Newor Media 2022 Review – An AdSense Alternative to Boost Website Earnings

Looking to increase your ad earnings?

Publishers relying solely on AdSense or other entry-level ad networks may be leaving more money on the table than they know. Despite offering a hands-off approach to selling ad space, the industry giant does little in scale. 

As a result, publishers are left to either do the heavy lifting or turn to other solutions. One such solution is? Newor Media.

What is Newor Media?

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Newor Media is a full-service ad management platform with a header bidding solution. It prides itself on delivering an optimized ad experience for revenue maximization — while staying true to user experience. In addition to selling ad space, the platform offers a variety of tools and solutions to give its publishers a competitive edge. 

Newor Media vs AdSense

How does Newor Media compare to other noteworthy competitors like AdSense?

Bidding models 

AdSense utilizes programmatic bidding with real-time results, as their pool of advertisers receives auctioned publisher ad units. Winning ads are chosen thanks to the AdSense ad rank system, which determines how much a publisher (you) will earn. Though results are near-instantaneous, the chosen bid is not always the highest. Some publishers may feel short-changed by this process. 

Newor Media also utilizes programmatic bidding in a fair auction setting. Instead of taking from a single pool of advertisers, their header bidding solution involves drawing from several network pools. Publishers receive what they’re owed thanks to Newor’s commitment to being demand-agnostic — meaning the true highest bids are always selected. This competitive increase allows demand and rates to rise, pushing more money into the pockets of publishers!

Ad Support

Though AdSense may create a streamlined, user-friendly process for buying and selling, it falls short on the end of optimizing both ads and website performance. On the other hand, Newor Media offers users a range of solutions designed to assist with creating high-performing ad units and websites. Take a look at some of the impactful services Newor’s publishers benefit from:

  • Ad layout optimization: At Newor, machine learning and manual support are used to optimize critical items like ad layouts and placements. Aside from helping to create and maintain the best overall user experience, publishers benefit from high levels of interaction and viewability in their ads. 
  • Ad-block revenue-recovery: It’s common for web users to have adblocking enabled — doing so can damage both your ad unit value and overall earnings. While AdSense offers publishers the solution of paying a fee for AdBlock Plus, this can be harmful in the long run — ad AdBlock still prohibits the use of high-yielding ad types such as video and animation. Newor’s ad-block solution is free and allows publishers to filter displayed ad types. In doing so, publishers enjoy using all high-paying ad types while reducing possible loss of revenue. 
  • Various ad techniques: Newor supports a large variety of ad techniques along with an abundance of ad types. A great example is ad refresh it serves more ads on a page, registering high session times, ultimately increasing impressions. Lazy loading is another it deals with helping website speed by rendering ads only when they’re in a user’s view.
  • Consent Management Platform: Publishers must strive to prove credible to keep advertisers bidding on their ad units. This includes adhering to relevant laws and procedures around data & privacy. Newor’s consent management platform makes staying in compliance with these regulations a hassle-free task. 

Is Newor Media Worth it?

Newor Media offers ad solutions that help publishers stay true to user experience and maximize ad earnings while serving as their reliable header bidding provider. Similar to AdSense, they’re free to use but act as a profitable alternative by doing a better job in terms of scaling and requiring no service costs. 

Another benefit is the fact that all Newor Media’s publishers get the use of Google Ad Exchange via their MCM Channel. Google Ad Exchange can be near-impossible for the average publishers to join due to its ability to run effective, premium campaigns. As if they couldn’t get better, Newor also requires no exclusivity. That’s right; publishers are allowed to keep working with their favorite ad networks (yes, even AdSense). 


Here are answers to some common questions and myths surrounding Newor:  

How much does Newor Media cost?

Newor’s platform is free, with no hidden or required service fees.

Is there a contract?

Newor requires no contracts and is entirely non-exclusive. After receiving an insertion agreement — which only acts to outline the service and as an agreement to add their ad units —  publishers can work within any ad networks of their choosing (even AdSense). One note: they can not work with other heading bidder providers, which can result in technical issues that harm earnings.  

How and when do I get paid?

Their publishers receive payment on a NET30 basis, using Paypal, Payoneer, or even wire transfer to distribute funds. While no minimum payout threshold must be met for Paypal or Payoneer, a minimum of $250 is required for wire transfers. 

Does Newor Media only monetize English traffic?

Newor does not require sites to have US traffic exclusively, but there is a requirement set that a site has the US predominantly traffic due to the high demand for US viewability by partners. So while it’s incorrect to assume Newor does not monetize non-English traffic, it does make up the largest majority of demands. 

What are the requirements to join?

Requirements are straightforward: a publisher must be hitting a minimum of 30,000 unique impressions monthly. The only other caveat involves borderline content – anything relating to sexually explicit content, drug use, gambling, and guns/weapons.

Newor Media Pros and Cons

Today, publishers have incredible variety in the number of ad management platforms they can choose from — publishers need to know the benefits and setbacks of any they wish to use. 


  • Payment guarantee: Even if network clawbacks persist, publishers are paid what they’re owed. Newor operates on a low payment threshold using a NET30 payment model. They provide payouts with PayPal, Payoneer, and even wire transfers. 
  • Insightful reporting & analytical dashboard: They have a user-friendly dashboard that provides up-to-date and in-depth reporting options.
  • Access to Google Ad Exchange: Publisher ad units are auctioned to Newor Media’s 30+ premium partners and the more exclusive ad exchange from Google. 
  • Customer Support: Their dedicated account reps service all individual publishers and provide support and assistance in everything from ad implementation to payment & strategy.


  • Ad limits: Newor Media does cap ads at a maximum of six to help balance users’ experience. Some publishers desire more than this quantity.
  • Payment model: They use a cost-per-impressions (CPM) model for revenue. Publishers accustomed to paid-per-click (CPC) or action (CPA) may find this model less profitable. 


Closing thoughts: Newor Media aims to do the most for publishers as a full-service, reputable ad management solution. 

From header bidding and ad placement optimization to plain better ad quality — Newor’s publishers can truly maximize their earnings. Newor Media is an asset ready to be used to increase AdSense earnings and boost website performance — with the simple requirement of 30,000 unique monthly impressions. 

Newor even provides publishers with a free earnings calculator to get the best sense of what their website can and should be earning with the right support. If it wasn’t obvious by this point, it’s important to stress how easy it is to start and work with their company. 

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