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Meet Joshua Lezama – 19 Year Old Upcoming Soccer Superstar

Joshua Lezama – 19 Year Old Upcoming Soccer Superstar

Behind every man’s success lies the struggle, hard work, and the ability to push themselves further at each step. Everyone wants a successful life but only a few manage to achieve it. This is because only with strong determination and hard work, you be able to achieve your goals. It is really rare if your work leaves an everlasting impression upon other people. The same is the case with Joshua Lezama.

Joshua Lezama is a 19-year-old soccer player from Garden Grove, California. He was born in the United States. Being a toddler, Joshua was different from other kids as he possessed something different. As a player, he had several God-given talents. In Laguna Hills, California, he was raised by his mother, a single parent.
The main driving force behind Joshua has always been his mother. He considers her to be his whole universe. As his father was no more and he had only had his mother by his side, who constantly motivated him. Their financial situation was not that good and this affected Joshua very much, so he took on his own to do something about their current situation. This made him more determined to improve their financial situation.
It is only due to his mother’s love and faith in him that he was able to achieve so much in life. As Joshua got older, he develops a strong will and desire to play. He also maintained a sense of patriotism as well. He was on the lookout for a platform that would help him tune his skills and put them to good use.

Joshua had all the skills right from a young age. From a very young age, he possesses ball handling, persistence, athleticism, mobility, strength, leadership, inventiveness, mindset, will to play, and will to win. He had the capabilities of a great soccer player right from the get-go.

At 10 years of age, Joshua was already playing in the youth league known as AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization). His teammates are inspired by his ability to gather, handle, and manage the ball with his feet, legs, chest, and head. Dribbling and running with the ball — pushing the football in various locations at varying speeds while maintaining complete control of the ball. Joshua was skillful and an inspiration.

As a result of his great eagerness, and ambition, he was promoted to high school. As a consequence of his outstanding physical and mental abilities, he was awarded the Golden Boot. He was the best offensive player of the year for his sophomore year. This was only the beginning for Joshua as a lot more was coming his way. After that, he went on to practice soccer at Santa Ana College, where he had a fantastic season and was appointed to the starting 11 squads.

The best thing about Joshua is his skills, due to which he was considered the most important teammate. He rose to prominence due to his extraordinary skills and abilities. His team won their conference’s league championship and season rings, and he was ecstatic since he felt he deserved all of the credit and was the season’s Champion.

He believed in continuous personal effort. This is because you cannot achieve anything in life if you don’t put in any effort. If you are putting your best into something then you will definitely get that thing. Thus, Joshua never stopped working. After the end of his first season in college, he contacted his new agent, Daniel. In July, he committed to his first professional trial with the Valencia club Levante (Spanish Football Club). His trial is coming up in July so he started to train harder and give all of his time to soccer. This is where everything changed for Joshua as he knew that is the time. So, he started to practice full time and give all that he got.

If you have a family to look after then you have to sacrifice a lot of things for the welfare of the family. Joshua did the same thing and put all of his hard work and effort into soccer. If you love doing something then you should definitely pursue it. Joshua hopes that his journey is able to inspire other people to do the same. You can achieve anything in life if are determined and focused. He dedicated himself to fulfilling his dream for his mom and for himself.

When you are consistent and committed to something then the sky is the limit. There are no boundaries or limitations if you are working hard. You can achieve anything in life and live a successful life only if you work for it. Joshua with commitment and dedication hopes that one day the world will remember the name of Europe’s next Peruvian superstar, Joshua Lezama.

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