How to Promote Your Business on Twitter in 2021?

Twitter a Great Platform for Free Social Marketing and Promotions

For 7 years Twitter has been grown as a micro-blogging website, over time now it becomes the most trending website and app, that you can’t think of your business marketing without it.

Yes! on average about 35,000 new users join Twitter every day and about 330 million people visits Twitter on monthly basis. And if we talk about the number of tweets then round about 58 million tweets in a single day h second and Twitter users send about 2.1 billion Twitter search engine queries each day.

I think this information will be satisfactorily justified our claim and therefore, it’s a great platform for marketers and business companies to generate huge traffic and engaging customers on your business website.

Methods That Helps You in Promoting Your Business On Twitter

You can only promote your business on Twitter when you actually know how to use the Twitter rightly and how it will add up to the success of your business, so, we’ve listed the steps by steps methods and strategies that will boost your business.

Create a Profile

Firstly you need to create an account on the Twitter or know how many accounts the company or brand already has. Having a business account puts a good impression on the new followers. Now, what elements make your profile eye-catcher that will attract the audience on your Twitter page?

  • Account title or Handle: how the audience find you on the Twitter? For this you need an account name or handle that should be the same across the social media and should contain the company or brand’s name.
  • Profile Image: Companies or brand’s logo or images should be on the account’s profile picture as it goes along with each tweet.
  • Header photo: It appears on the profile page, and it should be updated frequently as compare to the profile image. The header picture shows the on-going campaigns gives info and also gives insights into companies culture.
  • URL: Company’s website present in the URL. But when it comes to special campaigns and events you should update the URL- don’t forget the updation each time either before or after the event is over.

Audit the Business Account

After making an account now start the account’s audit, which includes identification of already existing accounts, documentation of all accounts, and the members who have been handling these accounts as well.

Moreover, moving towards the following investigations:

  1. How frequently these accounts tweet?
  2. Their engagements rates
  3. Number of followers on these accounts

While Tweet Analytics, provides the following standard measures:

  1. How Twitter is handling?
  2. Are companies’ bio and profile picture on-brand?
  3. Promotion advertising is up to date?

After auditing companies’ pre-existing accounts, now you have a baseline for enhancing Twitter’s functionality concerning business promotions. Now, moving towards the second step i.e. set goals.

Set Goals

When you have clear business aims and goals then it’s a key pathway towards your success on the social media platform. If you know what your business is trying to achieve then it will have a positive impact on your business. Your business goals should be specific, achievable, measurable, relevant to the subject, and should be time-bounded. These types of business goals must be aligned with business objectives.

Increase Twitter Followers

You need to make engaged, relevant, and well-targeted followers that in return boost the successful business. If you want to keep your Twitter beneficial then make your Twitter full of relevant, interesting, and logical content and follow powerful pupils of your field and retweet their tweets if you think your followers find them relevant and interesting and helpful to them.

Consistent Tweeting

Consistent tweets hold up the follower’s interest. Two to three Tweets per hour is enough. Now the question arises what type of tweets holds the audience’s interest? You can tweet relevant links to your companies recent blogs and articles, share your upcoming events, on-going promotions but not all business stuff that may make your followers boring. So, make your followers engaged with other stuff relevant to your business field. Being attractive is vital just like being business-oriented on Twitter.

Create Clever Headlines

To make your important posts highlights among others, you need to compose great headlines for your tweets and blog posts that get the audience to take an action. Headline analyzers score each headline that ultimately aids you to use the best combination of words for a great impact.

Schedule your Tweets for Best Post Times

You can promote the business on Twitter, by scheduling your tweets for the optimal post time except posting them one-by-one manually. It will help you take benefit of the best time to post and increase follower’s engagements as a whole, but often distinct followers may be more active. By measuring performance via analytics, you’ll know what time duration will be ideal for your company and set the posting schedule accordingly.

Create your Hashtags

Nowadays Hashtag is now on every social platform but it starts from the Twitter and considered a good way of producing interest around your company.  How you should know how and where to use hashtags on Twitter hence makes your tweets more impactful and let you reach newcomers.

Right Hashtag for you: Using the right hashtag gives insight to your business, for this check which hashtags are used by your competitors and famous.

Produce Unique Hashtag: Hashtag should be unique and specific to the business, required to gather and manage business contents though a business promoting strategy and obtaining user-generated content.

Follow trends: Twitter’s Explore Page shows the ongoing trending topics, like trending hashtags, by joining these chats and companies ensures the new audience traffic to explore your posts. But only use 1 to 2 hashtags per tweet over tagging make it non-professional.

Frequent Answering to Queries and Tagging

For any business promotion, strong bonding with the pupils is a vital ingredient of the strategy. Keep your engagement with a pupil who mentions you in tagging or comments, reply to them frequently, answer their queries on time and be thankful to those who give you positive feedback and always try to sort out their issues asap. You shouldn’t limit yourself only to your followers. Find out your competitor’s followers, their way of handling their audience, and try to implement positive aspects to gain more audience traffic on your website.

Wrap Up

After reading our article, we’re hopeful that you’ll get a better understanding of how Twitter can be used to promote your business online. It not only helps you in growing your business, sales but also increases the number of newcomers on your Twitter page. While walking on the above mention methods you’ll experience a boosting effect of utilizing the Twitter as a business promoting social marketing platform.

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