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Meet Jay Uribe, and Junab Ali – Presidents and Co-founders of Möbius Partners

Today we have selected Presidents and Co-founders of Möbius Partners, Jay Uribe and Junab Ali, to take their interview.

Tell us about Möbius Partners’ history as a company. How was your business established, and how has it evolved over the years?

Founded in 2000, Möbius Partners provides best-in-class IT services to businesses of all sizes throughout Texas and the central U.S. From our headquarters in San Antonio and footprints in Dallas and Houston, our experts at Möbius Partners help the business achieve its goals through technology solutions.

Our company has evolved quickly over the years to stay ahead of technology. We have expanded the products and services we offer to meet the growing needs of our customers. When we established the company over 20 years ago, our focus was on hardware.

We are different than the average Value-Added Reseller (VAR), especially considering our history. Most VARs start their business by focusing on small and medium-sized businesses and then growing into the large enterprise market. Möbius Partners started in the large enterprise and global space. Over the years, we have taken that expertise to our small and medium-sized customers. This allows us to bring game-changing technology solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Now, we support customers in their digital workspace journey, help businesses adopt DevOps, implement a variety of cloud environments, and optimize data centers, among many other strategic services.  We provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions that help businesses and IT professionals respond to ever-increasing hardware and software demands for professional services.

What distinguishes your business from other IT service providers?

Our laser focus on customer relationships and technical expertise are what make Möbius Partners stand out in the industry. We evaluate our customer’s unique objectives and IT environment; we assess, architect, implement and manage solutions that improve current technology performance while laying the groundwork for future growth.

Our talented crew of certified engineers, project managers, and support staff stay ahead of technology trends and truly become part of our customer teams. We often receive feedback from customers that remark on what a great extension our Möbius Partners team is for their business.

How has your company’s approach to service offerings evolved throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

The need to prevent internal and external threats to systems increased throughout the pandemic. Security, while always important, became a priority for many of our customers since many of them transitioned to a fully remote workforce.

To support remote users, especially during the pandemic, we implemented security solutions to ensure organizations maintained consistent security policies and access control across all applications, devices, and users.

We also ensured that a log management system for analytics and reporting was in place. A robust log management system enables automation and a detailed response management approach allowing simplified security operations, proactive identification and remediation of risks, and complete visibility of the entire attack surface.

We have a comprehensive catalog of assessments focused on optimizing and securing technology environments and investments. With today’s business climate of continued supply chain challenges, our assessments can identify prior technology investments ready for consolidation and repurposing, minimizing the impact of product constraints.

With the shift to a remote and hybrid workforce, what challenges did your business face, and how did you overcome it?

Like most companies at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we needed to evolve to a completely remote operation. We created secure connections for remote and work-from-home users for our customers and ourselves.

This helped provide a deeper insight into the needs of our customers when migrating to a fully remote workspace. We needed to provide top-quality service to our customers during a time of uncertainty for everyone while also facing the same needs as our customers.

We were able to take lessons learned from our shift and apply them to the transition that our customers were experiencing, so they faced little downtime in getting their operations fully remote.

How do the services you offer vary between enterprise and small business customers?

One of the primary distinctions in service offerings between enterprise and small business customers is Managed Services. We offer server and infrastructure monitoring and management, offsite backup and disaster recovery, and virtualization and implementation of migration projects. We provide ongoing and regular support and active administration on-premises when needed.

What advice would you offer a small business owner looking to protect their data with IT services?

The shift to a fully remote or hybrid workforce has created significant security and data protection challenges. Threats to that security are constantly changing. Consult a trusted expert who can understand your unique needs and tailor the right solution to fit you to get back to doing what you do best. We often recommend a risk assessment to cover networks and systems. The expert team at Möbius Partners can help keep your organization protected.

Are there any final thoughts you would like to share?

Years ago, an HP executive and mentor gave us the nickname “Groovers” for our ability to find that sweet spot—that groove—of expertise, innovation, and collaboration. It’s about people—your team and ours, joining forces and ingenuity to get the job done right. The way we see it, when you succeed, we succeed. Visit mobiuspartners.com for more information and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Any other certifications?

Möbius Partners prides itself on our diversity. We are a certified minority-owned business and HUB supplier/vendor, so our customers can accommodate their diverse spending strategies while still getting world-class solutions and support.

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