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Oworkers Review:

Getting your data together in one place is tough; all the entries and categories are scattered here and there, making it harder for you to deal with them, right? Well, there are data entry services that make the whole process easier for you. Entering the data and then arranging it is one of the toughest and time-consuming works as a product or service provider. As the workload increases day by day, the data entry gets tougher.

Ranging from the categorization to typing and annotations to moderation services, these data entry services can make the whole process effortless.  The only problem that remains is finding the right data entry service provider. In our own experience, there are quite a lot of platforms in the market that promise you the results, but quite a few of them show them.

Here we will review Oworkers, which provides you with data entry services, including typing, annotations, categorization, moderation, to everything you require in a single place. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about languages or tools; everything is provided under a hood. This review will talk about Oworkers, tell you about its features, benefits, drawbacks, pricing, and finally end the review with few conclusive sentences. So, without any further delay, let us hop into our Oworkers review.

What is Oworkers?

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Oworkers is a data entry service provider exceeding in the type, annotate, categorize, moderate, data validate, and contents. The services are available in more than twenty languages, along with exceptional tools and a managed workforce. There are various centers found in the globe at different locations like Madagascar, Bulgaria, and Egypt.

Main Focus:

The platform aims to help various companies create, type/re-type, convert, enrich, transform, moderate, annotate and categorize or validate various content or data with an exceptional workflow. There is no need to worry about language or tools here; the platform works in more than 20 major languages, including Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Dutch, etc.

Having years of experience, the company mastered data entry to some of the most complex fields. The workflow is secured by strong security ISO processes that are further GDPR compliant. Being amongst the 3 top data entry services, you will find Oworkers leaders in their services.

A Data Entry Outsourcing Company:

Oworkers is found to be most reliable for some top-notch companies. This data entry outsourcing company offers services including data entry, data processing like data categorization, validation, enrichment, the annotation for AI, and more than 20 various language moderation. You are getting complete data entry services in a single place.

Oworkers is working for lead marketplaces, AI companies, start-up smart tech setups, web aggregators, and the fortune 500 companies when it comes to companies. This platform will take care of every company that wants outsourcing of data processing, data entry, content moderation, or data labeling projects.

Working at low cost:

In the end, everything falls on the price, and here the Oworkers provide you with the lowest cost without any compromise on the quality of services. This is done through the centers in various countries where outsourcing data is provided at the lowest cost.

  • Madagascar; meant for the French and the English projects, or simply the works which are not language-oriented like the videos, images, and other services.
  • Bulgaria; meant for the sensible data processing projects or multilingual needs that come with the GDPR compliance.
  • Egypt; meant for the Arabic and English budget projects that are at lower cost in comparison to the Philippines and India but based on the time zone of Europe and better talents.

Smart Data Entry Resourcing Formula:

  • The Best country in terms of language, time zone, and specifications
  • Strong processes when it comes to scalability, tools used, or accuracy
  • Best Practices which are based on the thousands of projects and years of experience
  • Managed, Screened, and Dynamic Talents


Data Entry Outsourcing Services:

Oworkers is offering classic data entry services. Validation and categorizations. Various services of this platform are;

  • Invoices
  • Civil Records
  • Books, Legal Notices and so on
  • E-Commerce Products
  • Customer orders
  • Documents and forms related to banking, insurance, transportation, healthcare, and so on.

Content Moderation Services:

To moderate the User Generated Content, there are various services like;

  • More than 20 languages
  • Available 24/7
  • Works for the whole year or 365 days

Data Annotation Services:

Meant for the Machine learning of your Artificial Intelligence, there are services. Data labeling and human data annotation services on the;

  • Videos
  • Audio Files
  • Images
  • Texts
  • Setup of specialized data annotation team


Oworkers beings to you quite a lot of amazing services and features. It becomes hard to mention all of them in one place, but considering the competition and the uniqueness found in this platform, some of the most exceptional features are;

1- Versatile Languages:

Being a delivery platform based in Bulgaria and also the offshore delivery centers like Madagascar and Egypt, Oworkers brings the operations in more than various twenty languages like English, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Swedish, Slovak, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Hindu, Greek, Turkish and Arabic.

