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Meet Ishan Gupta – “RipenApps: A synonym of Success”

Today we have selected Ishan Gupta To to take his Interview. He is the CEO Of RipenApps.

First of all, how are you and your team doing in these COVID-19 times?

COVID has impacted millions of lives globally, RipenApps & the team have also faced some challenges and arrived as market pioneers.  Being a top web & mobile app development & consultant agency, there is nothing that keeps Ripeners & me up at night more than thinking, how we shall deliver enormous value to our customers who are willing to go digital with their business while utilizing the most approachable platform i.e. mobile, even during this painful coronavirus pandemic.

As there is a lot of uncertainty in the market due to the pandemic COVID-19, many of the businesses have already been affected and forced to shutdowns while others are started facing troubles, RipenApps geared up to embark confidence in our customers in terms of deploying their required digital, mobility solution.

As COVID-19 has put a full stop to our daily routine tasks, physical social gathering & communications, it’s been the toughest part for many businesses & ventures to operate even. We have taken this challenge with all our zeal and helped them to digitalize their operation with the help of feature-rich mobility solutions so that they could touch the high revenue bars even in the time of “No-Touch”.

“We deliver confidence, We deliver trust & We deliver marvelous mobile app solutions.”

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded or joined this company?

This is Ishan Gupta- CEO and Founder at RipenApps Technologies.

With a strong belief that inclusion of mobile technology and digitalization of processes for any individual or a business will help them to ease their life so that they can be more focused on their Core Business functions, with this intent and an experience of 6+ years our service ranges from consultancy to build next-generation mobile applications for Entrepreneurs/Startups to Enterprise Businesses. Our goal is to provide optimum quality services to our clients at the best reasonable price in the market.

My belief in prioritizing people over processes for the fastest results, most efficient work, least waste, and the highest level of quality has made RipenApps Technologies a well-growing Startup.

Since the inception of the company, three main aspects of the business including clientele, quality and team are the base of RipenApps that I have always focused upon.

How does your company innovate?

RipenApps is a team of passionate people driven by one zealous vision to craft immortal mobile app solutions & deliver unparalleled results. Our effective working methodologies, our passion to win, our vast experience, and our skilled developers & designers who have hold mastery in innovating success in terms of digital mobility solutions & the blend of these aspects make us craft innovations daily.

How the coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

COVID-19 pandemic is much painful for the entire world, but supporting our clients with a smooth mobile business path makes us more proud & confident as RipenApps had beat many hurdles through our commitments, zealous-mind & creative bodies.

As per the global norms, we along with the many domain-related companies were ordered to implement a work-from-home policy that has made us apart from our offices, we were shattered and have started working from our homes. We faced few communication difficulties, in meetings and connectivity but, being a Technical-body, no time would be better than this pandemic to utilize all the digital mediums to keep our employees, clients & commitments being connected because we care for our employees, clients, and every of our loved ones.

From day one, keeping the health of our mates as our priority, we had been decided to serve “Work From Home” and we are successfully working remotely and continually achieved much success by delivering the best outcomes even being connected & operated remotely.

We developed thousands of mobile and web applications in the Healthcare, Education, Food Industry, and many more that are continually beating the bars and unlocking the huge downloads and revenues nowadays. Some of our biggest launches in COVID are eGurukul, In The Rooms, Ultimate Fitness Pass, Hanchens, EP & T, JanaMarines, etc.

Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned?

It’s difficult to remain efficiently connected in the WFH norm. I think the difficult choices have been made by the individuals that work here. Many have had to deal with home issues and the challenge of maintaining their mental & physical health while being at home or alone. Others find it difficult to stay focused when working in a home environment.

We indeed missed our office premises, that morning tea, board meetings, evening follow-ups, healthy discussions, music and all the appearance of our collogues around us, but, also we know that the time, we can even do wonders via working remotely.

And we did that,

What made us successful is the Team at RipenApps. A team is the core of any business or startup, during this lockdown, RipenApps delivered multiple successful projects and have collected “appreciations that add gems to our success’ cap”.

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to navigate this crisis?

We made our work process even far smoother via getting connected overs Skypes, calls, and chats.

We got connected for morning meetings to discuss & strategize whole-day activity over video conferences.

We kept listening and implementing our client’s every requirement over Skype calls or other digitally connecting mediums.

We did Knowledge Transfer sessions by keeping everyone connected through digital sources.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

Everybody who is working with the same app development industry then they all are my competitors because everybody claims expert now.


As aligned to provide consultancy to build next-generation mobile applications for Entrepreneurs/Startups to Enterprise Businesses, RipenApps develops & delivers optimum quality services to individuals who want to launch their business in the market with the most approachable medium I.e, Mobile & dreaming to unlock a massive number of ROI, we have raised our bars and secured the title of top app development company at various platforms.

With the zeal to make this world a digital space where things can perform at taps, our agile working methodologies, our portfolio & our thousands of satisfied clients is the plan that has given us success and will help us to win ahead.

Final Thoughts:

RipenApps’ success story is a confirmation of “When you built it Right, It will be marked as a Success”.

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