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Meet Dusan Tomic – The Regional Sales Director of Vault-ERP

Today we have selected Dusan Tomic to take his interview. He is the Regional Sales Director of Vault-ERP.

First of all, how are you and your team doing in these COVID-19 times?

 As I’m sure most companies experienced, the pandemic was a big shock. Seeing all our employees work from home was strange, especially since coming into the office was part of their working routine. We needed to be able to continue with work as normal. Our custom ERP system, Vault-ERP, made the transition seamless for us. With all the relevant modules across Finance, Sales, HR, Operations, and Projects, we could plan and manage daily activities as before.

As the global economy rises after the pandemic, we witness organizations continually seeking to accelerate digital transformation. Due to globalization, companies seek tools to give them a competitive edge. Digital transformation and globalization increased the need for ERP systems. With the right ERP tool, businesses can save money, teams can collaborate better, and managers can make smarter decisions based on KPIs, increase customer satisfaction, and improve overall productivity.

How does your company innovate?

When your business stands out from the rest, why should you use a standard ERP solution?

Our approach is different from the ones that other ERP solutions take. We treat every customer individually with our main focus on fulfilling our client’s needs and requirements. You’ll tell us about your problem or the challenge you’d like us to solve. We’ll devise the right solution for you with a combination of additional development and the right integrations and features Vault has already developed. Our experienced team has a great depth of knowledge which is the key to creating high-quality, customized solutions.

Here are a few questions that’ll help you test the water to see whether you should contact us:

  • Do you need to change or adapt your processes to suit your current ERP?
  • Are your employees increasingly spending Time on critical activities and have process inefficiencies?
  • Are you having manual processes involving multiple datasets, disintegrated systems, or siloed departments?
  • In the case of mergers or acquisitions, do you need a multi-company setup?
  • Do you wish to integrate your favorite tools with other systems?
  • Do you wish to integrate multiple pieces of software into one?

Vault isn’t just a solution that covers one area of a business. It’s a versatile tool to help you bring order across several business areas.

How has the Coronavirus pandemic affected your business, and how are you coping?

In a relatively short period, we had to transform our business to adapt to distance work with all our employees staying at home. It was crucial to have a system where staff could ask for Time off, and project managers could view what tasks their team was working on. Nowadays, many businesses realize that digitalization and automation are new ways forward. Many businesses had to transform to remote work, and there’s a need for new software. The growth of ERP will be huge in the future and is supported by the fact that the global ERP software market will be worth $41.69 billion in 2021.

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to navigate this crisis?

Our ERP system, Vault-ERP, played a huge role in helping us survive this crisis. It provided a platform that made it easy for us to integrate remote work into our company culture.

With several useful modules, the Time tracking module was one that we found to be very beneficial during this crisis as it allowed our employees to track their working hours, which made it easier when it came to billing. Its simple user interface made it easy for our employees to use and allowed us to gain insight into how they’re spending their time, which allowed us to try and identify ways in which we could increase their productivity and our profitability.

The Time off roster works well with the Leave management module and makes it easier when dealing with employee absences. It’s easy for employees to request Time off and for managers to decide whether to accept the request, as it all can be done with a few clicks. Managers will also find it easier to view upcoming absences with the Time off the roster. This allows them to plan and provides them with valuable insight.

The Task Management module also helped during this crisis as it was a platform that we could use to ensure that we’d still be able to finalize projects for our clients on time. With our employees not being in an office setting and discussing details face to face, this module allowed our teams to communicate clearly and see what tasks needed to be done and in what order. Using a Kanban view task board that could be customized allowed our staff to create a clear workflow that suited their project’s needs.

Tell us a bit about Vault-ERP and what’s special about it?

Many years ago, we witnessed firsthand the chaos that different departments face. Continuous emails with employees asking for Time offs, difficulty in sharing data with other departments, trouble having to use several applications, chaotic assets, travel, or contract management, and much more. This is why we created Vault in the first place.

The main strength of Vault-ERP lies in its ability to help businesses achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency. It’s a powerful resource management tool tailored to meet a business’s needs to manage effectively, report accurately, and get things done.

It has several key features that make it a great solution, but its Project dashboard is something that we feel is special and can benefit others. Viewing relevant data such as the Time off roster, project metrics, etc., in real Time will help companies manage their business processes more efficiently. Vault also has a KPIs module to help businesses make decisions based on statistics and reports. They can view useful data insights regarding sales, finance, projects, and more.

Its modularity and customization options are also special as it makes it the right fit for companies of every size. Choosing the modules relevant to your business is key and ensures that you save money by not having to pay for the modules you don’t need, unlike other ERP systems. It’s important to choose an ERP system like Vault that offers modules for HR, projects, operations, sales, finance, and more.

It’s the perfect tool for businesses that want a competitive advantage, flexibility, and scalability.

Who are your competitors, and how do you plan to stay ahead of them?

Many ERP solutions are available on the market, but the feedback and reviews we’ve received from our clients further validate that our ERP system is of a high standard.

To stay ahead of our competitors, we will continue to deliver new features, modules, and services for businesses that wish to grow. We need to keep improving Vault-ERP to ensure that we’re the system that everyone chooses. Combining the fact that it can be customized to suit a business’s needs with its modularity means that it’s the perfect system for companies of every size.

The multi-company setup makes it easy for organizations to manage several different companies. With a lot of data to store regarding every company, Vault ensures that it’s quick and easy to access this data. With Vault being built with integrations in mind, we’re capable of staying ahead of our competitors as our clients won’t have to give up their favorite tools and solutions.

Your final thoughts 

With remote work possibly becoming the new norm once the pandemic is over and digitalization’s role in the future, the demand for ERP systems will inevitably increase.

Businesses need to realize the impact a system like Vault-ERP can have on a business. It can be extremely beneficial and help them streamline several different business areas. So why not get ahead of your competitors and implement an ERP system like Vault? Since security has always been at the forefront, you can rest at ease knowing that all the information and data are securely stored.

Be sure to use Vault-ERP if you’re a business that needs a solution for HR, Project management, Operations management, Sales management, Financial management, or something else. Besides that, we also offer extensive customization consisting of installation, customized Vault modules, and post-implementation support. We’ll walk you through every process step to ensure that we deliver exactly what you need. 100% ROI is guaranteed.


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