NobelBiz Review 2022 – 360 Solutions for Contact Centers

NobelBiz Review 2023

NobelBiz has had a reputation for beng a leader in the contact center industry since 2003. The company brings innovation throughout its integrated systems, offering a telecom network specially designed to serve contact centers worldwide with a flexible approach to solutions.

In addition, NobelBiz provides complete cloud contact center solutions with multiple productivity capabilities such as work-from-home, omnichannel support, built-in inbound and outbound features, etc.

With over 20 years of experience, NobelBiz creates everything from the bottom up to meet the demands of an ever-increasingly competitive contact center business.

Why is NobelBiz best for you?

Regardless of size, industry, or activity, their solutions can meet the needs of every sort of contact center (inbound, outbound, or blend). And they do it by addressing each center’s two pillars:

They provide Voice Carrier Network services with high redundancy and the industry’s lowest cost-per-minute. Their telecom services are augmented by an omnichannel cloud contact center software featuring social media channels, CRM integration, smart call routing, automatic dialing, compliance tools, and more.


 NobelBiz™ is a world-class Telecommunications, Software Solutions, and Business Intelligence company dedicated to improving performance and compliance for the Contact Center market.

With over 20 years of experience, NobelBiz delivers complete and tailored solutions for contact centers across the globe. Their technical infrastructure can power every type of contact center, irrespective of size, industry, or activity: inbound, outbound or blend.

  • + 20 years of experience
  • + 5 billion annual interactions
  • + 1500 customers worldwide
  • + 650 carrier partners

 All NobelBiz Cloud Contact Center technology solutions are modular, allowing you to tailor your contact center to your exact needs. They can also be used in conjunction with one another or independently. Thanks to web-based management, authorized users can make real-time adjustments in response to changing business conditions and capacity requirements.

Their Products

1. The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is built from the ground up with the sole purpose of serving the contact center industry, having no rivals in terms of services, coverage, and pricing.

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network offers one of the most versatile selections of smart tools, designed to increase contact rates and productivity, help mitigate impacts of call labeling and blocking, and provide overall compliance.

2. Designed for the Call Center Industry:

NobelBiz is not your usual telecom provider, but one designed with the sole purpose of serving contact centers all over the world. Therefore, you will find that every technical detail is optimized for the contact center activity: usability, compliance, pricing, etc.

Quick Overview of the NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network

  • The most advanced telecom network on the market.
  • Specially designed to suit the needs of the contact center industry.
  • Unique carrier-of-carriers, not a reseller.
  • One-of-a-kind reliable infrastructure with multiple redundancies.
  • The most competitive telecom providers in terms of cost-per-minute

Lowest cost-per-minute in the industry

Whenever placing a call in a geographical area covered by multiple carriers, our network will automatically direct the call via the most advantageous route, guaranteeing the best possible cost-per-minute every time you place a call.

Network Reliability

Their carrier-of-carriers network is probably one of the most advanced solutions on the market, offering worldwide coverage with built-in redundant servers guaranteeing a 99.99% uptime across the board.

Leading Support

NobelBiz has the most responsive, proactive, and reactive customer support in the contact center industry, with a first-call resolution of over 90%.

No strings attached

NobelBiz has its client’s best interest at heart, and they value trust more than anything else. This is why we are among the very few telecom providers for contact centers that do not impose long-term contracts on our clients. But wait, there’s more. Our business model also requires no minimum spending and early termination penalties.

Built-In Technologies

  • Smart Routing
  • Toll-free numbers provisioning
  • Web-based admin tools
  • Local Caller ID
  • Compliance rules and filters
  • Smart IVR script building
  • Time zone filters & more…

NobelBiz OMNI+ Cloud Contact Center Platform

The NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud call center platform is a software product designed to complement our telecom solution, improving an already excellent carrier product and taking it to new heights of performance and usability.

NobelBiz OMNI+ can also be deployed separately, with a unique blend of capabilities, from Omnichannel, Impressive API integrations, and fast implementation to simple cross-channel campaign setup, work-from-home capabilities, etc. NobelBiz OMNI+ is a true customizable powerhouse of productivity and probably the only piece of software you will ever need to run virtually any type of contact center activity.

Supported Channels

  •  Voice Calls
  •  Facebook Messenger
  •  Twitter
  •  WhatsApp
  •  Telegram
  •  SMS
  •  Email
  •  Live Chat
  •  Webchat
  •  Voicemail

Other noteworthy productivity features include

  •  An impressive CRM and different API integrations
  •  Out of the box work-from-home capabilities
  •  Simple cross-channel campaign setup
  •  Easy to use agent dashboard with fair workload monitoring system
  •  Customizable reports engine with precise historical and real-time measurements
  •  Fast implementation with complete staff training

Cloud Contact Center

NobelBiz Cloud Contact Center technology is based on the most advanced contact-center-grade voice network and is protected by a secure architecture. Any internet-enabled device can access a web-based portal that includes Operations Management, Quality Call Recordings, and Agent Experience.

Technical Features of Cloud Contact Center

  •   Quality Call Recording
  •   ACD
  •   Agent Scripting
  •   API/CTI
  •   Intelligent Dialers
  •   Operations Management
  •   SingleTouch®                               
  •   Call Progress Detection
  •   Campaign Management
  •   IVR

Experience with Agents: Agent Applications and Scripting have a professional impression because of the easy-to-use interface.

