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Meet Tuhin Banik – Best SEO Companies in India 2021

Today we have selected Tuhin Banik to take his interview. He is the CEO of THATWARE LLP.

Provide us with a brief overview of your industry, brand, and the solutions you offer?

We are into the digital marketing industry; that being said, we have wider exposure to clientele. With the increasing demand of people getting businesses online, more competitiveness in online search every day. Thus any vertical requires digital marketing services as these businesses need these services to survive in competitiveness and the Internet.

Our brand Thatware aims to provide cutting-edge digital marketing solutions & services with the help of top-notch technicalities such as AI, machine learning, and advanced semantic engineering along with data science techniques.

Our solutions are advanced SEO services blended with AI, machine learning, data science, and semantic engineering. We offer our services to all niches irrespective of business vertical. Furthermore, we also offer consultation on advanced online marketing and SEO to MNC and giant corporates.

Why the name ThatWare LLP?

THAT ARE is a combination of THAT+Ware, where THAT stands for “the happy and Tuhin” and “WARE” have been derived from Software. I (Tuhin Banik) dreamed of making people live easy and smooth with the best technology available. That being said, people can be more cherished if they enjoy increased sales and revenue & that’s possible only with the help of Marketing.

If Marketing is combined with advanced SEO and A, it can lead to 5X more ROI and growth. Thus, I have innovated and launched Thatware, which aims to spread happiness on people’s minds with their professional and commercial journey alongside.

Share about your role in the company and when did the idea coin to join the industry?

I am the director, founder, and CEO of my company. My main responsibility towards my company is to innovate various ways SEO Can blend with the help of artificial intelligence and data science. Furthermore, I am also responsible for the growth of my company. This allows me to provide many job opportunities. I also conduct many high-level types of research to innovate new and trending ways to make online marketing more enjoyable.

I was a young entrepreneur since age 16. During the onset of my entrepreneurial journey, I was working in the media and publishing industry.

During that time, I have figured out that the future of the Internet will have a strong bond with AI and machine learning, and SEO would be one of the greatest assets for online and digital marketing. I have done a small survey, and I have seen that digital marketing will take over the world in two decades, and SEO will be on top of it. This is a huge growth opportunity one can imagine.

Thus, I have decided to embark on a mission to combine both AI and digital marketing and make a unique concept to offer cutting-edge services and solutions named “Advanced SEO.”

What challenges did you overcome to reach the current position in your entrepreneurial journey, and how did you overcome them?

In my entrepreneurial journey, I have faced many hurdles, especially for being such young. When I first came with the concept of blending artificial intelligence into marketing. I had many difficulties convincing the investors and also clients from all over the world. People do not know that this kind of technology is possible. Thus I have embarked on a mission to change and revolutionize the entire digital marketing industry as a whole.

I tried doing free seminars and free work for small businesses and medium-level businesses to gain the trust level and show the opportunities for the campaign’s growth as a whole. Gradually my system and my technology worked, and it has helped gain interest over the crowd. Hence my technology became famous within the crowd, and I have gathered more and more clients.

How do you decide the nature of the right target audience and approach them?

Being an AI expert and also being a founder of a data science company. I have strong market research abilities, and my team has a proper taste of researching organizations that need adequate services and solutions to solve a given problem. We used complex market research techniques to find a target audience who could benefit from our services and solutions.

Then, we gradually approached them with a customized presentation showcasing all of their loopholes and proposing a strategy to outrank their competitors.

Due to our customized approach, our prospect loves our system operating procedure, and hence we can easily convert them into long-term clients. Furthermore, we believe in a result-driven process, and after that, we make progress from day one itself.

What kind of marketing strategies do you deploy to spread your name?

We hate any paid or promotional activities. That being said, we rely totally on an organic approach to spread our name in front of the crowd. In other words, we have a good organic and search visibility due to which we attract over 300+ leads in a month just from the organic search itself and an extra 200 leads through our contacts and networks as 96 % of our clients refers to 2 or more of their friends to take our services.

Our marketing approach is basically “OAT.” Organic, authority, and trust. We have strong organized exposure. We have good authority in our expertise and last, but not least our clients and referrals trust our services. This is helping us to grow our company at an average rate of 26 % each month. We were even recognized by CEO magazine as the fastest-growing company in 2019.

What do you feel about the transformation of the industry?

Due to economic constraints and real-time circumstances, every industry transforms every annum, from machinery to technology transformation. That being said, our industry also transforms. To keep up with the transformation, one needs to keep updated with the changing algorithms of all online activities ranging from search engines to social platforms; to the world wide web and the Internet of things.

Thus being an advanced search engineering company, we keep ourselves up-to-date with all the ever-changing algorithms and help prosper with all of our campaigns which we manage for all of our clients. All thanks to our sophisticated built-in technology, which keeps up-to-date without any fall-back.

Share your insight about the role of technology in the current COVID-19 scenario?

