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Meet Joe Yan – CEO And Founder Of GoClick China

Today we have selected Joe Yan to take his interview. He is the CEO and Founder Of GoClick China.

First of all, how are you and your team doing in these COVID-19 times?

Thanks for asking. Last year, Covid-19 became a turning point for many businesses worldwide, especially the travel and hospitality industry like restaurants, shopping malls, and cinemas. Many jobs and many companies have faced hard times.

As the vaccination rates pick up around the world this year, we have reasons to believe the world’s economy is slowly coming back to normal.

GoclickChina is an international team; our members are from different parts of the world. No matter where we are, we strictly follow the rules of the local authority against the pandemic. Everyone is doing fine.

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded or joined this company?

I grew up in China and took my master’s degree abroad. I started my career doing marketing operations for a Canadian-owned company. I’ve also worked in China and had my own startup.

I believe in technology; we have all witnessed how our life has been transformed by it. I am also a strong believer in the China market. Since the Reform and Opening-up back in 1978, China’s GDP has risen from US$223 to US$7,603 per capita, while its population grew by almost 400 million people.

The country’s export economy grew 954% during this time. According to the World Bank data, exports accounted for less than 3% of its GDP in 1970 and over 26% in 2010. Furthermore, China’s economy is recovering quickly and is likely to be the only major global economy to post positive overall GDP growth after 2020. With that said, we believe that the country’s economy will continue to flourish.

However, for foreign business owners, doing business online in China is not like the rest of the world; your internet experience outside of China will not be applicable in the country. Think of the internet as the world’s largest computer network. In technical terms, the infrastructure used to connect phones, computers, IoT, and other devices to the internet is the same in most countries.

However, China is an exception to the rule. The Chinese internet has very notable differences to the way web applications are delivered and consumed:

The “Great Firewall of China” has the ability to monitor, censor and block software or information it deems counter to its national interests.

ICP Licenses must be granted for serving any content within Mainland China.

Networking connectivity is cumbersome and expensive, especially for International providers.

Many “Global” internet leaders have no presence in China. Google, for instance, does not operate its search service within Mainland China. It does not host YouTube or its Android App store. Many of its development tools are blocked or intermittently offline for Chinese users.

China has many home-grown mobile phone brands and internet browsers. Both of which don’t use international standards. This can break things such as library compatibility, font rendering, and video playback.

With all said above, if you do not have experience running a business in the country, especially if you are not physically there, your website or app may not work well or doesn’t work at all.

My partners and I founded GoClickChina to solve this problem by improving our client’s website or app performance and the customer experience in China. We offer a one-stop hub with manual and synthetic monitoring, as well as solutions. Our experienced team of QA engineers based in China does hands-on manual testing. In contrast, synthetic monitoring is done via our servers to give you maximum visibility and troubleshooting capabilities from both monitoring options. So far, with our solutions, we help our clients improve website performance in Mainland China by up to at least 87%.

How the Coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

The pandemic has caused many people to lose their jobs or see their incomes cut. Unemployment rates have increased across major economies. The IMF described the global decline as the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Although, on the other hand, Covid -19 ushered new opportunities for some industries. For example, businesses like e-learning and online conference apps have grown since the pandemic, as people were forced to fulfill their learning and meeting needs online.

As for GoClickChina, Covid-19 hasn’t affected us that much. Our revenue has been growing since 2020. Although, I believe our growth rate would have been much higher if not for the pandemic. We’ve also been fortunate enough to recruit incredible talent; our team is much bigger now than 3 years ago. Our services remain top-notch, and our product has been iterated with many new and great features.

With manual testing, we do hands-on tests from real people on real devices, operating systems, and various software environments for PC and mobile for our clients, and we provide statistical test data, real-world screen recording proof, browser HAR file for further analysis.

We simulate how visitors interact with our client’s website or app for synthetic testing to help them come up with instant solutions for possible issues such as broken pages, slow page loads, or website unavailability. We enable our clients to know the moment when their services become unavailable.

All the website data we collect is stored on our portal www.goclickchina.com that our clients can log in and check. For new clients, we test their products and provide our insights for free for the first time. With the in-depth testing results, conclusion, and optimization suggestions, most of those leads who have received our free report became paying clients.

So if you ask me how we are and how we are coping with the pandemic, my answer is short and simple: always keep the clients satisfied and get beyond their expectations.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

GoClickChina is one of the few players that serve foreign clients for China’s internet market, and I don’t think it is a ‘red sea’ industry yet.

The automatic testing methods are prevalent in the industry; compared to our competitors, our biggest advantage is our resources of QA engineers spread throughout China with customizable testing solutions on China-specific browsers, phones, app stores, and whatnot. I think our QA engineers and our 24/7service make GoclickChina the leader in the industry. Now we provide manual testing service for 5 major cities in China, with more to come.

Your final thought?

China is the 2nd largest economy globally, and Covid-19 caused a significant drop in GDP growth in 2020, but it is expected to expand by 9% in 2021. China’s domestic consumption demand is rapidly recovering since this year, digital services related to cinemas, domestic tourism, and education have accelerated. Revenue for internet businesses and services grew 13.7%, while profit grew 13.6% in the first 3 quarters of 2020. By 2027, it’s expected that the digital economy will account for about half of China’s GDP and become the main driver of its economic growth.

With all said above, China is still the market that you don’t want to miss. When entering the market, you want to spend your precious time on the core of your business and handle your technical headaches to a team that knows the market and has the required technical skills.

With Goclickchina.com, I guarantee you will be in good hands. Our services will go beyond your expectations. Contact us now and get your very first report for free!

At last, we wish Covid – 19 ends soon and everyone is safe! Thank you very much!

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