Instagram Wants you to “take a break” from Using the App

Instagram is testing a new feature, “Take A Break, “to fend off an addiction to apps. The new feature will remind the users to take a break from the platform after spending a specific duration of time using it.

Instagram head “Adam Mosseri” announced the feature introduced on social media. According to Mosseri, the feature will be tested to enable users to receive break reminders in the app after a set duration of time, testing a new feature called “Take A Break.” This opt-in control permits you to go through break reminders after the duration of your choosing.

It’s a feature we all probably need and especially if you spend way too much time scrolling through social media. Users can opt-in and choose how long they want to browse the alarming rings.

Testing a new feature meant to help people take control of their time. The feature is the testing phase for certain users. Instagram says it may launch next month.

Instagram is just updating this feature to allow users to pause their accounts and adopt new plans to dig teenagers away from harmful content. Moreover, this feature helps parents monitor their children’s Instagram activities.

However, the company didn’t mention a particular timeline for rolling out this amazing feature. Hopefully, launch this feature sometime in December.


This feature may be the most effective or valuable social experiment in response to the claims that Instagram might be dangerous to users if used in excess.

Everybody knows what’s best for them when this feature is launched to how they use the app. It is such a great effort or big opportunity to control the experience on the app.

The feature will be tested on limited people who use Instagram in the next couple of days. Based on feedback or conclusions, this feature will be implemented to everybody soon in December.

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