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Meet Stefan Ivić – Growth Of NFT Design Agency In COVID-19 Times

Today we have selected Stefan Ivić to take his interview. He is the CEO of Broworks.

First of all, how are you and your team doing in these COVID-19 times?

COVID was unfortunately bad for many businesses, but we were lucky that this specific situation had a positive impact. We found our way into the NFT world, which helped us improve our business even more.

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded or joined this company?

I founded Broworks back in 2018, but at that time, I was a junior designer with a dream, so this was all my alter ego and more of an experiment. In time, my skill set grew, and I got an opportunity in 2020 to start an actual agency. In the beginning, I worked alone, but I tried to be consistent with my posts on social media and persistent in what I did. My team increased over time, and in the second part of 2021, all the hard work paid off, so I got an opportunity to employ more people finally and now start a serious design agency.

How does your company innovate?

In the beginning, we were not that innovative agency, we just did what most design agencies do, and that was very hard to make a name for yourself and stand out. But in 2021, we took an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from the rest and focus more on providing a technical aspect of NFT building services. That came from a point where not many people were experts in both technical and marketing fields and needed a team to help them sell it. We have a couple of successful NFT projects behind us, and we continue improving and growing.

How the Coronavirus pandemic affects your business, and how are you coping?

NFTs started to rise during these times, and many people created and sold them online. We saw an opportunity and started providing technical aspects of website design, development, and blockchain development to improve marketing and enable minting directly from a website. This particular thing helps our business survive the COVID and grow and improve.

Did you have to make difficult choices and the lessons learned?

We didn’t have to fire anyone because of all this, and I’m very happy about that, but we struggled a bit at the beginning of the pandemic and were not sure what would happen next, how will that impact our business, etc. But very shortly, we saw that good things started to happen, and our business bloomed.

What specific tools, software, and management skills are you using to navigate this crisis?

This is very interesting; we do all our website design projects custom in Figma and then develop them mainly in Webflow and sometimes WordPress. We never do old-fashioned custom coding since this is faster, and the quality is almost the same. Our clients like the speed, so it’s a win-win situation. We also use Monday for project and finance management, which helped us stay organized.

Who are your competitors? And how do you plan to stay in the game?

We have a lot of competitors since we are a design studio, but that is why we see a bright future in NFT’s, there we don’t have too many competitors, which gives us a way to succeed. Also, we plan to invest more in our products, not rely on clients only.

Your final thoughts

I’m very proud of what we have become and achieved in these rough times, and I am positive that we’ll keep growing and innovating in the future.

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