2- Technology Oriented:

All the processes have the best tools that are under the project being handled. There are no unnecessary charges or tools to make the process even more elongated; everything is done, including the data-entry process and higher quality assurance that provides you with 99 percent accuracy.

3- Huge know-how:

Having the experience of working with professional companies and keeping the track record of millions of data processes in various industries for more than eight years.

4- Secure Facility:

When it comes to the safety of your data, there is nothing to worry about because of the super-secure protocols and facilities for your data security, ISO certifications, and GDPR compliance. Everything is according to your requirements, following the safety rules and regulations of the government.

5- Competitive:

The prices are exceptionally low, and working quality is the same. This is done through office separation. There are three main offices found in three different locations, each having a grasp over a thing. In this way, there will be less cost and better work quality.

6- Quality Work:

The work is truly guaranteed b a strong SLA when it comes to the accuracy rate and productivity. So, there is no need to worry about the results, and they are surely going to be the best out there in competition. Everything will be according to your needs

7- Free Tests:

Oworkers offers a free pilot test that can get you the performances track and learning curve for providing the best market pricing for the entries of bigger volumes.

8- Scalable:

Without using the cloud workers, this platform offers exceptional scalability that is not found in the competition or top data entry service providers. Most of the time, some professional employees are working inside the offices or faculties that provide you with premium infrastructure.

9- Quality Assurance:

With exceptional QC or quality control and QA or quality assurance along with tools to get your delivery around 98 percent accuracy.

10- Computer Vision Projects and NLP:

Oworkers can ramp up and down exceptionally fast and in higher proportions, like more than 100 headcounts in less than 48 hours for the computer vision projects.

You can security train and validate the computer vision with exceptional quality training data. In NLP, you can transform the natural language data into worthy training sets.

  • Bounding Boxes
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Named Entity Recognition and Linking
  • LIDAR Segmentation
  • Speech to Test Validation
  • Polygon Annotation
  • Handwritten and Audio Transcription
  • Key point Annotation
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Salience Analysis
  • Image and Object classification
  • Object Tracking in Video
  • Review and Intent analysis
  • Discourse and Grammatical Analysis

11- No Cultural Gap:

With western European standards kept in mind, there is a similarity between the customer and moderator. So, this, in return, brings you a communication and working environment without any cultural gap.

12- Cost Savings:

Having nearshore and offshore delivery centers, the BPO company can offer you quite exceptional cost savings of around 80 percent compared to the coastal operations.

13- Best Partnerships:

The platform itself has a partnership with some of the best Artificial Intelligence service providers in the market. Therefore, you get the best AI moderation tools for the first layer.


  • Fast and Accurate Results
  • Higher efficiency
  • Better Security system
  • Cost-saving
  • Versatile services
  • Various Language support


  • No cloud storage


The pricing depends on the service provided by Oworkers

  • Data entry Outsourcing services; for this service, the price range is around 4 USD/H to 15 USD/H, but it depends on the languages, volume and delivery model, and the input quality. Furthermore, you can get a quote according to your requirements.
  • Data-Annotation Services; for these services, you have to get a quote by contacting the platform.
  • Content Moderation; for this service, the price ranges from 5.5 Dollars/H to around 15 Dollars/H, but these prices depend on the team size, moderated volume, and language or the content type. Furthermore, here you can also get a quote according to your requirements by contacting the platform.

Final verdict:

Looking for data entry, moderation, and annotation services in reliable and budget-friendly pricing? Well, Oworkers brings to you amazing services that can handle typing, annotation, categorization, moderation, data, and content validation inside a single platform. The best thing about this platform is its services, and the workflow separated amongst its three main branches found in Egypt, Bulgaria, and Madagascar.

In this way, the prices are low, and the quality of work is exceptionally well. You also won’t have to worry about the accuracy of work and the security because professionals in offices or faculties do everything. So, when you search for an amazing data entry service provider, Oworkers is the right platform to think about.

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