Instagram Launches Automated Captions for Feed Videos 2022

News circulating about the new feature added in Instagram freshly on 2nd March 2022 hype up the excitement level of the users.

Instagram has recently launched a new feature embodied with automated captions with IG feed videos. This new element is designed by the Instagram company Meta, keeping in mind, especially those who are unable to listen/enjoy the music and can’t understand what meaning videos convey.

So, captions below the videos quickly deliver the message to social media users, including the common and deaf people. Meta reveals this new feature is currently available in seventeen languages, but it will soon be available in many more languages.

As Instagram has enormous traffic of its users and after a huge demand from public reviews, it finally launched this feature.

Captions transform the audio files of a television program, live stream, movies, clips, or even other creations into the form of documents and display the message in the form of text on a screen, enabling others who are deaf or unable to hear to fully participate in media materials that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Previously users used to add captions on their Instagram stories, but this new feature gives them a chance to add captions to IG feed videos. So, finally, you can read the captions with videos now. Users can change the setting of the automated caption by turning the on and off option.

Users don’t need to add captions manually in this feature as they can be set by default using the Artificial intelligence system. Instagram will work more on this system to improve more in the future.

Instagram has also launched some other features recently in Dec 2021, including Profile Embed, Reel replies, and Instagram Playback.


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