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Meet Nicol Flores – Seedtag discusses the recent partnership with Paula Radcliffe

Today we have selected Nicol Flores to take her interview. She is the Global Events and Activations Manager at Seedtag.

How did the partnership with Paula Radcliffe come about?

We realized this summer was full of sports events, and we wanted to leverage that by having an impactful campaign around it, so a brand ambassador was the best option. We naturally thought that having a big name in sports would give our campaign the visibility we needed. Paula Radcliffe was amongst a list that was suggested to us, and we liked her right away.

Why do you believe that Paula Radcliffe is a great brand ambassador for Seedtag? What does Paula bring to the brand?

We think that Paula is a great ambassador for Seedtag as she’s an athlete that shares a lot of our brand values. We believe in equality, so having a female brand ambassador in an industry dominated by men felt like the right way to go. We also believe in hard work, dedication, teamwork, and inclusion, and I think that she’s shown those qualities throughout her professional career as well as in her personal life. Having met her for the campaign production, I definitely felt that she really believes in these values and applies them to her daily life.

What does the future look like in regards to the partnership?

Initially, it’s a one-time partnership, but if we get the expected results from the campaign, we could definitely consider some more long-term collaboration in the future. Paula is great to work with, and it would be a pleasure to work with her again in the future.

How can Seedtag help brands stand out from the crowd during sporting events?

Liz, our contextual AI technology leverages the power of Machine Learning to provide a human-like understanding of the content and the highest level of brand safety in the market. This way, we can understand the consumers’ interest in real-time, meaning we can offer advertisers the possibility of knowing what their audience is reading and placing their brands on the most relevant content to engage with consumers within their universe of interest on a cookie-free basis.

How will Seedtag continue to expand its brand ambassador programme? Are you planning to grow this?

This was a pilot campaign. It was our first time working with a brand ambassador, so we started with a punctual campaign to see how it goes. We don’t have final results yet as the campaign is ongoing, but there is a powerful possibility that this will not be our only brand ambassador campaign.

How have you selected the values of sports?

As mentioned before, our AI technology can analyze thousands of media articles per minute, limiting the analysis to semantics and the whole article sentiments. Thanks to this technology, we extracted the six most common values present in all sports content. We based our campaign on Paula Radcliffe: adapt and overcome adversity, inclusion and teamwork, dedication and passion, integrity, respect, and goal setting.

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