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Rocketech Software Development – Interview with a Co-founder Alex Borisov

Today we have selected Alex Borisov to take his interview. He is the Co-Founder of Rocketech.

First of all, how are you and your team doing in these COVID-19 times?

Doing well. Our industry is one of the main beneficiaries in the current situation. All investors and founders are looking to enter IT and digitize their businesses and markets. This growth is also very easy to see with big companies like Epam. They achieved 50k+ employed engineers this year. So we grew more than 5 times last year in revenue and number of engineers. 

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded or joined this company?

We met some years ago with Alexander on Telegram. So it was completely by chance! I was looking for a development team and had some experience in startups; Alexander worked in different companies and had experience in development.  We made a few calls and started cooperation. After several projects, we decided to build up ROCKETECH.

I realized that with all the variety of proposals, your idea could die simply due to the wrong approach in development, the lack of involvement of the performer, and the team’s lack of interest in the idea to survive and grow. The desire to change the development approach and create a team partner for the founders formed the basis of the Rocketech concept…

How does your company innovate?

Culture, people, execution management flow. All this combined lets us innovate together with founders who trust us. We are trying to build a foundation that will let everyone build sustainable, successful technological products and businesses. 

How the Coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

Developers are finishing on the market!) Nowadays, everyone wants to enter the IT market. So for the last year, the number of vacancies started to grow very rapidly from 2020. So now, in 2021, after one year amount of vacancies will be higher 3-4 times in the CIS and Russia region. So salaries in these regions go up, and the number of free developers and looking for jobs is almost 0… 

We work hard on our culture, process, let developers get more possibilities, give them interesting projects, freedom, make mistakes, and solve them. Let them impact the product together with our amazing founders! 

Did you have to make difficult choices and the lessons learned?

We have a very hard and operation-based business. No one move will give you 2-3x tomorrow. It’s just business about right moves and problem solving every day. Every day we need to make the right decisions, and likely it will guide us to make 4-5x in a year and beyond. 

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to navigate this crisis?

Lean, SCRUM, complete transparency with every person working in our company. Our business is very hard, and it has some problems all the time, so a crisis is in our identity, and we shift every year from one step to another. No tool or concept itself will guide other companies or us through this and the next crises. We combine everything good on the market, improve it all the time, develop our products and tools, everything that guides our founders and us to successful products! 

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

We have many competitors, in-house software development, Anderson Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, other software developers like Epam. 

We are building sustainable software that generates capitalization and income to compete with big companies, VCs, and other not effective tech competitors. 

Your final thoughts

Execute good tech products with Rocketech

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