Management of Operations: User profiles, groups, monitoring, and break codes are all controlled via a web-based manager.

Infrastructure that works: To protect customer records, use secure passwords, IP addresses, and FTP access.

High-quality call recording: Configure inbound and outbound call recordings and search and retrieve them.

Inbound Phone Calls: Add menus, prompts, tags, and routing to IVR scripts; Scripts can be linked and scheduled.

Outbound Calls: TCPA press-to-dial, call detection, and campaign management; predictive, progressive, and preview dialers

Trusted Caller ID – Registered Caller ID Management from NobelBiz

 Mitigate decreasing contact rates caused by new and evolving call blocking and labeling applications.

NobelBiz World-Class Voice leads global telecommunication innovations for the contact center industry for all your inbound and outbound phone number management.

NobelBiz’s Trusted Caller ID is the latest breakthrough in outbound calling technology, allowing you to register your numbers with the mobile phone carrier ecosystem. It reduces the probability of call blocking and mislabeling due to advanced analytics by the mobile phone carriers as a result of the new TRACED Act legislation.

A trusted Caller ID will enable you to connect with more customers in a safe and fully-compliant way.

These innovative solutions will help you understand how your numbers perform in this new evolving ecosystem.

Call Labeling Benefits

  • Protect your brand by certifying your company as a legitimate originating entity.
  • Help customers recognize your call as legitimate by registering your numbers.
  • Increase connect rates, the consumer experience, and the agent experience.
  • Ensure complete compliance with all call originators are certified, and their numbers are registered across the portfolio of carriers and app providers to improve call delivery and reduce the chance for calls to be blocked or mislabeled.
  • Limit dialing behavior analytics opportunities to identify numbers unfavorably using NobelBiz’s patented LocalTouch with automated rotation technology.

Productivity Enhancements

  • Rehabilitate numbers errantly flagged by Robocall detection technologies.
  • Monitor and protect your brand and reputation via regular feedback from our Analytics Partners that may impact your call labeling status.
  • Identify smarter calling strategies that reduce overall attempts while achieving contact goals, thereby delivering better consumer and agent experiences.
  • Configure contact rules by phone number at the carrier level to ensure proper attempt frequency that limits analytic triggers in the new calling ecosystem
  • Realize better KPIs and clear  R0l via stronger overall contact rates.

NobelBiz delivers fully compliant, toll-free, DID, and patented technology with automated Caller ID management and Trusted Caller ID to mitigate the risk of your calls being blocked.

It will also improve overall contact performance without taxing your limited contact center.

Local Touch – The Local Caller ID solution from NobelBiz

In the outbound world, it’s getting more difficult to connect with customers. With LocalTouch, you can increase your contact rates, reduce call frequency and create a better customer experience.

The numbers are astounding, to say the least, based on feedback from their clients who chose the Local Touch solution. They witnessed a significant boost in two of the most crucial KPIs in the business on average: a 30 percent increase in Contact Rate and a 400 percent increase in Callback Rate.

How does it work?

Increase Contact Rates by 30% and Returned Calls by 400%.

The calling destination analysis determines the geographically nearest number to be shown as caller ID on the receiving device. The management of outbound campaigns is substantially simplified as a result.

A callback to a Local Touch number will be routed automatically based on the customer’s preferences and TCPA compliance regulations.

Local Touch by NobelBiz includes specialized “buckets” of local numbers covering most calling destinations. If you want to make a call in an area where you don’t have local numbers, the system will use the Caller IDs from your buckets that are closest.


  • Returned calls are automatically routed back to your contact center
  • Specifically designed for campaigns, including sales, collections, fundraising, political polling, and proactive customer service
  • Supports both TDM and SIP networks
  • It can be used seamlessly with your existing technology, our contact center solutions, or a combination of the two.

Local Touch also includes

  • Dedicated numbers and buckets.
  • Fully TCPA compliant.
  • Simplified campaign management
  • Auto-bucket rotation
  • Automatic geo-number assignment
  • Local number routing

Why LocalTouch?

  • LocalTouch is a compliant solution that meets FCC regulations
  • Increase results by reaching more customers and prospects
  • Our patented Caller ID technology is dynamic and handled within our network
  • It does not require manual management from the customer

Their Resources

  • Blog
  • Demo Videos
  • eBooks
  • Webinar Series
  • Podcast Series
  • White Papers
  • Guides
  • Biz Uncut


  • NobelBiz is a pioneer company with more than 20 years of experience as a carrier and a contact center software provider.
  • NobelBiz has had a reputation for being a leader in the contact center industry since 2003.
  • Unlike their competitors, NobelBiz is dedicated 100% to the contact center niche, developing specialized products and services strictly for this market.
  • Because of their flawless first-call resolution, they are known as the “The Promise Keepers of the Contact Center Industry.”

Contact Info

No: 800.975.2844 (toll-free)

Final Words

They offer their resources and expertise to assist their contact center clients to overcome all their technical and infrastructure difficulties and stay ahead of the competition. They are proud of their capacity to provide great customer service to over 1500 clients.

NobelBiz is constantly improving both its services and its support quality. This demonstrates their capacity to provide size, flexibility, and cost-effective solutions that guarantee their clients have a brighter future.

They’ve been on this path for over 20 years, making significant contributions to the Contact Center Industry. Authenticity and honesty are important to their staff. They are open-minded, committed, and consider themselves more than partners. These principles guide everything they do, and nothing is beyond their reach.

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