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Meet Andriy Sambir – How LinkUp Studio develops a digital product in 2022

Today we have selected Andriy Sambir to take his interview. He is the CEO of  LinkUp Studio’s.

We had an insightful conversation with the company’s CEO about digital products development, challenges during the pandemic, and building relationships with the clients. With the sudden burst of the Covid-19 pandemic back in 2020, overcoming challenges became a mandatory skill in everyone’s resume – and daily lives. After all, adapting to a new mindset towards the business world or just learning how to minimize the collateral damages of it it’s not
an easy task.
Luckily, LinkUp Studio’s team has managed to find the pathway out of the storm and successfully continue to help people turn their ideas into reality. Still, it was not without a lot of headaches. To better understand it,
we had a conversation with the company’s CEO, Andriy Sambir, about their work in this new era and how they survived the pandemic.

Standing firm during the crisis

A recent study conducted by Global Entrepreneur Monitor has shown that the percentage of companies worldwide that have closed their doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic crisis in 2020 is significantly higher than those that opened them. Although the numbers are alarming, LinkUp Studio has successfully managed to run away from it by quickly adapting to the world’s new mindset.
“When the covid pandemic started in 2020, a lot of people didn’t know what was going on. Everyone was afraid, and many projects were stopped. However, from September of the same year, everyone started
to understand their position and the demand of the service highly increased”, said Andriy.

Planning and preparation for what is coming next were also crucial for making it through the pandemic.

LinkUp Studio's Team

“We had a plan that we would apply each next step in case the situation would get worse. We got two main approaches, the first to our employees in which we tried to keep them as long as possible, and the
second approach was to our customers, in which we established an agreement with them to keep them around. Each of our customers would get a unique offer that worked best for them to continue working”, said Andriy.
The new approach LinkUp Studio decided to apply in their business is exactly what Andriy believes helped them quickly get back on their feet.
“After the worst period of the pandemic, our customers appreciated that we were able to continue to work with them, and it gave us great results since many competitors have stopped working,” he said.

Building a startup from the scratch

LinkUp Studio started to take its first steps back in 2013 when a 19 years old Andriy had the idea to create a startup focused on digital products, software designs, and smart digital solutions for businesses.
“The company’s idea was to find a way to build better digital products, and it is still the same. We are very focused on the quality of our products, which is something unique about our company. Our goal is not just to deliver a good design and development but to launch it on the market. Only the results matter”, he said.
Bosch and Reverso are just a few of the many companies LinkUp Studio has already worked with during the past eight years of activities. “We are very proud of the online businesses we helped start from scratch and the ones we are still helping to become better in the digital world,” said Andriy.

Long-term relationships with clients are better than quick profits

LinkUp Studio’s work philosophy helped them survive through the worst-case scenario by creating relationships instead of a simple, quick profit strategy. Andriy believes that this philosophy is what makes the company stand out from its competitors in the market.
“There are many companies that are only interested in taking projects and making money out of them, and in case you have any problem with the project, they just let go of it and find another one. We always try to create a much more tight relationship with our customers, taking responsibility for their success. So we understand that hard times may come, and the coronavirus is a good example of that, but we still find a new way to continue working with people and building long-term relationships because, in the end, a good relationship is way more
important than just a fast and big profit,” he explained.

Turning great ideas into great products

Making through difficult times is never an easy task. But learning from them is the key to grow and become even stronger in the future.
If you want to know more about LinkUp Studio’s work, get in contact and learn how to turn your great ideas into great products. With more than 60 technology experts passionate about helping creative people around the
world, LinkUp Studio’s innovative approaches bring the results that matter.
And if you want to learn more about the digital market, check out LinkUp Studio’s weekly podcast. LinkUp Studio’s members gather to talk about the most
varied topics in the digital market and provide fruitful insights worth listening to with interesting conversations and a light atmosphere. By sharing their knowledge on software development, product ownership, digitalization, and much more, the company aims to
help digital entrepreneurs worldwide find ways to innovate.

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