meatball icon located in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Free Up Space from the Privacy and Settings menu.
  4. In the Cache area, select Clear. Tap Clear on the Downloads tab to make more room available (delete the stickers, effects, filters, etc.)

How to Delete Cache Considering Settings:

You can erase the TikTok cache by navigating to the settings on your Android or iOS phone.


  1. Make your go to Settings on your smartphone.
  2. Click Manage Apps under Apps.
  3. You may locate the list of applications based on the storage utilised or order the apps based on storage, depending on the smartphone.
  4. Select Clear Data from the TikTok menu.
  5. To remove the temporary memory, select Clear Cache.

You will quickly notice a decrease in the app’s overall consumption size.

To get the most recent features and security updates, regularly update your TikTok app.


  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Select iPhone Storage under General by tapping it.
  3. To view the list of applications with the storage data, scroll down.
  4. Click Offload App after tapping TikTok.

The TikTok app’s temporary storage is finally cleared from your smartphone.


Without a question, TikTok is a useful and interesting tool. You might unknowingly start watching dozens of videos at once because it is so enticing. While it amuses us, it causes a significant amount of temporary files to accumulate on our mobile devices. You may quickly free up this space and continuing searching for more films by routinely cleaning cache folders. Although it could take a little longer to load, you will have the opportunity to view some new stuff.

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