In a survey, it has been estimated that there has been an almost 30 % increase in online activity during the COVID-19 crisis. People worldwide seek online help ranging from e-commerce to online activities to keep themselves safe from getting in touch with the outer community. Thus technology plays a huge role in the current COVID-19 scenario.

With the help of technology, one can rely heavily on the Internet to utilize everything, from online education, online shopping, online businesses, and much more. Every single business is coming online these days. Thus ou,r service and solutions are areas of the most important areas whitehat will help prevent the economy drop and a proper change in the lifestyle of the people with regards to the current scenario.

How do you chalk out a business model for a successful name?

I will keep my answer very short here. Digital marketing itself is a growing industry as more and more businesses are coming online every single day. On the other hand, artificial intelligence and data science are also considered the top-notch technologies to prevail on the entire planet.

Thus my innovation was to blend both things to create and launch a new product that will revolutionize the entire digital marketing & search engine optimization (SEO) industry. Thus the business model itself is justified for huge success in the long run.

In the next five years, do you believe you will have achieved the status you are seeking?

Yes, absolutely. As I mentioned earlier, I was growing at a rate of 26 % aggregate every synth,d I am trying to keep up three times growth throughout every site. ThaWithine the next three years, I am keen to change the entire spectrum of marketing and online marketing.

The main trend which is impacting the industry is changing the behavior of user engagement in real-time. Every online activity now relies on how the user engages with that particular business or any campaign. Under any given circumstances, user interactions and engagement can change at any given time. If one keeps up to date with all the latest user behavioral analysis and patterns trends, then one can be a game-changer within the industry.

Share about your achievements and milestones earned?

I have earned huge recognition and achievements throughout my entrepreneurial journey. I have won the India business award, I have won the Indian leadership award in technology, I was also recognized as the fastest-growing company in India, I was also honored as a company of the month. I was even awarded as the best IT company in India clutch.

I have even represented India on the international business award and have secured a bronze for India on Steve international business award in Austria back in 2019.

Furthermore, my brand is also the digital marketing partner for the majority of the technical universities across India, including 3 IITs, namely IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Roorkee. Apart from all of it, every month, I come on one or the other media platforms to showcase my achievements and portfolios to visualize a fruitful journey in achieving campaign success.

What you follow core values and compliances to maintain the name-value across the market?

I follow three core values which makes me a market leader and also makes my brand trustful towards my client:

  1. Punctuality: Every time I onboard any client, I am very punctual on the deliveries and deadlines. Even I under commit and over deliver much of the things. I am very much punctual in whatever I promise and whatever I deliver. This helps me in increasing my credibility throughout the marketplace.
  2. System of work: My work system is ultra-professional. I recruit only the best team in the country, and all the talented people from all the horizons work in my company. I am maintaining a strict system operating procedure within my organization. This increases the trust of my brand within the marketplace.
  3. Expertise: We constantly innovate new technology and research new areas. Thus we never fall behind in delivering top-notch services and solutions to the client. Thus we keep on growing as clients value our expertise, and we get a lot more clients from our networks and referrals.

Is there anything that you believe should change in the industry?

One very important thing which I believe should change in the industry is how one looks into the game-changing policies. In other words, SEO has been a bread and butter kind of work for every single agency and has never given a promised result within the due course of time.

Throughout my journey, I have learned that if processes are followed properly, and technology is implemented at the right place, everything is possible with a fruitful outcome.

Key official/officials (Name and brief about them)

The key official behind all the masterminds is Tuhin Banik (CEO and founder of THATWARE).


Tuhin Banik is the founder, CEO, and search scientist at ThatWare. He has over a decade of experience in advanced SEO, semantic search engineering, Natural Language Processing (NLP) in SEO, machine learning in search, penalty recovery specialist, understanding search algorithms, cracking Google Patents, and technical SEO consultant. He has eight meightster’s degrees in digital marketing, expertise in data science, and one bachelor’s degree in engineering. He is also Google certified in Analytics, SEM, and mobile SEO and Facebook certified in A/B testing.

For almost a decade, he has been working with various Tech agencies, MNC’s and Fortune companies as a senior SEO consultant, data scientist, and search engineer. He has successfully contributed to over 300+ projects, making him highly successful in every aspect r, ranging from sales funnel hike, CRO, ORM, rankings, advanced technical SEO, and advanced on-page SEO.

Now, he has founded ThatWare, where he aims to take it to a whole new level in helping people succeed in their business digitally. He has a team in Kolkata (India), the US, and London, working on various areas under deep learning and data science. Also, he is the most in-demand SEO director across prestigious SEO agencies all across the world.

Closing quote :

“Good SEO experts win races. Great ones break records. Legends change the game”.

In 2019, THATWARE bagged Bronze for India in Austria in Stevie International Business Award. https://blog.stevieawards.com/blog/topic/the-international-business-awards

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