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MaxBounty Review – Is It Best Affiliate Marketing Network?

MaxBounty Review 2022:

Are you looking for the best CPA (cost-per-action) model-based affiliate network?

If you are starting your career as an affiliate, advertiser, or publisher and looking for a top affiliate network so that you can generate huge advertising revenue, then we recommend you to try MaxBounty.

In this article, we will discuss all the things you need to know before joining MaxBounty. Here is the comprehensive review of the MaxBounty advertising network.


Maxbounty is a Canadian performance-based affiliate network founded in 2004. Since its establishment, the company has grown into one of the main advertising networks worldwide. MaxBounty has a lot of strategies to meet the needs of affiliate marketers.

With the aid of a hard-working team and an enormous pool of advertisers and publishers, MaxBountoffersng thousands of advertising campaigns across the world. The platform currently harbors over 20,000 affiliate partners, 2000 offers, and more than 350 advertisers.

What is MaxBounty?

Maxbounty Home

MaxBounty is a media-based company famous for its internet/digital marketing specialization. For web publishers and advertisers who look for receiving a large amount of revenue by advertising from their website or search engines, MaxBounty is the best CPA based advertising network for them.

This platform provides publishers an interface for linking them with hundreds to thousands of high-quality advertising campaigns. Moreover, the network works as an authorized intermediary between advertisement purchasing sponsors and affiliates who place ads on their online stores and websites.

How does it Work?

MaxBounty affiliate network offers a solid platform for advertisers to mount up with affiliates or publishers who promote their brand, content, or product by using various media sources. The affiliates get a commission in return for gathering the audience or on the purchases.

The CPA model offered by MaxBounty helps the affiliates get money based on customers’ various actions- clicking the link advertised by an affiliate, going through the website, or purchasing.

What does MaxBounty Offer?

The traffic types offered on MaxBounty includes email, contextual, mobile, native, display, search, contextual, and social media. Offers provided by the platform fall under various niches, which are following:

  • Automative
  • Business to Business
  • Biz-op
  • Dating
  • Downloads
  • Education
  • E-commerce
  • Email submits
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Holiday and Traveling
  • Home Improvement
  • Insurance
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Subscriptions
  • Psychic
  • Real Estate
  • Surveys
  • Sweepstakes

Why MaxBounty is the Best Choice?

The MaxBounty has become one of the best advertising networks due to its unique features:

  • Offers CPA Model: The CPA model will enable you to earn more money when you bring more visitors to the website.
  • A large Number of Campaigns: MaxBounty takes pride in offering over 2000 advertising campaigns that helps to promote advertisements across the globe
  • Advanced features: the dashboard of this platform is home to many advanced features and tools that will aid you in attaining updates on trends daily. Moreover, it also helps in tracking famous campaigns so that you could put your money on the right campaign.
  • Tracking Software: MaxBounty’s tracking software helps you track your earnings record and provides you analytic and reports.
  • Weekly Payments: This platform favors weekly payments on affiliate’s commission rather than monthly payments. They made punctual payments every week to keep your revenue replenished.
  • Manager Services: The team of experienced and talented affiliate managers is available 24/7 to guide you about developing strategies for marketing and selecting the right campaign for you.
  • Performance Bonuses: For amplifying the affiliates’ activities, the MaxBounty network also provides performance bonuses and assures them inflow of new income.
  • Worldwide Traffic: the platform operates in many countries around the world and also supports affiliate sponsors, partners, and publishers across the globe without any nuisance.

The requirement for Affiliates:

Following are some of the requirement for affiliates which you should know before joining


  • You are required to fill out an online application on their website
  • You should have a particular affiliate marketing experience level.
  • More approval is required for a website that was registered for a few months.
  • Not to sell your MaxBounty account.
  • You will be required not to send any fake traffic to promote offers.
  • A MaxBounty employee can call you to conduct a phone interview.

The Revenue will be Dependent on the Following Factors:

Affiliates can earn around $1 – $400, and it depends on some of the following factors:

  • Performance of affiliates
  • The type of response you evoke from your users
  • The complexity of the offer
  • Strategies to gather a more targeted audience

As the revenue depends on the offer complexity, you should take an educated decision before promoting any offer.

The Cost-Per-Action validates that every user’s move is recorded, and a reward will be given to their corresponding affiliate.

More traffic is generated when the users click the link that you have advertised, browse it through the website, or share the products.

How to Get Started?

The sign-up process of MaxBounty is straightforward, user-friendly, and free of any cost. For registration, you have to create an account first. You will be asked to fill out your personal information.

You will be asked to:

  1. Provide all the necessary details like contact details (phone number, Skype ID), email address, residential address, and security.
  2. Fill in your experience.
  3. Answer to the security questions.
  4. Provide detail of your website, traffic source, and which of the MaxBounty campaigns you want to promote


  • The MaxBounty is one of the best CPA model-based affiliate network
  • They have 16 years of affiliate marketing experience
  • More than 20,000 affiliates around the globe
  • The platform has almost 350 advertisers
  • A trustable platform that prevents fraud
  • New affiliates receive a bonus of 1,000 USD for their performance
  • They provide over 2,000 offers
  • Proprietary analytic and tracking software will assist you in optimizing your campaigns
  • Free education and training for the newly joining affiliates
  • Worldwide traffic
  • Registration process simple and user-friendly
  • Company managers will assist you in developing strategies and choosing the right campaigns
  • Pays on time to affiliate marketers
  • High paying advertisers on a CPA basis
  • Specialization in all traffic types


  • The slow process of approval

MaxBounty Contact Details:

  • Office: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Contact Number: (613)834-3955
  • Email:

Max Bounty Payment Details:

Once you have earned $100 by the end of the month, an invoice will be generated automatically on the 15th of the following month. For example, affiliates generating revenue in November will be paid on the 15th of December. After receiving the first payment, affiliates are placed on a schedule of weekly payments automatically.  Here are the payment details of the MaxBounty affiliate network:

  • Commission Type: Cost-Per-Action (CPA)
  • Payment Currency: USD
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: ACH (Direct Deposit), Bitcoin, Check, eCheck, Intercash, PayPal, Payoneer, and Wire
  • Payment Frequency: Net-15 (first month), Weekly afterward
  • Bonus: Performance-based $1000

Do we Recommend The MaxBounty Affiliate Network?

Yes, we recommend the MaxBounty affiliate network because it is an excellent affiliate marketing platform. It provides you the ability to generate huge advertising revenue and has more than 20,000 affiliates and over 2,000 offers.

To earn a good monthly income, you should choose the right campaign, develop various strategies, and gather more audience. Join this network and start making money today. Just be cognizant they’ll ban your account and keep your commission if they even suspect that you are doing any fraud.


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