OneHash CRM Review – Best Scalable Customer Support Services in 2022

If you are looking for the perfect CRM solution for all of your business endeavors, then OneHash is the platform for you. Tailor-made for the purpose of providing the best of business, asset, and customer management features that will surely help you achieve maximum operability and functionality when conducting your business.

OneHash has all the makings of being the perfect business partner that helps you micromanage every tiny tidbit of your company relationship mediums and in turn, helps you in managing your business, allowing you the opportunity to easily streamline your progress, and improve your per capita. All of which is perfectly packaged in one platform, ready to be used to increase your business’s profitability.


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Founded in 2020, with headquarters based in Delaware, Toronto, and Bangalore, OneHash has since been on a steady incline as they provide an easy platform that can help you in all sorts of management criteria, like ERP, CRM, HCM, and Project Management.

OneHash is also the world’s 1st FaaS (FOSS as a Service) platform. The OneHash CRM is a product from OneHash Inc., capable of enabling SMBs to achieve maximum operability when it comes to taking charge of their businesses and marketing it for the whole of their audiences in a distinct and automated fashion. OneHash is also the world’s 1st FaaS(FOSS as a Service) platform. 

Users will be glad to know that OneHash takes its goal of creating a more communicative and collaborative environment between the business executives and their target demographics very seriously, allowing for them to have a better working relationship, thus ensuring that the customer is wholly satisfied, and the business is booming as it experiences an increase in sales.

All of the business projects will be streamlined, and the best sort of new-age technology is made use of to popularise the business. And since OneHash is available for businesses of all stature, i.e. small or large, is a big bonus point for its users. 

You can make use of this robust and innovative platform to help manage your own business as well. 


Oftentimes smaller and medium-sized businesses face problems in their management and thus suffer losses as their affairs are not properly handled and made use of to ensure better performance. And as such, they suffer greatly. They can’t find a platform that will be lucrative enough to handle their business needs.

But worry not as OneHash succeeds in creating better overall management facilities for all sorts of businesses in all sorts of niche fields. Whether it be architecture, manufacturing, agriculture, medical, healthcare, finance, and even education.

It does not matter whether your business is a startup or has been in the industry for some time now. And it certainly is no big deal if your business has been around for ages and is facing an obvious rut in profitability.

All of that does not matter since OneHash is a great solution for all of them. Making it an ideal choice for businesses everywhere.


OneHash CRM being the World’s 1st FaaS platform provides a lot of really great features. Some of the main features of OneCRM are:

Powerful Lead Management:

If you are looking for a powerful lead management system then OneCRM is the best thing for you. You can easily keep track of everything through pipelines and sales funnels. Additionally, you can segregate the leads with the help of filters. You can then convert the leads into opportunities and then into loyal customers. 

Configurable Reports:

With OneCRM, you can easily configure your profile the way that you want. There are unique filters, layouts, permissions, and roles present. Using these configurable reports, every task can be managed very effectively. 

Smooth Campaigns:

Another great thing about OneCRM is that it allows you to run smooth campaigns automatically. The campaigns can be automated thus allowing you to manage all of the client and lead interactions with zero issues. You can also send onboarding, degradation, and subscription emails to all of the customers for more continuous interaction. 


OneChat is the most recently launched product by OneHash. With OneChat you can easily manage all of the interactions with scalable and custom support services. Some of the main features of OneChat are:

Instant Communication:

Through this feature, you can easily connect with your audiences in real-time. You can gain valuable insight into their reactions and engage with them one-on-one, so you might be able to better understand their requirements. As such, any queries they may have, you can answer them quickly for that as well.

Draw Engagement:

This feature allows you the option to draw attention to your product and content much quickly as you engage with your customers and allow them a peek inside the campaigns that you have created for your products. You can start through email campaigns and thus draw the attention of more customers as well as keep the interest of your current consumers.

Collective Customer Data at One-Place:

You will be provided with a separate place where you can collect your customer data and have it categorized according to specified metrics, allowing you the option of easily cataloging any queries, requests, or general data for in-depth analysis.

