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Meet Dr Maurizio Bragagni – Sharing life in the digital era

Today we have selected Dr. Maurizio Bragagni to take his interviewHe is the Chairman of the Esharelife Foundation.

First of all, how are you and your team doing in these COVID-19 times?

We at Esharelife Foundation are enjoying good health and have been working from home since the beginning of March 2020, weeks before the UK government announced the first lockdown.

While 2020 has been so far a year of seclusion and social distancing, Esharelife never stopped believing in delivering its mission, vision, and values. Due to its staff dedicated work, Esharelife was able to fulfill its goals even during the pandemic.

We firmly believe, Covid-19 will be defeated soon and nothing can stop Esharelife to fulfil its mission of bringing hope and positive change into young people’s minds and hearts in some of the most deprived regions of the world.

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded this company? How does your company innovate?

I hold several important and diverse positions. In my life, I have always attempted to listen close to my inner thoughts. A few years ago, I was struck by a few words of a religious nature by Father Giussani: “share and live together; that is how you can build confidence”.

Giving back to society, having the desire to change people’s lives for the better, and lifelong patronage of art, all resulted in the establishment of Esharelife Foundation, which has a sole mission: to share life in the digital era.

Esharelife organizes several fundraising events throughout the year, using several social media channels, the foundation’s website, and business advertising platforms. The culmination of its effort in the field of fundraising is the annual Gala event, organized at the end of each year, which brings together major Esharelife patrons, supporters, and artists. All the money generated by fundraising activities goes to support charity projects.

Additionally, by using modern technology, Esharelife serves as a digital platform that brings together artists and their artwork, art lovers and collectors, and charities’ projects. The Esharelife fundraising platform allows artists to donate works of art, art lovers to buy them, and charity projects to benefit. The charity also publishes not-for-profit books, sold through Amazon and Kindle.  Authors donate all of the proceeds to support Esharelife projects. 

Why  Esharelife foundation is different from the other charities?

Esharelife is founded on the principle of ‘giving back to society and we fully believe the secret of living a meaningful life is giving and sharing. The importance of giving back to society can’t be understated and it boosts the morale of people involved.

Our charity has just one mission – to share life in the digital era. Its ultimate goal is to create new, and support existing opportunities, for people living in the most disadvantaged areas of the world; to lift themselves out of poverty by empowering them to build a path towards a self-sufficient future.

Esharelife Foundation supports infrastructure and social, cultural, and humanitarian projects, thanks to fundraising activities based around one of the noblest of human activities: the creation and appreciation of art. It supports education programs for children and young people worldwide – for those in developing countries and in developed nations – and works to provide access to education for girls and women who are denied it.

How the Coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

2020-2021 years have been so far years of remote working and social distancing. Nevertheless, by using modern technology like Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google meet, etc Esharelife Foundation has been able to carry on forward and to deliver its mission. From daily virtual meetings with staff and patrons to organizing major events like virtual concerts, Esharelife was able to provide relief to Lebanese people, as well access to modern tools to expand access to quality learning, including distance learning and emotional support of around 3000 children in Kenya.

Through organizing a virtual Summer Concert, Esharelife raised money in support of Lebanon which was deeply affected by the explosion that happened in the Port of Beirut on the 4th of August 2020.  The money raised was entrusted to the British Red Cross to fund projects aimed at rescuing people in Beirut during such a challenging time.

Last Christmas, Esharelife Foundation organized another virtual concert, which gathered together artists from all over the world. By donating and sharing online their beautiful artistic performances, artists contributed to raising money for the causes of the Esharelife Foundation in support of well-deserving, hard-working children in Kenya.

We expect to return to our offices in London and resume our normal activities soon.

Your Final Thoughts

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the global economy and has led to fundamental changes in the fabric of our society. It highlighted the urgency of reforming our economy to achieve global recovery.  

On the other hand, this pandemic has brought humans closer to each other and, only by working together will defeat this disease soon. Along with the need for wider thinking on the new concepts of economic development, people all over the world have experienced the need for stronger connections and solidarity. This has ignited a bigger and more urgent need around giving back to society.

We at Esharelife care more about the planet and its people. We care about the environment, our shared resources, our common and shared future.  We will never spare any efforts to encourage people to live and share life in a sustainable way. We invite people to join our mission in transforming the way we produce and consume goods and offer services to more sustainable patterns. 

Instead of buying new things, we invite all to repair more, reuse more, recycle more, to share more. We invite manufacturers not to seek just profit but seek to invest for a sustainable future, to use all the technology available, and to innovate in order to succeed in redesign their business to sustainable ones, to embrace the concepts of sustainability and circular economy.

All that Esharelife needs is you to share your life. The XXI century digital revolution has provided an ocean of opportunities for all of us to do so. The future is exciting.

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