Interactive Chatbots:

Start making conversations and inquiries easier through interactive chatbots that play automated messages and interact with your audiences to provide them insights and resolve any issues they might have, which could lead to higher conversion rates for your business.

Automate your Agents:

You are also provided with the feature to have chat groups and inboxes between your working teams, and you can save FAQs so that newer audiences can also resolve their problems through them. This feature helps make communication easier throughout the network.

Shared Inbox:

The Shared Inbox feature allows you the opportunity to communicate with your team and customers all in one place to get to the bottom of any issue and resolve it quickly, and also encourage more open communication between all parties involved.

Omnichannel Support:

Your customers will be greatly supported in their customer care experience as this feature of OneHash provides open communication channels across almost all known social media platforms so that users can access information through any channel of their choosing or convenience.

Pros and Cons: OneHash CRM:

As with all products, one must look at their pros and cons before deciding if it is a good fit for them. As such, OneHash is no exception as it has a lot of great qualities about it that make it quite attractive for users who wish to make use of its modern marketing tools and features.

But with these merits, there are also some demerits. So, we will discuss both of them, considering the user experience of OneHash.


OneHash has been widely praised throughout its user community with many citing its many aptitudes successes such as how well integrated the platform is, how easy it is to use, and how it has helped create a hub for managing all of your business endeavors, while also providing a steady architecture on which you can manage your content as well.

All of these can be attributed to how well the platform knows what constitutes a fully functioning business and what sorts of measures should be taken to ensure that there is a steady increase in sales and customer engagements.

The interface of OneHash has been said to be extremely simple to use, with all of the basic features present on one page, allowing for faster processing. Users can move seamlessly through the interface without facing many problems.

Users have cited that the overall working experience, especially the communication with the customer support and helpdesk of OneHash is extremely open and effective. The respectability and level of patience that the support team of OneHash has shown through user interactions have been said to have helped them extremely in their business management. As OneHash isn’t just a CRM platform, it is a business management system as well.


As for the demerits of such a service, there are a few gripes the customers of OneHash have made concerning certain lagging issues that they have faced in an individualistic manner. Along with that comes some problems pertaining to the interface that users think could use some work as it is a bit intimidating for first-time users. But other than a few tweaks in the UI, OneHash is a fully functioning platform.

And all in all, OneHash is a heavily lauded service that customers make full use of throughout.

OneHash CRM Price:

OneHash has a well-integrated system that many users around the globe have made use of. The best part about it would be the pricing plans that it provides its users. Both of which are differentiated on the basis of usability.

As OneHash has its usability spread far wide enough than the individualistic use and into more corporate business use as they provide aid to both small and large businesses. Whatever the use may be, OneHash has provided pricing plans for its users to apply to.

Following are the details of the pricing plans offered by OneHash:

OneCRM Plan – $99/month:

This plan is for unlimited users and gets you access to all of the features. The CRM, HCM, Project, Desk and ERP are included in this plan. 

OneChat Plans:

Free Deal:

If you want to just try out OneChat, then there is a free deal on offer. There is a limitation that only 2 users can use this deal. This is best for a person who just wants to communicate with the visitors on his personal website. 

Monthly Deal – $90/month:

This deal is for entire companies and offers the full suite of features without any limitations. It is the full-featured solution that is best suited for company needs. 


The final conclusion about OneHash is that it isn’t just a have, it’s a need. All attributed to the experts at its helm that have designed the perfect SEO management tool that has all of the necessary features and tools at its disposal that can help users in establishing a fully functioning and perfectly managed business. As OneHash is not just catered towards small or startup level businesses, but larger enterprise-level businesses as well.

All for the sake of providing help to all parties involved in the e-commerce trade. In order to help all individuals that wish to wade through the online trade and try their hand in establishing their particular brand while also being in a close cooperative and interactive relationship with their consumers to better understand their requirements.

OneHash employs the latest technologies and methods to aid in providing solutions for ERP, CRM, HCM, and other management and communication projects. Helping businesses everywhere navigate modern hurdles, helping them boost sales, increase user engagements, and increase their overall revenue. All of which is courtesy of the expert management strategists that OneHash employs.

Truly, OneHash is not only a smart investment but a smart business manager as well.

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